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Preparing your queries for import into CCHelper

NOTE: This software and associated documentation are
Copyright © 1997-1998 Patricia A. Lindsay.
Except for the CCHelper Manual written by Carol A. Haagensen

Prepping your query files

You may want to go through the following process with one file and then import it (see "Getting Started") to see how your format will work before prepping all of your files.
  1. Copy your query page file(s). Using a word processor or text editor, edit the copied file(s).

  2. The desired format (called "freeform" in CCHelper) is detailed on the Freeform Format Requirements page. Review this page.

  3. Review the following examples showing how to use find/replace commands to convert your text.

  4. Make the changes to your copied file(s) and note the file name(s).

  5. If you are having trouble understanding or producing the desired the format, you may want to start by just adding the ---- between each query and then try the import. You can use CCHelper to insert the tags a query at a time by using the mouse.

The following examples assume that you know how to use Find/Replace commands in a word or text processor to do mass changes on a text document. For Find/Replace to work, you need to have something unique that you can "find" and "replace" to the desired tag to fit the above requirements. If your query page format does not provide those unique values, you will have to add the tags manually.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

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