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There seems to be some confusion on reading the cemetery page format.  The following should help to clarify it somewhat.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

The above screen capture will give an example of what we have done.

1)  Notice Irene Caldwell at the top.  It is a white box with a gray border.  This indicates a single grave, not in a plot or a multi-name headstone.

2)  From Rucker, Laverne through Cavanaugh, Frank there is a green background.  In some cases this will be a pale yellow background.  The solid color background indicates that all these persons are located in the same plot.  We define plot as an area surrounded completely by concrete, stone or wooden curbing.

3)  Joseph Cavanaugh and Anne Cavanaugh are surrounded by a pink border.  Below them, Isabelle Cavanaugh and Richard Cavanaugh are surrounded by a blue border.  This indicates that the names were on the same marker.  Joseph and Anne on one stone and Isabelle and Richard on one stone.  The pink and blue borders may appear within a plot or elsewhere and always indicate multiple names on the same stone.