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Dunsmuir NZ

Up Dunsmuir AM Dunsmuir NZ


Clara Nothaft

Frank Nothaft

Mary Nothaft

John M. Null

John M. Null (close up)

Anabelle May Packwood

Nolan "Pete" & Mary Packwood

Tony Padula

Pete Paletta

Giuseppi Panazola

Lucious Q. Parker

Inez Parrigon

Joseph Parrigon

Lucrezia Patella

Rose Patella

Francis LeRoy Payne

Frank Roy Payne

Blanche L. Petty

Huborn Pitchford

Edward Price

John A. Reed

A K P Regan

Roberta Anne Reid

Florence Emma Roberts

William L. Roberts

Ardean Roy

Ida Rubens

Vincenzo & Peter Scalise

T. S. Scholes

Mary T. Scott

Walter A. Scott

Charles G. Selby

Dollie and Henry Seng

Marvin B. Seng

Amasa Shaw

Clarence Shippey

Helen Shippey

Jennielee O. Sloan

David Smart

Ethel Smith

Cecil Wayne Smith

Gallie Minerva Smith

George F. Smith

William Roy Smith

Wilma E. Smith

Ella Squires

Annie Stone

Charles Stone

Ernest Stone

Harry & Yvette Stone

Margaret Stone

Mary Strain

Andrew Swanson

Loyal F. Taylor

Nellie Pearl Taylor

Olive Templeton

Myrtle D. Test

Sarah A. Test

Joe Thompson

Merton E. Thompson

Melvin C. Thorn

Pauline Evelyn Thorn

Merit Tranmel

W. T. Tuckwell

Frank Vaughn

Weed Family Plot

Abner and Rachel Weed

Edward and Horace Weed

Minnie Weed

Carrie Wendell

John Wendell

Myrtle Wentz

Johnnie West

George S. Wheeler

Loreene Wheeler

Stanley E. White

Elizabeth Wiggington

Stanley Wilde

Jaspar Wiley

Mary Wiley

Alva Wilkins

Charles F. Williams

Christine Williams

Donald Ray Williams

Jesse Williams

Robert Roy Williams

William Williams

Albert & Grace Willson

Eola G. Wilsey

Latece Wilsey

Marvin H. Wilsey

George Woodward

W. D. Worden

Marilyn Cravens-Wright

Mary A. Yingling

Annie Young

James Gordon Young

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