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Fort Jones

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We have completed our walking index of the Ft. Jones Cemetery.  We have found some minor discrepancies between our indexing and the "Record of Graves," compiled by Richard and Katherine Luttrell.

The book we are using is the "Record of Graves", compiled by Richard L. Luttrell and Katherine Luttrell, Fort Jones Cemetery District, First Edition published in January, 1995, with addendum added March, 2000.  This is an excellent research tool for genealogists who are attempting to locate persons buried in this cemetery.  Though we only use name, date of birth/death and a comments field, the book also provides block/lot/space numbers.

You can obtain your own copy from the Fort Jones Cemetery District, P.O. Box 184, Fort Jones, CA. 96032.  The cost is only $15.00 plus postage and is worth every penny.

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