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Antigonish County 1891 Nova Scotia Census Project headings

         FOR 1891 "Indexed Census", Nova Scotia, All Counties.
         DESCRIPTION OF COLUMN HEADINGS, from Right to Left:

         REMARKS - Usually, a comment entered by the Enumerator.
         Occasionally, a remark by this lister, to clarify a problem.

         There is an undesignated entry opposite each "head of family", in
         the format: W1/4, or W2/5.  Occasionally there is more than one
         such designation, probably indicating more than one building for
         this family.  This is presumed to be a code for the dwelling. W1/4
         translates to "Wood construction, one story, four rooms." S2/5
         translates to "Stone construction, two stories, five rooms."

         RWDBU -  Read / Write, and Infirmities.

                  R= Able to Read
                  W= Able to Write
                  D= Deaf and Dumb
                  B= Blind
                  U= Unsound Mind.

         EWUNN - Employment information

                  E= Employer
                  W= Wage Earner.
                  U= Unemployed
                  NN=Number of Employees

         OCCUPATION -Occupation, Trade, or Profession.  Also, a code,
         usually two digits, which was apparently entered after
         enumeration.  See "INDEX of Small Occupation Codes".

         M - Marital Status.  M= Married
                              W= Widow or Widower

         AGE - The age of this person.  Usualy expressed in years; but
               occasionally in years plus fraction: i.e. 2.5 means 2-1/2
               years. Infants of less than one year are expressed in
               months: i.e. 10.12 means 10/12, or that the infant was 10
               months old.

         SEX - M= Male, F= Female

         FIRSTNAME - This person's first (or given) name(s).

         SE - SEquence.  Not specifically itemized on the census, this is
               the sequence of this person in the family group.  I.e. the
               third person enumerated is SEquence 3, in a Family Group.

         LASTNAME - This person's last name, as listed on the census.

         FAM - The FAMily number, as listed in the census.  Indicates the
               sequence in which enumeration occurred, by family.

         DIST - The Census Enumeration District.  See attached page for
                more complete information.

         C0 - COunty.  The County where the census was enumerated.  See
               attached page for more complete information.


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Transcribed by George N. McInnis