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Princeton Dairy was built in 1902 by Charles Miller under the name of Fruit-Farm Dairy.  When the prominent dairyman died of pneumonia in 1935, his wife Freeda and their four children, Roy, John, Charles, and Mary took over the dairy and changed the name to Princeton Dairy.

The dairy was originally located on the property where Stapleton International Airport stands today.  The dairy was moved to 6000 York in 1917 where the original City and County of Denver poor house was, which had moved to where the Adams County Fairgrounds are now.

The dairy consisted of 100 acres.  90 of these acres were across the street, where the Public Service Cherokee Power Plant is now.  Back in 1954 and early 1955 Public Service wanted that land, so they got it condemned and the Millers sold the land to Public Service for $365,000.00.  They lost most of their land and had to keep most of their Hefords behind the dairy in the remaining 10 acres.  But in 1971 Litvak Meat Company bought 9 acres of the land for $300,000.00 and the Millers sold the remaining


one acre to a Mr. Al Ambrose and three other people who keep their cows on a farm between Boulder and Longmont.

At the height of Princeton Dairy, the Millers had 350 head of milking cows along- with 300 reserve cows.  When the Millers sold out in 1971, all of their cows were trucked off to California and sold in an auction.

During their peak of the Miller run dairy, the cows were producing between 350,000 and 400,000 pounds of milk per month.  The cows would also eat about five tons of food per day.  This food was a mixture of hay and dairy concentrate.  Up until World War II all of the Princeton cows were milked by hand.  Then, during the war they received new machines called surge milking machines.

Princeton Dairy delivered milk to families.  They started out with one milk route and ended up with seven routes.  Along with delivering to families, they delivered milk to Adams County School District #1 from the years 1957 to 1966.  Also the dairy had a store where they sold milk, cheese, butter, and other assorted items.  They sold milk in 1941 for .35 per gallon and cheese for .27 per pound.


Princeton Dairy Milk Machines

Milk machines were added durnig World War II but before World War II all cows were milked by hand.


Princeton Dairy First Milk Trucks
The first milk trucks of Princeton Dairy


Princeton Dairy, 1955

Princeton Dairy in 1955 [photo above], addition was added on building of original dairy in the early 40's.  Today the barn in the background is not standing.


During the dairy’s best years they employed 21 people.  There were 17 men in and around the dairy, while the Miller children were the managers.  They also had 12 milk trucks and 2 tractors.

Today, the Princeton Dairy is still located at 6000 York and is run by Mr. Ambrose and his three associates. There are no milk routes today but Mr. Ambrose says the best way to sell milk is to have your store in the city and your farm or production in the country.


We would like to thank Mr. Ambrose and Mr. and Mrs. John Miller in aiding us in the research of our story.


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