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Werner Frey's House, Adams County, CO
Werner's House

The Frey Farm was originally owned by the railroad.  It is located at approximately 112th and Zuni.  The legal description is:  the East 70 acres of the NW of Section 9, Township 2 South, Range 68 West of the 6th P.M., County of Adams, State of Colorado.  The State owned all of the even numbered sections selling the land with holding the mineral rights.


Mr. Cornasi (sp?) bought and homesteaded Section 9 from the railroad who later sold the land to John Frey, Jr. in 1895.  John later relinquished the property to his son, Werner.  Werner farmed the land until 1954. After this period of time he rented the farming land to Dennis Fehr who farmed it until 1975.  In 1975-1976, Mr. Opatril and Mr. Fehr were in the process of purchasing the Frey land.  On February 9, 1976, the City of Northglenn purchased the land as part of a 160 acre area (Werner’s land was included in this area).  The 160 acres was purchased for $355,000.  This section of land contains several neighboring farms of Werner’s which includes the remains of the Savery Savory Mushroom Company [see volume 1].


Werner Frey, age 72
Werner Frey - Age 72

Werner Frey was born in August, 1904, in the homestead house.  He was the son of John, Jr. and Emma (Burkharelt) Frey.  Werner had two brothers, Johnny and Walter, and a sister


named Emma. Werner’s older brother John, died 6 years before Werner’s birth, at the age of 8 years. Emma and Walter also died at an early age of diphtheria.  These three. are buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery where Werner wishes also to be buried.  John, Jr. was born August 31, 1865, in Switzerland. He came to Amnerica in 1881, was cremated in 1946.  His mother, Emma, was also born in Switzerland.  She died of cancer in 1938.  Werner’s parents were married in Denver, 1890. John, Sr., (1841-1925) and Elizabeth, Werner’s grandmother, was born in 1840, and died in 1907.  Elizabeth and John, Sr. are also buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery.

The Frey Farm now consists of seven standing buildings, some of which are shown below.

Frey Farm Buildings, Adams County, CO--ca. 1978


One building has fallen, this was assumed to be a sheep herder’s shed. Some of the buildings still standing are the barn, work shop, animal shelter, machinery shed, chicken coop, and an out house (two holer).

Frey Farm Buildings, Adams County, CO--ca. 1978

When Werner and his father farmed the land, the main crops were alfalfa and different types of grains.


One of Werner’s neighbors, and long time friend, is Oscar Arnold. Mr. Arnold is still living on his own place.  Arnold’s land is in the process of being acquired by the City of Northglenn.

Some of Werner’s neighbors include: Charles Funk, Percy Marion, Ralph Shafer, and Sylvester Badding.

Werner attended West Lake School, District 38.

West Lake School Class, Dist. 38, Adams County, CO (year unkn.)

Werner is top row - left of center


He farmed with his father until 1942, when he was drafted into the service. Shortly after his return from the service, his father died, thus, Werner inherited the farm.  He farmed the land until 1954, when he rented it out to Dennis Fehr.

During Werner’s residence of the farm he constantly had problems with the youth, including vandalism such as arson, breaking and entering, destruction of property, threat against life, and theft of personal property, including a television and urns containing his father’s and mother’s ashes, and other items.

Werner does not have any real feelings about his farm any longer.  Werner only says, "you can’t keep the youngsters out."

In his earlier life he dug graves for Highland Memorial Cemetery.  During this time he had a small accident and cut off his little toe.

Werner is now residing at Alpine Manor Nursing Home.

The Werner Frey Farm is now still standing but no longer in operation.  The present owner of the farm is the City of Northglenn, which


does not have any permanent plans for the farm.  Some of the ideas they are considering are: a wild life preserve, a golf course, a park, and a living farm exhibit.

Werner does not have any wishes for his farm.  Werner feels that if they build on the land they will have problems with the younger people.


We would like to thank these people for their time and knowledge:

Oscar Arnold
Sylvester Badding
Connie Bennett
Mrs. Dennis Fehr
Werner Frey
Margaret Humann


Forgotten Past of Adams County
(Wesley Cemetery Plot Records)


Werner’s House
Werner Frey
Farm Buildings (2)
Class of West Lake School


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