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Society Meetings


January 16, 2014   The Homestead Records: Family History Details Found Nowhere Else
presented by Bobbi King
February 20, 2014   The Power of Family Legend: I Am Related to Roy Rogers
presented by Cari Taplin
March 20, 2014   Putting Your Research into Writing
presented by Carol Darrow
April 17, 2014   Across the Heartland: An Introduction to Genealogical Research in the Midwestern US
presented by Kirk Woosley Patton
May 15, 2014   Widow Phoebe - Stories of agriculture, how to homestead, and what a Grange is all about in early Boulder County
presented by Donlyn Arbuthnot
June 19, 2014   Finding Old Maps on the Internet
presented by Ted Bainbridge
July 17, 2014   Facebook and the Family Historian: A Family Reunion without Potato Salad
presented by James Jeffrey
August 21, 2014   Have I Found Nancy's Parents: You Be the Judge?
presented by Karlene Ferguson
September 18, 2014   My Pennsylvania Dutch Ancestry
presented by Karen Yudnich
October 16, 2014   America and Her Wars: the Records They Yield
presented by Diane Barbour PLCGS
November 20, 2014   Holiday Party and Member Sharing
December 2013   No Meeting