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Inverness County 1881 Nova Scotia Census County Codes


         The 1891 Nova Scotia Census assigned a number to each County, and
         a letter to each District within the County.  The "County Numbers"
         are as follows:

              Number  County                          Alpha Code

                  1.     Prince                       T
                  2.     Queens, Townships 1-28       U
                  3.     Kings                        K
                  4.     Inverness                    I
                  5.     Victoria                     V
                  6.     Cape Breton                  C
                  7.     Richmond                     R
                  8.     Goysborough                  G
                  9.     Halifax - City               H
                 10.     Halifax - County             M
                 11.     Lunenburg                    L
                 12.     Queens, Districts 1-13       Q
                 13.     Shelburne                    S
                 14.     Yarmouth                     Y
                 15.     Digby                        D
                 16.     Annapolis                    B
                 18.     Hants                        N
                 19.     Colchester                   E
                 20.     Pictou                       P
                 21.     Antigonish                   A
                 22.     Cumberland                   F

         Note that these numbers are DIFFERENT than was used in 1891.

Transcribed by George N. McInnis, an SOCCGS club member, from the LDS microfilm of the hand written Census records.


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