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Crystal Creek

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Crystal Creek Cemetery with twenty nine graves is located on private land about two and a half miles north of Etna, on the north side of Hwy 3. It is enclosed with white fence posts and pagewire around to keep animals out and a gate. It is in bad shape and over grown. One stone is broke in half and three are very hard to read.  The Native Sons of the Golden West erected one big stone with names on it. Only four other stones remain in place.. Peggy Whipple did count 15 wooden markers, not all in place, no writing on them and most broken, all the same size.

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Brooks, Rev. J. A.   Feb 28, 1857 Age 27Y. Perished on the Salmon Mountains.  "The mountain, Preacher's Peak, was named after J. A. Brooks who perished there during a snowstorm.   Brooks, whose home was on the Klamath River, in Klamath county had been visiting friends in Trinity County and was returning home alone in December via Swift Creek and Big Flat. He was never seen again after starting up Swift Creek trail. A heavy snow storm prevented his friends from searching for him. In the spring they went over the trail hoping to find his body, but only his watch and a few bones were found on the mountain."

From: "The Siskiyou Pioneer" by Siskiyou County Historical Society publication 1969, page 61.

Green, Horace *Sep 29, 1828 Jun 9, 1856 * Age 27Y 8M 11D
Elmore, Ervin      
Elmore, Mrs.      
Smith, Mrs. Ezra      
Davidson, Mrs. Mary      
Davidson, Emma      
Heard, John      
White, Edward      
White, Lucy      
Torosky, G.      
Davis, Lorenza      
Smith, Robert      
Fernox, Henry      
Anderson, O.      
Arnold, Jessie      
Arnold, John      
Phipps, William      
Phipps, William Jr.      
Heard, Johnny Apr 9, 1856 Oct 22, 1856 Son of Elijah and Sarah Heard
White, Thomas N. *Nov 19, 1859 6 Nov 1863 * Age 3Y 11M 18D
White, Charlotte   ??? 17, 1877 Age 7Y 5M 14D
White, George W. *Nov 3, 1869 Jul 21, 1870 * Age 8M 18D
Unknown     6 Unknowns buried here

Special Thanks to Peggy Whipple of the Scott Valley Genealogical Group for indexing this cemetery and for permission to use these photographs.

Another view of Crystal Creek Cemetery



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