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Dunsmuir AM

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Hattie L. Ackerman

Elmer Allen

Mary Allen

Maria Barajas

Katherine Beem

Mary J. Bigelow

William L. Bigelow

John Blodgett

Asher Blunt

Eva Blunt

Claude Branstetter

Susan Branstetter

William Branstetter

Clyde Brown

Jerome W. Brown

John G. Brown

Joseph Brown

Minnie Brown

Moscelyn Brown

Elizabeth Bryan

Percy Bryan

Ruth Bryan

John F. Carlson

Mary Carlson

Raymond Orr Carlson

R. Carpenter

Confederate States of America

Louis Cascarina

Mary Cascarina

Elizabeth Cole

Leander Cole

Marvin Cole

John Cravens

H. C. Cross

Frankie Daggett

J. Delano

Elkanah Derby

John Derby

Louise & Arrawanna Derby

William Dietrich

Agnes Ensley

William Foster

D. Freel

Earline Fussler

Charles F. Gibson

John E. Gibson

William Gill

Antone Girard

Louis & Charlotte Girard

James Henry Gregory

Angelo & Egilia Guadagnini

Carrie Fay Handley

Sophia Hansen

Elizabeth Mary & Florence May Hodgkinson

Margaret Hodgkinson

William Hodgkinson

Annie Hoppe

Herman Hoppe

Abram Huff

LeRoy F. Huff

Minnie Huff

Estella Hume

Walter Hume

Guiseppe Iaconis

David F. Jacob

Alvin Johnson

Bert & Minnie Johnson

Richard & Lillian Jordan

Florence Kelly

Teresina Leonetti

Marie Liberoth

Charles B. Lineham

Marjory Lucas

Duncan Boyd Lucero

Dorothy Mackey

Albert Makle

J. C. Maxey

Lenora McCann

William McCann

Anna McMichael

William McMichael

Elmer Messner

Alberto R. Mount

Burtie E. Mount

Willett H. Mount

Daniel J. Murphy

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