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Inverness County 1881 Nova Scotia Census Column Headings

         For the 1881 Nova Scotia Census - All Counties

         REMARKS - Usually, a comment entered by the Enumerator.
         Occasionally, a remark by this lister, to clarify a problem. For
         example, when the LASTNAME is enumerated "Phail", and it seems
         probable that the people were actually "McPhail".

         DBU - Infirmities. D= Deaf and Dumb
                            B= Blind
                            U= Unsound Mind

         S - School.  This person attended school in past year.  Indicated
         by a numeral "1"

         M - Marital Status.  M= Married
                              W= Widow or Widower

         OCCUPATION - Occupation, Trade, or Profession

         BRO - Birthplace, Religion, Origin.  See BRO_CD_8.TXT

         BOR - Born.  The month of birth of an infant less than one year
                        old; i.e. born in the past year

         AGE - The age of this person.  Usualy expressed in years; but
               occasionally in years plus fraction: i.e. 2.5 means 2-1/2
               years. Infants of less than one year are expressed in
               months: i.e. 10.12 means 10/12, or that the infant was 10
               months old

         SEX - M= Male, F= Female

         FIRSTNAME - This person's first (or given) name(s)

         SE - SEquence.  Not specifically itemized on the census, this is
               the sequence of this person in the family group.  I.e. the
               third person enumerated is SEquence 3, in a Family Group

         H - Head of Family.  The person listed first on the census,
         assumed to be the Head of Family

         LASTNAME - This person's last name, as listed on the census

         FAM - The FAMily number, as listed in the census.  Indicates the
               sequence in which enumeration occurred, by family

         DWE - The DWElling number, as listed in the census.  Note that
         some dwellings have more than one FAMily

         DIST - The Census Enumeration DISTrict.  See A81DIST.TXT
         (Antigonish County) or I81DIST.TXT  (Inverness County).  This is a
         four-letter mnenomic representing the name of the District.

         C0 - COunty.  The Country wherethe census was enumerated.  See
               CO_CD_81.TXT for the numbers assigned to each County

         RCD - RECord number.  An arbitrary number assigned by the computer
                to this record.  It may not appear on your listing.

Transcribed by George N. McInnis, an SOCCGS club member, from the LDS microfilm of the hand written Census records.


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