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Hayden Cemetery

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This is a very small cemetery located atop a hill, accessed by a short dirt road that is in need of repair.  The cemetery is located above the Callahan Forest Service Ranger Station.  I have arbitrarily named this Hayden Cemetery because most of the graves here are Hayden family members.  To reach this cemetery take the Interstate 5 South Yreka Exit.  If coming from the north, turn right; from the south, turn left, and go to the light.  Turn left on the Ft. Jones Highway and continue to Etna.  Watch the signs for a left turn to Callahan.  Follow this another 12 miles to Callahan.  Continue through Callahan and watch for the Forest Service station on your left.  About 200 yards past the station you will see a dirt road on the left that winds uphill.  Take this dirt road up the hill about 300 feet.  The cemetery is right alongside this road.

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Hayden, Henry H. 1866 1945  
Hayden, James B. II 1861 1922  
McClaire, Jociah Q. 1859 1926  
Hayden, Nerva Malcolm Jun 15, 1892 Dec 17, 1978  
Owens, Ann Hazeltine May 31, 1879 Mar 2, 1963  
Owens, John W. Aug 19, 1883 Aug 21, 1954  
Hayden, Nerva Malcolm Jr. Dec 30, 1918 Oct 6, 1989  
Hayden, Charles 1827 1919 Marilyn Demas in an email states: "In reference to Charles Hayden 1827 on the Callahan [Hayden]  Cemetery.  I believe that he is Charles Hayden who came to Ca. with Col. Jonathan Drake Stevenson of N. Y.'s 1st Vol. in 1847.  This was to "settle the west" just after the Mexican War.  Mr. Hayden has a colorful history and may be the progenitor of the Hayden family in Ca."
Hayden, James B. 1834 1913  
Laustalot, Donna V. Aug 30, 1941 Dec 13, 1975  
Bender, Jane H. 1918 1983  
Hayden, Richard Vose 1884 1970 Appears to have ELKS symbol on stone.
Hayden, Doris May Aug 14, 1906 Dec 14, 1982  
Hayden, Richard M. May 11, 1841 Nov 24, 1936  
Hayden, Franklin N.     Co. F, 11 ME. INF.
Hayden, Richard V.     CORP. Sherwin's Regt. Mass. Mil. War of 1812


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