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Newspaper Date Notice
31 Jul 1925 Olive ADAMS and Richard KRUEGAR were married on 30 July 1925 in Etna.
5 Jan 1934 Orson H. ADAMS and Sarah CLARK were married on 31 Dec 1933 in San Francisco.  He son Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Adams of Etna; She of Sacramento.
12 Jan 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Manuel AMARAL was born a daughter on 7 Jan 1921 near Etna.
14 Sep 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Douglas AMES was born a daughter on 13 Sep 1921 in Fort Jones.
6 Jul 1921 George Walker BAKER died 6 Jul 1921 at home in Indian Creek near Ft Jones; age 81 years.  Survived by number of children and grandchildren.
9 Nov 1921 John P. BAKER died 7 Nov 1921 age 63; native of Lyons, Iowa; survived by wife and daughter; Miss Grace Baker.
9 Nov 1921 Benjamin BARNUM of Callahan died 7 Nov 1921 in Yreka; age 73; native of Missouri; survived by wife, 5 children, 4 brother, 3 sisters; all named.
6 Apr 1934 William BATES died on 25 Mar 1934 in Klamath Falls, leaves wife Bernice and 2 children.  Her parents L. R. TAYLOR.
5 Oct 1921 Charles BEEBEE and Ivy WHARTON were married in the middle of the week in Fort Jones at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wharton.
5 Jan 1934 Christopher BERRY died 29 Dec 1933 in Sawyers Bar.  Native of New York.  Born 27 Jun 1852, married C. RUNDLES in 1874; 10 children listed.
10 Feb 1934 Alfred BINGHAM died of rheumatic fever at the home of his parents in Callahan on Feb 1934, age 4 yr.  Interment in Etna.
21 Dec 1921 M. J. BLAKE and Miss Marjorie ELLER were married last Sunday in San Francisco.
7 Nov 1924 Mrs. Hazel BONDERMAN of Yreka died Nov 1924 in an accident on Hwy near Gazelle, age 27.
15 Mar 1922 Miss Delma Irene BOTTOMS and Lester Willard EASTLICK were married last Saturday.  She of Etna, he of Quartz Valley; Attendants were her sister Viola and his brother James.
24 Aug 1921 Mr. and Mrs. William BOURN were born a daughter on 20 Aug 1921 in Etna.
26 Jan 1934 Mrs. BOYD died Jan 1934 in Yreka; survived by Mrs. Bessie PITMAN and several grandchildren.  Funeral held in Etna.
5 Oct 1928 A. BRADY died last Tuesday; Age 70. Native of New York City.  A Scott Bar Hotel man.  Survived by 2 sons and 3 daughters.  Funeral held at Scott Bar.
19 Dec 1924 Dr. James Homer BROWNE and Miss Alyce Bricene PIDGEON were married last Tuesday; he son of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Browne of the valley; she daughter of Mrs. Mabel Scollard of San Francisco.
14 Nov 1924 Mary BURCELL died Monday morning in Yreka.  Mother of Aaron Burcell.
29 Oct 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Harry BURCELL was born a son on 29 Oct 1921 in Etna.
22 Jun 1921 Mrs. Matilda BURCH died on 19 Jun 1921 at the home of her sister Mrs. Hazeltine FACEY, near Callahan.  She was born in Lexington, Kentucky; age 88 years.
23 Mar 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Fred BURTON was born a daughter on 15 Mar 1921 near Yreka.
24 Jul 1925 Stephen Taylor BURTON died on 2 Jul 1925.  Native of New York.  Age 78 years.  Survived by family of 12 children.  IOOF funeral held in Fort Jones.
28 Dec 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Robert BURTON of Quartz Valley was born a daughter on 28 Dec 1921.
5 Apr 1922 Miss Estella CALKINS and Leonard MEEK were married on 25 Mar 1922.  She daughter of Sheriff and Mrs. Andrew S. Calkins of Yreka; he of Dunsmuir.
6 Feb 1921 A. B. CARLOCK died in Portland, Oregon.  Came to California in 1852 at age 19.  Preceded in death by his wife in January.
2 Feb 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Roy CARPENTER was born a son on 19 Jan 1921 in Dunsmuir.  She was Miss Stella GREEN of Etna.
24 Jul 1925 A. B. CARR died in June 1925 at his home in Seattle.  Formerly a resident of Etna.  Survived by wife, son and daughter.
11 Jan 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest CASE was born on 2 Jan 1922 in Modesto.  Mrs. Case nee Lena DAVIS.
23 Feb 1934 Mr. and Mrs. Albert CEDROS of Oro Fino was born a daughter, Aileen Rose, on 22 Feb 1934.  11 lbs.
15 Feb 1922 Charles "Cody" CHAMBERLAIN died last Sunday, age 65.  Resident of Callahan for 25 years.  Survived by his wife.
7 Nov 1924 Mrs. Alice CHEESBOROUGH funeral held in Yreka; age 23.
21 Sep 1928 William F. CORBETT and Lena M. Corbett divorce proceedings; Sawyers Bar; desertion.
3 May 1922 Roger CORBETT Sr. of Sawyers Bar died 29 Apr 1922 at age 71.  Survived by wife and 2 sons (sons named).
3 Feb 1922 Elza N. CORY died on 28 Jan 1922 at age 65 in Spokane, WA.  Brother of L. A. and W. E. Cory and sisters.  Daughter of J. MOXLEY.
28 Jun 1922 Miss Nellie COWAN and Hilding JOHNSON were married in June 1922 in Sacramento; She Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Cowan; he son of Mrs. Marie Johnson of Yreka.
9 Mar 1934 Harry Lansing CRAMER died Feb/Mar 1934.  Born in Moffitt Creek in 1879 to Mr. and Mrs. George and Emily Cramer.  Married in 1913 to ROFF.  (survivors named)
30 Nov 1921 Mrs. R. A. CRANDALL died on 28 Nov 1921 at age 52.  Born in Scott Valley in 1869.  Married C. L. Crandall in 1888.  He died in 1907.  (survivors listed)
7 Dec 1928 Isadore DE BOY died Monday morning on pneumonia at his home in Montague at age 70.  Native of Ohio.  Leave wife and stepchildren.
28 Jun 1922 Antonia DELMOS was murdered 17 Jun 1922; age 21 of Spain.  Frank DELMAR mentioned.
5 Dec 1924 Mildred DENNY and Frank RITZ were married 24 Nov 1924 at parsonage of First Congregational Church in Oakland.
24 Aug 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Paul DENNY was born a son on 23 Aug 1921 near Etna.
9 Mar 1934 Mrs. Bessie DENNY died in Yreka on 7 Mar 1934.  Born in 1873 in Rockford, Maryland.  Leaves 2 daughters, 1 son, 1 sister and 1 brother.  Funeral and interment in Etna.
29 Mar 1922 Mrs. Adeline DILLSTROM died near Scott Bar on 15 Mar 1922 at home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. M. S. HOOVER.   Native of Nebraska. (surviving child listed)
28 Sep 1921 Allison DUNCAN died in Corning on 26 Sep 1921.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Duncan, formerly of Etna.  Buried in Etna.
3 May 1922 Mrs. Almira EASTLICK died in Napa County on 26 Apr 1922 at age 49.  Survived by mother, Mrs. C. McLAIN and brother J. T. WILSON.  Funeral held in Fort Jones.
5 Oct 1928 Dr. Wirt ELLER and Signa SWANSON married last week in San Francisco at the First Congregational Church.  He is a dentist in Oakland.
28 Dec 1928 Albert ELZER died in Yreka in Dec 1928 at age 60.  Funeral and interment in Fort Jones.  Auspices of NSGW.
17 Jul 1925 William P. ENGLISH of McCloud died  in July 1925 in an accident in Mt. Shasta.  Age 23.
8 Mar 1922 James Wilson ERHART died on 23 Feb 1922 on Harby Ranch on the Klamath River.  Married in Bertha BEHNKE of Sawyers Bar in 1892.  (4 children listed)
22 Jun 1923 Mr. and Mrs. C. O. ERICKSON was born a daughter on 11 June 1923 in Greenview.
2 Mar 1934 Rena ESTONILLO died Wednesday, 2 Mar 1934, in Sacramento.  born in 1913 in Old Etna.  Daughter of Charles and Katharine RUFFY.  Married a Filipino.
21 Feb 1921 Isaac N. EVANS died Wednesday evening at his home in Fort Jones at age 75.  Leaves wife and children.
16 Feb 1921 Isaac Newton EVANS died.  Born in Davis County, Iowa, in 1845.  Moved to San Joaquin County at age 18, then to Scott Valley.  Married C. FUNK in 1873.
15 Jun 1921 Miss Maude EVANS of Fort Jones died in France at age 23, serving as nurse in WWI.  Funeral on 13 Jan 1918.
5 Oct 1921 Leonard S. EVANS and Nettie B. BAILEY married last Saturday in Yreka.  She of Fort Jones.
24 Jul 1925 Mrs. Jeanette Crawford EVANS died last Friday in Fort Jones at age 36, following goiter operation.  Wife of Robert Evans of Island District.  Survived by 7 children.
27 Jul 1921 Ariel N. FACEY lost his life in Battle of Argonne Forest on 4 Aug 1918.  Funeral held in Etna.
21 Dec 1921 Eugene FARR and Mrs. Clara RANKIN were married last Thursday in Yreka.  Honeymoon in Stockton.  Plan to make home here.
8 Feb 1922 Mary Margaret FAY died in Ashland of pneumonia and influenza on 5 Feb 1922 at age 13.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fay.  Funeral held in Etna.
16 Feb 1934 Thomas FAY died at home on 10 Feb 1934 at age 76.  Funeral held in Etna.  Interment at Callahan.  Survived by 1 brother, 2 sisters and his wife.
20 Jul 1921 Mr. and Mrs. FERNANDEZ were born a son near Etna on 11 Jul 1921.
9 Nov 1921 Mary Elizabeth FOULKE died in an accident on 6 Nov 1921 at age 12.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Foulke of Los Angles, formerly of Gazelle.  Interment at Callahan.
24 Nov 1924 Guzine FREBEN died on Tuesday morning at age 95.  Born in Hanover, Germany.  Married BEHNKE who died in 1871.  Then married FICKEN in 1874.
24 May 1922 J. H. Lewis FRIETAG died on 20 May 1922 at age 84.  Native of Hamburg, Germany.  Served in the Confederate Army.  Moved to San Francisco in 1867.  Married Margaret TAYLOR.
29 Mar 1922 Daniel William FULLER died on 20 Mar 1922 at Medford, Oregon, at age 80.  Born in Hartford, Connecticut.  Resided in Siskiyou County for 25 years.  Survivors in Connecticut.
12 Jan 1921
8 Jun 1921
Ralph GEORGE died in France on 5 Nov 1918, 6 days before signing of Armistice. at age 26.  Native of Cecilville. His body arrived on 7 Nov 1918.  Laid to rest in Etna.
20 Aug 1921 Mrs. Annie M. GILLIS died last Sunday night.  Wife of Walter D. Gillis of South Fork of Salmon near Cecilville.
17 Dec 1921 Mr. and Mrs. L. E. GORDON of Quartz Valley were born a son.
19 Jan 1921 Earle C. GREEN and Miss Margaret LUCE were married on 12 Jan 1921 at Trinity Parish Church in Tacoma, Washington.  He of Etna; She of Seattle.
2 Mar 1934 Andrew Jackson GRIMES died in Yreka on 28 Feb 1934 at 81 years.  Native of Iowa.  Funeral and interment in Etna.
7 Dec 1928 Mr. and Mrs. Charles HAMMOND of Fort Jones were born a child on 3 Dec 1928 in Etna.
1 Jun 1921 Peter HANLEY died in Los Angeles on 4 May 1921.  He of the Aromas near Sawyers Bar.  Property purchased by Frank Elias SMITH.
20 Apr 1921 George Porter HANSON and Miss Minnie Elizabeth BROCK were married on 5 Apr 1921 in San Francisco.
16 Feb 1921 John HARBAUGH died in Vallejo.  Son of Craig T. Harbaugh.
27 Jul 1921 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. HART were born a daughter on 15 July 1921.  She formerly Miss Gladys GLENDENNING of Greenview.
27 Jul 1921 Mathias Ellias HATHAWAY died last Saturday at home in McConaughy Gulch at age 67.  Native of Iowa.  Survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters.
6 Jul 1921 Thomas George HAY died 23 May 1921 in Lents, Oregon.  Born in 1881 in Siskiyou County.  At age 12 moved to Linn County, Oregon.  Married Zoa CAMPBELL.
12 Apr 1922 James B. HAYDEN of Callahan died in farm accident on 10 April 1922 at age 61.  Unmarried.
10 May 1922 Edmund James HAYDEN died on 9 May 1922.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Hayden.  Age 20 years, 1 month, 5 days.
24 May 1922 Mrs. May HAYDEN died at age 48 in May 1922.  Wife of Ernest Hayden.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry SHORT.  Mother of 7 children.
28 Sep 1921 Dr. R. H. HEANEY and Miss Frances MATHEWS married on Saturday.  She daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mathews.  Will make their home in Yreka.
1 Mar 1922 Margaret M. HENDRYX and Charles Evan TYRER married on 24 Feb 1922 in Yreka.  He son of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Tyrer of Hornbrook; She daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hendryx.
15 Feb 1922 W. L. HICKS died in Clovis on 11 Feb 1922 in an accident while cleaning his gun.  Formerly of Scott Bar.  Survivors include his wife and 7 children.
19 Jan 1921 Edward HICKY and Mrs. Lorena TAYLOR were married on 21 Dec 1920.  She of Fresno; he class of 1916.
7 Nov 1924 James HOLMES died in Fort Jones yesterday, following an operation for growth in groin.  Citizen of Sawyers Bar.
17 May 1922 Mrs. Mary HOLZHAUSER died last Saturday in Sacramento at age 81.  Widow of Fred Holzhauser.  Funeral in Sacramento.
16 Nov 1928 Charles Henry HOLZHAUSER died on Wednesday.  Born in Saint Joseph, Missouri, on 26 April 1854.  Married Louisa FELL in 1878.  Funeral held in Fort Jones.  (Survivors all named).
5 Jan 1934 Caroline Mary HORN died.  Born in Billville, Illinois, in 1853.  Parents are Mr. and Mrs. F. HOLZHAUSER.
7 Sep 1921 Clarence Messner HOVENDON died of infantile paralysis on 2 Sep 1921 in Oakland.  He was 8 years old.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hovendon.
20 Apr 1921 Mrs. Ida Quigley HOY died in Vancouver, Washington, on 9 April 1921 of pneumonia.  Daughter of T. and M. QUIGLEY.  Burial in the Dalles cemetery.
30 Nov 1928 M. A. HUDSON and Miss Jean MESSNER were married on Wednesday in Medford, Oregon.  He of Yreka; She daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Messner of Callahan.
16 Feb 1934 Fred HUETT died in auto accident last Tuesday.
27 Apr 1921 Mr. and Mrs. John HULL were born a daughter on 19 April 1921.
26 Apr 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Ray HULLQUIST, of Plowman's Valley,  were born a son on 19 April 1922.
16 Feb 1921 Mrs. Susan HUTCHINSON died in Yreka at age 96.  Came to California in 1863.
19 Jan 1921 Moses ISAACS died in Sacramento on 15 Jan 1921 at age 67.  Survived by 3 brothers and other relatives.
26 Oct 1921 George ISAACS and Miss Carmelita DUNLAP married last Wednesday.   He the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Isaacs; she of Montague.
5 Oct 1928 Stanley JAKE died in an auto accident on Sunday morning.
21 Nov 1924 Red Cap JOHNNY died of old age.  One of noted Indian characters of Lower Salmon River.  Granddaughter is Lena BENNETT.
23 Nov 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Carl JORDAN was born a daughter in Fort Jones on 10 Nov 1921.
22 Jun 1923 Silas KASDORF died in Weed hospital on 11 June 1923 at age 51 years.  Native of Etna.
7 Nov 1924 Mrs. Mary Hall KERR died on cancer in Los Angeles on 2 Nov 1924.  Wife of M. R. Kerr, former principal of Etna Union High School.
26 Apr 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. KIST born a daughter on 25 April 1922.
5 Apr 1922 Nathan Evans KIST died last Wednesday at age 1 year, 7 months, and 25 days.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Kist.
19 Dec 1924 F. H. LAMBERT died in McCloud last Friday.  Exec. of McCloud Lumber Co.
24 May 1922 Theodore LARCH died in Siskiyou County last Friday at age 26..  Native of Pennsylvania.  Father killed in Civil War.  Survived by wife Mary Larch.
12 Jan 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert LARGENT was born a child on 8 Jan 1921 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  She former Miss Mildred CUMMINGS.
30 Mar 1921 Velma LEWIS died Tuesday evening in Santa Clara.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lewis of Etna.
22 Apr 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard LUTTRELL was born a son on 22 April 1921 in Etna.  Mrs. Luttrell was Miss Ines HARRIS.
15 Jun 1921 Lillie Bird LUTTRELL died at home in Fort Jones on 9 June 1921 at age 67.
19 Jan 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Sam MARIONI was born a son on 16 Jan 1921 near Etna at the L. S. Wilson Ranch.
14 Sep 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Henry MARTIN was born a son.
17 May 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Grant MARTIN was born a son on 12 April 1922 near Etna.
21 Jun 1922 Mr. and Mrs. George MARX of Etna was born a son on 20 Jun 1922.
2 Feb 1921 Aurelio MASTELLOTTO and Mary HAYES were married in Yreka by justice of peace.
13 Apr 1921 Mrs. Julia Minerva MATHEWS died at home near Fort Jones on 30 Mar 1921.  Wife of William D. Mathews.  Born in Yreka in 1874.  Maiden name SWAN.
27 Apr 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas MATHEWS was born a daughter on 20 April 1921.
14 Sep 1921 W. D. MATHEWS and Mrs. Kate HORN were married last Saturday.  He of Fort Jones.
21 Dec 1921 Mr. and Mrs. John McBROOM of Cecilville were born a daughter on 19 Dec 1921.
28 Dec 1921 Daniel W. McCARTHY died on 22 Dec 1921.  (Survivors listed)
24 Aug 1921 Mrs. Isabelle McCUNE died in San Francisco on 22 Aug 1921 at age 48.  Maiden name Isabelle TAYLOR.  Native of Etna.  Survivors include 2 sons, 2 brothers and 5 sisters.
7 Nov 1924 W. H. McDOWELL of Salmon River died on 19 Oct 1924 at age 75.  Born in Ashland, Ohio.  Moved to California in 1849 at age 20.  Survivors include 2 nephews in San Francisco. 
19 Oct 1928 Eleanor McEWEN and Lawrence NOTHOFF to be married tomorrow in Medford, Oregon.  She daughter of Mrs. E. C. McEwen; he of Los Angeles.
28 Jun 1922 Emma Madeline MEAMBER and Earl W. LING were married last Monday at the home of Dr. NUTTING of Etna.  She the daughter of Mrs. Kate Meamber; He of Yreka.  Residing in Sisson.
5 Dec 1924 Mrs. T. H. MILLEN died Wednesday afternoon in Napa.  Sister of Jacob LACHINSKY.  Funeral held in Redding at hold home of deceased.
16 Feb 1921 Mr. and Mrs. George MILNE was born a daughter on 8 Feb 1921 in Fort Jones.
23 Nov 1928 Mr. and Mrs. James T. MILNE of Scott Bar was born a daughter on 16 Nov 1928 in Fort Jones.
17 May 1922 Thomas MORAN of Dunsmuir died on 6 May 1922 at age 72.  Native of England.  Resident of Dunsmuir for over 20 years.
21 Dec 1928 Charles MUNGER died at age 91.  Native of Michigan.
7 Dec 1928 Miss Olivia MUNSON and Charles GILMORE were married on 30 Nov 1928.  She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Munson of Etna.  She graduated from Etna Union High School.  He is from Grants Pass, Oregon. Plan to make home in Grants Pass.
7 Dec 1928 John NEFRONCY and Mrs. Mabel McCUEN were married recently in Los Angeles.  He is manager of Victory Gold Mine and owner of Advance Mine.  She is Secretary of Victory Gold Mine.
23 Nov 1921 Norman NICHOLS died at home on French Creek on 18 Nov 1921 of Bright's Disease.  About 42 year old.  Survived by wife and 4 children, 1 brother and 1 sister.
7 Dec 1921 Baby NICHOLS died on Monday.  Lived but a few hours.  Son of Mrs. William Nichols of French Creek.  Mr. Nichols died a month ago.
12 Oct 1928 Furber L. NUTTING and Miss Jane HANSON were married on 9 Sept 1928 in Coalinga.  He the son of Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Nutting of Etna and employed at Shell Oil Co.
7 Jun 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie OLIVER were born a son in Pasadena on 2 June 1922.
14 Jun 1922 Nellie Lillian ORCUTT died Friday afternoon in Yreka at age 18 years, 11 months, 19 days.
26 Nov 1928 Mrs. Harriet PARKER died in Phoenix, Arizona, on 20 Oct 1920.  Wife of Donald Parker of Etna.  Native of Selma, California.  Funeral in Etna.
6 Apr 1934 Joseph PEREIRA died on 30 Mar 1934 in Watertown, New York at age 50.  Native of Fort Jones.  Leaves widow in New York and others in California.
30 Mar 1934 William C. PETERS died on 19 Mar 1934 at home in Humboldt County.  Leaves wife Mrs. Nettie Peters, 1 son and 2 grandchildren; all of Humboldt County.
14 Jun 1922 George PHILLIPS and Mrs. Hattie ALGER married last Thursday in Yreka.
28 Sep 1928 Henry PISCANTOR died Wednesday afternoon at age 70.  Native of Grosalmerode, Germany.  Resident of Fort Jones.  Survived by wife, 2 children, and 2 sisters.  Funeral held at Fort Jones.
14 Dec 1928 Mr. and Mrs. PITTS were born a daughter on 11 Dec 1928 near Callahan.
10 May 1922 Mr. and Mrs. POLLARD were born a daughter on 30 April 1922.
14 Jun 1922 Thomas S. POTTER and Miss Claire M. MILES were married on Wednesday of this week.  Will reside on French Creek.
5 Oct 1928 Mrs. Robert PRICE died on 3 Sept 1928 in Quaker Valley, Kansas, at home of her father, August SCHMIDT.
26 Jan 1934 Frank QUADROS died on 23 Jan 1934 in Yreka from a ruptured appendix.  Native of Portugal.  Survivors include 5 children.
21 Dec 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. QUIGLEY were born a daughter on 19 Dec 1921 in Etna.
7 Dec 1921 John F. QUINN (Rev. Father) died on Tuesday of this week in Sacramento.  Born in Albany, New York, in 1847.  Arrived early 90's in Yreka.
19 Oct 1921 Mrs. M. Reed RAMSEY, formerly of Sawyers Bar, was granted a divorce.  Married in Etna in 1916.
26 Dec 1924 Frank REED died on 22 Dec 1921 in Santa Cruz.  Former resident of Fort Jones.  Burial held in Fort Jones.
23 Nov 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Clifton REYNOLDS were born a daughter on 13 Nov 1921 in Fort Jones.
29 Mar 1922 Emma Aileen REYNOLDS and James Randolph RADFORD were married in Honolulu on 23 Feb 1922.  She formerly of Ft. Jones; He son of wealthy Wyoming cattleman.
7 Dec 1928 Charles ROFF died last week in Medford.  Interment near his home in Cecilville.
22 Jun 1923 Mrs. Sidney ROGERS from Sawyers Bar died last Tuesday in Brookings, Oregon, following an goiter operation.  Survivors include 4 daughters, several brothers and sisters.
30 Nov 1928 David ROGERS held a reunion on Thursday at his home in Callahan.  (guests named)
23 Mar 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Chris ROSTETTER were born a daughter in Callahan on 21 Mar 1921.
8 Feb 1922 Mrs. Marie ROSTETTER of Callahan died on 8 Feb 1922.
29 Jun 1921 Mrs. Mary RYAN died last Monday in Scott Bar at 95 years.  A pioneer woman and resident of Scott Bar for 60 + years.  Several children survive.
24 Jul 1925 Phillips SAUER died by suicide last Sunday in Weed, because weetheart Miss Erna METHOS went riding with another man.
5 Jan 1921 Mrs. Maud SCHUFFLER died last Saturday at age 32.  Wife of Charles J. Schuffler of Fort Jones.  Native of Klamath River.  Survived by husband and 3 children.
21 Jun 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest SEVERMAN of Hollister were born a daughter on 27 May 1922.
21 Sep 1921 George G. SHEFFIELD and Miss Nina Beryl TAYLOR were married last Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor.  He of Greenview; She of Quartz Valley.
2 Feb 1921 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. SHIRLEY were born a son on 1 Feb 1921.
14 Sept 1921 Mr. and Mrs. John SHORT were born a daughter.
5 Oct 1921 Mr. and Mrs. John SHORT of Greenview had an infant son die at one month old.  Buried in Etna.
28 Dec 1921 William C. SIMAS and Miss Beulah FERGUSON were married in Yreka on 22 Dec 1921.
2 Feb 1934 Mr. and Mrs. Frank SIMAS were born a son, Robert Lee Simas, in Yreka.
7 Sep 1921 Nicholas SMITH was exhumed.  Reinterred in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Mateo.  He was the former owner of Blake Hotel of Etna.
8 Mar 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Carl SMITH of Greenview were born a son on 3 Mar 1922.
12 Oct 1928 Clayton B. SMITH of Castella died at age 13.  Fatally wounded.
15 Mar 1922 Ezekiel M. SNAPP died in Imola on 8 Mar 1922 at age 72.  Father of Lonnie Snapp.  Member of the class of '22.  Veteran of the Civil War.
8 Mar 1922 Charles SNAPP died at St. Hospital in Napa.  Civil War Veteran.  Survived by wife and children.
21 Dec 1928 Mrs. Bessie SNELLING died at her home on Saturday morning at age 118.  Buried in Indian Cemetery, south of Yreka.  Born in Hornbrook.
4 May 1921 Mrs. Mary SOVY died in Etna on 28 April 1921 at age 79.  Born in Nicaragua City, Central America.  Survived by 6 sons and 2 daughters.
28 Dec 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Albert SOVY were born a son on 20 Dec 1921 in San Jose.
26 Apr 1922 Mrs. Charles SPANGLE of Gazelle died on 19 April 1922 at age 63.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert YOUNG.  (survivors listed)
5 Jan 1934 A. F. STONE died in Stockton at age 81.  Arrived in Siskiyou County in 1899.  Survivors include wife, Mary E. Stone, and 1 child.
9 Mar 1921 Alphus M. SULLIVAN died in Fort Jones at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edna M. EVANS, on 5 Mar 1921.  Born in 1850 in North Carolina.  Interment in Central Point.
28 Sep 1928 Mr. and Mrs. James SUTHERLAND from Pleasanton visited this month.  A pioneer couple.  He owned the livery in Etna 50 years ago.
7 Dec 1928 Mrs. Alameda SWAN died Tuesday morning in Yreka at age 78 of pneumonia.  Relative of the last L. Swan.  Leaves son, Edward Swan of Oakland, and 5 grandchildren.
5 Oct 1928 Mr. and Mrs. F. D. TABOR were born a son on 26 Sept 1928 in Etna.
13 Apr 1921 Howard J. TEESE of Callahan died at age 93.  Native of Massachusetts.  Civil War Veteran.
7 Jun 1922 John M. TETHEROW died on 7 June 1922 in Grants Pass at age 63.  Former resident of Etna.  Survived by wife and 2 daughters.  Funeral in IOOF section in Etna.
7 Nov 1928 Arthur THOMPSON died last Sunday.  He was murdered at Martin's Ferry on Klamath River.
21 Nov 1924 Mrs. William TICKNER of Sawyers Bar died last Monday of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Native of East Fork
8 Jun 1921 George W. TONKIN died on Saturday.  Shot and killed by wife, Lillian Tonkin.
27 Jul 1921 William J. TONKIN, Jr. of Weed died on 20 July 1921 at age 34.  Native of Niles.  Survived by wife and 5 children.  Nephew of George W. Tonkin.
31 Aug 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. TUCKER were born a son on 29 Aug 1921 in Etna Mills.
31 Jul 1925 Michael WACKER died last Sunday at age 52.  Born in Austria.  A pioneer of Yreka.
21 Sep 1928 Vernon WAGNER and Lietta BOWER were married last Sunday in Yreka.  He of Etna; She of Ft. Jones.
9 Nov 1921 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. WALKER were born at son on 8 Nov 1921 in Fort Jones.
8 Feb 1922 Mrs. Maggie M. WALKER died this month in Oakland.  Widow of late Robert Walker of Greenview.  Funeral held in Fort Jones.
16 Feb 1934 Thomas Jefferson WAYNE died by suicide on Wednesday at 85 years.  Native of Wisconsin.  Parents were F. B. and Susan J. Wayne.
16 Feb 1934 Mrs. Minerva WELCH died in Sacramento on 8 Feb 1934 at age 48.  Eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Otis WILSEY.  Born in Etna.  The family moved from Etna in 1907.
28 Dec 1928 Mrs. Caroline WETZEL of Yreka died on Saturday.  Came from Missouri via Isthmus of Panama in 1859.
21 Dec 1928 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. WHIPPLE were born a daughter on 20 Dec 1928.
7 Dec 1928 Virginia WILLIAMS and Ernest OVERHULSER were married at home in Callahan on Thursday afternoon.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Williams of Callahan; He of Oakland.  (guests listed)
May 1922 Mr. and Mrs. L. G. WILSON were born a son on 4 May 1922.
19 Oct 1928 Mrs. Dorcas O. WINDER died last Tuesday at Buckley Ranch, near Fort Jones, at age 78.  Native of Ohio.  Funeral held in Fort Jones.  Interment in Medford, Oregon.
23 Nov 1928 Joseph W. WINTER died this month at age 47 years, 6 months.  Son of Joseph and Annie Winter.
16 Nov 1928 William WINTER of Quartz Valley died on Saturday in Etna of a heart attack.  Funeral held in Fort Jones.  Attended by mother and brothers from Oakland.
28 Dec 1928 Henry B. WINTERING died on Tuesday morning in Yreka.  Survived by wife and 2 children.  Owned mines in North Fork of Salmon.
11 Jan 1922 Mr. and Mrs. R. F. WOLFE, formerly of Callahan, were born a daughter in Dorris.
30 Mar 1921 Richard WRIGHT of Oro Fino died last Saturday.  Survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. Mattie WHIPPLE and Mrs. J. V. KAPPLER.


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