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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Iss 1-16 & Vol 5-10 : H

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Issues 1-16 and Volumes 5-10 (1981-1990)
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NAME (Last, First) YEAR#ISSUE(s):PAGE(s) VOLUME(s):PAGE(s)
Haak, Ida Mrs. V9:94
Haas, Augusta V9:8
Haas, Charles L. VV10:17
Haas, H.B. V10:38
Haas, Jay J. V6:45
Haas, Maggie Mrs. V6:102
Haas, Oliver V5:72
Haberl, Beulah V10:54
Haberl, Edward V10:54
Haberl, Nannetta Alice V10:54
Haberland, Fritz V6:67
Hack, Bessie 1984#14:19
Hack, Francis 1984#14:19
Hack, Frank 1984#14:19
Hack, Geo. A. 1984#14:19
Hack, George W. V5:14
Hackbarth, Paul H. V10:16
Hackenberry, Lucinda V9:30
Hackett, Lucia V8:44
Hackett, Lucia Miss V9:39-41
Hackett, Raymond V8:44
Hackney, Frances V8:94
Hackney, Francis V10:13
Hadley, Charles J. V6:45
Hadley, Chas. V7:81
Hadley, Chas. Mrs. V7:81
Hadley, Claude L. V6:45
Hadley, James W. V6:45
Hadley, Jas. W. V5:8
Hadley, Major V8:44
Haeseler, Henry V10:96
Hafer, L.A. V10:87
Hafer, L.A. V6:70
Hafer, William S. 1984#15:18
Hagamon, C. Miss V10:85
Hagan, Oscar 1984#14:19
Hagan, Phebe 1984#14:19
Hagan, Viola 1984#14:19
Hagan, William 1984#15:12
Hageman V8:97
Hageman, George V8:107
Hageman, Henry V10:16
Hagen, Mr. 1984#14:19
Hager, Charles H. V6:41
Hager, Charles S. 1981#4:6, 7
Hager, John F. 1981#4:7, 1982#5:6
Hager, Martha K. Mrs. 1981#3:9, 1981#4:7
Hagerty, Anna V10:87
Hagerty, Gertrude V9:96
Haggard, Sylvester V6:100
Haggart, Henry V7:18
Haggart, James V7:13
Haggart, James W. V7:18
Haggart, John V7:16
Haggle, Chas. V10:26
Hagman, Anna Louise V7:20
Hagman, Charles E. V7:20
Hagman, Veda Cecelia V7:20
Hagood, D.F. 1984#16:21
Hahn, Addie V9:93
Hahn, Lizzie V10:41
Hahn, Silas B. V8:69
Hahn, Silas Briggs Judge V7:47
Hahnen, Anna V10:87
Haig, L.A. 1984#15:12
Haig, Luther Adam 1984#15:12
Haight, R.S. V9:39, 40, 48
Haight, Robert S. V9:49
Haigis, Frederika V7:50
Hainbel, John R. V6:79
Haines, A. Mr. V7:81
Haines, A. Mrs. V7:81
Haines, Abbie V7:24
Haines, Ashel V9:8, 98
Haines, Daniel V6:82
Haines, Fred V7:81
Haines, Fred Mrs. V7:81
Haines, J.G. V10:38
Haines, Martha J. Mrs. V7:16
Haines, Mary Amanda 1984#15:24
Haines, Mary L. V5:58
Haines, Pat Mr. V7:81
Haines, Pat Mrs. V7:81
Haines, Thomas W. V9:45
Haines, Thomie V10:49
Haines, William H. V7:15, V10:42
Haines, Willis Parker 1984#15:24
Haines, Wm V8:20
Haines, Wm Mrs. V8:20
Hains, Child 1984#15:18
Hains, Fred Mr. 1984#15:18
Hains, Fred Mrs. 1984#15:18
Haire, Lydia V6:28
Hakley, Mary V8:94
Hal, Orph Mr. V7:81
Hal, Orph Mrs. V7:81
Halbert, Myrtle V5:58
Hale V9:71
Hale, A.C. Prof. V10:92
Hale, Albert V10:4, 5
Hale, Benjamin F. V6:45
Hale, Capt. V5:2
Hale, Eddy V8:38, 39
Hale, H.M. V8:44
Hale, Horace V8:44
Hale, Horace M. V7:47
Hale, James N. V9:22
Hale, John V7:81
Hale, John Mrs. V7:81
Hale, M. V10:82
Hale, Martha V10:82
Hale, P.C. V6:81
Hale, William V6:12, V8:38
Hale, Wm M. Col. V6:81
Hales, F. V10:82
Hales, Fred V10:82
Haley, M.D. V10:81
Halferty, Sophie V9:12
Halfield, Martha Mrs. V9:51
Halfield, Richard V9:51
Halfield. Rachel V9:51
Halfyard, Jack 1984#14:19
Hall 1984#15:18
Hall & Densmore V6:71
Hall & Dory V6:68
Hall & McLaughlin V9:23
Hall & Proctor V9:9
Hall & Tibbitts V6:70
Hall Family 1984#15:12
Hall, A. V9:23, V10:45
Hall, A.S. 1984#15:18
Hall, A.W. V9:103
Hall, Alfred V9:93
Hall, Alice 1981#4:7, 1982#5:5 V9:93
Hall, Assyria V10:45
Hall, B.M. V9:74
Hall, Ben Mr. V7:81
Hall, Ben Mrs. V7:81
Hall, Benjamin V9:45
Hall, Capt. V9:42
Hall, Charles L. V8:68, 70, V10:95
Hall, Chas. V8:23
Hall, Chas. Mrs. V8:23
Hall, Chas. S. V10:41
Hall, Christi M. Mrs. V6:102
Hall, E.C. V10:84
Hall, E.P. Mr. V7:81
Hall, E.P. Mrs. V7:81
Hall, Elizabeth 1984#13:11
Hall, Eunice Mrs. V7:14
Hall, Eva V10:42
Hall, Fannie V10:84
Hall, Frances C. Mrs. V6:46
Hall, Frank V6:80, V8:68
Hall, Frank Gen. V7:47
Hall, G.H.B. Sgt. V5:104
Hall, G.W. V6:67, 68, 70
Hall, George V7:81
Hall, George H.B. 1981#4:7, 8 V5:8
Hall, George Mrs. V7:81
Hall, George Stephenson V8:53
Hall, George W. V6:35, 75, 79, 80, V7:13
Hall, H.B. V6:71
Hall, H.E. V6:3
Hall, H.H. V10:80
Hall, Harry 1984#15:18
Hall, Henry V8:17
Hall, Ira D. V5:8, V10:5
Hall, J.N. V6:70
Hall, J.N. Mrs. V7:69, V8:44
Hall, J.T. V9:101
Hall, J.W. V7:35, V10:49
Hall, J.W. Mrs. V6:82
Hall, Jairus W. V8:69
Hall, James V8:94
Hall, James F. V7:13
Hall, Jas. V10:38
Hall, Jeff V7:81
Hall, Jeff Mrs. V7:81
Hall, Jefferson D. V6:45
Hall, Lora V10:88
Hall, M.M. V5:35
Hall, Maggie V6:88, V10:41
Hall, Margaret 1984#13:11 V5:23, V10:42
Hall, Mary V7:25
Hall, Masie V10:17
Hall, Mason W. V7:18
Hall, Maurice V5:18
Hall, Maurice M. V5:8, 13, V9:3
Hall, May L. V6:45
Hall, Michael 1984#15:18
Hall, Morg V10:42
Hall, Moses V6:80, 100, V10:45
Hall, Mr. V5:39, V9:23
Hall, Mrs. V5:39
Hall, Natalie V8:44
Hall, O.H. V6:70
Hall, O.L. 1984#15:18 V7:73, V10:17
Hall, Origin V10:85
Hall, Orpheus V6:45
Hall, Owen V8:23
Hall, Paul R. V10:18
Hall, R.D. V5:104
Hall, Ren Mr. V7:81
Hall, Ren Mrs. V7:81
Hall, Robert V7:37
Hall, Sam V6:84
Hall, Sarah A. V6:22
Hall, Victoria Mrs. V6:85
Hall, William 1981#4:7, 9
Hall, William J. 1984#13:11
Hall, Winifred M. V10:15
Hallack, Gladys V8:19
Hallack, Nelson V9:10
Halleck, Dr. 1984#15:18
Halleck, E.F. V5:38
Hallerson, Bettie V6:88
Hallett 1984#16:13
Hallett Family 1984#16:13
Hallett, Moses V6:79
Hallett, Moses Hon. V6:80
Halley, Robert L. V8:23
Hallmark, Carl C. V5:19
Hallock, Cerepta Mrs. V6:23
Hallock, H. 1984#15:18
Hallock, Harry Dr. V7:35
Hallock, John V10:18
Hallock, John W. 1984#15:18
Hallock, Warren V6:23
Halloran, Mary F. V10:85
Halls, W.W. 1984#15:18
Halls, William 1984#15:12
Halm, Frank 1984#14:19
Halpine, John V9:45
Halsell, Samuel V5:41
Halter, John 1984#15:18
Halverhout, F.A.A. V8:13
Halverhout, Mary V5:58
Ham, W.H. V5:10
Haman, B.P. V9:72
Haman, Benjamin P. V7:47
Haman, Emma V9:72
Haman, R.M. V9:72
Haman, Tony 1984#14:19
Hambel, J.R. V6:34
Hambel, John R. V6:80, 100
Hamberger, Lena V5:58
Hambley, Mary 1981#3:8, 1981#4:7
Hamblin, C. V10:48
Hamblin, Kenneth E. V8:20
Hambly, Annie V8:84
Hambly, Daughter V9:72
Hambly, Edward V9:72
Hambly, Edward M. V9:72
Hambly, Elizabeth V10:42
Hambly, Jami V9:72
Hambly, Thomas V9:65, 72
Hambly, Thomas H. V9:72
Hambly, William V8:84, V9:72
Hambright, H.A. V6:45
Hamer, A. V7:43
Hamer, Douglas 1984#14:19
Hamer, E.A. V7:43
Hamer, George 1984#15:18 V8:78
Hamersky 1983#9:6
Hamil, William V9:92
Hamill, Bill V6:36
Hamill, Harry V10:86
Hamill, Hockley T. V10:87
Hamill, Lillian V10:86
Hamill, Lloyd E. V6:24
Hamill, W.A. V6:67
Hamill, William A. V7:15, V8:70, 71
Hamill, William A. ‘Bill’ V6:36
Hamill, William A. Jr. V10:85
Hamill, Wm A. Mrs. V7:17
Hamill, Wm Jr. V6:100
Hamilton V6:23, 67
Hamilton, Archie 1984#15:18
Hamilton, Arthur M. V9:94
Hamilton, Asa V5:2
Hamilton, Emilie M. V5:67
Hamilton, F.A. V6:82
Hamilton, F.R. V10:94
Hamilton, G. V9:108, 109
Hamilton, Harry R. V10:87
Hamilton, Homer Mrs. V7:16
Hamilton, J.W. V6:81, V8:68
Hamilton, James W. V7:68
Hamilton, Jas. V10:80
Hamilton, Jim V7:100
Hamilton, John Mrs. V5:67
Hamilton, John S. V5:67
Hamilton, Joseph V5:2
Hamilton, L. Rev. V7:6, 7
Hamilton, Lewis V9:64, 103
Hamilton, Louis Rev. V7:6
Hamilton, Mabel V6:82
Hamilton, Robert V10:41
Hamilton, Sarah 1981#4:6, 7 V9:107
Hamilton, Susanna V9:108
Hamilton, Susanna Lorindess V9:108
Hamilton, Thomas V9:45, 47
Hamilton, W. V6:40, 80
Hamilton, W.E. V9:64
Hamilton, William V5:2, V8:44, V9:92
Hamilton, Willis 1984#15:18
Hamlek, John J. V9:45, 46
Hamlin, Charles V9:10
Hamlin, Charley 1981#4:9
Hamlin, Charlie 1981#4:7
Hamlin, Lois E. Mrs. V10:42
Hamlin, Thomas V9:95
Hamllik, J.J. V9:48
Hamm, William V7:81
Hamm, William Mrs. V7:81
Hamman, E. W. V5:12
Hammargren, J. Althea V8:24
Hammer 1984#14:19
Hammer, George F. V6:45
Hammer, Lulu V5:83
Hammit, B.F. V9:10
Hammond & Broad V5:32
Hammond, Alice J. 1981#4:7
Hammond, C.N. V6:45
Hammond, C.R. Mr. V7:81
Hammond, C.R. Mrs. V7:81
Hammond, Charles R. V6:45
Hammond, Cora V10:41
Hammond, Corintha 1981#4:7, 1982#8:7
Hammond, E.T. Mr. V7:81
Hammond, E.T. Mrs. V7:81
Hammond, Effie May V6:48
Hammond, Hannah V6:97
Hammond, L.P. Mr. 1984#15:12 V7:81
Hammond, L.P. Mrs. V7:81
Hammond, Louis V5:38
Hammond, Walter S. V6:10
Hammond, Walter Sherwood V6:32
Hamolt, Luther V5:40
Hampton, A.J. V9:45
Hampton, Bessie V5:57
Hampton, E.D. V10:46
Hampton, Harry Lee V8:19
Hampton, Jack V7:81
Hampton, Jack Mrs. V7:81
Hampton, James V10:84
Hampton, Minnie V6:45
Hampton, Rosena V6:103
Hamrick, Charlie V10:63
Hanaka, Charles V9:10
Hanawald, L. 1984#15:12
Hance, J.W. 1984#14:19
Hanchett, Lafayette V10:86
Hanchett, Silas J. V7:13
Hancock V7:19
Hancock, Annie V10:87
Hancock, Bessie V6:100
Hancock, Charles V10:88
Hancock, Elizabeth Mrs. V6:100
Hancock, Emma C. V10:96
Hancock, Esther V10:86, 88
Hancock, Fannie 1984#16:16
Hancock, Frances 1984#16:16
Hancock, J. V7:19
Hancock, James V10:87
Hancock, W.S. V7:12
Hancock, Walter V10:96
Hancock, William V7:13
Hand, Patrick V6:84
Handlin, Francis F. V6:45
Handryshell, Edward F. V10:48
Handt, August V10:36
Handt, Thoe. V10:36
Hanen, Opal V9:13
Hanert, Andress 1984#15:18
Hanes, Fred R. V6:45
Haney, Caroline Melvina V8:89
Haney, Elizabeth V8:89
Haney, Jeremiah V8:89
Haney, John V8:89
Haney, Kitty V7:75
Haney, Margaret V8:89
Haney, Mary V8:89
Haney, N. V10:34
Haney, Nathan V10:34
Haney, Samuel V8:89
Haney, Samuel Sr. V8:89
Haney, Sarah V8:89
Hanigan Brothers V8:44
Hanington & Mellor V9:63
Hanington, H. V8:44
Hankins, Patricia Mrs. V7:87
Hanlen, G. Rufus V9:74
Hanley, Daniel 1984#15:18
Hanley, Geo. V6:3
Hanley, Larry V10:84
Hanley, Red V5:85, 86
Hanley, William M. V9:95
Hann, James M. V9:96
Hanna, Ione T. Mrs. V5:39
Hanna, Joe V6:3
Hanna, John V6:83
Hanna, Lena V9:92
Hanna, Maude M. V9:96
Hanna, William 1984#14:19
Hanna, William H. 1984#14:19
Hannan, John P. V10:40
Hannan, Mary J. 1982#5:7
Hannegan, J.A. V8:94
Hannegan, Nannie 1981#4:7, 1982#8:7
Hannegan, Wm P. V5:35
Hannes, Eddie V5:106
Hannigan, B. V8:8
Hannigan, Barney V8:8
Hannigan, Bernard V7:17
Hannigan, Mary V10:85
Hannigan, Thomas V8:7, 8
Hannigan, W.P. V5:13
Hannigar, Nannie V10:41
Hanning, John V10:42
Hannon, George E. V6:45
Hannon, Harry O. V5:39
Hannon, Mary J. 1981#4:7
Hannum, Henry 1984#14:19
Hanrahan, Beth V5:66
Hanrahan, Mary Ellen Mrs. V5:69
Hansaker, Minnie A. Mrs. V6:85
Hansbrough, J.W. V5:86, V8:80
Hanscome, Leander 1981#4:7, 1982#5:8
Hansen, Albert V7:81
Hansen, Albert Mrs. V7:81
Hansen, Christine V10:41
Hansen, Christopher V8:35
Hansen, Evelyn V8:23
Hansen, Hansin J. V10:84
Hansen, Henry V5:8
Hansen, Holger C. V9:71
Hansen, John A. 1984#15:18
Hansen, Lena V9:94
Hansen, Phyllis V8:23
Hanson 1984#15:18
Hanson, Charles V9:95
Hanson, Conrad V6:81
Hanson, D.K. V10:41
Hanson, Geo. V6:70
Hanson, Harry W. V7:52
Hanson, Mark V6:66
Hanson, Ole V10:98
Hanson, R.K. V8:94
Hapgood, Harrison V7:68
Harber, Rose B. 1981#3:8, 1981#4:8
Harbey, M.E. V10:34
Harbey, O.P. V10:34
Harbin, J.T. V6:70
Harbin, Jas. T. V6:70
Harbison, A. Mrs. V7:15
Harbison, Ada M. Mrs. V8:52
Harbison, C.H. V8:52
Harbison, Mattie Lou V8:52
Harbour, Nancy M. V8:13
Harbour, Nancy M. Mrs. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:5
Harcourt, Charles E. V6:45
Hard, Charles R. V6:45
Harder, Edith V10:87
Harder, Fred V6:70
Harder, R. V6:41, 80
Hardesty, John V6:46
Harding, Avis V9:51
Harding, George V7:16
Hardy, Ada V10:86
Hardy, Dr. V5:87, V8:80
Hardy, E. V8:80
Hardy, I.E. V8:80
Hardy, I.E. Dr. V8:11
Hardy, Nellie L. V10:84
Hardy, S. Mrs. V7:15
Hardy, Samuel V6:84, V7:14
Hardy, Vena V6:100
Hardy, William Fred V10:17
Hare, Laura V10:85
Harell, Alex V10:106
Harell, Lucenda V10:106
Harell, Martha V10:106
Harell, Mary V10:106
Harell, May V10:106
Hares, T.B. V6:41
Harford, Mertie VV10:18
Harford, R.L. Rev. V10:41
Hargus, Emma B. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:5
Harkness, C.H. 1984#15:12
Harkness, G.W. Mrs. V6:24
Harkness, M.J. V6:11
Harkness, Mary V6:32
Harkness, Mary L. V6:11
Harkness, R.J. V6:11, V10:86
Harley, Archibald V7:18
Harley, Wm A. Dr. V8:36
Harlow, Margaret V10:77
Harman, Lou 1984#15:18
Harmison, Nettie V6:47
Harmon, Benj. P. V6:42
Harmon, D.E. V10:36
Harmon, Edward V10:36
Harmon, Emma Mrs. V6:52
Harmon, Geo. V10:36
Harmon, Martha Mrs. V5:99
Harmon, Mary M. V10:36
Harmon, Wm W. V6:52
Harmont, A. V6:68
Harness V7:73
Harness, Gerald H. 1984#16:21
Harness, Jo Dean 1984#16:21
Harness, Nadia Poble 1984#16:21
Harney, George V6:84
Harney, George Col. V6:80
Harney, W.S. V8:44
Harnish, Amanda Janette V6:45
Harper V7:20
Harper, Bernice 1984#14:19
Harper, Charles V10:26, 48
Harper, David V10:36
Harper, Edward V10:96
Harper, Frank V5:41
Harper, George V8:77
Harper, Jack V8:77
Harper, Jas. V10:36, 79
Harper, Joseph R. V6:46
Harper, Mr. V6:24
Harper, N.P. 1984#15:18
Harper, Nellie V5:84
Harper, Robert 1984#14:19
Harper, Stanley & Goodwin V9:103
Harper, Thomas V5:41
Harper, William Marion II V7:20
Harries V5:9
Harrigan, James V5:8
Harriman, C.S. V9:8
Harriman, Delia 1981#4:6, 8
Harriman, G.W. V9:8
Harriman, George 1984#14:19
Harriman, Hattie M. V7:75
Harring, Carrie F. V10:42
Harringcamp, Joseph 1984#15:18
Harrington, Charles V5:40
Harrington, Charles L. V6:9
Harrington, E. Mrytle V7:50
Harrington, F.C. V6:46
Harrington, Giles V6:82
Harrington, H.C. V6:35
Harrington, Hattie V8:44
Harrington, J.D. V7:43
Harrington, Ralph M. V6:97, V10:74
Harrington, Sarah V10:85
Harrington, Wm 1984#16:16
Harrinson, Hazel V8:41
Harris V5:9, V9:22
Harris & Kohn V8:50, V9:18
Harris & Price V8:11
Harris, A.S. Mrs. V5:13
Harris, Adele V10:42
Harris, Albert V9:6
Harris, Alfred V5:41
Harris, Alonzo Sherman V5:13
Harris, Anna V9:6
Harris, Author C. 1981#3:7, 1981#4:8
Harris, Catherine V10:90
Harris, Charles V6:84, V10:41
Harris, Claire V6:21
Harris, Ed L. V9:19
Harris, Edith 1981#4:6, 8
Harris, Edwin V5:8, 13, 35
Harris, Elizabeth V7:24
Harris, Ellen V10:41
Harris, Elsie V10:88
Harris, Frank V8:7, 8
Harris, Harry John V6:32
Harris, J. V8:10
Harris, J.D. Mr. V7:81
Harris, J.D. Mrs. V7:81
Harris, J.G. V10:38
Harris, J.N. V9:45
Harris, J.T. Mr. V6:64
Harris, James M. V7:19
Harris, James U. V10:42, 85
Harris, James U. Mrs. V6:99
Harris, Jeannie R. V10:87
Harris, Jed V8:44
Harris, Jennie V9:12
Harris, Jesse V7:17, 18
Harris, John V5:104
Harris, John T. V6:12, 40, 42, V7:14
Harris, M. 1984#15:12
Harris, M. Mrs. 1984#15:12 V7:42
Harris, M.A. Mrs. V7:15
Harris, M.E. 1984#15:12 V10:26
Harris, M.E. Mrs. V10:26
Harris, Maggie V6:88
Harris, Mark A. V7:52, V10:42
Harris, Mary Jane V8:30
Harris, Mose S. V8:50
Harris, Mrs. V5:86, V6:84, V7:81
Harris, Polly Casto V7:66
Harris, R.S. 1984#15:12
Harris, Ray V8:21
Harris, Rev. V5:86, V7:81
Harris, Richard T. V6:42, 79
Harris, Robert E. V8:44
Harris, S. Mrs. V10:46
Harris, S.S. V6:82
Harris, Sara Taylor V7:66
Harris, Silas W. V6:100
Harris, Spencer L. Pvt. V9:33
Harris, Spencer S. Pvt. V9:32
Harris, Ted V5:77
Harris, Tom V7:52
Harris, W.H. V10:46
Harris, William V9:45, V10:50
Harris, William W. V10:17
Harris, Williard L. V6:46
Harrison 1983#11:8 V5:9
Harrison & Lyon V7:33
Harrison, C.H. V7:102
Harrison, Chas. V8:17
Harrison, D.E. V7:33, 42, V8:80, V9:8, V10:36
Harrison, E.J. V6:68
Harrison, Edgar V7:17
Harrison, Edward V10:36
Harrison, Ella V6:85
Harrison, Engbert V6:99
Harrison, George V7:83, V10:36
Harrison, Harry V7:81
Harrison, Harry Mrs. V7:81
Harrison, J.E. V6:11
Harrison, Joe V6:32
Harrison, Jon. V7:14
Harrison, L.E. V10:35
Harrison, Lisle R. V10:45
Harrison, Louise V10:87
Harrison, Mae V7:24
Harrison, Mary M. V9:8, V10:36
Harrison, Peter 1981#4:8, 1982#8:6
Harrison, Rose C. Mrs. V9:92
Harrison, S.B. V9:92
Harrison, Samuel V7:6, V10:102
Harrison, Sarah V10:85
Harrison, W.F. V10:38
Harrison, W.J. V10:38
Harrison, W.P. V6:3
Harrison, Wm H. V8:78
Harroun, Anna E. V6:48
Harry, Annie V9:92
Harry, Charles V6:46
Harsh & Loveland V9:11
Harsh, Etta V. V5:98
Harsh, L.H. V8:68
Harsh, Levi V8:69, 72
Harsh, Levi Dr. V7:46
Harsh, Levy Dr. V9:4
Harsh, Mary M. Mrs. V9:4
Harsha, David V6:83
Hart V8:97, V10:99
Hart & Schlessinger V9:10
Hart, Aaron V5:2
Hart, Arthur V10:99
Hart, Ben V7:68
Hart, Benjamin V7:68, V9:11
Hart, Emma J. V10:86
Hart, H. Clay V6:40, 80
Hart, Henry V10:78
Hart, James A. V6:46
Hart, John V6:3
Hart, John D. V6:80
Hart, Mabel M. V6:32
Hart, Margaret V10:99
Hart, Myrtle V10:99
Hart, Richard H. V5:63, 71
Hart, S.I. V6:80, 81
Hart, Stephen H. V5:63
Hart, Stout V7:13, V10:85
Hart, W.F. V6:46, V10:42
Hart, Wm F. V7:15
Hart, Z.E. V6:75
Hart, Z.E. Mrs. V7:16
Hart, Zeph V7:18
Hartenstine, Monti V10:13
Harter, Maude E.M. V6:45
Hartleben, Otto V6:67, V10:41
Hartman, Alice V6:87
Hartman, Bernardina Mrs. V7:15
Hartman, Chas. V10:85
Hartman, Dora V10:85
Hartman, E.M. Mrs. V7:33
Hartman, Edgar Allen V8:19
Hartman, Edward R. V6:23
Hartman, G.H. V6:70
Hartman, Gordan A. V6:26
Hartman, Gordan A. Mrs. V6:26
Hartman, Henry V9:49
Hartman, Jane M. V7:19
Hartman, John G. V7:13
Hartman, Kate V10:86
Hartman, Margaret V10:41
Hartman, Margaret L. V10:41
Hartman, Mr. V7:81
Hartman, Mrs. V7:81
Hartman, P. Mrs. V7:13
Hartman, Phillip V10:41
Hartman, Robert N. Prof. 1984#15:18
Hartman, Ruth Mrs. V10:40
Hartmann, F. Dr. V6:67
Hartnagle V7:2
Hartneer, Elmer V8:107
Hartneer, Elsie V8:107
Hartner, Venetia V8:106
Hartsel, Joseph V8:18
Hartshorn, Dana V10:87
Hartwell, Alice J. V10:42
Hartwell, Mrs. V7:13
Hartz, J.A. Mr. V7:81
Hartz, J.A. Mrs. V7:81
Hartzel, J.G. V5:32
Hartzel, James V9:98
Hartzell V9:11
Hartzell & Matthews V7:35
Hartzell, Abraham 1984#16:20, 25
Hartzell, Abraham Mrs. 1984#16:20
Hartzell, C.K. V5:88
Hartzell, Frank A. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:6
Hartzell, H.L. V7:35
Hartzell, Ham V10:42
Hartzell, J.G. 1984#15:18
Hartzell, James V7:81
Hartzell, James G. V5:8
Hartzell, James Mrs. V7:81
Hartzell, Lester J. V10:93
Harvak, Charles V6:76
Harvak, J.J. V6:76
Harvak, Jacob V6:76
Harvak, S.E. V6:76
Harvak, Willie V6:76
Harvat & Mills V6:71
Harvat, Clara V6:100
Harvat, Infant V6:82
Harvat, J.J. V6:67, 82
Harvat, Jacob J. V6:84, V10:41
Harvat, Jo V6:70, V7:13
Harvat, Joseph V10:85
Harvat, Olive V6:100
Harvat, Ruth V6:100
Harvat, S.E. Mrs. V6:100
Harvey & Mathews V9:18
Harvey & Wright V8:10
Harvey, Cal V6:3
Harvey, Catherine Mrs. V10:41
Harvey, Charles Thomas 1981#4:7, 8
Harvey, Chris V6:99
Harvey, Frank V10:49
Harvey, Fred V6:100
Harvey, James V6:100
Harvey, James H. V7:17, V10:85
Harvey, James R. 1984#14:19
Harvey, L. Mrs. V6:3
Harvey, Lee V6:46
Harvey, Lucy V7:47
Harvey, M. Mrs. V8:80
Harvey, M.E. V10:34
Harvey, Martin V9:93
Harvey, Mr. V8:10
Harvey, O.B. V8:80
Harvey, O.P. V10:34
Harvey, Richard V7:47, V9:19
Harvey, Thomas V7:47
Harvey, Walter V5:41
Harvey, William V9:96, V10:45, 48
Harvey, William Henry V7:47
Harville, A.J. V10:106
Harville, Alex V10:106
Harville, Jno. V10:105
Harville, L. V10:105
Harville, Lucenda V10:106
Harville, Martha V10:106
Harville, Mary V10:106
Harville, May V10:106
Harvst, Infant Male V6:84
Harvst, J.J. V6:84
Harwood, Rev. V6:26
Hasard, W.J. V10:93
Hasche, F. V6:3
Haskell V8:13
Haskell, Don 1984#14:19
Haskett, Laura V9:96
Haskin, W.S. Mr. V7:81
Haskin, W.S. Mrs. V7:81
Haskins, Garnette L. V9:21
Haskins, Guy H. V10:17
Haskins, Harold W. V9:21
Haskins, J.F. V6:41
Haskins, M.R. V6:65
Haskins, Maud S. V7:24
Haskins, Ollie V10:17
Haskins, P.S. V6:65
Hasler, Della V9:93
Hasmatti, Angelo V7:52
Hass, Samuel 1984#15:18
Hassler, Louis V6:46
Haster, N. V10:99, 100
Hastings V8:107
Hastings, Bessie Anders V10:16
Hastings, Horatio C. 1981#4:8
Hastings, John Major V6:83
Hastings, L.E. Mrs. V5:13
Hastings, Lafayette Eben V5:13
Hastings, Mary A. Mrs. V6:68
Haswell, Lillian V6:82
Haswell, M.F. Miss V10:41
Haswell, Mina V10:86
Haswell, T. V8:69
Haswell, Theo. V10:42
Haswell, W.S. V6:82
Hasworth, W. V9:94
Hatch 1984#14:19
Hatch, Alexander V8:69
Hatch, D.R. V5:32, 38, V8:80
Hatch, D.R. Dr. V5:38
Hatch, Dorus R. V5:38, V6:46
Hatch, Elizabeth V10:96
Hatch, Frankie V10:85
Hatch, Jedenhurn V9:10
Hatch, Prof. V5:38
Hatcher, V.A. Mrs. V6:103
Hatfield, Georgeanna V6:48
Hatfield, Mary J. V6:48
Hathaway Bank V10:46
Hathaway, Arthur V8:50
Hathaway, C.G. V10:46
Hathaway, Eugene Pvt. V8:16
Hathaway, Luke V8:50
Hathaway, Nadine V8:24
Hathaway, Nodene V8:24
Hathaway, Robert V9:45
Hatten, Lovemice V7:25
Haubrigh, Amelia V9:70
Haubrigh, Gertrude Elizabeth V9:70
Haubrigh, Sam V9:70
Haubrigh, Sammie V9:70
Hauchman, B. Miss 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Haugen, Amund 1984#15:18
Haugen, Lars 1984#14:19
Haughawort, Geneiviere V9:92
Haugwitz, Mrs. V8:7
Hauleston, Maggie 1981#4:8, 1982#5:5
Haulman, John A. V6:46
Haulon, William V5:19
Haultman, Aug. V5:10
Haun, William G. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Hauqwitz, John V10:88
Hause, Samuel 1981#3:8, 1981#4:8 V8:13
Haust, Louise V5:44
Havens, Alice M. V10:41
Havens, Charles W. V9:45, 46
Havens, Henry V10:84
Havens, William V6:80
Hawchett, Silas V6:69
Hawes, Benjamin Col. V5:2
Hawk, H.C.S. V10:86
Hawk, S.J. V5:98
Hawke & Nuckolls V9:103
Hawker, Mary V10:86
Hawkersmith, Helen 1984#14:19
Hawkes, J.B. V7:12
Hawkett, Wm V7:36
Hawkins & Claghorn V8:50
Hawkins & Cleghorn V10:46
Hawkins, Arcolus C. V6:44
Hawkins, Arculus C. V5:15
Hawkins, Edna Browning 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Hawkins, Ellen 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Hawkins, Laura V6:88
Hawkins, Layfatte 1984#15:18
Hawkins, Lucy V10:48, 51
Hawkins, Thos. V10:83
Hawkins, Tim V6:33
Hawkins, W.R. V10:82
Hawks, Moses V6:99
Hawley V7:73, V9:19, V10:93
Hawley & Manville V9:40
Hawley, A.M. V7:42
Hawley, Alex V10:37
Hawley, E.A. Mrs. V10:41
Hawley, E.J. V10:34
Hawley, Grace V10:88
Hawley, Henry J. V7:47
Hawley, Mable V5:83
Hawley, Mary J. V6:89
Hawley, Mary Judson V6:89
Hawley, May V6:47
Hawley, Mr. V7:81
Hawley, Mrs. V7:81
Hawley, Percy V8:41
Haworth, Jennie 1984#14:19
Haworth, Mary Alice V8:20
Haws, Wilford B. V5:19
Hawse, Josephine V10:50
Hawxhurst, Annie 1984#16:19
Hawxhurst, Emma 1984#16:19
Hay, George V7:81
Hay, George Mrs. V7:81
Hay, John 1984#15:18
Haydel, W.P. V8:73
Hayden, Alan V6:11
Hayden, Allen V6:32
Hayden, C.M. 1984#15:18
Hayden, George W. V10:85
Hayden, Lavinia Jane V5:61
Hayden, Mary B. V6:87
Hayden, Matilda V5:61
Hayden, Nathaniel V5:61
Hayden, Samuel V5:61
Hayden, Viola V10:17
Hayden, William V8:18
Hayer, Nellie V10:16
Hayes 1983#11:8 V6:81
Hayes & Morse V10:45, 46
Hayes, C. 1984#15:18
Hayes, Capt. V9:34
Hayes, Edward Sgt. V8:16
Hayes, Edward W. Capt. V9:32-38
Hayes, Ellen V6:85
Hayes, Geo. 1984#15:12
Hayes, Geo. Mrs. 1984#15:12
Hayes, H.B. V8:68
Hayes, John C. V6:83
Hayes, Lee V10:45, 46
Hayes, Leila Mrs. V6:21
Hayes, N. 1984#15:12
Hayes, Nellie 1984#15:12
Hayes, O.W. V6:46
Hayman, Geo. C. Pvt. V8:16
Haynes, Harold W. V8:23
Haynes, Wilmer V8:23
Hays, Laua V6:46
Hays, Mary V6:80
Hays, Mrs. V5:77
Hays, V. V10:104
Hays, Vincent V10:104
Hays, Wm V7:81
Hays, Wm Mrs. V7:81
Haystead, Albert V9:26
Haystead, Charlotte V9:26
Haystead, Lottie L V9:25, 27
Haystead, Mabel V9:27
Hayt, Belle Mrs. V10:86
Hayward, Carry C. 1981#4:6, 8
Hayward, Charles A. 1984#15:18
Hayward, Chas. V7:42
Hayward, Evelyn Beda 1981#4:8, 1982#8:8
Hayward, James V7:46
Hayward, Lulu V7:64
Hayward, Marie Mrs. V10:9
Hayward, Minnie V5:106
Hayward, R.B. Mrs. V10:9
Hayward, S.B. Mrs. V9:8
Haywood, Bryan Gano V6:46
Haywood, Cora R. V6:46
Haywood, H.D. 1984#15:18
Haywood, Rebecca Mrs. V7:16
Haywood, Wm V7:14, V10:41
Hazelton 1984#16:28
Hazen, Benjamin M. 1981#4:7, 8
Hazlett, Mae V10:15
Hazzard, J. V10:102
Hazzard, Jno. V10:102
Hazzard, Samanthy Jane 1984#14:19
Head, Gladys V10:96
Head, Mr. 1984#15:18
Head, Theodore L. V8:20
Head, W.R. V8:18, 50
Headice, George Mrs. V7:52
Headrick, Patricia Ann V8:21
Heaf, Uriah V10:80
Heaglit, Ella V10:16
Heaglit, Eva B. V10:16
Heald, Clyde 1984#14:19
Heald, Mrs. 1984#15:18
Healey, Nellie V10:86
Healy, Eliza J. V9:72
Healy, John V9:11
Healy, John F. 1981#4:6, 8
Healy, Timothy L. V9:72
Heany, Mary V6:103
Hearn, Jane V10:107
Hearn, Nehemiah V10:107
Heater, A.W. 1984#15:18
Heater, Allen V7:73
Heath, Caroline 1981#3:7, 8
Heath, Hiram V8:13
Heath, Kitty 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Heath, Lillian V8:19
Heath, Lillie V5:83
Heath, Susie 1981#4:7, 8
Heath, W.T. 1984#15:18
Heatley, E.J. V5:32, V9:8
Heatley, E.J. Mr. V7:42, 80
Heatley, E.J. Mrs. V7:81
Heatley, Ed V5:20
Heatley, Edward V6:46
Heavener, Jones V9:8
Hebrew, Sam V10:101
Heck, J.M. V8:50
Heckman, Charles V7:53
Heckman, Chas. Mrs. V7:17
Heckman, J.B. V9:103
Hector, Andy V6:32
Hector, Carl V6:32
Hector, Mrs. V6:32
Hedberg, Alfred V7:18
Hedberg, John P. V6:46
Hedberg, Walter V7:18
Hedblom, C.A. V10:96
Hedburg, Alfred V10:88
Hedburg, Anna Mrs. V7:18
Hedburg, Arthur V7:18
Hedburg, Walter V10:96
Hedderwick, Agnes V10:86
Hedderwick, Alice M. V5:83
Hedderwick, Elizabeth Mrs. V7:14
Hedgas, Minor V9:11
Hedges, A. V10:80
Hedges, Abner V10:80
Hedges, Clark V6:65, 100
Hedges, Fred V7:16, V10:84
Hedges, Wheeler V8:13
Hedibrand, H. V10:106
Hedrickson, Carrie E. V6:22
Heere, Claire Dr. V5:77
Hefferman, Mary Eloise V10:16
Heffner, Anna Mrs. V5:98
Heffner, Michael V5:39
Heiberger, Anton V10:73
Heidenreich, Marjorie I. 1984#16:22, 23
Heikes V10:93
Heil, Julius V7:18
Heilman & Stiles V6:68
Heilman, Herman V7:15
Heinly, Berna V10:90
Heinssen, J.W. V6:46
Heinstreet, Chas. J. V6:46
Heintz, Maud V6:103
Heiny, Henry V10:98
Heisler, John R. V8:13
Heivenor, Jonas V10:48
Heivner, Bird V6:46
Heivner, Dovie V6:22
Heivner, Frank V6:46
Heivner, Jessie V7:76
Heivner, Jonas V9:11
Heizer, William V6:46
Helin, Mr. V8:75
Hellems 1984#13:11
Hellems, James Jr. 1983#10:10
Hellems, Rachel Wright Mrs. 1983#10:10
Heller 1983#11:8
Heller, Mr. V8:75
Heller, Mrs. V8:75
Helm, Paul V7:81
Helm, Paul Mrs. V7:81
Helmbrecht, Henry V6:46
Helms 1984#13:11
Helms, A.S. V7:14
Helms, Frank V6:83
Helms, James Jr. 1983#10:10
Helms, Rachel Wright Mrs. 1983#10:10
Helms, Virgil V10:85
Helps, James 1984#15:12
Hemberger & Dollison V7:33
Hemberger, Joe V7:81
Hemberger, Joe Mrs. V7:81
Hemberger, John V7:81
Hemberger, John H. V7:81
Hemberger, John H. Mrs. V7:81
Hemberger, John Mrs. V7:81
Hemberger, Louis V5:8
Hembleton, G.H. V6:23
Hempsinger, Mary C. Mrs. V6:48
Henchman 1984#15:12
Henchman, Geo. 1984#15:12
Henday, John B. V9:10
Henderliter, Mr. V5:77
Hendershot, Samuel V9:11
Henderson 1981#2:4 V8:96
Henderson Brothers V8:92
Henderson, E. V9:8
Henderson, E.W. V6:41, V9:45, 47
Henderson, Edward W. V7:47
Henderson, Elam V8:94
Henderson, Fannie V6:45
Henderson, Frances V7:49
Henderson, George 1984#15:12
Henderson, H. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Henderson, Isus V7:49
Henderson, James V6:83
Henderson, John H. V7:13
Henderson, L. V8:94, V9:8
Henderson, Mr. V8:104
Henderson, Samuel Sgt. V9:75
Henderson, Thomas V7:81
Henderson, Thomas Mrs. V7:81
Henderson, W. V8:104
Henderson, W.S. V8:104
Henderson, William V8:13, 103-105, V10:12
Henderson, William H. V6:81
Henderstedt, Johanhua F. V5:57
Hendley, F. Mrs. V9:18
Hendley, J. V10:105
Hendly, J. V10:105
Hendricks, Alpheus B. V6:46
Hendricks, Clara V10:86
Hendricks, Cornelia A. V10:41
Hendricks, Cornelius A. V6:36
Hendricks, Martha V8:80
Hendricks, Roy V5:41
Hendricks, Thomas V5:13
Hendricks, W.C. Mr. V7:81
Hendricks, W.C. Mrs. V7:81
Hendricks, William C. V5:13
Hendrickson, Charity C. Mrs. V9:97
Hendrickson, J.G. V9:97, 98
Hendrickson, John G. V5:86, V8:80
Hendrickson, Laura 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Hendrickson, Phyllis P. V8:25
Hendry, Julia V10:42
Henegan, W.P. V5:13
Henges, J. V9:45
Henkel, Theodore V6:46
Henkins, Billie Gene V6:23
Henkins, Mrs. 1984#14:19
Hennessey, Henry V5:41
Hennessy, Mrs. V8:9
Hennessy, P.W. V6:46
Henniger, Kathryn VV10:18
Henningway, Anna V6:85
Henricks, Maud L. V6:45
Henrickson, C.C. V9:8
Henry 1984#13:11
Henry, Bessie V5:24
Henry, Bessie Ann Pugh Mrs. V5:24
Henry, Blossom V9:13
Henry, Bob V5:24
Henry, Charles V6:25, V8:23
Henry, Charles Pierce V6:25
Henry, David 1984#13:11 V5:23
Henry, Dutch V7:83
Henry, Emon V5:59
Henry, Henry B. V6:83
Henry, J.B. V9:103
Henry, J.M. V10:45
Henry, James K. V9:11
Henry, Jane Key Mrs. 1984#13:11
Henry, Katy V9:8
Henry, Margaret Hall Mrs. 1984#13:11 V5:23
Henry, Mary A. Newman Mrs. 1984#13:11
Henry, Mary Ann Newman Mrs. V5:23
Henry, Mary Lou V6:25
Henry, Moses H. 1982#5:4 V5:23
Henry, Moses Hall 1984#13:11 V5:23
Henry, Mrs. V8:23
Henry, Nancy Jane Riggs Mrs. V5:23
Henry, Nancy Jean Mrs. V5:23
Henry, Oren H. V7:46
Henry, Owen V5:106
Henry, R.L. Mrs. V8:20, 23-25
Henry, Retta V8:24
Henry, Rev. V5:24
Henry, Richard Vaughn V6:25
Henry, Robert L. V5:24
Henry, Robert L. Rev. V6:23, 52, V8:19-27
Henry, Robert Lee V5:23
Henry, Robert Lee ‘Bob’ V5:24
Henry, Samuel Elihu V5:23
Henry, Thomas V5:72
Henry, W.C. V9:8
Henry, Washington V6:83
Henry, Washington E. V10:41
Henry, William V10:48
Henry, William J. V5:23
Henschal, John V10:73
Hense, J.H. V9:103
Hense, John H. V9:103
Hensen, Mary V10:15
Henshail, James V6:42
Henshall, James V6:40
Hensi, Alex V10:100
Henson, Henry V8:68, 69
Henty, G.M. V6:99
Henze, George W. Pvt. V8:16
Hepborn, Frank V9:72
Hepborn, Sophia V9:72
Hepburn, Agnes D. V5:85
Hepburn, Charles L. V5:85
Hepburn, Ed B. V10:46
Hepner, Gus V6:83
Hepner, Jacob V6:67
Herber, Englina D. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:6
Herber, Sidney V10:96
Herbert, Frank V6:46
Herbst, George V5:41
Herbst, Jennie V10:40
Herbst, Mary V7:52
Herdic, C.H. 1984#15:18 V9:94
Herdic, Charles H. 1984#15:18 V7:33
Herman, C.G. Mrs. V9:96
Herman, Chas. G. V9:96
Herman, Mattie V8:106
Herman, Otto V8:106
Hermance, Hattie V9:92
Hermann, Martha Caroline V5:98
Herndon, Laura E. V10:16
Herod, Walter V5:41
Heropchak, Lizzie V7:16
Herr, Henry A. V6:46
Herr, Pierce Mr. V7:81
Herr, Pierce Mrs. V7:81
Herrick, Bertha V10:87
Herrick, Blanche V10:87
Herrick, J.M. V10:37
Herrick, J.T. V8:69
Herrick, John T. V6:65, V7:13
Herrick, Sue Mary V8:25
Herring, Horatio G. V8:29
Herrmann & Rathmaun V7:42
Herrmann, Emma V9:96
Herrod, E. 1984#15:18
Herrod, Elzey 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Herrod, M. V7:34
Herrod, Mabel V5:35
Hersman, Chas. V10:85
Herst, Phyllis C. V10:74
Hertel, Luther V7:81
Hertel, Luther Mrs. V7:81
Herter, Agatha V6:21
Herwarth, R.J. V10:86
Herzman, August 1984#14:19
Herzman, Hilda 1984#14:19
Hesel, Andy V8:13
Hesener, Tillie Mrs. V6:102
Heslip, Charlotte T. V5:69
Heslip, John W. V5:67
Heslip, John W. Rev. V5:69
Hespler, Alfred Amelius 1981#4:8
Hespler, Alfred Amerlius 1981#3:9
Hess, A.L. 1984#16:20
Hess, Abraham L. V5:8, V7:46, V9:11
Hess, Jesse R. 1984#16:22
Hess, Mary S. V9:8
Hess, S. 1984#15:12 V7:34
Hess, Sadie M. 1984#16:23
Hess, Sam V7:73
Hess, Samuel 1984#15:18, 1984#16:22, 23 V5:20
Hess, Samuel A. V5:15
Hess, Vernie 1984#16:22, 23
Hessel, Andrew 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Hessel, Andrew V7:42, V9:8
Hessell, Andy V7:81
Hessell, Andy Mrs. V7:81
Hesser, Abe V10:86
Hester V10:63
Hester, Lorenzo V6:46
Hester, Martha 1984#15:12
Hester, Martha J. 1984#15:12
Hesterberg, Arthur V10:97
Hetcher, Nancy V9:93
Hett, Jennie VV10:18
Hetzel, Daniel V6:46
Heubner 1984#14:19
Heubner, Gertrude 1984#14:19
Heubner, Joe 1984#14:19
Heueisen, Winnie V10:16
Heuer, C.H. V9:19
Heuggi, Henry V6:46
Heup, Uriah V10:80
Heutschel, Herman V6:46
Hewener, Jonas V10:48
Hewes, George V9:49
Hewett, H.H. Dr. V6:100
Hewison, Annie V6:22
Hewitt, H.H. Dr. V10:42
Hewitt, Jack V7:52
Hewitt, William V10:49
Hewittson, A.F. V5:99
Heyer, Frank George V9:95
Heywood, Wm V6:76
Hiatt, Parlia A. V8:108
Hibbard, Cornelia Mrs. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:6
Hice, Martha A. 1981#3:9, 1981#4:8
Hickey, John V9:21
Hickey, Mary A. Mrs. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Hickman, Dr. V7:83
Hickman, Gertrude V10:85
Hickman, J.B. V6:41
Hickman, Kate V10:85
Hickman, Mary V6:84
Hickman, Percivel H. V5:82
Hickman, Sam V7:17
Hickman, W.B. V6:41
Hickmott, Anna V10:84
Hickox, Charles V6:46
Hicks & Whitford V9:18
Hicks Ranch V8:3
Hicks, C.D. V9:39, 45, 46, 48
Hicks, Daniel V6:80
Hicks, E. V7:42
Hicks, Earl 1984#14:19
Hicks, Earl Mrs. 1984#14:19
Hicks, Emily V10:84
Hicks, Ernest V6:46, V7:81
Hicks, Ernest Mrs. V7:81
Hicks, Ernie V10:63
Hicks, H.A. V6:46
Hicks, James V8:7
Hicks, James Monroe V6:10, 32
Hicks, James R. V9:18
Hicks, Jane V10:42
Hicks, Joseph J. V9:69
Hicks, Lillian 1984#14:19
Hicks, Lizzie 1981#4:8, 1982#5:6 V5:57
Hicks, M.S. V6:10, 32, V7:17, V10:85
Hicks, Marion Mrs. 1981#4:7, 8
Hicks, Mary Mrs. V10:41
Hicks, Richard V8:7
Hicks, Richard J. V8:9
Hicks, S.R. V9:45
Hicks, Samuel V9:47
Hicks, Thomas V9:71
Hicks, William Thomas V9:71
Hickson, Agnes E. V8:22
Higby & Schaffer V9:11
Higby, Anna Mrs. V10:41
Higby, Chester A. V7:18, V10:41
Higby, George B. 1981#4:7, 8
Higgins, Addie E. V7:51
Higgins, Alfred H. V6:46
Higgins, E.L. V6:46
Higgins, Fred G. V9:52
Higgins, Guy V10:76
Higgins, Hortense Mrs. V10:87
Higgins, J. Mr. V5:20
Higgins, J.A. V9:8
Higgins, John V7:17, V10:86
Higgins, Kate 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Higgins, Mary V6:47
Higgins, Myra A. Mrs. V9:52
Higgins, Sarah V7:24
Higgins, Sarah Miss V5:20
Higginson, A. V9:8
Higginson, J. V9:8
Higginson, Jonathan 1981#4:8, 1982#8:8
High, J.M. V9:45
Highland, J.L. V5:66
Highland, J.L. Mrs. V5:66
Highland, Larry J. V5:66
Highland, Larry J. Mrs. V5:66
Highland, Lonnie V5:66
Highland, Lydia Mrs. V6:24
Highland, Marlin V5:66
Highland, Tammy Kay V5:66
Hight, George B. V10:42
Hight, Guy V10:17
Hight, N.T. V10:80
Higins, Charley 1984#14:19
Higley, Stephen L. V5:8
Hikes, Edward Jones 1984#13:11
Hikes, Pauline Kellar Mrs. 1984#13:11
Hildebrand, F. V9:8
Hildebrand, H. V10:106
Hildebrand, I.H. Mrs. V6:99
Hildebrand, Ike H. V6:67
Hildebrand, Rose V10:88
Hilderbrand 1984#14:19
Hilger, Maggie V6:86
Hilken, Mary V6:21
Hill 1984#13:11
Hill, Aaron V6:46
Hill, Alice Polk V8:44
Hill, Bert V7:73
Hill, Bert A. V10:48
Hill, Blanche 1981#4:8
Hill, Charles V7:18, V8:78
Hill, Chas. D. V10:48
Hill, Demetrius V7:15, V8:35
Hill, Elijah V9:45, 46
Hill, Emma Mrs. V10:17
Hill, F. V6:3
Hill, Francis M. V10:41
Hill, G.C. V6:46
Hill, George V5:37, V6:46
Hill, George H. V9:63
Hill, H. 1984#15:12
Hill, H.W. V6:41
Hill, Hattie V8:18
Hill, Henry Pvt. V9:38
Hill, Henry W. V6:100
Hill, Isadora Luella V6:21
Hill, J.L. Mr. V7:81
Hill, J.L. Mrs. V7:81
Hill, J.S. V5:88, V9:8
Hill, James Gilbert V8:19
Hill, John V9:93
Hill, John S. V5:88
Hill, L.C. V10:37
Hill, Louis C. 1984#15:18 V7:81
Hill, Louis C. Mrs. V7:81
Hill, Mamie V6:34
Hill, Martha Watson 1983#9:10
Hill, Muriel V10:88
Hill, N.P. V5:32, V9:45
Hill, Nathaniel P. V7:47, V8:44, 69, V9:49
Hill, Nathaniel P. Mrs. V8:44
Hill, Prof. V9:43
Hill, W.H. V6:41, V10:40
Hill, W.R. 1984#14:19 V8:77
Hill, Wm Geo. V6:24
Hill, Wm H. V6:41
Hillam, H. V6:46
Hillard, W.W. V10:85
Hiller, Isabella 1981#4:8
Hiller, Lillie Mrs. V7:51
Hillman, John E. V6:23
Hills, William 1984#15:12
Hilt, Laura V5:58
Hiltabiddle, Cyrus V6:79
Hiltibiddle, Cyrus V6:41, 80
Hilton, Al V7:14
Hilton, Frances Tisdale V5:68
Hilton, H.S. V6:75
Hilton, H.S. Mrs. V6:99
Hilton, Henry V6:46
Hilton, J.W. V9:74
Hiltz, Charles L. V10:88
Hiltz, George V7:17
Himburg, Harry J. V10:19
Himmler, Sophia V6:22
Hinchman, George 1984#15:18
Hindry, J.B. V9:8
Hinds, John V7:15, V8:35
Hinds, Mary V8:80
Hinds, Mrs. V5:38
Hinds, Nellie V10:85
Hine, Amelia A. V10:16
Hines, A.B. V10:34
Hines, Betty Jean V8:20
Hines, Christianna Mrs., 1984#15:18
Hines, Dora V5:99
Hines, Frank V7:81
Hines, Frank D. V6:46, V7:81, V8:80
Hines, Frank D. Mrs. V7:81
Hines, Frank Mrs. V7:81
Hines, Harry V6:46, V8:78
Hines, Harry Mrs. V8:78
Hines, J.J. V7:42, V8:73
Hines, John V9:11
Hines, Marguerite 1984#14:19
Hines, Myrtle C. V7:50
Hines, Rosa V10:100
Hining, Clara L. V6:87
Hinkson, F.F. V6:46
Hinsdale, A.O. V10:87
Hinton, Roy Mr. V7:81
Hinton, Roy Mrs. V7:81
Hitchcock & Nicholls V9:48
Hitchcock, Emily V9:6
Hitchcock, Henry V5:77
Hitchcock, Mary L. V6:102
Hitchcox, D.M. V5:8
Hite, Ben F. V9:95
Hite, G.J. V6:80
Hite, John G. V6:79
Hite, Martha A. V7:52
Hitzler, Alexander V10:68
Hively V8:107
Hixson, Jessie J. V8:19
Hoag 1983#10:6
Hoag, I. V10:36
Hoag, J. V10:36
Hoag, S. V10:80
Hoag, Simon V10:80
Hoagland, Benjamin V5:15
Hoagland, Chas. V7:81
Hoagland, Chas. B. V6:46
Hoagland, Chas. Mrs. V7:81
Hoagland, Christa V5:72
Hoagland, Christie S. V6:45
Hoagland, Eunice V5:13
Hoagland, J.A. V5:105, V8:80, V9:8
Hoagland, J.A. Mr. V7:81
Hoagland, J.A. Mrs. V7:81, 82
Hoagland, John A. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7 V5:32, V7:46, 73, 82, V8:80
Hoagland, John A. Mrs. V7:82
Hoagland, John H. V7:74
Hoagland, Thomas Logan V5:13
Hoagland, Tom V7:73
Hoakonson, Pete Mrs. V7:82
Hoakonson, Peter V7:81, 82
Hoar, A.J. Mr. 1981#3:7, 1981#4:8 V7:82
Hoar, A.J. Mrs. V7:82
Hoard, George Rev. V7:52
Hobbs, County Commissioner V8:78
Hobbs, John V7:82
Hobbs, John M. V10:73
Hobbs, John Mrs. V7:82
Hobbs, Joshua V6:40
Hobbs, Ralph V10:18
Hobbs, W. V7:7
Hobbs, William V6:80
Hobbs, Wm V7:14
Hobeck, Mary V6:22
Hoberson, Filmore V6:41
Hobock, J.S. V10:100
Hobson, C.B. V9:6
Hobson, Charles V7:82
Hobson, Charles M. V6:46
Hobson, Charles Mrs. V7:82
Hobson, Chas. B. V7:82
Hobson, Chas. B. Mrs. V7:82
Hobson, John V7:82
Hobson, John Mrs. V7:82
Hobson, M.B. 1984#15:12, 18 V5:10, 32, V9:6
Hobson, M.B. Mr. V7:34, 35, 82
Hobson, M.B. Mrs. V7:82
Hobson, May Mrs. V6:23
Hobson, Will V7:82
Hobson, Will Mrs. V7:82
Hobson, William V5:8, 13, V9:6
Hobson, William B. V5:13
Hochstedler, J. Lloyd Jr. V6:10
Hockersmith, J.D. V8:77
Hockett, Eva V6:102
Hockett, Thomas V7:36
Hockett, Wm V7:36
Hocking Gary V7:73
Hocking, Clyde V7:73
Hocking, F.C. Mrs. V5:84
Hocking, George V5:72
Hocking, Joe 1984#14:19
Hocking, John V8:8
Hocking, Joseph V9:18
Hocking, Richard V5:74
Hocking, Simon V7:35, V9:6
Hocking, William H. V6:46
Hockstedler, Sonny V6:32
Hodd, William R. V6:67
Hodge, S. V10:80
Hodge, Simon V10:80
Hodge, Wm V10:106
Hodgeman, J.L. Dr. V10:84
Hodges & Welch V5:32
Hodges, Ellen 1981#4:6, 8
Hodges, Eva V5:77
Hodges, Wm V10:106
Hodgman, J.L. V6:67
Hodgman, Margaret A. Mrs. V10:84
Hodgson, Albert V10:96
Hodgson, Alice 1984#14:19
Hodgson, Elizabeth V6:88
Hodgson, J.H. V9:8
Hodgson, Robert 1984#14:19
Hodgson, Thomas V6:100
Hodgson, Wm V9:8
Hoelzgen, Joseph V6:46, V10:26
Hoelzgen, Martha V10:26
Hoery, F. V6:3
Hoery, L. Mrs. V7:18
Hoff, C.R. V6:46
Hoff, Charles Edwin V8:23
Hoff, Julia 1981#4:7, 8
Hoffer, Russell W. V8:22
Hoffman, Alice V10:41
Hoffman, Elsie M. V6:11
Hoffman, Grace V7:19
Hoffman, Harry E. V9:25
Hoffman, Jacquelin M. V8:21
Hoffman, John A. V7:19
Hoffman, Louis V7:19
Hoffman, Margaret L. V9:94
Hoffman, Oscar V7:17
Hoffman, Sophie C. V7:19
Hoffman, William V7:19
Hoffmeister, C. 1984#15:12
Hofmeister, Casper V9:6
Hogan, Amund 1984#15:18
Hogan, B.L. V9:93
Hogan, Frances V7:2, 5
Hogan, George V7:2
Hogan, James V5:41
Hogan, John T. V7:3
Hogan, Nathaniel V6:82
Hogan, Rolla V7:17
Hogbin, Wayne A. V10:16
Hogen, Nellie V9:96
Hoger, Hanna V6:103
Hogg, James H. V6:46
Hoglund, Dan V6:100
Hoglund, Matilda Mrs. V7:16
Hokanson, Emma V7:75
Holbert, Elizabeth 1984#14:23
Holbrook, D.R. V7:14
Holbrook, Edward V7:16
Holbrook, Elmer V7:18
Holbrook, Preston V9:18
Holbrook, Wm V7:16
Holcen, Martha Ellen Mrs. V6:26
Holcomb, E. V6:70
Holcomb, Grace 1984#14:19
Holcomb, Jennie 1984#14:19
Holcomb, Walter V9:11
Holcomb, William 1984#14:19
Holcombe, E. V6:99
Holcombe, Edwin V7:16
Holcombe, Henry V10:86, 88
Holcombe, Henry Mrs. V7:17
Holcombe, John V10:86
Holcombe, Mamie M. V10:97
Holcombe, William V6:99
Holdberg, Oscar V6:3
Holden, George 1984#15:18
Holden, Helen Marie V8:24
Holden, S.A. V10:45, 46
Holden, Sarah V10:85
Holden, Wanda V8:23
Holdenborg, Maria D. V9:95
Holder, R. V9:8
Holdridge, H. V5:38
Holds, Alice V9:69
Holds, Alice Winifred V9:69
Holds, Birdie V9:69
Holds, Joseph V9:69
Holdt, Dora Van V10:15
Holladay, Ben V8:80
Holland V8:96
Holland, Bertha V8:107
Holland, Dr. V6:84
Holland, E.F. V6:81, V8:68
Holland, E.F. Dr. V6:80
Holland, Ella V8:107
Holland, Kate V8:107
Holland, Mary V8:107
Holland, Patrick V7:14
Holland, Peter V6:46
Hollans, M.J. Mrs. V6:47
Hollaus, F. Mr. V7:82
Hollaus, F. Mrs. V7:82
Hollembeck, Henry E. V10:84
Holley, C.S. 1984#15:18 V7:35, V8:92
Holley, Cecil S. V8:95
Holley, Cyril V8:106
Holley, Cyrus V8:106
Holley, Laura A. V10:42
Holley, Ledyard Byron 1984#15:24
Holley, Mary Amanda Haines Mrs. 1984#15:24
Holliday V8:44
Hollingshead, Charles V10:84
Hollingsworth, C.E. V5:19
Hollingsworth, E.D. Mrs. V7:52
Hollingsworth, Frank V7:82
Hollingsworth, Frank Mrs. V7:82
Hollingsworth, Frankie V5:84
Hollingsworth, Grace V5:81
Hollingsworth, Henrietta V6:32
Hollingsworth, Henrietta M. V6:11
Hollingsworth, William V5:86
Hollis, Dennis V8:25
Hollis, Don D. V10:94
Hollis, Dorothy Mrs. V8:25
Hollister V8:32
Hollister, O.J. V6:40, V8:69
Holloway, A.M. V6:46
Holly V8:97, 107
Holly, Charles F. V7:68
Holly, Francis M. V8:13
Holly, James M. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Holly, Mary V6:85
Holly, Mr. V8:6
Holly, William V8:94
Holm, Daniel V10:50
Holm, Emma V10:50
Holm, Mrs. V8:75
Holm, Nelson C. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Holman, Elizabeth Mrs. V7:75
Holman, Jonathan Col. V5:2
Holman, Joseph W. V7:47
Holmberg, John A. V6:46
Holmes, A. V8:80
Holmes, Andrew V9:8
Holmes, Benjamin V9:45-47
Holmes, Dick V10:49
Holmes, E. V6:69
Holmes, Geo. W. V10:40
Holmes, Jane 1984#16:25
Holmes, Josie A. V10:41
Holmes, Luan L. V10:18
Holmes, Ruby L. V5:99
Holmes, S.B. V10:42
Holmes, William V5:66
Holms, Virgil V7:14
Holstein, George B. V9:45, 47
Holstein, Lynn 1984#16:22, 23
Holt, Johnson 1984#16:16
Holt, Merrill V10:88
Holt, Morrill V7:52
Holten, Sarah J. V6:102
Holtmann, August Mr. V7:82
Holtmann, August Mrs. V7:82
Holton, Beulah A. V5:84
Holton, J.L. V6:46
Holtry, Julia M. V10:42
Holts, Willliam Harvey V6:46
Holvey, H. V6:3
Honebein, Baby V6:25
Honeychurch, Chas. V6:99
Honeycutt, Laura V8:35
Honeywell, J.J. V5:10
Hong, Alfred W. V6:100
Honnecke, Jerry V10:17
Honnegan, H.E. Miss 1981#4:8, 1982#8:6
Honnes, Mathias 1981#4:8
Honness, Mathias 1981#4:8
Honston, Martha V9:94
Honus, Mabel V8:107
Hood, Charles V6:46, V7:14
Hood, Charles Mrs. V7:15
Hood, Chas. W. V10:86
Hood, Clara G. Mrs. V5:12
Hood, Frank V6:76
Hood, Frank J. V7:14, V10:85
Hood, George V7:17
Hood, George D. V7:16, V10:86
Hood, George D. Mrs. V7:13
Hood, Joseph Cleveland V5:12
Hood, Kate V10:85
Hood, Lucile V7:14
Hood, Mary V6:99
Hood, Mary M. V10:40
Hood, Norman V7:13
Hood, Orum G. V6:84
Hood, Reba V10:96
Hood, Rebecca Mrs. V7:14
Hood, Thomas H. V5:71
Hood, Will C. V10:96
Hood, William B. V6:35, 84, 100
Hood, William C. V6:99, V10:84
Hook, C.H. V10:42
Hook, Mrs. V10:85
Hooker, S.S. V10:38
Hooley, Annie V6:10
Hooley, Baby V6:10, 32
Hooley, D.J. V6:10
Hooley, D.J. Mrs. V7:52
Hooley, Daniel J. V6:11, V10:85
Hooley, John Colburn V6:32
Hooley, John Corburn V6:10
Hooley, Mary B. V6:11
Hoolihan, Mamie V9:94
Hoop, G.F. V6:70
Hooper 1984#14:19
Hooper, A.W. 1984#15:18
Hooper, Cara E. V8:35
Hooper, Cora A. V8:85
Hooper, Dr. V7:7
Hooper, Elizabeth V9:72
Hooper, George V6:79
Hooper, George L. V9:72
Hooper, Hypatia 1984#14:19
Hooper, James K. V10:50
Hooper, Lydia Miss V5:75
Hooper, Mary V7:7
Hooper, Minnie 1984#15:18
Hooper, Mrs. V8:73
Hooper, T.J. Rev. V8:85
Hooper, Thomas V7:47, V9:72
Hoopes, Horace Guy V9:41
Hoopes, William V6:47
Hooton, Minnie Mrs. V10:15
Hoover, John W. V8:13
Hoover, Mrs. V10:46
Hope, Henry V8:94
Hopkins 1984#13:11, 1984#16:26, 27
Hopkins, Anna V8:108
Hopkins, Annie 1983#9:11
Hopkins, B. Mrs. V7:13
Hopkins, Berry 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Berry Farley 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Charlie 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Clara 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Hopkins, Dennis Willis 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Ella Mrs. V10:88
Hopkins, Elnora A. McElroy Mrs. 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Hampton 1984#16:26
Hopkins, Henry V10:14
Hopkins, Ida V10:14
Hopkins, Ira K. Mr. V7:82
Hopkins, Ira K. Mrs. V7:82
Hopkins, Jack 1983#9:11
Hopkins, James C. V6:84
Hopkins, Jemima V6:95
Hopkins, Josie V10:41
Hopkins, Martha 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Hopkins, Mrs. V8:20
Hopkins, Pearl V10:18
Hopkins, Roy 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Ruby 1983#9:11
Hopkins, W.W. V5:107
Hopkins, Walter 1983#9:11
Hopkins, Wiley 1984#16:26
Hopkins, Willie 1983#9:11
Hopper, Chester 1984#14:19
Hopperstad, Joseph ‘Joe’ J. 1984#16:23
Hopperstad, Joseph J. 1984#16:22
Hopperstad, Lillian C. 1984#16:22, 23
Hopperstad, Ralph C. 1984#16:23
Hopperstad, Ralph S. 1984#16:22
Hoppes, Henrietta V9:41
Hoppes, Horace Guy V9:41
Hoppes, Samuel Waddy V9:41
Hoppes, Samuel Yerkes V9:41
Hoppes, William Purdue V9:41
Hopping, Charles V7:6, V9:103
Hopping, Charlie H. V7:102
Hopple, J.A.  Dr. V7:34
Hoppner, Kate 1981#4:8, 1982#5:6
Hopson, Geo. T. V10:5
Horaell, C. V8:104
Horan, W.P. 1984#15:18
Hord, Spencer V6:47
Horenberger, John V6:47
Horn & Derickson V6:68
Horn, Allen J. V9:96
Horn, Arthur V5:77
Horn, Mrs. V6:3
Horn, Prudence V7:26
Horn, Roderick W. V10:87
Horn, Roy E. V8:23
Horn, Thomas V7:15
Horn, W.F. V6:68, 70
Horne, Mary H. V10:88
Horner, C.C. V9:8
Horner, Isaac V7:68
Horney, James S. V6:47
Horning, Anna Poorman Mrs. 1984#14:23
Horning, E.K. V6:67
Horning, H.K. V6:67
Horning, Josiah 1984#14:23
Horseman, A.H.J. V6:4
Horseman, Georgia L. V6:4
Horsman, Jesse G. V6:47
Horst, Phyllis V6:97
Horstman, Genevieve Mrs. V6:4
Horstmann Brothers V6:6
Horstmann, August V6:5
Horstmann, August Henry John Jr. V6:6
Horstmann, August L. V6:2
Horstmann, Genevieve Mrs. V6:2, 6
Horstmann, George Chapman V6:6
Horstmann, Georgia L. Chapman V6:2
Horstmann, Gertrude Mrs. V6:6
Horstmann, Lorraine Mrs. V6:6
Horstmann, Millie ‘Amelia’ V6:6
Horstmann, William A. ‘Bill or Dot’ V6:6
Horton 1981#3:4
Horton, Lorene 1984#14:19
Horton, Maggie Mrs. V7:51
Horton, N. V6:68
Horton, Norman S. V6:47
Horton, Robert A. V5:19
Horton, S.S. V6:67, 75, V10:42
Horton, Stephen S. V6:99
Hoskins, Elizabeth V8:41
Hoskins, Eloise V10:87
Hoskins, James V6:100, V10:41
Hoskins, Margaret Mrs. V7:13
Hoskinson, Anna V5:102
Hoskinson, Josiah V5:102
Hoskinson, Margaret Summers Mrs. V5:102
Hoskius, Eloise V10:87
Hosmer, Harriet V9:13
Hosmer, Sybil V9:13
Hostrainser, E. Mrs. V9:18
Hotaling, Donna Reid V5:22
Hotchkiss, Eunice A. V5:66
Hotchkiss, Eunice Alice V5:66
Hotter Family 1984#15:12
Hotter, Mary 1984#15:12
Hotter, Mrs. 1984#15:12
Houck, E.F. V8:17
Houghtoling, William J. 1981#4:8, 9
Houghton V5:2
Houghton, Ella G. V6:103
Houghton, Jonathon V5:2
Houghton, Josephine 1981#4:8
Houghton, Josephine S. 1982#8:6
Houghton, Rufus V5:2
Houghton, Rufus Mrs. V5:2
Houghton, Sarah J. 1981#4:6, 8
Houghton, T.A. V10:45
Houghton, Thankfull V5:2
Houschildt, Charles V8:22
House, Eva E. V6:46
House, J.B. Lieut. V6:84
House, J.G. V10:37
House, S.G. V10:37
Househalter, August Mr. V7:82
Househalter, August Mrs. V7:82
Housen, Albert V7:14
Housen, Herman Mrs. V7:14
Housen, Louella V10:86
Housley, Bettie V10:84
Housman, Mrs. V6:23
Houts, F.E. V6:47
How, Samuel 1984#16:16
Howard V8:97
Howard & Gallac V5:77
Howard, A.C. V5:88, V9:8
Howard, A.C. Mr. V7:82
Howard, A.C. Mrs. V7:82
Howard, A.L. V6:47
Howard, Ashley C. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Howard, C.E. V6:69
Howard, Charles E. V6:47
Howard, Chas. V9:93
Howard, David V10:42
Howard, David L. V7:17
Howard, Earnist V8:38, 39
Howard, Ernest E. V5:40
Howard, H.B. V6:70
Howard, Ida V6:82
Howard, J.F. V6:47
Howard, J.M. V8:38
Howard, James C. V10:88
Howard, John A. V6:47
Howard, John M. V7:52
Howard, L.V. Dr. V7:18
Howard, Louisa S. Mrs. V7:50
Howard, M. V6:69, V9:19
Howard, Mary V8:107
Howard, Michael V6:35, V10:41
Howard, Norman R. V6:79
Howard, Oliver V5:106
Howard, Roy V5:41
Howard, Samuel 1984#15:18
Howard, Susie V10:85
Howard, Thomas V7:52, V8:38, 39
Howard, W.E. 1984#15:18
Howarth, William V6:80
Howat, Andrew M. V10:94
Howbridge, Samuel V10:40
Howe 1984#16:13
Howe & Miner V6:39
Howe, Alice Fifield V7:41
Howe, Annette V10:41
Howe, Arvilla M. 1984#16:16
Howe, Dorothy Ella V7:41
Howe, E.W. V9:11
Howe, Ed W. V8:80
Howe, F.Y. V6:80
Howe, Harvey Grethem V7:41, V10:110
Howe, Jennie V7:51
Howe, John 1981#4:8, 1982#8:6
Howe, Kenneth Harvey V7:41
Howe, L. Dr. V6:68
Howe, Samuel 1984#16:16
Howe, William V8:13
Howel, Case V5:77
Howell, Dorothy V7:48
Howell, Ed G. V6:47
Howell, Edwin V9:95
Howell, Gilbert Franklin V8:20
Howell, John V5:77
Howell, Julia C. V6:103
Howell, Levi V8:13
Howell, Lucretia C. 1981#4:6, 8
Howell, Mabel V9:95
Howell, Margaret V7:48
Howell, Samuel R. V6:82
Howells, Margaret V7:48
Howkersmith, J.D. 1984#14:19
Howland, Fannie V6:21
Howland, John 1984#16:13 V7:2
Howleet, J. V10:13
Howlett, James 1981#4:8, 1982#5:6 V8:94
Howlett, Johanna 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Howlett, John V7:82, V9:11
Howlett, John Mrs. V7:82
Howlett, Michal V9:11
Howlett, Sarah Mrs. 1981#4:8
Howlett, Thomas 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Howlett, Thos. V9:8
Howlett, W.J. Rev. V8:44
Howley, E.J. V10:34
Howmar, Douglas V10:66, 67
Howsam, Louise V10:18
Hoyle, E.B. Mrs. V9:8
Hoyle, Eva B. V6:11, 32
Hoyle, Jack V6:32
Hoyle, Madge V6:33
Hoyle, S. V6:11
Hoyle, Stephen Zenas 1981#3:8, 1981#4:8
Hoyle, Steve Mrs. V6:33
Hoyle, Steven V7:82
Hoyle, Steven Mrs. V7:82
Hoyt, C.P. V5:39
Hoyt, C.P. Mr. V7:82
Hoyt, C.P. Mrs. V7:82, V9:98
Hoyt, Clarence P. V7:73
Hoyt, D.T. V8:13
Hoyt, George F. V7:82
Hoyt, George F. Mrs. V7:82
Hoyt, Gus Mr. V5:77
Hoyt, Ida R. V9:8
Hoyt, T.E. V5:32, V10:48
Hoyte, Earl V9:96
Hoyth, N. Hamilton 1981#4:8, 1982#8:7
Hskins, William V7:68
Huba, John V6:47
Hubbard, Hattie E. 1981#4:7, 8
Hubbard, Henry B. 1984#16:16
Hubbard, J. V10:81
Hubbard, James E. V6:80
Hubbard, Jno. V10:81
Hubbard, Mrs. V7:82
Hubbard, Prof. V7:82
Hubbard, Thomas V9:23
Huber & Krauth V9:19
Huber, B. V10:76
Huber, C.C. V6:41, 80
Huber, Carl A. Jr. V8:19
Huber, F.W. V10:76
Huber, G.J. V5:13
Huber, Jno. G. V5:35
Huber, John George V5:8
Huber, Lena V6:86
Huberty, Matt V7:15
Hubingner, George M. V9:94
Hucher, C. 1984#15:12
Hudddleston, S.F. V8:69
Huddleston & Givins V9:11
Huddleston, Martha A. 1981#4:7, 8
Hudge, William V10:48
Hudley, Walter C. V7:13
Hudnall V5:9
Hudnall, Richard C. V5:9
Hudson, Joseph V9:93
Hudson, Peter B. 1984#15:24
Hudtson, Ethel 1984#14:19
Hudtson, Ranulph Dr. 1984#14:19
Hudtson, Ranulph Jr. 1984#14:19
Huebner 1984#14:19
Huebner, Ben 1984#14:19
Huebner, C.M. 1984#14:19
Huebner, Clara 1984#14:19
Huebner, Gertrude 1984#14:19
Huebner, Joseph 1984#14:19 V8:77
Huebner, Mark 1984#14:19
Huebner, Mrs. 1984#14:19
Huesman, Henry V5:32
Hueston, Maurie V7:25
Huet, Fred V8:7, 8
Huff, Bonnie A. V8:20
Huff, Henry N. 1984#15:18
Huff, James C. V6:80
Huff, Roy 1984#15:18
Huff, S.E. Mrs. V9:19
Huffman, Elizabeth V10:21
Huffmestler, Casper V10:26
Huffnagle, Sydney A. V8:19
Huffsmith, Ed C. V6:47
Hufnagle, Theresa V10:19
Huggans, John V6:26
Huggard, John 1984#15:18
Huggins, Wm V9:8
Hugher, Ed C. V8:44
Hughes V8:92
Hughes, Arthur V6:47
Hughes, Ed C. V9:18, 47, 49
Hughes, Ed E. V9:44
Hughes, Edwin V6:100
Hughes, Ida M. V9:13
Hughes, J.M. V9:92
Hughes, J.N. V9:8
Hughes, John V6:100
Hughes, Lizzie V10:84
Hughes, Mary J. V10:14
Hughes, Robert V6:83
Hughes, Thida V10:84
Hughes, W.T. V6:100
Hughes, Walter V6:47
Hughes, William T. V6:35, 67, V10:41
Hughs, John V7:69, V8:44
Hukill, J.F. V6:80
Hukill, R.C. V10:99
Huldah, J.B. V10:38
Huler, Evelyn C. V8:20
Hulett, Guy M. V9:63
Hulett, Willam Eaton V7:82
Hulett, William Eaton Mrs. V7:82
Hull, Corah V5:84
Hull, Emma V10:42
Hull, Frank V10:42
Hull, George V7:82
Hull, George Mrs. V7:82
Hull, Ida V10:14
Hull, O.L. V10:15
Hull, S. V6:40, 80
Hulston V8:25
Hult, John V9:96
Hultman, A. V9:92
Hultman, A.E. V9:94
Hultman, Aug 1984#15:16 V9:8, 92, 93, 95, 96
Hultman, Aug. Mr. V10:7
Hultman, August 1981#3:8, 1981#4:8, 1984#15:14, 18 V7:34, 82, V9:92
Hultman, August Mrs. V7:82
Hultman, Frank V10:26
Hume 1983#10:6 V8:97
Hume, Albert R. V6:47
Hume, Daniel M. V6:82
Hume, Frank V7:13
Hummel, J.C. V5:38, V8:69
Humphrey, H. V9:18
Humphrey, Hazel 1984#16:20
Humphrey, Horace V9:48
Humphrey, Mr. V6:53
Humphreys, Richard V9:95
Humphries, H. Jr. V9:8
Hunce, Alice V8:107
Hunce, Eleanor V8:107
Hunnicutt & Tate V6:68
Hunnicutt, A.J. V6:71
Hunnicutt, Wm V6:70
Hunnicutt, Wm M. V6:68
Hunt, A.C. V10:98
Hunt, Danl. V10:36
Hunt, Ephriam V6:82
Hunt, Ethel V10:87
Hunt, Ethel Mrs. V10:88
Hunt, Florence M. V8:23
Hunt, Gov. V6:64
Hunt, Grace V8:107
Hunt, Harold V8:107
Hunt, J.R. V6:100
Hunt, Mr. 1984#16:16
Hunt, Ralph V8:107
Hunt, Richard M. V5:3
Hunt, Thomas Capt. V5:2
Hunt, William V7:67, 68
Hunt, Wm Mrs. V6:100
Hunter, August V10:16
Hunter, Elijah V5:36
Hunter, Evelin Mrs. V10:40
Hunter, Freddie V7:20
Hunter, G.L. V9:93
Hunter, George W. V6:79, 80, V7:13
Hunter, George W. Sgt. V8:16
Hunter, J.L. Mr. V5:77
Hunter, J.P. V6:99
Hunter, James V9:45, 47
Hunter, John V. V7:20
Hunter, Joseph O. V10:96
Hunter, Lizzie V10:16
Hunter, Louisa V5:83
Hunter, Lydia V7:13
Hunter, Nathan V10:101
Hunter, Olive G. V7:51
Hunter, R.D. Mrs. V10:88
Hunter, S. V10:82
Hunter, S.D. V6:40
Hunter, Sam V10:37
Hunter, Sam D. V6:42, 64
Hunter, W.A. V6:79, 80
Hunter, Wesley V7:15, V10:40
Hunter, Wesley Mrs. V7:18
Hunter, Wm V6:81
Hunter, Wm C. V10:85
Hunter, Wm Earle Rev. V5:6
Hunter, Wm F. V6:80
Huntginger, Rose V6:21
Huntington, M.G. V7:14
Huntley, Wm V6:83
Huntsman, C.R. V10:3
Huntsman, C.R. Dr. V10:2
Huntzinger, Rose V10:84
Huot, Fred V7:18
Hupper, Elias V9:45, 46
Hurblert, Teresa Amelia V9:41
Hurd, C.H. V10:40
Hurd, Charles R. V6:84
Hurd, Jennie V6:83
Hurd, M.C. Mrs. V10:85
Hurd, Maud V10:87
Hurd, Mrs. V8:7, 8
Hurd, N.S. V5:32, V6:79, 83, V10:40
Hurd, N.S. Mrs. V7:14
Hurd, Nathan S. V6:79, 80
Hurd, Wm V7:15
Hurd-Lemmon, Pearl Mrs. V7:17
Hurlbert, Florence V9:41
Hurlbert, Hiram Enos V9:41
Hurlburt, B.F. V6:83
Hurlburt, Daisy 1984#16:16
Hurlburt, E.W. V9:18
Hurlburt, Ed W. V9:19
Hurlburt, Stephen A. Gen. V7:8
Hurley, Roscoe 1984#15:18
Hurliman, Helen 1984#14:19
Huron, Fred 1984#15:18
Hurst, Alfred V9:8
Hurst, Mary A. 1981#4:8, 1982#8:6
Hurst, O.M. 1984#15:18
Hurst, Serena E. 1981#3:8, 1981#4:8
Hurst, William V9:45
Hurt, John Dr. V6:53
Huscher, Charles V5:38, V9:6
Husches, Charles V6:47
Huselton, G.W. V10:46
Hussey & Warren V9:63
Hussey, Richard 1981#4:8
Hussey, Wm V10:47
Husson, Sam’l. V9:6
Husted, John H. V7:13
Husted, Walter V7:16
Hustin, Earnest V5:40
Hustis, A. V9:45
Huston, Walter V8:44
Hutcheson, Ernest W. V6:25
Hutcheson, H.D. V6:25
Hutching, Fannie V7:75
Hutchings, Lizzie V6:102
Hutchins, William 1984#15:18
Hutchinson & Spruance V6:68
Hutchinson, Alvah V6:76
Hutchinson, Cora V6:87
Hutchinson, Gary V10:49
Hutchinson, I.J. V6:68
Hutchinson, J. V10:81
Hutchinson, James V7:47
Hutchinson, James E. 1984#15:18
Hutchinson, Jas. V10:81
Hutchinson, Joseph V8:69
Hutchinson, Margaret V6:76
Hutchinson, W.N. V6:99
Hutchinson, William V6:76
Hutchinson, William N. V6:79, 80
Hutchison, J. V10:81
Hutchison, Jas. V10:81
Huthman, Michael 1984#15:18
Hutter, Joseph V5:32
Hutton, Wm V6:3
Huy, James M. V9:45
Hyatt, A.L. V9:8
Hyatt, A.L. Mr. V7:82
Hyatt, A.L. Mrs. V7:82
Hyatt, Al V6:47
Hyatt, Arthur L. V7:46
Hyatt, Arthur Lawrence V10:7
Hyatt, E.L. V5:8
Hyatt, Hubert V7:82
Hyatt, Hubert Mrs. V7:82
Hyatt, Laura A. V9:8
Hyatt, Lawrence V7:82
Hyatt, Lawrence Mrs. V7:82
Hyatt, Mary J. V9:96
Hyatte, Frances E. 1981#4:6, 8
Hyde & Miller V10:46
Hyde, Clarence C. V10:15
Hyde, Mary A. V10:87
Hyder, David V10:105
Hyder, Frederick B. V10:94
Hyder, Nancy V10:105
Hyland, Wm V10:106
Hylton V5:25
Hyman, Manie V10:85
Hymes, Florence May V6:47
Hynd, Mary V10:42
Hyndman, M.B. V9:19
Hyndman, W.T. V5:10


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