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Food. and the memories and events associated with food, are an important part of our heritage. Most every family has at least one recipe and special dish that has been passed down through the generations (even if just in the last two or three generations). These recipes help make up our family history. They might tell us about the region and culture from which our ancestors originated, about a particular time of hardship or prosperity, about a newfound home, or about special occasions and holidays. Think about the memories and people you attribute to some of the recipes you have accumulated from your family over the years... and tells us about these!

About the Project

This is an opportunity for the SOCCGS membership to share our food-related family history memories with each other and also raise money to fund future SOCCGS programs, equipment, and library materials. It is also a terrific outreach tool for us to use in fostering an interest in genealogy and recruiting new members. If successful, this could be an annual event.

Recipes are from our membership only, but the book will be sold to the general public. You may submit as many recipes as you want (since this is our first effort, we want to make sure we have enough submissions). In the event we receive more than we can include in this year’s publication, we will ask you to select just 2 or 3 recipes. Each of your recipes needs to include a brief story about that recipe... this can be the history of the person you associate with that recipe, the memories and occasions you associate with the recipe, or a story about the ancestral region from which your recipe originates. You may also include a photo if you have one.

Our goal is to have the albums available for sale by our October 22nd seminar!

How to Submit Items (Maximum of 2 per SOCCGS member)

(Submissions must be received by July 31, 2005 ... the sooner the better!)

Stories should be no more than 280 words if accompanied by a photo. or 300 words without a photo. Longer recipes may need shorter stories. Please see the sample page.

Send any email submissions to Herb Abrams at: for layout and editing. Send recipe and story in body of email. Send picture as attachment.

If you prefer to send by snail mail - send to:

Herb Abrams
24801 San Andres Ln.
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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