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Bride's Name Groom's Name Date License Number
Brown, Agnes Richmond, Claude 25 Aug 1935 1038
Downing, Lila L. Herman, G. L. 13 Mar 1937 1711
Foos, Esther Hessler, Ray Emanuel 18 Mar 1935 872
Gourley, Eva L. Hesser, Erne 27 Dec 1926 A2565
Gremel, Elsie Hessman, Henry J. 3 Jun 1925 A2073
Grimes, Maguerite Hesser, John Thornton 22 Jul 1933 58
Herman, Geneva Gabel, Adam 22 Nov 1932 A4711
Herrod, Opal Golio, Ernest 8 Apr 1927 A2648
Herron, Mary Jo Hurd, Joe Vincent 14 Apr 1937 1735
Herron, Ruth Eleanor Wright, John Edmund 25 Dec 1932 A4738
Herschler, E. Bula Smith, George R. 4 Apr 1917 A549
Hershey, Jean Carr Rich, Howard B. 8 Sep 1934 633
Hershman, Zelda C. Spang, Harry 30 Jun 1928 A3094
Hervey, Cora M. Voelkel, Grover 14 Jan 1935 808
Hesemann, Clara Schaefer, Walter 17 Apr 1911 A283
Hesemann, Emma K. Bradehoft, John P. 25 Oct 1911 A319
Hesemann, Minnie Schaefer, Edward C. 20 Apr 1908 A184
Hess, Freda E. Munson, Arthur B. 17 Sep 1923 A1556
Hesser, Gladys Baryl Hollenbaugh, Claude Franklin 15 Dec 1925 A2244
Hessler, Helen Treber, Conrad 6 Feb 1927 9304
Hesterly, Dorothy Earle Bengson, Elmer L. 1 Jun 1925 A2069
Hewitt, Marie Scofield, Ardie G. 16 Aug 1930 A3860
Hewitt, Roberta Mae Carlson, Leroy P. 4 Sep 1934 622
Ita, Alberta R. Herrington, Cecil D. 28 Aug 1935 1042
Johnson, Myrtle I. Hewitt, Arthur S. 3 Dec 1927 2882
Marchant, Fanchon E. Zwilling, William D. 16 Sep 1926 A2463
Millar, Marian Hewitt, Doyle D. 3 Jul 1937 1843
Mudd, Esther L. Hesener, Charles W. 16 May 1927 A2643
Russell, Genevieve L. Hermann, A. L. 24 Decd 1936 1626
Schwab, Clara Hey, Francis 22 Jan 1925 A1966
Somerville, Eleanor Hess, Raymond G. 24 Apr 1916 A480
Walton, Elvira (Mrs.) [married Milo Walton, 4 Apr 1934 in Arapaho County] Kirkmeyer, James Edward 11 Aug 1938 2266
Zeiler, Alice Hessler, Daniel 8 Dec 1929 A3628


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