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Note: Delta County was founded in 1883 from Gunnison County. Gunnison was founded in 1877 from Lake County. Several of the surrounding counties were also Lake County in 1870. For the benefit of those researching Delta County this index will include deaths in Lake, Park, Fremont, Saguache, and Conejos.

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Name County Age Sex Month Born Reason-Occupation
Belisle, Jose Park Co. 54 F Apr CO Apoplexy-00
Belisle, Julia Park Co. 33 F Sep CO Consumption-00
Borego, Pedro Conejos Co. 2M M Sep CO Diarrhea-00
Cantravine, Christiana Lake Co. 51 F Nov PA Typhoid F-90
Chaves, Donaciano Conejos Co. 24 M Jun NM Pleurisy-01
Cordova, Francisco Conejos Co. 1 M Sep NM Diarrhea-00
Dunbar, Georgia A. Park Co. 4M F Jun CO Bowel Infl-00
Espinosa, Francisco Conejos Co. 75 M Nov NM Asthma-01
Everett, Peter Saguache Co. 20 M Feb OH Gun Wound-139
Garcia, Dolores Conejos Co. 50 M Apr NM Liver Dis-01
Gibbs, Flora Bell Lake Co. 3 F Nov CO Croup-00
Godfray, Henry Saguache Co. M Oct CO Bronchitis-139
Gonzales, Gualupe Conejos Co. 26 F Feb NM Childbirth-90
Hawthurst, George Park Co. 3M M Mar CO Lung Cong-00
Herrera, Jose Conejos Co. 12 M Mar NM Brights Dis-00
Indian, Juana Conejos Co. 40 F Apr NM Insane
Lovato, Antonio Conejos Co. 3M M Jun CO Pneumonia-00
Lovato, Fujinia Conejos, Co. 6M F Feb CO Pneumonia-00
Lovato, Teresa Conejos Co. 9M F May CO Bronchitis-00
Lovato, Varolina Conejos Co. 1M F Sep CO Bronchitis-00
Martin, Antonio Conejos Co. 2M M May CO Encephalit-00
Martin, Gabriel Conejos Co. 8M M May CO Scrofula-00
Martin, Jose Conejos Co. 1 M Jun CO Bronchitis-00
Martin, Julian Conejos Co. 10M M Dec NM Smallpox-00
Martin, Mary Saguache Co. 1M F May CO Nascentium-139
Martin, Miguel Conejos Co. 1 M Jul CO Diarrhea-00
Mayolf, Amelia Park Co. 2M F Oct CO Croup-00
McClure, William Fremont Co. 3M M Jul CO  Liv Dis-00
McQuaid, Andrew Lake Co. 5 M Nov CA Bowel Infl-00
Mondsagon, Refujio Conejos Co. 6M M Jul Co Scrofula-00
Montano, Julian Conejos Co. 4 F Sep NM Brain Infl-00
Montoza, Juan Conejos, Co. 30 M Dec NM Phthisis-172
Ortiz, Marquez Conejos,Co. 50 M Jul NM Mule Killed-01
Riplogal, George Fremont Co. 60 M Feb OH Lung Dis-00
Rodrigues, Juan Conejos,Co. 16 M Mar NM Homicide-26
Romero, Juan Saguache Co. 1M M Mar CO Scrofula-139
Ruifal, Tomas Conejos, Co. 10M M Sep CO Cholera-00
Russell, John Saguache Co. 1M M Aug CO Convulsion-139
Salazar, Manuela Conejos,Co. 18 F Mar NM Pneumonia-00
Salazar, Maria Dolores Conejos, Co. 79 F Sep NM Ascites-54
Sanchez, Zimon Conejos Co. 75 M Sep NM Ascites-00
Stipp, Catharine Lake Co. 17 F Nov IA Typhoid F-90
Stipp, Charles F. Lake Co. 2M M Jul CO Croup-00
Taquez, Manuel Conejos Co. 25 M Apr NM Syphilis-01
Trujillo, Francisco Conejos Co. 27 M Sep NM Cholera-09
Trujijllo, Leno Conejos Co. 49 M Jun NM Aneurysm-01
Valdez, Jose S. Conejos Co. 2M M Sep CO Enchephalit-00
Vigil, Jose Conejos Co. 6M M Oct CO Congestion-00
Walters, James Fremont Co. 26 M Jun EN Heart Dis-203
Wileher, Lila Fremont Co. 2 F Apr CO Diphtheria-00
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