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Antigonish County 1891 Nova Scotia Census Project Readme

          1891 Census data for Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.

All this work was done by GEORGE N. McINNIS.  See the file forward.txt
to learn more about him and this project.  Copies of this data are
available on microfilm through the LDS Family History Centers.  When I
found that he still had the electronic versions, and they had not been
made available to the world, I pestered him till He gave me a backup
copy to play with.  This is the result.

I must appologize to him in that he had the data all layed out in by
district, in nice report files.  I ran into problems in that part of the
reports were missing in the backups, and it was just easier to create
one big report.  I included, a shareware program to view it
with.  See its help screen about donations.

The data is in Census order, but utilities are included to sort it
in alphabetical order if desired.  Except for the sort program, bat
files, and this readme, the work was done completely by George.  I just
packaged it.  You can contact George through me, or by mail.  His
address is:

                                 GEORGE N. McINNIS
                              3078A Via Serena South
                                  Laguna Hills,
                                   Calif 92653

My name is John Smith and I can be contacted at one of these:
or through

File list:
a1891cen.txt    1891 Census data for Antigonish county Nova Scotia.

forward.txt     The author describes this project undertook.

colhead.txt     Describes each column of census data in general.

county.txt      Describes the county codes.  Actually, only one used for this

occ_cd.txt      Describes the  occupation codes.

dist_cd.txt     Describes the destrict codes.

bcfmr_cd.txt 	Describes the bcfmr codes in the census.

sort_alp.bat	Bat file to sort a1891cen.txt to a1891alp.txt which is
                an alphabetical listing.  Uses maxsort.exe

maxsort.exe     A sort program if you want an alphabetical listing.  Used
                by sort_alp.bat

readme.1st      This file.     A shareware file viewer to view a1891cen.txt.  Its
                author excepts donations if you desire.


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