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We are generally assigned by most authorities as a sept of the Sutherland Clan and we normally use their tartan. They maintain a WebSite that is a source of information about them, the organization and activities. The clan crest and the Countess's coat of arms images below were obtained for that site.

1) The Countess of Sutherland's Coat of Arms
2) Sutherland Clan Crest mounted on tartan
3) Sutherland Tartan

Past Cheyne Arms



1) Arms probably of Reginald Le Chen 3rd of Inverugie (provided by C. David Lochner)
2) Arms probably of Reginald Le Chen 3rd of Straloch (provided by C. David Lochner)
3) Arms of George of Edinburgh (provided by C. David Lochner)
4) Arms of Cheyne of Esselmont. There were at least 16 generations of "Cheynes of Essilmont" to whom this is could be attributed. (provided by Lil Cheyne in Alberta).