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Little Shasta A-D

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Donald & Mary Acord

Janice Ballestin

Coy Barton

Buddy Bates

Lucille Boettcher

Mildred Bonifacio

Boyes Monument

Boyes Monument (back)

Boyes Monument (front)

Goldie Brees

Steven Brees

Malcolm & MaryKay Brister

Brooks marker

Gordon Brown

Ira Brown

Lovell Brown

Myrtle Brown

Terry Brown

Gloria Burcell

Joseph & Florence Burch

Archie Clark

Albert Clement

Vera Clement

John Collier

David Conway

Lorraine Conway

Robert Conway

William Conway

Edward Coonrod

E. L. Coonrod

Eliza Coonrod

Jessie Coonrod

Patrick Coonrod

Robert Coonrod

Dorcas Crunk

Gary Crunk

James Crunk

Arthur Day

Margaret DeHaas

Eva Dent

Hugh Dent

Deter Monument

Deter Monument (close up)

Dexter Family Plot

Anna Dexter

Eunice Dexter

George Dexter

George Roland Dexter

Lonzo Dragoo

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