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Antone Valin

Dora Valin

Gerritt VanWilligan

Maria VanWilligan

Andrew Vieira

Andrew & Alta Vieira

Manuel & Annie Vieira

Minnie Vieira

Manuel Viera

Romona Vonilla

Christian & Bette Walthard

Dr. I. L. Ward

Andrew & Hille Wardinski

Kenneth & Emily Waters

Deane & Eleanor Webb

Amanda Weinzinger

Joseph Weinzinger

George Werner

Erma Weston

Mathilda Wetzel

Sigmund Wetzel

Wholey Family Plot

James Wholey

Mary Wholey

Danny Wilcox

Philip Willems

Irene Williams

Paulsina Williams

Toni Wooden

Toni Wooden (marker backside)

Alfred & Anna Wright

Zanotto Family Plot

Angelina Zanotto

Angelina M. Zanotto

Angelo Zanotto

Angelo & Gina Zanotto

Antonietta Zanotto

Ben & Josephine Zanotto

Cipriano Zanotto

Giogondo Zanotto

Giovanna Zanotto

Giulio Zanotto

Mary Angelina Zanotto

Mattio Zanotto

Mattio Zanotto (2nd marker)

Regina Zanotto

S. J. Zanotto

Silvio & Flora Zanotto

Victor Zanotto

Victor Zapata

Xaver & Anna Zgraggen

Johnny Zonotto

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