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The Midway Driller November 4, 1911

Cemetery Plaque

The researchers of the Midway Cemetery Larry Lyon and Fred Thomason write this article taken in part from the Midway Driller on November 4 1911

The Midway Cemetary was opened in 1911 and closed in 1933

Taft will have Public Cemetery. William Brookes, of the Taft Undertaking Company, has arranged for a burying ground, to be known as Midway Cemetery. It consists of two acres on the Standard property at the edge of the hills on section 24, south side. Heretofore no little inconvenience has been felt by the lack of a

Cemetery and while the demand for it has not been to large, it is very necessary to a town.

Mr.Brookes states that the grounds will be plotted and the driveway and paths oiled. The intention is to have water piped to it to beautify `the grounds. A concrete receiving vault is also contemplated.

November 11, 1911 The first burial was. Frank E, Keller died at the American hospital Monday afternoon after an illness of less than two weeks. Typhoid pneumonia is being the cause of his death. Mr. Keller was born in Michigan, and at the time of his death was 43 years old. He was a member of the Loyal Order of Moose and was buried under the auspices of that order the funeral was held from the parlors of the Taft Undertaking Company 102 Asher Street. Internment made in Midway Cemetery.

October 18, 1913, Fellows Couier

IMPROVING TAFT CEMETERY Undertaker Wm. Brooke's of Taft of the Midway Cemetery, has this week been improving the burial grounds situated on the hill in South Taft by constructing a number of cement post in the obelisk style to surround it and then connecting the post with three strands of cable, the finished fence presenting a very neat and attractive appearance. Mr. Brooke has had charge of the cemetery since its beginning two years ago and thinks it has proved a blessing to those who, were it not established, would have had to bury their loved ones in Bakersfield or other far-a-way places. Last improvement is a great stride forward, and when a sufficient supply of water is secured. Which will probably be done in the near future, the cemetery will be planted to trees and flowers and will be one of the main beauty spots of the valley.

On 27 th of May 1918 Mr. William Brookes sold the Taft Undertaking Company to a W.C., Sam, Witherow. Which included the Midway Cemetery .on the 19 day of May 1931 the Jameson Corporation Deeded the said Cemetery under the direction of I.M.Jameson president and by Alfred L Black Jr. Secretary to the West Side Cemetery District.

The foregoing deed is hereby accepted on behalf of the West Side Cemetery District.

O.P.Goode chairman, Earl Hinkle trustee, and L.R. Tolf trustee

Recorded on 6 April 1932 in Book 428 page 472 at the Kern County Records.

The picture above is the internment of Rosa E.Going Feb.1, 1925. Obituary Rosa E. Going Passes in Taft. Mrs. Rosa E Going age 45, born 29 January 1879 in Indiana, died 30 January 1925, wife of John W. Going, passed away at the family home last night, following a short illness, her Mother was Mary Wilson, father John Whitworth. She is survived by two sisters and a daughter Ulah residing in Taft.

Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at the Taft Undertaking parlors and internment will be made in the Midway Cemetery in Taft. Rosa Going is the Grandmother of Mr. Jack and Sidney Kelly of Bakersfield California, which gave us this picture of the cemetery taken the day of the funeral 1925. On August 19 1951 Mrs. Margaret Netherly Woodson was killed in a auto accident in Ventacopa California and buried in Midway Cemetery Restoration is still going on at the Cemetery as most all of the so call unknown now known. We are in the process of having new headstones being made to replace the unknown markers in the cemetery.but we still need more donations to complete this project. All donation may be made to MIDWAY CEMETERY in care of the West Kern Oil Museum Taft California. The restoration is being made by. Three members of the Taft Genealogical Society. Larry Lyon, Fred Thomason, Guy Lingo.

Being that Memorial Day is coming up we must not forget the veterans that are buried in the MIDWAY CEMETERY here in Taft They are Colonel Edward Howard Wilson in the Civil War and was in the Confederate Army where he won his commission under Beauregard. William J. McGonigal veteran of the Spanish American War. William Henry Fillmore. A Relative of President Millard Fillmore veteran of the Civil War. Smith was a Civil War veteran, John W. Rogers Confederate Army during the Civil War. W. W.Stevens a Civil War Veteran. These are the Veterans Buried in Midway Cemetery.

If any one out there has any information, pictures or any known relative that is buried up they're in the Midway Cemetery please let one of us know so we may tie it in with the restoration of the Cemetery.