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Inverness County 1881 Nova Scotia Census County & District Codes


         The 1881 Nova Scotia Census assigned a number to each County, and
         a letter to each District within the County.  Some Districts were
         divided into Sub-Districts. To facilitate the use of this "Indexed
         Census", each District and Sub-District was assigned a
         four-character mnenomic code, intended to clue the used what the
         full name of the District is:

          4  Inverness County

               Letter    District Name               Mnenomic

                  a.     Hastings    Sub-1            Has1
                                     Sub-2            Has2
                  b.     River Inhabitants            RivI
                  c.     North Mountain               NoMt
                  d.     Dennis River                 DRiv
                  e.     Judique     Sub-1            Jud1
                                     Sub-2            Jud2
                                     Sub-3            Jud3
                  f.     Port Hood                    PHod
                  g.     Glencoe                      Gcoe
                  h.     Mabou       Sub-1            Mab1
                                     Sub-2            Mab2
                                     Sub-3            Mab3
                  i.     West Lake Ainslie            WLAn
                  j.     Broad Cove Marsh             BCMa
                  k.     Strathlorne Sub-1            Str1
                                     Sub-2            Str2
                                     Sub-3            Str3
                  l.     Margaree Harbour             MarH
                  m.     Cheticamp                    Chet
                  n.     North-East Margaree          NEMa
                  o.     Young's Bridge               YnBr
                  p.     East Lake Ainslie            ELAn
                  q.     Whycocomagh Sub-1            Why1
                                     Sub-2            Why2
                                     Sub-3            Why3

Transcribed by George N. McInnis, an SOCCGS club member, from the LDS microfilm of the hand written Census records.


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Transcribed by George N. McInnis