St Joseph's Q-R

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Anthony & Inez Quadros

Joe Quadros

John Quadros

Mary Ann Quadros

Manuel Quadrus

M. M. Quadrus

Thomas Quirk

S. J. Quirk

Albert Rader

Clara Rader


Anna A. Ramus

Robert J. Ramus

Robert S. Ramus

Raymond Family Plot

Albert Raymond

Annie Raymond

Charles & Rose Raymond

George Raymond

George & Annie Raymond

George V. Raymond

John Raymond

Mary Raymond

Necia Raymond

Rosa Raymond

Agnes Reichmuth

Clementina Reichmuth

Frank Reichmuth

James & Teresa Rice

Anna Rife

Isidore & Henrietta Riffel

Margaret Riley

Sarah Ann Riley

Ernesta Rizzardo

Marino Rizzardo

Frank & Gene Rizzo

Filomena Roberts

Frank Roberts

Elvine Roble

Nels Roble

Domenica Robustelli

Robustellini Family Plot

David W. Robustellini

David W. Robustellini (2nd marker)

Giovanni & Maria Robustellini

John Robustellini

Patricia Robustellini

Pete & Angela Robustellini

Stephen Robustellini

Daniel Rodriguez

Emily Rogers

Joseph Rogers

Mary Rogers

Eva Rose

Frank Rose

John Rose

Joseph Rose

Manuel F. Rose

Manuel Rose Jr.

Manuel & Mary Rose

Margaret Rose

Mary N. Rose

Helen Mabel Roseborough

Carl & Margaret Rosker

John Rossetto

Lucy Rossetto

Gaston & Eva Roumas

Bortolo Rover

Doris Rover

Frank Rover

Matteo Rover

John Rover

Joseph Rovito

Maria Rovito

Pete Rovito

Tyler Rubulcava

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