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There are many changes coming to Evergreen Cemetery that will help make it more serene and beautiful than it was before.  We have talked about those changes with Tony Parker, the sexton; Dottie Roberts, the district secretary and Tim Morton, one of the district board directors.

The cemetery has been cleaned up since we indexed it about two years ago.  It is much nicer than before and there are flowers abounding.  Dottie recycles the durable plastic flowers and places them on graves all over the cemetery.  Fallen branches, the overflow of leaves and weeds have all been cleaned up.  Laura and I are very impressed with the improvements made so far and are also impressed with the new additions coming to the cemetery.


The current project is the installation of a Columbarium.  This is being added at the central part of the cemetery and will bring not only additional revenue but will create an area of peace and beauty for those visiting.


The cemetery will soon begin an expansion toward the west.  This expanded area will follow the current contours of the rolling hill and will be covered with grass.  One area will be used to create a Memorial Garden where visitors may rest and contemplate in peaceful serenity.


Another planned project is the Court of Flags which will be across the road from the Columbarium.  This area will be created to honor those veterans who served their country.

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