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Antigonish County 1891 Nova Scotia Census Project County codes

                                 GEORGE N. McINNIS


         The 1891 Nova Scotia Census assigned a number to each County, and
         a letter to each District within the County.  The "County Numbers"
         are as follows:

              Number     County             Alpha Code

                 26.     Annapolis          B
                 27.     Antigonish         A
                 28.     Cape Breton        C
                 29.     Colchester         E
                 30.     Cumberland         F
                 31.     Digby              D
                 32.     Guysborough        G
                 33.     Halifax (City)     H
                 34.     Halifax            M
                 35.     Hants              N
                 36.     Inverness          I
                 37.     Kings              K
                 38.     Lunenburg          L
                 39.     Pictou             P
                 40.     Queens             Q
                 41.     Richmond           R
                 42.     Shelburne          S
                 43.     Victoria           V
                 44.     Yarmouth           Y

         Note that these numbers are DIFFERENT than was used in 1881.

         When there are similar files for different counties, the are
         differentiated by using the above "alpha code" as the first digit
         of the FILENAME, and the last two digits of the census year as the
         second and third digits.  For example, every County has its own
         list of Enumeration Districts, and they differ each census decade.
         Examples:  A91_DIST.TXT for Antigonish County for 1891
                    I91_DIST.TXT for Inverness  County for 1891
                    A81_DIST.TXT for Antigonish County for 1881


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Transcribed by George N. McInnis