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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Iss 1-16 & Vol 5-10 : A

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Issues 1-16 and Volumes 5-10 (1981-1990)
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NAME (Last, First) YEAR#ISSUE(s):PAGE(s) VOLUME(s):PAGE(s)
Abbe, William A. V9:44, 47, 49
Abbo & Brown V7:43
Abbo, Alvin 1984#14:18
Abbo, Dora 1984#14:18
Abbo, James 1984#14:18 V5:57
Abbo, Jim 1984#14:18
Abbott & Wells V9:19
Abbott, Albert F. V5:57
Abbott, C.L. V7:74
Abbott, C.S. V7:74
Abbott, Charles V5:88
Abbott, Della V5:72
Abbott, Edward V10:40
Abbott, Emma V8:43
Abbott, Frank V9:12
Abbott, George V5:12
Abbott, Howard V7:78
Abbott, Howard Mrs. V7:78
Abbott, J.R. Mr. V7:78
Abbott, J.R. Mrs. V7:78
Abbott, Mae V5:73
Abbott, Mae Rebecca V5:73
Abbott, S.L. V9:6, V10:77
Abbott, Sam V5:38, V7:78
Abbott, Sam Mrs. V7:78
Abbott, Samuel V7:78
Abbott, Samuel L. V5:7, V10:18
Abbott, Samuel Lisander V5:12
Abbott, Samuel Mrs. V7:78
Abbott, Walter G. V9:96
Abbott, Wm P. V5:40
Abbs & Rogers V7:42
Abeel, Jacob H. V7:16
Abeel, Roberta V10:42
Abegglen 1984#15:21
Abendorfer & Blake V9:18
Abernethy 1983#10:6
Able, Adam 1984#15:17
Abrahamson, Anna 1981#3:7
Abrahamson, Carrin V10:85
Abrahamson, Karl E. V6:10
Abrahamson, Louisa V10:41
Achey, Phillip V8:13, V9:12
Ackers, George C. V9:95
Ackland, Ida M. 1982#8:7
Ackley, G.A. V10:19
Ackley, Marilyn V8:24
Acklund, Ida M. 1981#3:7
Acre, Florence 1984#14:18
Acriance, Jacob Rev. V7:6
Acton, Martha V10:85
Actor, F.C. V10:82
Adair, S.T. V9:48
Adair, Stephen T. 1981#3:7, 1982#8:6
Adam, James V7:17
Adaman V5:85
Adams, Alva Gov. V8:80, V10:93
Adams, Anna Belle V8:20
Adams, Don Mrs. V10:16
Adams, Dr. 1984#16:15
Adams, E. V7:43, V9:7
Adams, Ella A. V6:48
Adams, Elsie Mrs. V10:42
Adams, Emily V6:50
Adams, Emma Frances 1981#3:7
Adams, Frank William V5:57
Adams, G.H. Rev. V8:43
Adams, G.S. V9:64
Adams, George V6:39, 42
Adams, Gov. V5:39
Adams, Helen V10:18
Adams, J.G. V10:41
Adams, Judge V5:6
Adams, Lida V8:39
Adams, Lillie E. V10:16
Adams, Louise B. V9:95
Adams, Lulu V10:14
Adams, Margaret JoAnn V8:22
Adams, Mary F. V6:88
Adams, Mr. V8:43
Adams, Nellie E. V6:88
Adams, Nora V10:42
Adamson, George E. V5:57
Adderson, Margaret V8:41
Addington 1984#14:18
Addington, John C. V10:110
Addington, Samuel V10:110
Addington, Vella V10:50
Addis, Mattie A. V5:57
Addis, Thomas Sgt. V9:75
Addleman V5:85
Adee, John V10:19
Aderholt, Aaron V10:84
Adington, J.C. V8:77
Adkison, Frank V10:16
Adley, David V10:105
Adley, George V10:105
Adley, I. V10:105
Adley, Isabel V10:105
Adley, Jos. V10:105
Adley, Joseph V10:105
Adley, Julia V10:105
Adley, Thomas V10:105, 106
Adley, Wm V10:105
Admire, S.W. V9:92
Admise, George W. 1984#15:17
Adolphus, G. V10:80
Adolphus, Gustave V10:80
Adrain, Blanche V7:19
Adrain, Emma C. V7:19
Adrain, Lewis V7:19
Adrain, Orville W. V7:19
Adrella, Martha V5:82
Adrian, Blanche V7:19
Adrian, Emma C. V7:19
Adrian, Lewis V7:19
Adrian, Orville W. V7:19
Adriance, J. Rev. V7:6
Adriance, Jacob Rev. V8:80
Adriance, Julia L. V10:41
Adriance, Mr. V9:64
Aduddell, Robert G. Dr. V9:70
Affolter, Jakob V9:41
Affolter, Martha Ann V9:41
Agne, Abe V6:79
Ahlhain, Parline V9:94
Ahlstrom, John V5:57
Ahlstrom, L.G. V5:10, 57
Ahlstrom, Lewis G. V7:46
Ahlstrom, Nils 1981#3:7, 1982#8:6 V8:13
Ahlstrom, Peter 1981#3:7, 1981#4:6
Ahrendt, Henry V9:70
Ahrendt, Louise V9:70
Aicher, Frank V6:16
Aiken, George V5:37
Aiken, Jennie V6:82
Aikman 1984#13:11
Aikman, Mary Ann 1983#10:10
Ainslie, Larry V8:23
Ainslie, Robert G. V8:23
Ainsworth, Nancyetta M. V8:24
Aitcheson, William V8:43
Aitchinson, Mr. V9:39
Aitken, George V10:42
Aker, Chas. V6:3
Akert, Stephen V6:25
Akin, Ada K. V10:87
Akins, D.D. V5:57
Albers, Arden D. V8:21
Albert, Maud V5:72
Alberthson, M. V8:50
Albertine, Louisa V10:40
Albertson, Ernest 1984#16:23
Albertson, Ernest J. 1984#16:22
Albertson, J.H. V5:7, 12
Albertson, Libbie V7:75
Albin, Thos. V9:12
Albino, Pedro V6:3
Albiss, U.L. V10:98
Alboni, M. V10:103
Alboni, Mat V10:103
Albright, Laura Bell 1981#3:7, 1984#4:6
Albright, Martha E. V10:85
Albright, Oliver V5:57
Albro, O.M. V9:18
Albro, Oliver M. V5:7
Alcher, Frank X. V10:41
Alcor, Rev. Mr. V6:28
Alct?, Geo. Dr. V8:35
Alden, Chas. D. V5:105
Alden, Elisha V7:67, 68
Alden, Horace V5:106
Alderfer, Arleda Mrs. V10:63
Alderfer, E.J. V10:63
Alderman V5:25
Alderman, J.H. V9:10
Alderman, N.B. V9:10
Alderson, J.T. Mr. V7:78
Alderson, J.T. Mrs. V7:78
Aldinger, Alice V5:74
Aldred, William V7:52
Aldrich 1983#11:7
Aldrich, A.A. Mrs. V5:106
Aldrich, L.W. V10:42
Aldrich, Stella V10:87
Aldrich, W. V7:18
Aldrich, Wm V10:88
Alexander V6:25
Alexander, E.S. Mr. V7:78
Alexander, E.S. Mrs. V7:78
Alexander, James V10:37
Alexander, James E. V5:29
Alexander, Jas. V10:37
Alexander, John Lafayette V5:29
Alexander, Joseph V5:86
Alexander, Leona V8:22
Alexander, Mary V5:29
Alexander, Robert R. V8:20
Alexander, Ronald M. V8:21
Alexander, Thomas J. V5:29
Alexander, William V5:29
Alexander, William Chesley V5:29
Alexander, Woodford V5:29
Alford, Marian C. 1981#3:7, 8
Alford, Wm B. V5:37, V9:7
Alger, C.M. Rev. V5:38
Alicant, J.B. V10:83
Allan, Anna V10:87
Allan, Bessie V10:87
Allard, A. V9:44
Allebough V9:44, 46
Allebough & Son V9:47
Allebough, C.C. V9:44, 47
Allebough, N.S. V9:44, 47
Allen V6:10
Allen & McClelland V6:67
Allen, A. Jestine V6:46
Allen, A.H. 1984#16:19
Allen, Andy 1984#16:23
Allen, Anna V10:87
Allen, Byron, P. V5:57
Allen, Chas. V6:82
Allen, Chas. C. V5:57
Allen, David V7:78
Allen, David Mrs. V7:78
Allen, Della V10:88
Allen, Dorothy A. V10:96
Allen, Edith L. V7:75
Allen, Eli V8:13, V9:7
Allen, Emily V6:99
Allen, Ethen V7:11
Allen, Etta V10:76, 77
Allen, Evelyn Nancy V8:20
Allen, G.W. V5:57
Allen, George 1981#3:7
Allen, George B. 1982#5:6 V7:46, V8:80, V9:7
Allen, George W. V7:78, V10:76, 77
Allen, George W. Mrs. V7:78
Allen, Georgia Miss V10:26
Allen, Georgie V6:83
Allen, Harry 1981#3:7, 8
Allen, Harvey V6:32
Allen, Henry V7:78, V9:92
Allen, Henry W. Mrs. V7:78
Allen, Iola Florence V5:6
Allen, J.B. V8:42
Allen, J.D. V6:70
Allen, James O. V6:84
Allen, Jim V8:43
Allen, Joseph V5:32, 57
Allen, Joseph Jr. V7:78
Allen, Joseph Jr. Mrs. V7:78
Allen, Josiah V9:7
Allen, L.D. V5:57
Allen, Lillie V5:106
Allen, Louisa Mrs. V7:18
Allen, M.C. Mr. V7:78
Allen, M.C. Mrs. V7:78
Allen, Maggie G. V6:88
Allen, Mary V10:42
Allen, Mary A. V7:15
Allen, Mary Estella V5:6
Allen, Maud V6:103
Allen, May Astilla V8:52
Allen, Mrs. 1984#14:18
Allen, Nancy Ann 1981#3:7, 8
Allen, Nelson V6:83
Allen, O.F. V8:42
Allen, Ola F. V8:52
Allen, Ola Mrs. V8:52
Allen, Oscar F. V10:16
Allen, Robt. G. V6:68
Allen, S.A. 1984#14:18
Allen, Sam P. V7:15
Allen, Samuel P. V10:84
Allen, Sarah C. V10:42
Allen, Selina V6:103
Allen, Seth W. V6:83
Allen, Sylvester Cpl. V9:32
Allen, T.J. V8:43
Allen, Thomas V7:16, V10:42, 83, 88
Allen, Thomas M. V8:85
Allen, Thomas N. V7:17
Allen, Thomas N. Mrs. V7:17
Allen, Tom 1984#14:18 V6:3, V8:52
Allen, W.E. V6:82
Allen, W.R. V6:99
Allen, Walter V7:16
Allen, William 1984#14:18 V5:57
Allen, William H. V8:13
Allen, William M. V7:46
Allen, Wm E. V6:40
Allen, Wm M. V9:7
Allenbaugh, Ed G. V9:49
Allison 1983#10:6
Allison, Chauncey N. V5:15
Allison, Frank H. V6:35, 75
Allison, Frank H. Mrs. V7:17
Allison, J.W. V10:98
Allison, Mrs. V7:78
Allison, Prof. V7:78
Allnatt, Leroy V10:87
Alloway, John W. 1981#3:7, 1982#5:6
Allsup, Jessie Mrs. V10:44
Allten, L. V10:101
Allworth, J.A. V9:13
Allyn & Faul V7:102
Allyn, Mark V7:102
Alm, Emma C. V6:85
Alm, Hannah V10:86
Almgrew, Laura Christine V5:58
Almond, W.H. V5:57
Alspaugh, Ed W. V7:18
Alspaugh, J.L. V10:88
Alspaugh, James V10:86
Alspaugh, Mary Mrs. V7:16
Alsthrom, Walter V8:41
Alston, Chas. W. V10:87
Alston, James A. V7:14
Alston, Robert 1984#15:17
Alston, Roger 1984#15:17
Althouse, Sarah A. V6:45
Altig, Edna 1984#14:18
Altig, Harry R. 1984#14:18
Altland, Frederick H. V10:96
Altman, Frederick V5:57
Altman, Henry V8:80
Altvater, Henry V8:43
Alumbaugh, Frank V7:78
Alumbaugh, Frank Mrs. V7:78
Alverson V9:66
Alvord, Fannie L. V10:41
Ambler, W.H. Mr. V7:78, V10:49
Ambler, W.H. Mrs. V7:78
Ambrosia, Sister M. V7:13
Ambrosius, C.E. V10:93
Amdas, Emma Frances 1981#4:7
Ameigh, A.L. V5:37
Ames, George F. V9:20
Ames, James W. V6:83
Ames, L.B. V9:12
Ames, Lois Armstrong V8:30
Ames, Mary E. V9:20
Ames, W.G. V5:57
Amicarella, John V6:52
Ammons V8:103
Ammons, Elias 1984#14:18
Ammons, Elias M. 1984#14:18
Ammons, Gov. 1984#14:18
Ammons, Richard John 1984#14:18
Ammons, Teller 1984#14:18
Amos, A. V7:42
Amos, Henry J. V7:14
Amsbury, William A V8:69
Amter, M. V7:42
Ana, Paul de V9:95
Anders, Genevieve Elaine V6:23
Anders, Harold Woodrow V8:19
Anderson V7:19, V8:96, 103, V10:26, 101
Anderson & Boylar V9:10
Anderson & Gentry V7:33, 34
Anderson Children 1984#16:23
Anderson, A. 1984#15:17 V6:3, V10:38, 41
Anderson, A.F. Mrs. V7:78
Anderson, A.J. V9:7
Anderson, A.P. 1984#15:17 V7:42
Anderson, A.V. Mr. V7:78
Anderson, A.W. V7:14
Anderson, Al V7:78
Anderson, Al C. 1984#15:17
Anderson, Al Mrs. V7:78
Anderson, Albert V10:96
Anderson, Alfred V7:18, V8:95
Anderson, Alma V10:88
Anderson, Andrew V5:60, V7:13, 17, 78, V10:41
Anderson, Andrew Mrs. V7:78
Anderson, Andrew P. 1981#3:7, 1981#4:9 V5:8, 12
Anderson, Andy Mr. V7:78
Anderson, Andy Mrs. V7:78
Anderson, Anna 1981#37, 8
Anderson, Anne Polley 1984#15:17
Anderson, Annie V10:41, 86
Anderson, Axel W. V10:19
Anderson, Brownie V8:43
Anderson, C. Mrs. V9:44
Anderson, C.J. 1984#15:17
Anderson, Capt. V9:32
Anderson, Carl John 1981#3:7
Anderson, Caroline C. V10:87
Anderson, Caroline Mrs. V5:57
Anderson, Carrie Belle 1984#16:15
Anderson, Charles 1984#15:17 V5:57, V7:78, V10:26, 99
Anderson, Charles I. V10:88
Anderson, Chas. J. 1984#15:16, 17 V5:57
Anderson, Chas. Mrs. V7:78
Anderson, Christina V5:84
Anderson, Christine V10:42
Anderson, Clara V7:75
Anderson, E. V7:16
Anderson, Eli V6:99
Anderson, Elizabeth Campbell Mrs. 1983#10:16
Anderson, Ella V9:6
Anderson, Ellas V10:84
Anderson, Emil H. V10:87
Anderson, Emil Mrs. V7:52
Anderson, Emily V6:99
Anderson, Emma V10:87
Anderson, Ernest 1984#15:17
Anderson, Frank 1984#15:17 V7:78
Anderson, Frank F. V8:20
Anderson, Frank Mrs. V7:78
Anderson, Fred V7:17, V9:95
Anderson, G. V5:57
Anderson, G.H. V10:98
Anderson, Geo. T. Mrs. V6:67
Anderson, George V5:19
Anderson, George D. Mrs. V6:67
Anderson, Gotfrid V8:95
Anderson, Hattie V10:84
Anderson, Hulda V10:88
Anderson, I. V8:52
Anderson, J.A. V10:19
Anderson, J.M. V5:57
Anderson, J.S. V7:68
Anderson, James V7:16
Anderson, James P. V5:57
Anderson, Jennie V7:76
Anderson, Jno. V10:48
Anderson, Johanna V6:87
Anderson, John 1981#3:7 V10:41
Anderson, John H.G. 1981#3:7, 1982#5:6
Anderson, Joseph V5:104, V8:80
Anderson, Kate V5:72, 106
Anderson, Kate Miss V7:15
Anderson, Louisa V6:88
Anderson, Lydia V10:96
Anderson, M. V9:40
Anderson, Mabel E. V7:16
Anderson, Maggie E. Mrs. V6:87
Anderson, Male 1984#15:17
Anderson, Manda V10:19
Anderson, Marian V5:68
Anderson, Marie V10:16
Anderson, Marta V10:84
Anderson, Mary V5:72, V10:41, 88
Anderson, Mathew V5:41
Anderson, Matilda M. V10:42
Anderson, May V5:98, V6:102
Anderson, Mr. V5:77, V8:75
Anderson, N.A. V8:52
Anderson, Neil A. V10:94
Anderson, O. V8:9
Anderson, O.A. 1984#15:17
Anderson, Olof V5:57
Anderson, Oly 1984#15:17
Anderson, Oscar Daniel V9:69
Anderson, R.Y. V10:44
Anderson, Robert V10:87
Anderson, Robert Mrs. V7:52
Anderson, S. Gen. V10:42
Anderson, Simon V7:17
Anderson, Susan J. 1981#3:7, 1981#4:6
Anderson, Tommie V5:72
Anderson, W.A. V9:92
Anderson, W.W. Mrs. V10:88
Anderson, Walter V7:14
Anderson, Wette Marie 1981#3:7, 9
Anderson, Wille 1984#15:17
Anderson, William 1983#10:6, 1984#15:17
Anderson, William D. V5:57, V7:20
Anderson, Wilson H. V5:57
Anderson, Wm V10:38
Andeson, H.Y. Mr. V7:78
Andeson, H.Y. Mrs. V7:78
Andran, John 1984#15:17
Andre, F.L. V9:7
Andre, Frank L. V6:40, 42, V7:18
Andre, Frank L. Mrs. V7:18
Andre, John V5:2
Andres, Carolyn 1984#16:29
Andreva, Stella V8:43
Andrew, Mira J. V10:84
Andrews 1983#9:5, 1984#15:12
Andrews & Pearce V6:68
Andrews, Billy V6:25
Andrews, H.A. V7:64
Andrews, J. 1984#15:12
Andrews, Jno. 1984#15:12
Andrews, John 1981#3:7, 1982#8:7, 1984#15:12
Andrews, Josie V7:51
Andrews, Julia Augusta V7:64
Andrews, M. V10:34
Andrews, Mrs. 1984#15:12
Andrews, Myron V10:34
Andrews, R. V5:32
Andrews, Richard V7:35
Andrews, Sarah 1984#15:12
Andrews, W.L. V10:26
Andrews, William V10:48
Andrews, William F. V5:57
Andrews, William H. V10:19
Andriol, John V10:101
Andrist, Alma Louise Hagman V7:20
Andrist, John V10:24
Andrist, John Lynas V7:20
Andrist, Lucy V10:24
Angell, Cora V6:46
Angell, Mr. V6:52
Anger, Ella V8:106
Anger, Oscar V8:106
Anger, Otto V8:106
Angevine, Frank H. V6:79
Angle V9:53
Angova, P. Mrs. V9:19
Angove, Matilda Jane Mrs. 1982#5:7
Angove, Wm V7:16
Angrove, Matilda Jane 1981#3:7
Angrove, Matilda Jane Mrs. V6:88
Annis, J.F. V5:106
Annis, Josephine V5:37
Anser, W.H. 1984#15:17
Anthony, David 1984#14:18
Anthony, Emmett Jr. V5:57
Anthony, Virgil 1984#14:18
Antonella, Charles V5:60
Antrim, Cliff 1984#14:18
Antrim, Laura A. V9:107
Anyon, John V6:100
Apel V8:97, 103
Apel, Daniel V6:79
Apel, Ernest V8:95
Aphill, Martin V10:106
Aple, Adam 1984#15:17
Aplington, E.C. V7:19
Aplington, Nettie B. Mrs. V10:16
App, Oscar R. V9:95
Appel, Gust R. V9:19
Appel, Gustave R. V7:102
Appel, J.S. V5:39
Applebaum, Harry L. V10:17
Applebury, Luther Pvt. V8:16, V9:32
Applegate, Lizzie V6:48
Applen, June Jackson V5:9
Arasmith, J.W. V7:34
Arasmith, Mr. 1984#15:17
Arbuckle, Guy D. V5:57, V9:10
Arcadian House V9:47
Archbuit, Jane V10:40
Archer 1983#10:6
Archer, Jack V6:99
Archer, Jas. V9:7
Ardery, Mr. V8:9
Ardery, Mrs. V8:9
Ardery, Willie V8:9
Arellanez, Prudencio V6:32
Argo, S.M. V7:68
Arkeek, John V8:86
Arkeek, Will V8:86
Armauntrout, M.I. V7:102
Armauntrout, M.J. V7:102
Armbrust, Bertha L. 1984#15:17
Armbrust, John M. 1984#15:17 V5:57
Armburst, Bertha L. Mrs. 1984#16:25
Armburst, J.M. 1984#15:12, 16, 17
Armburst, John 1984#16:25
Armburst, John M. 1984#15:17
Armentraut, Sadie V6:85
Armentrout, M.I. V7:102
Armentrout, M.J. V7:102
Armington, Howard C. V10:94
Armishaw, Mary 1984#14:18
Armor, Daisy Melita V5:74
Armor, H.C. 1981#3:7
Armor, John V9:10, 103
Armor, John B. V8:13
Armor, W.C. V5:8, V9:7
Armor, W.C. Mr. V7:78
Armor, W.C. Mrs. V7:78
Armor, William 1981#3:7, 1982#5:6 V9:7, 98
Armor, William M. V8:13
Armour, Wm M. V10:45
Armstong, Lois V8:30
Armstrong 1984#14:18
Armstrong & Metz V10:46
Armstrong, A.W. V7:35, 78, V9:6, 95, V10:26
Armstrong, A.W. Mrs. V7:78
Armstrong, Alfred W. V10:97
Armstrong, Clinton E. V10:18
Armstrong, David V5:38
Armstrong, Dr. 1984#15:17
Armstrong, Elliott V8:30
Armstrong, H.C. V8:50
Armstrong, J.D. V6:69
Armstrong, Jewet V8:30
Armstrong, Jno. V10:82
Armstrong, Laura E. V6:45
Armstrong, Laurence Mrs. V6:25
Armstrong, Lillie V10:85
Armstrong, Lillie J. V6:21
Armstrong, Lola V9:13
Armstrong, Martin V8:30
Armstrong, Mary M. V9:4
Armstrong, Max V5:41
Armstrong, T.D. 1981#3:7, 1981#4:6
Armstrong, Vernon V7:78
Armstrong, Vernon Mrs. V7:78
Arnadt, Emil B. 1984#15:17
Arnell, Francis B. V5:41
Arnell, George V6:32
Arnett, 1984#14:18
Arnett, Charles Eckels 1984#14:18
Arnett, Charles M. 1984#14:18
Arnett, Charles Manning 1984#14:18
Arnett, Cinerella Tramel 1984#14:18
Arnett, George V9:10
Arnett, Maxine Zelenka 1984#14:18
Arnett, W.D. V9:7
Arneus, John A.T. V5:57
Arney, Henry M. V7:18
Arnold 1984#15:12
Arnold & Olmstead V7:33
Arnold, Alfred V6:84
Arnold, Benedict V5:2
Arnold, C. Leon V8:20
Arnold, Clara V10:85
Arnold, Clara V. V6:99
Arnold, David V10:40
Arnold, David C. V10:16
Arnold, Florence V6:84
Arnold, Florence M. V5:57
Arnold, Frank V5:57, V7:78
Arnold, Frank Mrs. V7:78
Arnold, G.R. V10:98
Arnold, G.Y. 1984#15:17 V7:18, 78
Arnold, G.Y. Mrs. V7:78
Arnold, George V10:49
Arnold, George R. V5:8, 12
Arnold, Ida Mrs. V10:85
Arnold, Iva V10:86
Arnold, James V6:84, 89
Arnold, James D. V6:99, V10:42
Arnold, James Mrs. V6:99
Arnold, L. May V7:75
Arnold, Lettie A. V6:48
Arnold, Lillie A. V10:84
Arnold, M.A. Mrs. V6:70
Arnold, Mamie V6:99
Arnold, Mary A. V7:15
Arnold, Mattie V10:84
Arnold, Minnie V5:58, V10:85
Arnold, Mrs. 1984#15:12 V5:37
Arnold, P.M. Mrs. V6:99
Arnold, R. 1984#15:12
Arnold, R. Mrs. 1984#15:12
Arnold, Roy 1984#15:17
Arnold, S.D. Mrs. V7:15
Arnold, Sam D. V10:85
Arnold, Samuel D. V5:57, V10:88
Arnold, Sarah J. V10:42
Arnold, William D. V7:18
Arnold, William T. V9:95
Arnold, Wm A. V10:86
Aronson, Erick H. V10:42
Arpin, Oliver A. V5:57
Arps, Louisa V7:3
Arrighi & White V9:18
Arrighi, Della Miss V8:43
Arrington, O. V10:94
Arthur, C.A. V7:12
Arthur, Edward P. Jr. V10:93
Arthur, Levi H. V6:84
Arthur, Mary V10:84
Arthur, O.P. V5:57
Arthur, Thomas V7:19
Arundale, William 1984#15:17
Arvidson, Mr. V5:38
Aschenbach, Bruno 1984#15:17
Aschenbach, Minnie Mrs. 1984#15:17
Ash & Fehringer V8:50
Ash & Wallace V8:50
Ashbaugh, T.L. V9:19
Ashbaugh, W.A. V9:18
Ashburn, Tillie V9:94
Ashcroft, Hannah V10:85
Ashcroft, Henry V7:14
Ashcroft, Lizzie V10:86
Ashcroft, Peter V7:17, V10:86
Ashdill, Mr. V8:75
Ashen, Charles V10:84
Ashler, E.M. V8:104
Ashley, Anna 1981#3:7, 1982#5:8
Ashley, Dorothy Anita V8:20
Ashley, J.D. V10:85, 87
Ashley, Jane 1981#3:7
Ashley, Jane Mrs. 1982#8:6
Ashley, Lalah 1984#14:18
Ashley, Lena 1981#3:7, 1982#5:8
Ashley, Marguerite V10:88
Ashley, Minnie 1984#15:12
Ashley, Mrs. 1984#14:18
Ashley, Peter V10:85
Ashton, Webster V10:100
Ashworth, C.L. V9:95, V10:50
Ashworth, G.L. V10:16
Ashworth, S. Mrs. V10:16
Ashworth, W.H. V9:94, 95, V10:16
Askins, Eliza Worley V8:30
Askins, Samuel V8:30
Asmison, Child 1984#15:17
Asmussen, Erich Hinrich 1981#3:7, 1982#8:6
Aspel, Daniel V6:79, 100
Aston, F.C. V10:82
Aston, J.M. V7:68
Atcheson, Wm V6:99
Atchinson, Mary V10:15
Atchison, Andrew F. V5:41
Atchison, Fuller W. 1984#15:17
Atchison, Helen Mrs. 1984#15:17
Atchison, John V9:107
Atchison, Margaret Green Mrs. V9:107
Atherton, Betsey V6:65
Atherton, Henry V6:65
Atherton, Jesse W. 1984#15:17
Atkins, H.C. V5:57
Atkins, H.H. V6:67, 79
Atkins, H.H. Mrs. V8:43
Atkins, Horace V6:79
Atkins, J.S. V10:88
Atkins, Massard V7:102
Atkinson, Geo. W. Pvt. V8:16
Atkinson, George V8:15
Atkinson, James V5:16
Atkinson, James Pvt. V8:16
Atkinson, John V5:57, V10:42
Atman, Baby V5:85
Atman, Cal V5:85
Atto, George F. V5:57, V10:24
Atto, Mary V10:24
Atto, Mary Mrs. V5:86
Atwell, Thomas V8:30
Atwood, Betty June V8:22
Aubin, Euelid V6:99
Auckman, Hannah V10:86
Auger V8:103
Auger, Samuel V8:95
Augur V8:96
August, A.J. V5:57, V6:11, 32, 69, V7:13, V10:86
August, Anthony J. V6:35
August, Chauncey V6:11
August, Edith V6:32
August, Edith L. V6:11
August, Frank W. V6:11, 32
August, Henry A. V6:11
August, Henry Joseph V6:32
August, Joseph V6:99
August, M.J. V6:11
August, Mary J. V7:14
August, Minnie V10:86
August, Stanley V6:32
August, Stanley E. V6:11
August, Willie V6:32
August, Willie C. V6:11
Aul, Orie V9:92
Ault 1984#14:18
Ault Brother V5:62
Ault Cousins V5:62
Ault, Addie Fay 1984#14:18
Ault, Al V5:62
Ault, Almeda V6:85
Ault, Almenda 1984#14:18
Ault, Alvah 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Andrew 1984#14:18
Ault, Andrew J. 1984#14:18
Ault, Andy V5:62, V8:78
Ault, Bill 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Charles 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Charley V5:62
Ault, Clary 1984#14:18
Ault, Cora 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Cora Edna 1984#14:18
Ault, Cyrus V5:58
Ault, Druezilla 1984#14:18
Ault, Elizabeth V5:62
Ault, Ethel V5:62
Ault, Eugene 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Fannie F. 1984#14:18 V5:99
Ault, Fanny 1984#14:18
Ault, Frank 1984#14:18 V5:62, V8:78
Ault, Frank Andrew V5:62
Ault, Frank Jr. V5:62
Ault, Frank Uncle V5:62
Ault, Fred 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Frederick 1984#14:18
Ault, Gene V5:62
Ault, Grandfather V5:62
Ault, Grandmother V5:62
Ault, Harriet 1984#14:18 V7:75
Ault, Harvey 1984#14:18
Ault, Hattie 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Helen V5:62
Ault, Howard V5:62
Ault, Howard Perry V5:62
Ault, Jennie V5:62, V10:78
Ault, Jennie Mrs. V10:50
Ault, Jennie Ramey V5:62
Ault, Josephine 1984#14:18 V5:58
Ault, Leila Ferguson V5:62
Ault, Lelah V5:62
Ault, Lelah Smith V5:62
Ault, Lizzie V5:62
Ault, Lucy Law V5:62
Ault, Mary 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Mary Francis V5:62
Ault, Mr. 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Mrs. V5:62
Ault, Nellie May 1984#14:18
Ault, Olive V5:62
Ault, Oscar 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, P. 1984#14:18
Ault, Pearl V5:62
Ault, Pedley V5:62
Ault, Perry 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Ralph V5:62
Ault, Rose E. V6:103
Ault, Rose F. 1984#14:18
Ault, Rosetta 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Rosey V5:62
Ault, Ruby V5:62
Ault, Shirley V5:62
Ault, Susan 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Susan Aunt V5:62
Ault, Tressa 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Tressy V5:62
Ault, W.H. 1984#14:18
Ault, William 1984#14:18 V5:62
Ault, Willie 1984#14:18
Ault, Zill V5:62
Aultman, Moses V10:49
Aumiller, C.F. V6:25
Aumiller, Cora May Mrs. V6:26
Aurelius, Hilma Maria V6:103
Aurora, Jas. V10:102
Austin, Alice V9:13
Austin, J.W. V6:42
Austin, Lewis V10:106
Austin, Mrs. V10:41
Austin, Samuel V10:42
Austin, Veride V10:15
Autonella, Antonio V5:60
Autonella, Michael V5:60
Averill, Charles V5:58
Averson, Isaac V6:83
Avery, A.B. 1984#15:17
Avery, G.M. V6:40
Avery, G.W. V10:42
Avery, Gideon M. V6:40, 42
Avery, Gilbert M. V7:16
Avery, H.D. 1984#15:17
Avery, James V9:10
Avery, Lydia C. V10:41
Avery, Mary V10:42
Avery, O.S. V5:58
Avery, William V6:79
Ayers, Anna B. V8:13
Ayers, Jeremiah D. V8:13
Ayers, Maggie Mrs. V10:40
Aylesworth, G. V10:41
Ayres, Francis M. V5:19
Ayres, Mary V8:30
Azeltine, Wallace V8:20


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