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I received an email from Winnie McCarthy whose mother was born on the old Wolford Ranch between Etna and Callahan.  She states the ranch is no longer in Wolford hands and that the cemetery now rests on private property.  She states, "many members of the old family are buried in the ranch cemetery.  Unfortunately many of the original markers were wood and they are all gone now."  Following is the information Winnie sent for the Wolford Cemetery.

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Wolford, George Washington 1809 Dec 3, 1862 Born in Wheeling, Virginia
Wolford, Andrew 1810 1879 Born in Wheeling, Virginia. Brother of G. W. Wolford
Wolford, Jeremiah     No dates.  Brother of G. W. Wolford
Wolford, Lydia Lake Jul 28, 1809 May 7, 1880 Born in Chillicothe, OH.  Wife of G. W. Wolford
Wolford, John Milton Mar 23, 1830 Sep 30, 1897 This and next six were all children of George and Lydia Wolford.  All were born in Mt. Blanchard, OH
Wolford, Absolom W. Mar 16, 1832 Sep 9, 1904  
Wolford, Silas Apr 11, 1834 May 26, 1882  
Wolford, Mary J. Mar 19, 1837 Nov 6, 1866  
Wolford, Catherine 1843 Jun 21, 1875  
Wolford, Maria L. 1845 Dec 9, 1865  
Wolford, Rachael Cloe Jul 26, 1848 Jul 9, 1863  
Wolford, Lawrence Jun 8, 1892 Jun 13, 1979 Buried outside original fence.  Son of John Wolford.
Towne, Robert E. Apr 16, 1935 Aug 3, 1981 Buried outside original fence.  Husband of Darlene Wolford.

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