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Horse Creek

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Horse Creek cemetery is located across the Klamath River from the "town" of Horse Creek.  Horse Creek is approximately 30 miles west of the Interstate 5 and Highway 96 interchange just north of Yreka, California.  To reach this cemetery drive west about 30 miles on Highway 96 from Interstate 5.  After going through the town of Horse Creek watch on the right for a bank of metal mailboxes.  They are right in front of a wooden suspension bridge that crosses the Klamath River.  Stay on Horse Creek Road for 2 1/2 - 3 miles.  As the road drops down watch the right hillside carefully.  The cemetery gate is located about 40 feet above the road.   Do not cross the bridge over Horse Creek (you've past the cemetery).  You must walk up a trail about 100 feet to reach the gate.  Be sure to latch it when you leave!

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Index updated: October 9, 2011





Bratt, Dora J. Oct 31, 1873 Nov 25, 1954   Bratt_Dora
Bratt, Samuel A. Apr 23, 1867 Jun 2, 1940   Bratt_Samuel
Morgan, David (Davey) 1913 Dec 22, 1916 Shared marker Morgan_David_Nathan
Morgan, Nathan 1915 Dec 23, 1916 "Beloved sons of Earnest & Mary" see above
Morgan, Cleo 1895 1901 "Beloved daughter of Grace & Eugene" Morgan_Cleo
Hubbard, J. S. Apr 30, 1854 Jun 26, 1907 "Father" Hubbard_JS
Williams, Samuel H. Aug 8, 1840 Sep 3, 1905 b: MO.  Father of Eliza J. Williams (Gosney), Ida Ann Williams (Shoemacher), and Alice Marian Williams (Young). Williams_Samuel
Morgan, Marvin M. 1884 1967 Shared marker Morgan_Marvin_Bertha
Morgan, Bertha V. 1887 1968   see above
Morgan, Roy A. Mar 19, 1917 Oct 31, 1917   Morgan_Roy
Dickson, Arthur A. 1900 1997    
Maplesden, Martha A. (Mallow) Jan 25, 1877 Oct 14, 1940 "Mother"  Shared marker Maplesden_Lewis_Martha
Maplesden, Lewis Daniel Mar 17, 1875 Apr 16, 1953 "Father" see above
Morgan, Ethel M. Sep 14, 1897 Dec 31, 1928 Born Ethel Joyce Maplesden.  First child born to Lewis & Martha Maplesden. Morgan_Ethel
Maplesden, Mattie L. Mar 9, 1911 Aug 6, 1927 Daughter of Lewis & Martha Maplesden. Maplesden_Mattie
Maplesden, Daniel Erwin Dec 22, 1946 May 29, 1947 "Baby" Maplesden_Daniel
Maplesden, Cecil Roy   Jun 15, 1948   Maplesden_Cecil
Maplesden, Rebecca Michel   1973   Maplesden_Rebecca
Maplesden, Benjamin Franklin Oct 30, 1906 Jul 8, 1997 Shared marker; also metal marker. Maplesden_Benjamin_Anne
Maplesden, Anne Courtney (Wilson) Oct 8, 1920 Mar 8, 2010   See above
Maplesden, Gail Wilson Sep 28, 1939 Jan 29, 2007 Son of Benjamin Franklin and Anne Wilson Maplesden. Maplesden_Gail
Maplesden, Nathan Jacob Bradford Feb 15, 1909 Mar 14, 1995 "Father" Maplesden_Nathan
Maplesden, Leland C. 1903 1984 Shared marker Maplesden_Leland_Anna
Maplesden, Anna M. 1907 1995   see above
Parry, Linda May   Jun 1, 1952 "Baby" Parry_Linda
Clark, Frederick N. Nov 19, 1919 no date Shared marker Clark_Franklin_Adeline
Clark, Adeline Lee Dec 28, 1911 Feb 22, 1999   see above
Peterson, Walter W. Dec 20, 1923 Dec 18, 1965 California QMS1 US Navy WW II Korea  
Fowler, Leslie Dean Feb 11, 1894 Mar 26, 1955 Texas 1st SGT Co. I 50 INF WW I Fowler_Leslie
Huffer, Audrey Elaine Dec 13, 1920 Nov 25, 1986    
Rainey, Charles William Sep 22, 1887 Mar 28, 1964    
Rainey, Grace Ella (Bratt) Dec 25, 1896 Aug 4, 1984    
Plise, David James Apr 13, 1955 Apr 19, 1998 Shared marker Plise_David_Amy
Plise, Amy Roxanna Jul 19, 1969 no date   see above
Benson, Roger Parkinson Mar 3, 1958 Sep 8, 2007   Benson_Roger
Hubbard, John     Not John S. Hubbard  
Lichen, -----   bef. 1896 States may have died as much as ten years prior to 1896  
Gearhart, -----     An adult male.  
Bratt, Marshall 1875 1896 21 years old.  son of Delos Bratt whome Marshall found the following spring after his father became lost on Beaver Creek while hunting.  
Bratt, Luticia 1830 Jun 24, 1911 Grandmother to Grace Rainey.  Birth date correction by Kathie Bailey.  
Ables, Albert Oct 2, 1847 Aug. 16, 1932 Born in Fremont, Iowa.  Crossed the plains in 1847 as an infant.  Miner by trade, Great Uncle to Grace Rainey.  
Morgan, Nathan     Adult male, never married.  
Prine, -----     Child.  One of the very first buried at Horse Creek.  Family lived up on Middle Creek.  
Bratt, Gladys     Died at one week old.  Grace Rainey's sister.  
Freshour, -----     Boy.  Did at a few months old.  Grace Rainey's sister's baby.  



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