El Paso County, Colorado


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Judith Woodson Martin


January 12, 2002

694264 Warranty Deed 1058
Ellen T. Cooper Mar. 7, 1944
to Mar. 7, 1944
Ione G. Kenton Agusta S. Williams, N.P.
El Paso County, Colo. (Seal) Mar. 9, 1944
11 A.M.

(Plu. hdg.) The Northwesterly 55.25 feet of lot numbered 7 in Block B of Broadmoor Park, according the the recorded plat thereof as filed for record in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of said El Paso County, Colorado, subject to all the restricitions as to buildings and as to intoxicating liquors and irrigating canals customary in Broadmoor title together with all the water privileges pertaining to said Northwersterly 55.25 feet of said lot, and the right to use in common with the owner of the Southeasterly 94.75 feet of said lot, the cesspool located on the property hereby conveyed, at the joint and equal expense of the owners of the property hereby conveyed and of the aforesaid Southeasterly 94.75 feet for maintenance, and subject to a right of way over and across said premises for gas and water pipes and for the benefit of the Southeasterly 94.75 feet of said lot. Rev. $2.20