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ANNOUNCEMENTS and other New Stuff

July 2005 -
  • Added new search features
  • Added option to submit records online to the Archives!  You can now go to and enter all sorts of records from Bible Records to Tombstone photos directly to the archives.  In the case of the Photos, those come to me first (as your Colorado File Manager), and those should be posted within 24-48 hours!.

April 2005 -

June 2004 -

  • Re-indexed website to include the archives. 

May 2004 -

  • New map of area from 1887.
  • New Photos- Thanks to Jack Hayden. 
  • Implementing images for email addresses.  Hopefully this will cut down on SPAM.
  • Archived 2002 & 2003 Surnames.  Not very many names on 2004 page.  RESUBMIT your Surnames in order to get them added to the current page!  Also please check to see if your address that is listed is still current.  Thanks!

January - April  2004 -

  • Added Crawford High School Graduates, 1911-1962.
  • Completed the initial list of WITH THE COLORS,  Getting LOTS of lookup requests.  Updating  pages that have the full text.  Click Here to see what has gone out recently.  Let me know if you would like your name added as someone who is interested in that person.

July/August 2003 -

  • Did a bunch of lookups for WITH THE COLORS, and decided that maybe I should post the what I am typing up.  I am starting pages that have the full text.  Click Here to see what has gone out recently.  Let me know if you would like your name added as someone who is interested in that person.
  • Added TOWN OF AUSTIN.  Several pictures and documents submitted by Susan Presley.  Thanks Susan!
  • Pat Ferguson scanned Olathe High School 1952 yearbook pictures.   (My apologies for not getting these posted yet,. . coming soon).

June 2003 -

  • Finished the initial index of names for WITH THE COLORS, so lots of new names were added.  The index is now alphabetical, so will be easier to find your name.  Had several people requesting lookups and a copy of their ancestor photo. 

May 2003 -

New Census indexes have been added.  Check here for Census Index.  More added regularly. 

Dec 2002 -
  • Added new page for marriages!  Teri Cleaveland found out that only a Delta County worker is allowed to look at their marriage information.  So,  unless we can get that changed, we're going to have to rely on YOU to submit information about your family married in Delta County. 

Nov 2002 -

  • Thanks to John Sanders for the obit and the Photo of his grandfather!
  • Added more obituaries.  (It is OK to send some for names that start with other letters than "S" <g>)
  • Added list of Delta County School Districts
  • Lots of new Postcards.     
  • Added Census index for 1920 Paonia and 1920 Crawford. 
  • Adding some new pictures or our old-timers, thanks to Carrol L. and Carol J. Clark.
  • Carrol and Carol also submitted some obituaries.

Oct 2002 - Here is the first part of the "WITH THE COLORS From Delta County 1917, 1918, 1919"  This book that I believe was published as a local fundraiser as men went off to World War I.  There are list after list in this book, articles, and pictures.  There is NOT an index, so I am trying to put one together.  There is not any particular order, so lookups, unless they are on the published list, are next to impossible.  If you inquire about someone, and I find him, I will put the picture and everything on line immediately.  Otherwise, it will take awhile to go through this book.  But, here's start, take a look, click HERE.

May 2002 - We have uploaded to the Colorado State Archives web site this new index for the 1870 Colorado Federal Census.  Hope you like it.  
--Terry Ketelsen [Colorado State Archives]

Colorado Places - has had several new updates.  Updates include those "short-lived post offices" listed in "Colorado Post Offices 1859-1980"   This site is maintained by Lee Zion, who does a wonderful job.

March 2002- The Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) Land Patent Records site is back online now.  Check out:


-  First Half 2002 - 
  • I am in the process of adding a POSTCARDS FROM THE PAST section.  I have several to get started with but need yours (just send me an email first, so I will know it's coming).  Also, setting up a PHOTO section.  These will be maintained on this site, and will be sized and uploaded by me, so there should be a great backlog for those of you wanting to send your pictures in.  Look for these additions soon.
  • Added Pico Search to help you find what you are looking for.
  • Added OBITS page.  Submit your obit, and we'll get it posted here.  Include as little or as much as you would like.  Include a few pictures, links to pictures, or even back to your own website.
  • New area called LOOKING BACK.  This includes some articles that were already here, and some new ones.  Again, for this to be interesting, YOU need to submit your old newspaper articles, biographies, or other information.  
  • Added 1920 U.S. Federal Census Records Enumeration Districts- lists what towns, townships are in each enumeration district.  Don't forget the 1930 census will be released soon.
  • Reorganized web site. New subsections for SCHOOLS, CEMETERIES, and LOOKUP tables.  If you had any pages bookmarked, they probably won't work any more!  
  • Broke the SURNAMES into OLD and NEW.  If the name you are researching is not on the list, just send me a quick email, and we'll get it back on.
  • Vikki turns over the care of Delta County to new coordinator.  


  Colorado State Coordinator
  Assistant State Coordinator 


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