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Name Interment
Birth Date Death Date Age Remarks Submitter
Sauve, Arsenia Michelli 2 Dec 1921 14 Jan 1900 29 Nov 1921   From Papa (Born Hastings, CO, died, Denver Co., father August Michelli ) Mary Riley
Sayre, Grant*   4 Apr 1869 4 Jun 1905   Woodmen of the World  
Schalk, Peter H.*   1 Apr 1874 7 May 1905   Woodmen of the World  
Schwartz, Friedrich*     8 Jul 1889 62y 8m German to English translation: Vater = Father Gestorben Den 8 Juli 1889 = Died on 8 July 1889 Im alter von 62 Jahren und 8 monaten = At [the] age of 62 years and 8 months  
Scott, James A.*   23 Jul 1853 11 May 1908   Woodmen of the World  
Scott, Jennie C.*   11 Dec 1890 22 Aug 1891      
Shaughnessy, Belle (Bartley)*   1861 1903   Wife of James  
Shaughnessy, James*   17 May 1848 3 Oct 1938 90 CO E, 27 INF, Indian Wars Born Limerick, Ireland; died For Lyon, CO  
Shaughnessy, Nina*   1886 1889   Daughter of James & Belle (Bartley) Shaughnessy  
Sheline, Glen   28 Oct 1912 12 Jul 1918   S 1/2, Lot 305, Block 19 Jean
Shepperson, Margaret Ann (Kricher)* 5 Jul 1903 2 Dec 1824 3 Jul 1903   Wife of Thomas  
Shepperson, Thomas* 14 Jul 1918 14 Sep 1831 11 Jul 1918   Born Staton, Leistershire, England, died Denver, CO; Civil War Veteran  
Soule, Frank William   29 Jul 1892 21 Oct 1949   Section e-1/2, lot 33-a, block 9 (Son of Kate Rosetta CHILDRESS)
Contact: Donna Hart
Sprague, Georgie*   25 Mar 1841 23 Jan 1885   Wife of H. M. Sprague  
Sprague, H. M.*     21 Jan 1891 62 Mason  
Steinke, Ernest 1 Nov 1905     55 Lot 244, Block 20 (son of John F. & Wilhelmina Steinke) Beverley Tinker
Steinke, Johan F.  19 Dec 1889     82 Lot 244, Block 20 Beverley Tinker
Steinke, Wilhelmina 29 Apr 1886       Lot 244, Block 20 (wife of Johan F. Steinke) Beverley Tinker
Stille, George*     18 May 1876 65    
Stockley, Anna F.*     26 Apr 1887 22 Wife of S. M. Stockley  
Strasser, William*     13 Oct 1886 19y 6m 5d    
Swayer, G. N. W.*     16 Feb 1886 67 M. D.  



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