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What's new for the Summer 2012 update?
 First, I wish to apologize for the delay in updating these pages. I try to update the WebSite at least once a year, but I did not do so last year. I had a number of health issues in 2011. All is well now and I hope to get back to "business as usual".
 I installed a version upgrade to the database program about the same time and I made a mistake in the options selections. As a result all of the links to exhibits were changed. There are about 7000 exhibits. So far I have corrected about 2000 of them, only 5000 or so to go. If you sent me a photo or document that does not appear it probably is one of the 5000. 

 I also got my Y-DNA tested and was quite impressed with the results. I would like to start a Cheyne Y-DNA testing project. The purpose of which would be to set-up a database of Cheyne DNA. I my case I was matched with a Paul Cheney with a match 25 generations ago. That would have been the time when the Cheyne and Cheney families separated, according to R. W. L. Chesney, Le Fief de Quesneto. This added to my interest in adding the Cheneys, Chaneys, Chesneys to this database. But there are so many more of them, I am reluctant to start.
 Regarding the above. I am looking for a volunteer to lead a Cheyne Y-DNA testing project. I am not sure of all the requirements, but he would assist those who want to join the project, encourage certain family members to join and maintain the group within the Ancestry Pages. The pay is not very good, but you will meet many new people and it could be a lot of fun.
 We have previously established a presence on Facebook and we invite you to join the "fans" of The Cheyne Family Web Page there. A link is provided on the "Links" page. Please feel free to add photos of yourself, children or grandchildren. Something that I was reluctant to do on these pages. I hope to send up all of the photos that make up the collage on the main page and many of the other photos you have sent me in the past. When adding to the Facebook page please add a caption so that all will know who everyone is.
 Regarding the above. I am looking for a volunteer to be the maintainer or main contact person for the Facebook Page. Someone who knows the "ins and outs" of using Facebook and of the possibilities we are not using, but would enhance the experience of visitors. now has the 1940 United States Census which a few entries now appear herein. Adding all Cheyne entries will be one of my first projects to tackle next.
 Many Old Parish Registers entries were scanned and inserted. I have quite a few OPR films at the local LDS Center and they now have a machine that can scan the film. One of my next projects will be to scan as many OPR entries and add them to the database.
 I authored an article that was published in The Leopard last year. The Leopard is the magazine of North East Scotland and I was extremely pleased that the editor saw fit to add my article to their publication. A link to their WebSite is provided on the Links page. Click here to see my article.
 As always we are so truly grateful to all of those readers who have contributed their information, photos, copies of documents to allow this page to grow. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.
 Please continue to send, your comments, corrections, additions and photos are encouraged and welcomed.
 Please email me if you find any missing links or text that does not make sense or is gibberish.