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Inverness County 1881 Nova Scotia Census BROCODE Codes

         "BROCODE" for the 1881 Nova Scotia Census - All Counties

         "BRO" is the abbreviation for Birth, Religion, Origin.
         The codes are:

         Birth              Religion              Origin

         A=America or U.S.  A=                    A=American *
         B=Cape Breton      B=Baptist             B=Cape Breton
         C=Canada           C=Catholic            C=Canada
         D=Denmark          D=                    D=Denmark
         E=England          E=Ch.of England       E=English
         F=France           F=                    F=French
         G=Germany          G=                    G=German
         H=Holland          H=                    H=Holland
         I=Ireland          I=                    I=Irish
         J=Italy            J=                    J=Italian
         K=New Brunswick    K=                    K=New Brunswick
         L=                 L=Lutheran            L=
         M=MicMac,Indian    M=Methodist           M=MicMac, Indian
         N=Nova Scotia      N=Congregational      N=Nova Scotia
         O=Atlantic Ocean   O=                    O=Atlantic Ocean
         P=Prince Edw.Isl.  P=Presbyterian        P=Prince Edw.Isl.
         Q=Quebec           Q=                    Q=Quebec
         R=                 R=Protestant          R=
         S=Scotland         S=Ch.of Scotland      S=Scotch
         T=Portugal         T=                    T=Portugese
         U=Dutch            U=Universalist        U=Dutch
         V=                 V=                    V=Sweden
         W=Newfoundland     W=                    W=Newfoundland
         X=Misc.            X=Misc.               X=Misc.
         Y=New York         Y=                    Y=New York
         Z=                 Z=Episcopal           Z=

         * In some cases, the enumerator entered "American", and
         occasionally noted that "this was the best he could do". But,
         after the enumeration, someone crossed out "American", and entered
         (usually) "English" or (rarely) "Irish".  Because of the
         genealogical interest, this list uses the "crossed out" Origin.

Transcribed by George N. McInnis, an SOCCGS club member, from the LDS microfilm of the hand written Census records.


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