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School Census by District
Prepared and contributed by Lois L. Hupfer

School census records can be very valuable to the genealogist.  Such a census may give any or all of the following:

Teachers name, pupil's name, the name of the parent or guardian, home address, date of birth, nativity of parents, and grade last attended.  The Colorado School Census Records for Adams County are housed with the County Clerk and Recorder of Adams County.  Shown below are the Adams County School District Names:

District   1    Mapleton Retreat 
District   2    Berkoutz 
District   3    Riverdale 
District   4    Utah Junction        
District   5    Shamrock 
District   6    Burn Lee 
District   7    Derby        
District   8    Brantner 
District   9   Westminster 
District 10    Pleasant Plains 
District 11    Hazeltine 
District 12    Eastlake 
District 14    Adams City 
District 15    Keader/Valley Center 
District 16    Welby 
District 17    Living Springs/Roper
District 18    Badger/Columbine 
District 20    Hurry Back Valley 
District 21    Central Valley 
District 22    Sunnydale
District 23    Long Branch 
District 24    Sable
District 25    Baker
District 26    Evergreen/Moore
District 27    Brighton
District 28    Aurora
District 29    Bennett
District 30    Whittier
District 31    Strasburg
District 32    Busy Bee/Hopewell
District 33    Watkins
District 34    Westlake
District 37    First Creek
District 38    Barr Lake
District 50    Westminster (1938)
District 52    Box Elder
District 53    Pleasant View
District 55    Watkins (1948)
District 56    Cactus Ridge
District 61    Rosehill
District 62    Duff
District 81    Moreland
District 95    Henderson
District 97    Irondale
District 98    Berkley Gardens


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