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Forks of Salmon

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Bennett Cemetery at Forks of the Salmon is not hard to find once you manage to find the 'Forks.'  From the Yreka south exit off Interstate 5, take Highway 3 to Etna.  Turn right on Main Street and keep going.  Pass through Sawyer's Bar and continue another 34 miles to Forks.  The road is winding and runs through some beautiful country.  When you reach the bridge at Forks, continue on about a half mile.  The road will curve right and the cemetery will be on your can't miss it.  The cemetery is long and not very wide.  There are a few plots and a few single markers.

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Stanshaw, Peter E. Jun 28, 1910 Sep 21, 1927  
Stanshaw, Lottie E. Dec 16, 1912 Jun 15, 1980   
Stanshaw, Christy C. Sep 26, 1882 Jan 9, 1966 Husband
Stanshaw, Jessie M. Feb 7, 1888 May 29, 1980 Wife
Stanshaw, Christopher C. Feb 9, 1921 Feb 25, 1988 AMM1 US Navy WWII.  Loving husband, dad, grandpa and uncle
Renner, Frank      
Brown, James 1840 Dec 23, 1894 Born in Ireland.
Jenkins, Obadiah   Aug 22, 1893 Age 83Y 11M 22D.  A native of Vermont
Stanshaw, Susie   Nov 22, 1905 Age 22 years
Orcutt, Albert S. Jun 21, 1832 Nov 13, 1904 Born at Brewer, Maine
McNeal, Bert   Jun 16, 1924 California Pvt 1 CL. 319 Engrs 8 Div
McNeal, Lucy 1850 1923 Mother.  Wife of Geo. G. McNeal
Legg, Aaron Hunter Nov 6, 1968 Oct 7, 1990 Lovingly known as "Heggy"
Kramer, Jerry W. Nov 24, 1920 Nov 26, 1992 Age 72
Kramer, June H. Jun 18, 1924 Jan 16, 1988   
Barton, Andrew J. Oct 15, 1891 Oct 5, 1977 Pvt. US Army WW I
Harris, Alice Crispin Sep 26, 1896 Jul 28, 1974   
Wann, Emerson Roland Aug 3, 1892 May 28, 1967  Metal Marker
Cottle, -----      
Eldridge, Thomas   12-5-57 Only date.  Written as on Metal Marker
Cardif, Rose Gunther   Nov 5, 1985   
Bennett, Peter M. 1874 1936   
Bennett, George 1877 1934 N.S.G.W.
Wilbur, Orris   Feb 25, 1885 Age 11M 1D
Crawford, Nancy Ann A.   Feb 21, 1886 Age 76Y 11M 4D
McLaughlin, Millie Jane   Jan 31, 1887 Age 23Y 3M 16D
Bennett, Charles W. Feb 21, 1876 Nov 2, 1880 Son of Wm. P. & Sarah Bennett
Bennett, Ralph Lucas Jan 7, 1873 Sep 16, 1879 Son of Wm. P. & Sarah Bennett
Bennett, Sarah Ann Apr 7, 1838 Feb 18, 1882 Age 44 years.  Mother.  Wife of W. P. Bennett
Benett, Wm. Porter Oct 15, 1832 Dec 1, 1906 Father
Bennett, Melissa L. 1850 1914  
McNeal, George G. May 25, 1832 May 1, 1907  


A big Thank You to Darci Everett, Matt Melton and Michelle Clark for their assistance in indexing this distant cemetery.



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