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Common Sense Cook Book

Tested Recipes From The Junior Aid Society And Their Friends

Published by
The Junior Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church
Elbert, Colorado
Price 25 Cents (no longer available)

All names are believed to be from Elbert, Elbert County,Colorado unless otherwise stated.  This book belonged to my
great-grandmother, "Birdie" Mary Phoebe (TOTTEN) BRACE (Mrs. John C.), and was later given to my grandmother, Margaret 
Anna (BOWMAKER) (BRACE) RITCHIE.  Margaret must have used this book many times, as it has some of her handwritten 
recipes in it.  It then, in turn, was given to my mother, Estalene (BRACE) RINNERT, and then to me, Karen (RINNERT) PARSONS.
It is to all my wonderful women ancestors that I dedicate this index with love.

Karen Rinnert Parsons
8041 SE 71st Street
Mercer Island, WA 98040

NSDAR Cascade Chapter, Bellevue, WA
Washington State Librarian 1998-2000
You may contact Karen at for more information.

Prefactory Note:
It is needless to say much by way of preface to this book; it speaks for itself.  A
great desire for information upon the subjects of diet and hygiene has been awakened among
the people by a growing appreciation of the necessity of the preservation of the family
health by the use of foods that are simple, wholesome, palatable and digestible.
Every one of these recipes has been thoroughly tested and bears the name
of a member of the Junior Aid Society or one of their friends and, if the directions laid
down are followed, will be found to produce dishes that are wholesome, palatable and, what
is no less important, economical.  But while cooking is the main subject of the book,
and the most of it is composed of recipes for cooking, the advertisements are in every
sense of as much importance.  Each advertiser whose name appears here is a thorough
business person; his lines are complete and his offers comprise the most attractive
merchandise in the history of Elbert.  Those who have not yet visited Elbert should
delay no longer, but come and be fully convinced that it pays to trade here.

Surname          First Name           Page                               

ADAMS            Ethel (Mrs.)         33                                 
ALDERMAN         N. B. (Mrs.)         36                                 
ALTER            Charles H. (Dr.)     41                                 
ALTER            Charles H. (Dr.)     Advertisement 41                   
ANDERSON         (Mrs.)               18                  Calhan, CO     
ANDERSON         (Mrs.)               19                  Calhan, CO     
ANDERSON         George (Mrs.)        22                  Calhan, CO     
ANDERSON         Helen                22                  Narka, KS      
ATHERTON         C. B. (Mrs.)         30                                 
AULSEBROOK       Alfred (Mrs.)        30                                 
AYER             L. S.                32                  Eastonville, CO
AYER             Laura S.             31                  Eastonville, CO
BALDWIN          J. L. (Mrs.)         30                                 
BALDWIN          Violet               30                                 
BAUMEISTER       A. E. (Mrs.)         29                  Eastonville, CO
BECKMAN          J. L. (Mrs.)         16                                 
BERRYMAN         Florence M.          30                  Eastonville, CO
BEYER            Grace Coleman        14                  Narka, KS      
BLACK            Frank                 9                                 
BLACK            Frank                Advertisement 9                    
BLACK            Frank (Mrs.)         33                                 
BLAKELEY         Buelah               18                                 
BLAKELEY         Lena (Mrs.)          16                                 
BLAKELY          Beulah               35                                 
BLAKELY          Crystal (Miss)       27                                 
BLAKELY          Pearl (Miss)         35                                 
BODETT           (Mrs.)               26                                 
BOSTON           Barbara              23                  Elizabeth, CO  
BOSTON           Barbara              29                                 
BOSTON           Rena (Mrs.)          31                                 
BRACE            J. C. (Mrs.)         37                                 
BRACE            John C. (Mrs.)       34                                 
BRAY             Fannie               16                                 
BRAY             Loraine              16                                 
BRAZELTON        Alex (Mrs.)          31                                 
BRAZELTON        J. C. (Mrs.)         23                                 
BRAZELTON        Jacob (Mrs.)         22                                 
BRAZELTON        Lewis (Mrs.)         19                                 
BROOKS           A. A. (Mrs.)         21                  Reynolds, WA   
BURNSIDE         D. R. (Mrs.)         21                                 
CAIN             V. M. (Mrs.)         15                                 
CAMPBELL         D. B. (Mrs.)         34                                 
CANTRIL          Thomas (Mrs.)        36                                 
CARVER           L. (Mrs.)            18                                 
CHARMAN          (Mrs.)               25                  Elizabeth, CO  
CLARK            (Mrs.)               31                                 
CLARK            Senia D.             17                                 
CLARK            W. N.                11                                 
CLARK            W. N.                Advertisement 11                   
COBLENTZ         A. L.                10                                 
COBLENTZ         A. L.                Advertisement 10                   
COBLENTZ         A. L. (Mrs.)         20                                 
COLBERT          W. T. (Mrs.)         29                  Elizabeth, CO  
CORNFORTH        A. G. (Mrs.)         21                                 
COX              (Mrs.)               15                                 
DAVIES           W. E.                 7                                 
DAVIES           W. E.                Advertisement 7                    
DENNEY           R. H. (Dr.)          41                                 
DENNEY           R. H. (Dr.)          Advertisement 41                   
DENNY            H. H. (Mrs.)         32                                 
DEU PREE         J. T. (Mrs.)         36                  Kiowa, CO      
DICKERSON        Katie                27                                 
DICKERSON        Katie                27                                 
EGGLESTON        H. C. (Mrs.)         32                                 
ELSNER           A. J. (Mrs.)         17                                 
ELSNER           Clara                21                                 
ELSNER           George (Mrs.)        25                                 
ELSNER           R. J. (Mrs.)         18                                 
EPLER            Hazel                35                                 
EPLER            Ida                  36                                 
EPLER            Opal                 29                                 
EPLER            Ruby                 35                  Glendora, CA   
EPLER            W. S. (Mrs.)         15                                 
ERICKSON         Hilda                26                                 
EVANS            J. S. (Mrs.)         21                  Eastonville, CO
FAHRION          F. L. (Mrs.)         28                                 
FOREMAN          R. S. (Mrs.)         28                                 
FOREMAN          R. Sl. (Mrs.)        30                                 
FOSTER           James (Mrs.)         37                                 
FRITCH           H.                    7                                 
FRITSCH          F.                   Advertisement 7                    
GAMMON           C. (Mrs.)            36                  Calhan, CO     
GAMMON           Charles (Mrs.)       15                                 
GAMMON           Erma                 24                  Ramah, CO      
GAMMON           George D. (Mrs.)     31                                 
GARLAND          Fred (Mrs.)          29                  Elizabeth, CO  
GATES            Russell               5                                 
GATES            Russell              Advertisement 5                    
GATEWOOD         E. (Mrs.)            18                                 
GAYLOR           (Mrs.)               35                                 
GAYLOR           Lucy                 20                                 
GLEASON          Lola Coble           24                  Elizabeth, CO  
GLEASON          Lola Coble           32                  Elizabeth, CO  
GRIFFIN                               31                                 
HAMES            G. L. (Mrs.)         17                                 
HAMES            George L. (Mrs.)     32                  Elizabeth, CO  
HANCOCK          Lulu (Mrs.)          20                  Kiowa, CO      
HARPER           E. T.                Advertisement 39                   
HARPER           E. T. and Son        39                                 
HARTSOUGH        Elizabeth            33                  Fort Morgan, CO
HARTSOUGH        H. L. (Mrs.)         23                  Denver, CO     
HELPHENSTINE     (Mrs.)               23                  Eastonville, CO
HELPHENSTINE     F. B. (Mrs.)         19                  Eastonville, CO
HUMBORG          August (Mrs.)        27                  Norton, CO     
HYLAND           M. R.                19                  Hebron, NE     
HYLAND           Minnie R.            25                  Hebron, NE     
JAMES            M. C. (Mrs.)         26                                 
JEWELL           L. G. (Mrs.)         16                                 
JEWELL           Nellie               22                                 
JONES            Gordon               39                                 
JONES            Gordon               Advertisement 39                   
JONES            John H.              39                                 
JONES            John H.              Advertisement 39                   
JONES            Sally                20                  Topeka, KS     
JONES            Viola                24                                 
KASHA            Julia                27                                 
KEIRN            Francis              33                                 
KEIRN            J. A. (Mrs.)         30                                 
KNIGHT           Mary A.              15                                 
KUNZE            Mary (Mrs.)          26                                 
LAMB             Julia E.             16                                 
LAMB             Julia E.             16                                 
LITTLE           E. (Mrs.)            15                                 
LONG             Fred                 42                                 
LONG             Fred                 Advertisement 42                   
LONG             Fred (Mrs.)          25                                 
LUNDY            J. H. Jr. (Mrs.)     21                                 
MABIE            Harold (Mrs.)        36                  Erie, CO       
MANN             Nellie E.            14                  Elizabeth, CO  
MAUL             Richard O. (Mrs.)    28                  Kiowa, CO      
MAULDIN          J. A. (Mrs.)         26                  Elizabeth, CO  
MAYER            A. M.                23                                 
MAYER            J. E.                39                                 
MAYER            J. E.                Advertisement 39                   
McCLELLAN        J. L. (Mrs.)         26                  Elizabeth, CO  
McCURDY          W. H. (Mrs.)         29                  Narka, KS      
McKIMMIE         G. (Mrs.)            36                                 
McNAMARA         Martina              25                                 
MILLER           Frank (Mrs.)         34                  Kiowa, CO      
MITCHELL         A. E. (Mrs.)         27                                 
MITCHELL         Minnie               21                                 
MOORE            (Mrs.)               20                                 
MOWREY           S. B. (Mrs.)         36                                 
MURRAY           Lillie F. (Mrs.)     14                  Elizabeth, CO  
MURRAY           Lillie F. (Mrs.)     29                  Elizabeth, CO  
NARRON           B. M.                 6                                 
NARRON           B. M.                Advertisement 6                    
NARRON           B. M. (Mrs.)         34                                 
NEUMAN           Albert               40                                 
NEUMAN           Albert               Advertisement 40                   
OLKJER           J.                   10                                 
OLKJER           J.                   Advertisement 10                   
OLKJER           J. (Mrs.)            25                                 
ORIN             Edgar (Mrs.)         25                                 
ORIN             L. (Mrs.)            40                                 
ORIN             L. (Mrs.)            Advertisement 40                   
ORIS             (Mrs.)               34                                 
PACKER           (Mrs.)               31                                 
PARSONS          R. W. (Mrs.)         21                  Calhan, CO     
PHILLIPS         Ella (Mrs.)          17                                 
POTTS            H. A. (Mrs.)         27                  Denver, CO     
PURDEN           J. H. (Mrs.)         21                                 
PUTNAM           A. G.                11                                 
PUTNAM           A. G.                Advertisement 11                   
PUTNAM           A. G. (Mrs.)         22                                 
REED             (Mrs.)               19                  Elizabeth, CO  
REED             Minnie E.            19                                 
REEL             Emma                 35                                 
REEL             Ethel (Miss)         26                                 
REEL             George (Mrs.)        22                                 
REILLY           W. D.                39                                 
REILLY           W. D.                Advertisement 39                   
REILLY           William D. (Mrs.)    33                  Kiowa, CO      
RHUDY            John (Mrs.)          17                                 
ROBERT           T. W. (Mrs.)         33                                 
ROBERTS          Minnie (Mrs.)        34                                 
ROE              Katherine            24                  Pilot Grove, MO
ROOD             Annie (Mrs.)         23                                 
ROTH             Henry (Mrs.)         20                                 
RUSELL           Anna                 26                                 
RUSSELL          Anna                 32                                 
SCHIMPF          Carrie               24                                 
SCHLESSER        A. M.                17                                 
SHARA            Charlotte            24                  Narka, KS      
SHARA            Stella               28                  Narka, KS      
SKOVGAARD        Constance            35                                 
SQUIRES          Ivie (Miss)          24                                 
SULLIVAN         Julia                26                                 
TAGGART          (Mrs.)               32                                 
TALBOTT          Anna                 22                                 
TALBOTT          Belle (Mrs.)         18                  Elizabeth, CO  
TINTLE           D. J. (Mrs.)         25                                 
TOTTEN           Hattie               12                                 
TOTTEN           Hattie               Advertisement 12                   
TOTTEN           Hattie E.            33                                 
WATTS            Anna Brazelton       14                                 
WEBB             G. H. (Mrs.)         35                                 
WEISS WHITING    H. G. (Mrs.)         19                  Kiowa, CO      
WHITING          Lucy (Mrs.)          26                                 
WHITING          Rachel (Mrs.)        27                                 
WILLIAM          Grace                14                                 
WILLIAMS         Howard (Mrs.)        22                                 
WILSON           M. A. (Mrs.)         30                                 
WITTENBERGER     Arthur (Rev.)        13