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First Families & Pioneer Families of Tulare Township Program

Last updated 10 Sep 2007

If your family history can be traced back to Tracy's early days, TAGS is looking for you. We are seeking to honor those who are direct descendants of Tracy's first residents as part of our First Families and Pioneer Families programs. We offer free assistance to help you prove your relationship to a First Family or Pioneer Family.

Successful applicants of First Families and Pioneer Families of Tulare Township will receive:

Contact us for more information. You can print the necessary forms here:


ELIGIBILITY: The applicant should be a direct descendant from an ancestor who settled in Tulare Township. There are two categories of certificates; FIRST FAMILIES, which settled within the township by 1885; and PIONEER FAMILIES which settled within the township by 1900. The applicant must be able to prove descent from the ancestor (male or female) by an official record or records for each generation, including proof for the applicant. TAGS membership is not necessary.

INSTRUCTIONS: The Tulare Township (TT) application consists of 2 pages. Page 1 asks for information about the applicant and the TT ancestor; page 2 is the line of descent chart. Please complete both to the best of your ability. If you have more than one TT ancestor, a separate application is required for each. Only one ancestor will be inscribed on a certificate, except when the ancestor and spouse both are proven to qualify.

PROOFS: Applications must be based on credible genealogical research. For a list and explanation of suggested primary and secondary sources, see “Specific Sources of Proof”. Only blood line descent is acceptable.

If your application is based on a previously approved application (such as a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, cousin, etc.) it is not necessary to resubmit documentation for overlapping generations. You need only to send proof of descent for generations needed to link you to the previously approved applicant. It is still necessary to fully complete the TT application and line of descent chart for ALL applications. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Applicants are required to submit proof of descent for each generation and proof of residence. Additional material is strongly encouraged, such as family group sheets, biographies, newspaper articles, photos of people, homes, and tombstones, and other material that may be of interest to future researchers.

SUBMITTED MATERIALS: All applications and documentation become the property of the Tracy Area Genealogical Society and will be retained in the custody of the TAGS Library collection. No original documents should be sent. Send a photocopy or other facsimile of pertinent materials.

Eligibility shall be determined by a committee appointed by TAGS. The committee’s decision shall be final. Incorrect or incomplete applications will be returned for corrections and additions, and the applicant will be encouraged to resubmit.


  1. Certified copies are not required.
  2. Always use maiden name of mother.
  3. Copies of original records is encouraged but not required. Give exact source citations.
  4. Published abstracts and transcripts are acceptable; include copy of title page.
  5. Land or tax records are acceptable only if they specify that the individual was a resident of Tulare Township, San Joaquin County, California, since many early landowners and speculators never lived in Tulare Township.
  6. Circumstantial evidence WILL NOT be accepted as proof unless supported by primary or secondary evidence.
  7. Oral, written, or published family traditions may be in error and CANNOT be accepted as documentation.
  8. Printed or manuscript genealogies, genealogical records or compilations, family group sheets and charts, family reunion records and similar material are not considered proof. Unsupported information from an amateur or a professional genealogist is not acceptable, including such records printed in any genealogical, historical or similar publications.
  9. Reminder: A statement is not necessarily true just because it’s in print.