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Oak Bar

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Oak Bar Cemetery is located off Highway 96, east of the town of Horse Creek.  Take the Highway 96/Klamath River exit off Interstate 5 approximately ten miles north of Yreka.  As you near Horse Creek you will cross the Klamath River over a short bridge.  Just past the bridge you will see Walker Road to your left.  Take this road and continue past the school and then past a beautiful lodge with brown buildings and a spectacular lawn.  Continue past the lawn and just as it ends you will see a little dirt road to your right.  You can drive up the road a short distance to the gate and park.  The cemetery will be atop a short rise on your left and you will be able to see the remaining fence from your car.  This cemetery is totally decimated with most of the fences down.  There is one marker at the back end but it is plain to see that many others have been buried here.  We will attempt to find records for other burials but this may be one cemetery which will not give up that information.  How sad.

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Kutzer, Otto Jan 29, 1874 Mar 29, 1943 Born in Texas

A special Thanks! to Darci and Aaron Everett for their indexing of this cemetery.

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