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Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (457) Road established from Tiger's Valley to mouth of Seneca.
  (457) Jacob Stalnacker, Sr., and Jesse Hamilton, to be overseers from Tiger's Valley to top of Allegany Mountain, with tithables from Francis Deer's to Joseph Baker's.
  (457) Paul Teeter, overseer from top of Allegany to mouth of Sinacor, with tithables on the North Fork from Michael Aberman's to Joseph Heau's.
  (457) John Paul, vice Robert Feoris--road surveyor.
  (457) Elizabeth Haywood, late Elizabeth Branch, complains of her master, John Lyle, for her freedom.
  (459) James Risk's estate committed to his mother, Jane Risk, and John Alexander.

MAY 18, 1774.

  (459) David Beard to be bound to Samuel Caruthers.
  (459) Charles Beard to be bound to John Caruthers, to learn trade of breechers makers and skin dressers.
  (462) Hemp certificate: Martin Leo.
  (463) Hemp certificates: David, Robert and Alexr. Tedford and Anthony Lewis.
  (464) Rev. John Craig, hemp certificate.
  (465) David James.
  (468)) Ephraim Richardson and Wm. Martin--road surveyors from Francis Wier's, on Monongahela River, to Thorny Creek, on waters of Greenbrier. John Warwick, Richard Elliott and Ralph Stewart are exempted from working on above road until it is built. William Hadden is ordered to clear from Thorny Creek to Nap's Creek, with tithables living below him on Nap's Creek, and from Alexr. Dunlap's to William Sharp's on Greenbrier. Jacob Warwick, road overseer, from William Warwick's to Back Creek, with tithables from Thomas Cartmell's up Greenbrier to the head and down Nap's Creek to Moses Moore's.
  (471) Samuel Black, vice James Bell--road overseer.
  (471) On petition of John Hopkins, Samuel Moral, Peter Vaminon, Michael Wolf, John Gordon and Nicholas Harpole--to view a road from the widow Moses's to Gabriel Cock's.
  (471) John Whitton--naturalized.
  (474) Jane Smith, wife of Daniel Smith, relinquished dower in land conveyed by Daniel to Jasper and Henry Laurence.
  (475) Darby Toran--hemp certificate.
  (475) James Dobbin, vice Archibald Dickson--Constable.
  (476) John Davis and Robert Minnis--special bail.

MAY 19, 1774.

  (479) Robert Caruthers, vice Wm. Alexander--Constable.
  (483) Ann Grigsby, witness from Dunsmore. John Payton, witness from Prince William.
  (483) John Payton and Tucker Woodson--Jurors.

MAY 20, 1774.

  (486) John Dickinson, qualified Justice, &c.

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MAY 21, 1774.

  (489) Hugh Donaho vs. Wm. McClenachan.--Suit dismissed by defendant's death.
  (509) Henry Pickle and Caleb Russell-no inhabitants.
  (510) Mathew Scott--no inhabitant.
  (511) Peter Mickle--no inhabitant.
  (521) William Dean--no inhabitant.
  (522) James McNutt, returned inhabitant of Botetourt.
  (526) James Burnsides--no inhabitant.
  (530) Alexander Moore--witness from Botetourt.
  (531) Thomas Fulton--qualified Captain.

AUGUST 16, 1774.

  (532) Isaac Robinson, deceased--estate to be appraised.
  (532) Martin Humble, deceased--estate commd. to Conrad Humble.
  (543) To be bound out, viz: Noah Custard to Paul Custard; Arnold Custard to Conrad Custard.
  (535) Neal McNeil, deceased--estate commd. to Daniel Kidd.
  (535) Elizabeth Coats, orphan of Joshua Coats, to be bound to William Carruthers.
           The last Court held under authority of the King was May 1, 1776.
           The first Court held under authority of the Commonwealth, July 16, 1776.

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