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Listed on these pages is the information received from Delores Woods.  Delores is hoping to make contact with anyone either associated with these families or anyone who may have information about these families.

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Below is an excerpt from a printed page sent by Delores Woods.  It details the two brothers who came and stayed in California.  It appears that they resided in Cottage Grove, which as many old mining towns, no longer exists today.  It was located far down the Klamath River and was, at one point, within the county of Klamath before that county was absorbed by Siskiyou, Del Norte and Humboldt counties.

After the death of Thomas and Eliza Woods Elliott in Iowa and the return of the Stewarts to Pennsylvania, four of the young Elliotts were left to look out for themselves, almost strangers in a strange land.  The eldest son was twenty-three years old and the youngest one fourteen.  For four years they kept together, then came the gold fever in 1849, when William, the oldest son, then twenty-seven years old, decided to try his luck in California.  The other three stayed in Iowa for two or three years, then Robert and Adolphus went to the gold fields in California.  Robert stayed but Adolphus returned to Iowa.  William and Robert drifted in among the mountains in the extreme northern part of the state, and their address was Cottage Grove, Siskiyou County, Cal.  Robert followed the business of packing supplies in to the miners.  It was impossible to find out much about them.  For years the writer corresponded with William and if a man can be judged by his letters, he was a cousin of whom one might justly be proud.  They lived their quiet life among the mountains where William died in 1897, at the age of seventy-five.  After the death of William, Robert crossed the border into Oregon and no knows whether his living or not.

Mary Jane, youngest daughter of Thomas and Eliza Woods Elliott was born November 28, 1828, and was nearly seventeen years old when her parents died.  She married Cyrus Patterson of Iowa, December 21, 1851, and visited with Mrs. Stewart in Perry County in 1876.  The Pattersons resided near Riverside, Iowa, where Mrs. Patterson died August 27, 1898, aged sixty-nine years, eight months and twenty-nine days.  She is buried near Riverside, Iowa, and her parents, Thomas and Eliza Woods Elliott, are buried in a graveyard on a farm near Iowa City, Iowa, that was at one time owned by their son Charles Adolphus Elliott.

Charles Adolphus Elliott, youngest son of the Elliotts', returned to Iowa after his trip to California and on January 1, 1861 he married Melinda A. Snyder.  They resided in Iowa until 1890 when they moved to Buffalo County, Nebr.  On October 6, 1900, Melinda Snyder died and is buried at Kearney, Nebr.  Charles A. Elliott is living with several of his children, at Kearney, Nebr.

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Descendants of Robert Elliott

Descendants of William Elliott

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