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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Iss 1-16 & Vol 5-10 : L

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Issues 1-16 and Volumes 5-10 (1981-1990)
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NAME (Last, First) YEAR#ISSUE(s):PAGE(s) VOLUME(s):PAGE(s)
LaBan, Dora V9:96
Labbe V5:100
Labey, David V6:83
LaCavalier, E. Miss 1982#5:5
Lacey, Annie V10:86
Lacey, Annie Mrs. V7:53
Lacey, Frank V6:100, V7:15, V10:87
Lacey, Josephine Mrs. V7:18
Lacey, Maggie V10:87
Lacey, Mary E. V10:88
Lacey, Miss V5:38
Lacey, Rose L. 1982#5:5, 6
Lacey, Thomas V10:88
LaChapelle, Isaac V6:83
LaChapelle, Marion V8:21
Lachy, Maggie V10:85
Lacker, Samuel 1984#15:18
Lackney, Samuel 1984#15:18
Lacy, Minnie 1984#14:19
Lada, Paul V9:94
Ladd V9:71
Ladd, Calimay V6:10
Ladd, Callie May V6:33
Ladd, Charles D. V6:48
Ladd, Eugene Dudley V6:33
Lading, Frederick V9:95
Ladue, Theodore V9:93
Laesch, Fred V7:14, V10:41
Laesch, Walter V10:96
Lafary 1984#13:11
Lafary, Emma Riddle Mrs. 1982#8:5
Lafary, James Smith 1982#8:5
Lafary, John S. 1982#8:5
Lafary, Polly Porter 1982#8:5
LaFehr, Ellen Janine V7:21, 23
LaFehr, Joan Louise V7:21, 23
LaFehr, Thomas Robert V7:21, 23
Laferty, G. V10:81
Laferty, Geo. V10:81
LaFever 1984#13:11
LaFever, George H. V6:99
LaFever, Mary 1981#2:9
Lafferty, G. V10:81
Lafferty, Geo. V10:81
Laffey, Andy V7:17
Laffey, Annie V10:87
Laffey, Bridget Mrs. V7:17
Laffey, Jack V10:88
Laffey, Lizzie V10:88
Laffey, Peter V10:88
Laffey, Viola Mrs. V10:96
LaFher V9:27
LaForest, Thomas J. V5:25
LaFrenz, Barbara V8:107
LaFrenz, John R. V10:17
LaFrenz, Johnnie V8:107
LaFrenz, W.H. V6:48, V9:18
LaFrenz, Wm V8:107
Lager, Richard V7:52
LaGraw, Edward V6:48
LaHaie, Amasa V9:11
Lahair, Amos V7:68
Lahair, Chester V7:68
Lahomider, Moffat V5:42
Laidinger, Barbara V10:77
Laird & Marlow V9:19
Laird, George Morgan V8:44
Laird, Joseph V5:42
Laird, Rae L. V8:44
Lake & Covey V9:8
Lake & Dennis 1984#15:13
Lake & Vivian V7:42
Lake & Wells V10:27
Lake, B.F. V8:69
Lake, Benjamin V8:68
Lake, Bessie V10:85
Lake, C.W. 1984#15:18 V9:94, 98, V8:14, 80, V10:15, 26, 27, 39, 49
Lake, C.W. Mr. V7:104
Lake, C.W. Mrs. V7:104
Lake, Carlos V7:73, 104, V8:80
Lake, Carlos Mrs. V7:104
Lake, Carlos W. V7:74, V9:96, V10:26
Lake, Charles S. 1981#4:7, 1982#5:5
Lake, Charles W. V9:98
Lake, Charlotte V10:3
Lake, Charlotte Mrs. V5:43, V10:2
Lake, Clarence W. V6:48
Lake, Daisy V10:87
Lake, Dora V10:88
Lake, E.F. V5:75
Lake, E.F. Dr. V5:75
Lake, Edith V10:17
Lake, Edna V9:94
Lake, Edna M. V10:15, 19
Lake, Esther Mrs. V5:43
Lake, Fanny V10:86
Lake, Frank C. V9:96
Lake, H.S. V7:17
Lake, H.W. 1984#15:18 V7:42, V9:40, 45
Lake, Harry V8:44
Lake, Henry W. V8:70, 72
Lake, Hulbert V7:68
Lake, J.D. V7:15
Lake, James E. V10:88
Lake, Julia V10:42
Lake, Julia A. V7:6
Lake, Julia Augusta V7:64
Lake, Mr. V8:44
Lake, Ruth V8:41
Lake, Seth V5:43, V8:80, V9:5, 8, V10:2, 3, 5
Lake, Seth Mrs. V10:5
Lakes, Arthur V5:75, V7:104
Lakes, Arthur Mrs. V7:104
Lakes, Arthur Prof. V7:46
LaMar, Charlotte Caroline V7:64
LaMar, John McLennan V7:64
Lamar, T.D. V10:82
Lamb 1984#14:19
Lamb, C.L. Mrs. V6:70
Lamb, Cora Dudley 1984#16:16
Lamb, David Albert 1984#16:16
Lamb, G.E. V6:48
Lamb, Hugh W. V5:19
Lamb, John E. V5:19
Lamb, M.F. V9:93
Lamb, Violetta E. V9:93
Lamberson, Stephen 1984#15:18
Lamberton, Mercy V9:51
Lambing, H.L. V6:48
Lambing, H.L. Mr. V7:104
Lambing, H.L. Mrs. V7:104
Lamertine, Bertha V10:42
Lamm, Hazel V8:41
Lamm, J.W. 1984#15:18
Lamon, B. V7:42
Lamont V8:44
Lamont & Ballard V8:44
Lamont, Ada V6:79, 80, V7:16
Lamont, Charles V10:42
Lamont, Stewart 1982#5:5, 1982#8:6
Lamphe, F.C. V5:40
Lamphere, E. H. V9:8
Lamping V5:85
Lamping, Ira P. 1984#15:18
Lamping, Posey V5:85
Lampleton, Jos. V10:34
Lamps, O.A. V10:94
Lampshire, Alfred J. V10:42
Lampshire, Catherine V10:90
Lampshire, Claseuer C. V8:36
Lampshire, Edda V8:39
Lampshire, Eliza V8:36, 87
Lampshire, Elizabeth V10:41
Lampshire, H.F. V8:38, 39
Lampshire, H.F. Mrs. V8:39
Lampshire, Harry V7:13
Lampshire, Harry F. V8:36
Lampshire, Henrietta V8:39
Lampshire, Henry V8:38, 39, V10:90
Lampshire, Henry F. V6:15, V9:22
Lampshire, John V8:38, 84, 87
Lampshire, Josiah V6:84
Lampshire, Mary V7:17
Lampshire, Mary L. V8:36, V9:22
Lampshire, S.T. V8:87
Lampshire, Samuel V8:38, 87
Lampsire, H.F. V8:40
Lamreaux, Hazel V10:17
Lams, S.H. V9:19
LaMunyan, I.W. V6:69
LaMunyon, Bertrum V6:33
LaMunyon, Dora A. V10:84
LaMunyon, George W. V6:11, 33
LaMunyon, Herbert W. V6:11
Lamunyon, Ira V7:17
LaMunyon, Ira W. V6:11, 33
LaMunyon, James G. V6:11, 33
LaMunyon, Lizzie V. V6:11, 33
LaMunyon, Millie V10:84
LaMunyon, Sarah J. V6:11, 33
Lan, D. Mrs. V10:16
Lance, F.L. V10:78
Land 1984#13:11, 1984#16:26
Land, Eliz ‘Lizzy’ 1983#9:11
Land, Elizabeth 1983#9:11
Land, Frank H. V9:94
Land, Jane Carlton Mrs. 1984#16:26
Land, Thomas 1984#16:26
Landen, Phillip V10:101
Lander, Luene H. Miss V6:81
Lander, W.H. Miss V6:64
Landgell, Clara V10:42
Landon, Asa H. Pvt. V8:16
Landon, Caroline V7:6
Landon, Sam S. V7:52, V10:42
Landry, F.A. 1984#15:18
Landsman, Iva V10:16
Landsman, Sarah V10:16
Lane, Aaron V8:29
Lane, Abiah V8:29
Lane, Adaline V8:29
Lane, Amay V8:29
Lane, Caleb V8:29
Lane, Caleb Jr. V8:29
Lane, Charles V8:29
Lane, Charles H. V8:29
Lane, Dennis V9:45, 46
Lane, Eliza V8:29
Lane, Frank U. V10:42
Lane, Frank W. V9:92
Lane, George H. V7:13
Lane, Gideon V8:29
Lane, Hipsy V8:29
Lane, John B. Mrs. V6:84
Lane, John H. 1981#4:6, 1982#5:5
Lane, John Savile V8:29
Lane, Joseph V8:29
Lane, Latham V8:29
Lane, Lydia V8:29
Lane, Mr. V9:23
Lane, Sally V8:29
Lane, Stephen V8:29
Lane, Susanne V8:29
Lane, Tamson V8:29
Lane, Theodore V8:29
Lane, Widow V8:29
Lane, William Saville V8:29
Lane, Wintworth V8:29
Lane, Zacheus V8:29
Laney, J.H. 1984#15:18
Lang, A.P. V6:33
Lang, A.S. V10:100
Lang, Bertha Mrs. 1982#5:5, 1982#8:6
Lang, James V5:8, V6:33
Lang, James Capt. V5:104
Lang, Jean V6:33
Lang, John V7:18
Lang, Mary 1982#5:5, 1982#8:7
Lang, T.F. Mrs. V6:10
Lang, T.F.Mr. V6:10
Langan, John V8:14
Langdon, C.L. V10:34
Langdon, Henry C. 1982#5:5, 1982#8:6
Langdon, J. V6:3
Langdon, Mahalah E. 1981#3:8, 1982#5:5
Langdon, William H. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:5
Langehan, Mr. V7:104
Langehan, Mrs. V7:104
Langford, A.G. V8:70, V9:43-46
Langford, M.B. V9:45
Langhead, Myrtle V9:13
Langlais, John V6:83
Langlee, John V9:45
Langley, Morris 1984#15:18
Langrish, Jack V6:41
Langrishe, John S. V8:44
Langrishe, Mr. V8:44
Langston, Laurens E. V5:19
Langton V8:53
Langton, Doris 1984#14:19
Langworthy, Mrs. 1984#15:13
Lanham, Margaret V10:88
Lanila, Charles 1984#15:18
Lanila, Katie 1984#15:18
Lanious, Paul V7:104
Lanious, Paul Mrs. V7:104
Lanius, P. V7:42, V9:8
Lanius, Paul V5:37, V6:68, V7:46
Lannan, Franklin Jr. V10:94
Lannder, James V8:36
Lannest, Lizzie V10:40
Lanning, G.M. V5:37
Lanning, G.M. Mrs. V5:37
Lannis, P. V6:70
Lansdown, Anna L. V10:40
Lansdown, Carrie V10:41
Lansdown, Marie L. V10:40
Lansdown, William V6:99
Lapidus, Sadye V10:15
Lapoint, Chas. V6:48
Lapping, James J. V6:48
Larcum, Mr. V5:77
Lare, George P. V5:40
Larensen, Dorothy V9:95
Larison, Lee V5:32, V7:34, 42, V8:80
Larken, I.J. V5:86
Larkin 1984#14:8
Larkin, J.T. V5:8
Larkin, J.T. Lt. V5:104
Larkin, John T. 1982#5:5 V7:104
Larkin, John T. Mrs. V7:104
Larkin, Sara V8:80
Larkin, T.J. V8:80
Larkins, S.S. V5:86, V8:80
Larned, Bert V7:104
Larned, Bert Mrs. V7:104
Larned, William V8:69
Larouche V5:100
Larroway, H.M. Mrs. V6:84
Larsby, Muriel Mrs. V8:23
Larsen 1984#15:13
Larsen, A. 1984#15:13
Larsen, Alfred 1984#15:13
Larsen, Gus V7:15
Larsen, John Henry V8:20
Larsh, John V10:41
Larsh, John M. Mrs. V6:82
Larson 1984#14:19
Larson, Albertine V6:85
Larson, Charly 1984#15:18
Larson, Christina 1981#4:9, 1982#5:5
Larson, Edward V10:96
Larson, Emma V9:96
Larson, Ernest W. V9:94
Larson, Hulda A. V9:94
Larson, Jens V6:48
Larson, John V10:85
Larson, John H. 1984#15:18
Larson, Kattie V5:57
Larson, Lee Mr. V10:7
Larson, Mus V5:42
Larson, Nels V7:15
Larson, Nelson V9:45, 47
Larson, Paul E. V5:42
Larson, Samuel V6:48
Lartigue, H.A. V5:8
Lartigue, Henry V7:104
Lartigue, Henry Mrs. V7:104
Lartigue, N.A. 1982#5:5, 7
Lartigue, N.A. Lt. V6:11, 33
Lartigue, Neville A. V7:17
Larue, Frederick S. Pvt. V8:16
Larves, A.C. 1984#15:18
Lascot, Jean M. V8:22
Lasell, Lydia Mrs. V6:89
Lasell, Samuel Mills Dr. V6:89
Laselle, Wm D. V10:49
Lasher, G.W. V9:78
Lashner, Stephen H. V6:48
Lassley, Gertrude 1984#14:19
Latchford, L.M. V10:100
Late, Benj. V10:80
Latham, J.W. 1984#15:18
Lathrop, H.R. Dr. 1984#15:18
Lathrop, J.H. V6:48
Lathrop, Joseph H. V6:82
Lathrop, S.N. V9:49
Lathrop, Samuel P. V9:45
Lathrop, Thom. S. V6:28
Latimer, Lucy F. V10:18
Latimer, Virgil M. V9:94
Latsch, Ethelda A. V9:11
Latsch, J.B. 1982#5:5
Latshaw, Wm H. V6:80
Laughery, John V9:8
Laughey, John V6:100
Laughey, Maggie V10:86
Laughlin & Oliver V9:40
Laughlin, George V6:52
Laughlin, Phillip M. V10:40
Lauraway V6:33
Lauraway, Mrs. 1984#14:5 V6:11, 33
Laurence, Perry V8:41
Lautsoren, P.B. V10:83
Lautuer, Otto V9:95
Lave, J.A. V6:48
Lavender 1983#11:7
Lavengood, Kay V7:19
Lavin, John 1984#15:18
Law, Agnes V6:47
Law, Dora V5:77
Law, Ed V5:77
Law, Ethel V5:77
Law, George V10:38
Law, Henry George, Rev. V9:99
Law, Ida V10:42
Law, John V5:78
Law, LeRoy L. V9:96
Law, Lucy V5:78
Law, Lucy Ault V5:78
Law, Thos. V10:38
Law, W. V10:37
Law, Walter V5:78
Lawery, Kate Mrs. V10:39
Lawery, Thos. Mrs. V10:39
Lawks, E.K. V10:81
Lawks, E.R. V10:81
Lawless, Charles Jr. V6:48
Lawley, G. V6:3
Lawley, William V5:42
Lawn, Anna B. V6:88
Lawrence, A.B. V10:87
Lawrence, Aggie V5:72
Lawrence, Benj. B. V7:52
Lawrence, Fred V6:52
Lawrence, J.H. 1984#15:18 V5:10
Lawrence, Lois V8:21
Lawrence, W.B. V6:81
Lawrie, J.G. V9:64
Lawry, Thomas V9:18
Laws, Bert V6:24
Laws, Florance V7:51
Laws, W. V10:37
Lawson 1983#10:6 V6:10
Lawson, Alex V6:10, V7:15
Lawson, Alexander Corpl. V6:33
Lawson, Arthur V8:106
Lawson, Augusta J. V6:21
Lawson, Charles 1984#16:23 V6:10, 33, V10:86
Lawson, Charles F. V6:10
Lawson, Earl V6:10, 33
Lawson, Emma A. 1982#5:5, 7
Lawson, Ethel V10:87
Lawson, Father V6:33
Lawson, Frank V8:93
Lawson, George M. V10:86
Lawson, Gerda V10:41
Lawson, John V7:14, V10:41
Lawson, Kate Mrs. V7:16
Lawson, Louella V10:87
Lawson, Mother V6:33
Lawson, Philip R. V6:10
Lawson, Phillip V6:33
Lawson, T. V9:18
Lawson, W. Alexander V6:33
Lawson, Wm Alexander V6:10
Lawson, Zoe C. V10:87
Lawton V10:93
Lawver, Ella V7:25
Lay, Frederick H. V6:48
Lay, Hia V9:19
Laycook, Mary V6:45
Layden, Infant V6:82
Layden, Nellie V10:87
Layden, P.H. V6:70, 82, V7:15, V8:73
Layden, P.H. Mrs. V7:53
Layden, Susie V10:97
Lazereth, Eddy V8:39
Lazereth, Lula V8:38, 39
Lazereth, Mr. V8:38
Lea, S. V10:80
Leabo, Sam V7:14
Leabo, W. V6:33
Leach, Clarence 1984#16:29
Leach, Edith 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leach, Eva 1984#16:29
Leach, Hattie 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leach, James 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leach, James M. V6:83
Leach, Mary 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leach, Milford 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leach, Monty 1984#16:29
Leach, Monty L. V8:89
Leach, Nettie 1984#16:29 V8:89
Leach, William V9:11
Leadbetter, Ethel B. V10:17
Leadbetter, H.A. Mrs. V10:17
Leaf, Arthur D. V7:19
Leaf, Ella Light Mrs. V6:100
Leaf, Lucinda M. V5:84
Leahy, James V7:17
Leahy, John V6:100
Leahy, Maggie V8:44
Leahy, Marcus V8:44
Leanare, Jas. K. V10:106
Leanare, Jas. R. V10:106
Leandro, Joseph V6:81
Leap 1984#13:11
Leap, Caroline Amanda 1981#2:9
Leaphart, Wm V10:48
Lear, Katie M. V6:47
Learned, Harry V7:104
Learned, Harry Mrs. V7:104
Learned, Henry A. V6:48
Learned, Kate E. V10:84
Lease, George W. V7:15
Lease, Nina E. V10:85
Leason, Sarah J. V10:42
Leath, A. V10:34
Leath, Abram V10:34
Leath, Eliza V10:34
Leath, James V10:34
Leath, Jas. V10:34
Leath, Jas. F. V10:34
Leath, Mary V10:34
Leath, W. V10:34
Leath, Wilson V10:34
Leavell, Georgia V10:87
Leavenworth J.H. Col. V8:80
Lebaron, Francis V6:48
Lebarre, C. V6:48
Lebel, Gerard Father V5:25
LeCavalier, E. Miss 1982#5:5
Lechner, George R. V8:18
Lechner, George W. V8:69, 70
Leckliter, Alice V9:73
Leckliter, Alice Jane V9:73, 78
Leckliter, Conrad V9:73
LeClerc V5:100
Ledbetter, Robert V10:99
Ledbetter, Winifred V10:99
Ledford, Abraham V9:47
Ledford, Abram V9:45
Ledford, Newton V10:78
Ledford, Sanford V9:45, 47
Ledig, Philip H. V6:85
Ledwig, Stella A. V9:94
Ledwith, W.L. V9:64
Lee V8:96, 97, 103
Lee, A.E. V8:69
Lee, C.S. V10:15
Lee, C.S. Mr. V7:104
Lee, C.S. Mrs. V7:104
Lee, Charles S. V6:85
Lee, D.K. V5:10
Lee, D.K. Mr. V7:104
Lee, D.K. Mrs. V7:104
Lee, David 1984#15:18
Lee, David K. V5:8
Lee, Earl V10:96
Lee, Eliza A. V6:86
Lee, Elizabeth V6:88
Lee, Gen. V9:36
Lee, Harry T. 1984#16:22, 23
Lee, Henry 1984#15:18 V7:46, 104, V8:14, 94, 98-102, 105, V9:8, V10:12
Lee, Henry Hon. V8:95
Lee, Henry Mrs. V7:104, V8:93
Lee, Henry Murray V8:98, 99, 102
Lee, Henry Sen. V8:93
Lee, James 1984#14:19 V6:85, V8:98, 99
Lee, Janet Murray V8:98
Lee, Jennie V8:100, 102
Lee, Jennie Mrs. V8:98
Lee, Jennie Paul V8:99, 101
Lee, Jeremiah V6:79
Lee, Jerry V7:15
Lee, Jessie V10:14
Lee, Jessie V8:100-102, 106
Lee, Jessie Miss V8:99
Lee, John V6:70, 85
Lee, John Norman V8:24
Lee, L.L. V6:85
Lee, Mabel Monyer Mrs. V7:52
Lee, Maggie V6:47
Lee, Margaret V8:98, V9:93
Lee, Murray V8:99, 102
Lee, Murry V8:106, V10:14
Lee, Oliver M. V5:19
Lee, Robert V7:104, V8:98, 106
Lee, Robert E. V7:4
Lee, Robert Mrs. V7:104
Lee, Robert Paul V8:99, 102
Lee, Robert S. V6:25
Lee, Sing V7:33
Lee, T. Jeff V8:14
Lee, T.J. V9:8
Lee, Virginia M. V8:22
Lee, W.H. V7:83
Lee, Will V8:100
Lee, William V7:104, V8:14, 70, 94, 95, 98, 101
Lee, William Mrs. V7:104, V8:94
Lee, Wm V9:8
Leenhouse, P.J. Mr. V7:104
Leenhouse, P.J. Mrs. V7:104
Leeper, J.E. V8:68
Lees, Anna V6:81
Lees, Anna J. V6:79, 80
Lees, D.K. Mr. V7:104
Lees, D.K. Mrs. V7:104
Lees, Daisy 1982#5:5 V10:41
Lees, Daisy, Miss V8:94
Lees, David V5:32, 38, V6:79-81, V7:14, 46, V8:94, V9:8
Lees, David K. V7:52
Lees, Douglas V7:104
Lees, Douglas Mrs. V7:104
Lees, Isabella 1982#5:5, 6 V6:79
Lees, James V6:79, 80, 100
Leesmann, Henry V9:6
LeFevre & Colman V9:62
Lefforge, Beverly V8:23
Lefurge, Daniel M. V9:95
Legault 1984#14:19
Legault, Al 1984#14:19
Legault, Alden 1984#14:19
Legault, Arny V10:15
Legault, Betty 1984#14:19
Legault, Dixie V7:51
Legault, Elmer 1984#14:19
Legault, Emma 1984#14:19
Legault, M.D. Mrs. V8:77
Legault, Noah 1984#14:19
Leggett, A.B. V6:79, 80
Leggett, Anna Mrs. V10:41
Leggett, Anson V6:34
Leggett, Anson B. V6:34
Leggett, Anson R. V6:83
LeGrand, Thos. V10:83
Legrow, Oscar V5:15
Lehman V5:21
Lehman, A.H. 1982#5:5
Lehmer, Frank Welton V10:94
Lehmkuhe, Wm V9:19
Lehmkuhl, Georgie V9:72
Lehmkuhl, Lillie V9:72
Lehmkuhl, Lizzie V9:72
Lehmkuhl, Margaretha A. V9:72
Lehmkuhl, Marguareta V9:72
Lehmkuhl, William V9:72
Lehmkuhl, Wm V7:47
Lehow, Mary E. V9:8
Lehow, O.E. V6:42
Leibelt, Louisa V5:99
Leigh, Nellie V10:42
Leigh, Rosa V10:37
Leik, Wm V6:85
Leiky, Virginia V9:96
Leiper, Harper V6:85
Leis, Harold V8:23
Leise, Richard O. V5:19
Leitchty, Ella Mrs. V5:106
Leitzman, Charles Sgt. V8:16
Leland, F.W. V5:8
Lelwis, W.J. Mrs. V6:80
Lemaine, Gustar V10:41
LeMay V5:100
Lemcke, Chas. V6:85
Lemen, L.E. Dr. V7:52, V10:41, 84
Lemen, L.E. Mrs. V6:82
Lemen, L.F. Dr. V10:84
Lemen, Marguerite V10:96
Lemen, Mary M. Miss V6:83
Lemert, Locke E. V5:19
Lemmon, Charles B. V6:85
Lemmon, Pearl Hurd Mrs. V7:17
Lemon, B.F. V10:106
Lemon, Jas. K. V10:106
Lemon, Jas. R. V10:106
Lemon, John H. 1984#15:18
Lemon, Mamie V9:95
Lemon, Mary P. V10:106
Lemon, May P. V10:106
Lenard, James 1984#15:18
Lence, E.G. V6:28
Lence, Eli V6:28
Lence, Fannie Elizabeth V6:28
Lence, Isaac N. V6:28
Lence, John M. V6:28
Lence, Lydia Jane V6:28
Lence, Nancy Isabel V6:28
Lence, Sarah Jane V6:28
Lence, Theodore V6:28
Lence, William R. V6:28
Lendecke, Hugo R. V10:96
Lendecke, Ruth V10:96
Lendweler, Mary V7:51
Lennard, George V7:104
Lennard, George Mrs. V7:104
Lenninger, Lina V10:86
Lenninger, Wm V10:86
Lenninger, Wm Mrs. V6:100, V7:13
Leo, S. V10:80
Leon, George V6:85
Leonard, Charles V6:82
Leonard, Chas. E. V10:48
Leonard-Becker, Irene V7:17
Leony, Jacob K. V9:74
LePage V5:100
Leper, Adeline Mrs. V8:78
Lerch, Agnes A. V7:24
Lerchen, Frank V10:93
Lerchen, George V10:87
Lerchen, Jennie V7:15
Lercher, George V10:99
Leroy, F.J. V6:85
LeSeur, Mr. V7:66
Lesher, J.P. V9:45, 47
Lesher, J.S. V9:8
Lesher, Joshua 1981#4:8, 1982#5:5
Lesher, Luella 1982#5:5
Lesher, Samuel V9:45
Leshner, Luella 1982#8:6
Leslie, Florence V10:14
Leslie, Gilbert A. Dr. V8:41
Leslie, Pearl Son V8:41
Leslie, Undral H. V8:41
Leslie, Wade V8:41
Lesmoineaux, Chas. V9:103
Lesser, J. V5:15
Lester, Arthur V6:24
Lester, Sillwan 1984#16:16
Leund, Charles V6:85
Leuthi, Frank E. Jr. V8:23
Levalley, Joseph S. V9:95
Levan, William H. V10:41
Levan, Wm H. Mrs. V6:83
Leverton, Alfred V8:38, 87
Leverton, Libby V8:87
Leverton, R.L. V8:87
Leverton, Richard V8:38, 87
Leverton, William V6:3, V8:38, 39
Levesley, J.W. V6:83
Levi, Al V10:85
Levi, I.B. V9:40, 41
Levi, Jessie V5:89
Levi, Rachel Mrs. V5:89
Levrich, Della V10:17
Levy, Irma H. V5:98
Levy, James A. V6:85
Levy, M. V9:19, V10:50
Lewis 1984#13:11 V5:9, V8:9, 97
Lewis & McCall V9:40
Lewis, A. V9:8
Lewis, Alice M. V10:86
Lewis, Allen V7:46
Lewis, Amy Lee V5:57
Lewis, Arthur J. V10:77
Lewis, Artinisa 1982#5:5
Lewis, Artinisa D. 1981#3:9
Lewis, Asa V6:85
Lewis, C.C. V7:102
Lewis, Carrie Belle V6:87
Lewis, Catherine V10:100
Lewis, Charles L. V5:40, V10:50, 77
Lewis, Clarence F. V10:77
Lewis, D.P. V9:69
Lewis, Daniel 1981#3:8, 1982#5:5
Lewis, David P. V9:69
Lewis, Derald D. V5:29
Lewis, Dil P. V6:100
Lewis, Dorothy V7:48
Lewis, E. V9:8
Lewis, Edward V5:37, 40
Lewis, Elaine L. V8:19
Lewis, Elizabeth 1983#10:10
Lewis, Frank 1984#15:18
Lewis, Grace B. V10:77
Lewis, H. V9:8
Lewis, Harry Mrs. V6:33
Lewis, Helen H. V8:85
Lewis, Henry V7:68
Lewis, Infant V6:82
Lewis, J. V9:8
Lewis, J.A. V10:77
Lewis, J.B. V10:82
Lewis, James A. 1981#3:7, 1982#5:5
Lewis, James M. V10:18
Lewis, John 1981#4:6, 1982#5:5 V8:78
Lewis, John B. V9:11
Lewis, Katie M. V9:69
Lewis, Levi 1983#10:10
Lewis, Lizzie V9:69
Lewis, Llewellyn V7:48
Lewis, Martin V9:45, 47
Lewis, Mary V10:100, 42
Lewis, Mary A. Mrs. V7:18
Lewis, Mary Ann Aikman Mrs. 1983#10:10
Lewis, Mary C. V8:21
Lewis, Mary E. V5:98
Lewis, Mary J. V10:77
Lewis, Miner 1984#14:19
Lewis, Nora Mrs. V10:16
Lewis, Oscar V6:41, V8:77
Lewis, P.E. V6:70
Lewis, Paris V10:5, 96
Lewis, Paris Mr. V7:104
Lewis, Paris Mrs. V7:104
Lewis, Rev. V10:7
Lewis, Robert V6:85, V9:8, V10:48
Lewis, Robert J. V10:87
Lewis, S. V10:82
Lewis, Saml. V10:82
Lewis, Samuel V6:100
Lewis, Samuel A. V6:40
Lewis, Samuel B. V6:79
Lewis, Stephen 1984#15:18
Lewis, Susanna 1982#5:5 V10:40
Lewis, Susanne 1981#4:7
Lewis, Thomas 1981#4:6, 1982#5:5
Lewis, Thos. A. V10:50
Lewis, W.B. V10:93
Lewis, W.G. Mr. V7:104
Lewis, W.G. Mrs. V7:104
Lewis, W.T. V6:82
Lewis, Will Mr. V7:104
Lewis, Will Mrs. V7:104
Lewis, William 1983#10:10 V7:47
Lewis, William G. 1982#5:5, 1984#15:18 V7:35
Lewis, William J. V6:79, V7:15, V10:87
Lewis, Wm J. Mrs. V7:14
Lewis, Wm T. V10:41
Lewiston V5:9
Leyba, Simplico V5:19
Lgingvall, John Albert V6:85
Libben, John 1981#3:7, 1982#5:5
Libbey, Mary V10:41
Libby & Demott V6:67
Libby, John V6:29
Libby, Jonathon V5:2
Libby, Sarah Mrs. V6:29
Libby, Wm Mrs. V8:9
Liberman & Berkson V10:45
Liberty, S.B. V10:82
Lichenthal, Michael V6:85
Lichtebarger, Joseph V6:85
Lichtenheld, Albert F. V6:85
Lichtenheld, L. V9:96
Lichtenheld, M. V8:80
Lichtenheld, R. V5:32, V8:80, V9:8, 95, V10:15, 17
Lichtenheld, R. Mr. V7:42, 104
Lichtenheld, R. Mrs. V7:104
Lichtenheld, R.W. V6:85
Lichtenheld, Richard V5:8, 13
Liddel, Charles A. V10:94
Liddell, Charles A. V7:35, V10:49
Liddicoat, Joseph V6:82
Liebelt, Baby V7:19
Liesveld, C.E. V5:20
Liewellyn, Wm V5:32
Lifsey 1984#15:21
Light V8:97
Light, Andrew V6:83
Light, Belle V6:103
Light, Bertha V8:106
Light, Catherine Mrs. V6:83
Light, Ella V10:14
Light, Ella Mrs. V10:14
Light, Louis V10:15
Light, Mary J. V10:84
Light, Maude V9:95
Light, Richard V6:100
Light, W.H. Capt. V7:13
Light, William 1984#15:18 V9:8, V10:86
Light, William H. 1981#4:6, 1982#5:5
Light, Wm Mrs. V6:100
Lightbourn, J.E. V9:48
Lightfoot, Harry L. V6:85
Lighthall, Albert C. V6:85
Lighthouse & Newell V9:19
Lillard, Al Mr. V7:104
Lillard, Al Mrs. V7:104
Lillard, Albert C. 1982#5:5, 8
Lilley & McCall V8:50
Lillia, James V8:106
Lillia, Josephine V8:106
Lilly, Edith V7:64
Lilly, George V6:29
Lilly, John V6:29
Lilly, Sarah Mrs. V6:29
Lily, James V8:107
Lily, Louie B. V8:107
Lily, Roe V8:107
Lily, Sadie F. V8:107
Lily, Tony V8:107
Limbach, Edmund C. V10:93
Linbaugh, John V5:13
Linberger, Clara Mrs. V10:88
Lincoln, A.B. V10:38
Lincoln, Abraham V5:20, 78
Lincoln, James V5:2
Lincoln, S.W. V9:45, 47, V10:36
Lind, Jenny 1984#14:19 V5:78
Lind, Nels 1984#14:19 V6:85
Lindahl, R. V6:3
Lindbeck, Leonard L. V9:96
Lindberg, Donald W. V8:24
Lindell, Frank L. V7:19
Lindell, Pete V7:20
Lindemann, Kate Mrs. 1982#5:5, 1982#8:8
Linder & Parker V7:42
Linder, D.C. Mr. V7:104
Linder, D.C. Mrs. V7:104
Linder, J.H. 1984#15:13 V5:32, 38, V7:33
Linder, J.V. V5:38
Linder, John H. V6:85, V10:78
Linder, Joseph V7:104
Linder, Joseph Mrs. V7:104
Linderman, Fred 1984#15:18
Lindner, Joseph V5:38
Lindquist V8:107
Lindquist, B.A. V7:102
Lindquist, Christine V6:21
Lindsay, C. Mrs. V5:38
Lindsay, Joe V8:7, 8
Lindsay, Joseph H. V10:86
Lindsay, Robert W. V5:15
Lindsay, Una Irene Lewis V8:21
Lindset, Anton V9:48
Lindseth, Anton V9:18
Lindsey, Catharine V5:39
Lindsey, Jo V7:17
Lindskog, John 1984#15:18 V5:69
Lindslay, Wm V9:18
Lindstrom, Maggie V10:84
Lindstrom, Margaret V6:80, V7:15
Lindstrom, Paul V6:79, 80, V7:16
Lindstrom, Paul Mrs. V6:79
Lindza, Florence A. V6:45
Linebaugh, Jno V5:35
Ling, A.T. V7:14
Ling, Florence Manning Mrs. V7:17
Ling, Infant V7:14
Lingstrom, John 1984#15:18
Linhart V8:77
Linhart, August V6:85
Linhart, Mary V6:87
Link, H.L. 1984#15:18
Link, L.M. V10:45
Link, Mrs. V6:33
Linn, Arthur G. V6:85
Linn, Cliford V6:3
Linn, John W. Rev. V8:95
Linn, Wm P. V6:99
Linnger, B.S. V6:41
Lino, Salvertor V10:42
Linquist, Carl E. V9:95
Linquist, Carl M. V9:95
Linscott V6:67
Linscott, Arthur N. V10:84
Linscott, S.K. Mrs. V7:52
Linsenmeyer 1984#14:19
Lintey, Florence B. 1982#5:5
Linthicum, R. V8:50
Lintz, Albert V7:47, V9:19
Lions, Lewis M. V6:85
Lipp, Lewis S. V6:85
Lipp, Mary V6:86
Lippold, Mary F. V6:87
Lippold, Sadie V10:18
Lipscomb, Martha T. V6:21
Lisle, Henry V10:17
Lislie, Orie V10:101
Liston, Francis E. V6:85
Litch, Norman L. V10:96
Litchenhed, Miss 1984#15:18
Litchenheld, R. V5:86, 104
Litchfield V8:105
Litchfield, A. V8:104
Litmarsh, Chas. V10:81
Litmer, Ralph V8:17
Little, A.E. V9:48
Little, Alvira V10:105
Little, Angeline V10:105
Little, Clarence V5:42
Little, Deliah V10:105
Little, Jas. C. V10:105
Little, Kay Mrs. V8:7
Little, Lindsey 1984#15:18
Little, Melissa V10:105
Little, Rebecca A. 1981#4:9, 1982#5:5
Little, Robt. A. V10:105
Little, Samuel V10:105
Little, Theodore Jr. V9:48
Little, William 1984#15:18
Little. Henry V10:105
Littlefield, Thomas M. V7:68
Littler, Melvin V9:95
Littrell, Sharon L. V8:25
Liu, Lena V6:88
Livasey 1984#15:21
Livasy 1984#15:21
Lively, C.S. V6:33
Lively, Clarence V10:96
Livesay 1984#15:21
Livesay, J. McD. V9:48
Livingston, Anna V8:41
Livingston, Flora V8:41
Livingston, Henry Beekman V5:2
Livingston, Iva V8:23
Livingston, J.B. V8:23
Livingston, J.B. Mrs. V8:23
Livingston, Jas. V10:103
Livingston, Margaret V5:2
Livingston, Moses 1981#4:7, 1982#5:5
Ljungvall, Alex V7:104
Ljungvall, Alex Mrs. V7:104
Ljungvall, Alexander V7:104
Ljungvall, Alexander Mrs. V7:104
Ljungwall Family 1984#15:13
Ljungwall, Claus 1984#15:13
Ljungwall, Claus Mrs. 1984#15:13
Ljungwall, Mrs. 1984#15:13
Llewellen, Wm 1984#15:18
Llewellyn, William V5:32, V9:95
Llight, Charley V8:106
Lloyd, Arthur V7:14
Lloyd, Baby V5:69
Lloyd, Columbia J. V10:14
Lloyd, David V5:32
Lloyd, Ellen V9:41
Lloyd, Frank V7:104
Lloyd, Frank Mrs. V7:104
Lloyd, J.W. 1984#15:13
Lloyd, John V7:14, 17, V10:84
Lloyd, John Robert V9:41
Lloyd, June E. V6:97
Lloyd, L.W. 1984#15:13
Lloyd, Maggie L. V10:14
Lloyd, Margaret E. V6:97
Lloyd, Mrs. V5:69
Lloyd, Silas M. V6:85
Lloyd, Stella O. V10:19
Lloyd, William Richard V9:41
Lloyd, Wm C. V6:97
Lloyd, Wm K. V6:97
Loane, H.E. V7:13
Loane, Wm E. V10:85
Loane-Going, Ida Mrs. V7:17
Loar, W.H. V7:16
Lobb, William 1984#15:18
Loche, Benj. R. V5:13
Loche, Thos. A. V5:13
Lochna, E.S. Mrs. V9:8
Lochname, L. V10:12
Lock, Benjamin V5:2
Lock, Robert S. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:5
Lockard, W. Mrs. V5:33
Locke, Benj. R. V5:13
Locke, John V8:69
Locke, Joseph 1984#16:16
Locke, Thos A. V5:13
Lockhart V8:96
Lockhart, Marion 1984#16:16
Lockhart, Myra V10:88
Lockhart, Thomas G. V7:18, V10:85
Lockhart, William 1984#16:16
Lockhart, William Mrs. 1984#16:16
Lockland, S. V8:104
Lockman V8:105
Lockman, Mrs. V8:6
Lockname, Sally V10:50
Locknane, Scott V6:85
Lockwood, Bob 1984#14:19
Lockwood, Dean 1984#14:19
Lockwood, M.L. V6:41
Lockwood, Nelly 1984#14:19
Lockwood, Robert 1984#14:19
Lodewick, Christina V8:26
Loechel, H. Mr. V9:96
Loechel, H. Mrs. V9:96
Loechel, Herman V9:95
Loesch, Edward J. V5:19
Loew, George V8:107
Loft, Elvira C. V6:103
Loftus, J.W. Mr. V7:104
Loftus, J.W. Mrs. V7:104
Loftus, William M. V6:85
Log, Jennie V10:84
Logan, Cecil B. V10:18
Logan, Clara J. V6:22
Logan, Frank V9:23
Logan, Gus V5:78
Logan, Harry V5:40
Logan, John V6:100
Logan, John A. Com. V7:8
Logan, Paul G. 1982#5:5, 6
Logg, George V10:84
Logue, Nelson V10:93
Logue, W.O. V9:65
Lohr, Valentine V5:19
Loker, Susannah Mrs. V7:76
Lokey, Lorraine E. V10:97
Lolridge, Belle V8:38
Lomax, John V8:14
Lomax, Sarah E. 1981#3:9, 1982#5:5
Lomax, William P. V9:11
Lombard, George V5:68
Lombard, Horace Pvt. V8:16
Londenburg, Ella M. V9:20
Londoner, Mr. V8:98
Long, Anne E. V6:46
Long, Annie M. Mrs. V7:24
Long, Arthur L. V5:19
Long, Charlotte C. V5:84
Long, Enoch V5:2
Long, Fred V10:102
Long, Henry V10:105
Long, James Pvt. V9:76
Long, John V10:99
Long, Kate V10:41
Long, Louis C. V5:19
Long, Mary Mrs. V6:102
Long, P.A. V9:93
Long, Samuel H. V6:85
Long, William V6:85
Longan, Georgianna 1981#4:7, 1982#5:5
Longan, H.C. V9:8
Longan, Mahala V9:8
Longan, Wm V9:8
Longdon, Benjamin V8:14
Longdon, Henry C. V8:14
Longdon, Jesse V8:14
Longdon, Jessie V10:14
Longdon, Kate V10:14
Longdon, Mahalah E. V8:14
Longdon, Mahalia V10:14
Longdon, Spotwood V10:14
Longdon, William V10:14
Longdon, William H. V8:14
Longfellow, Lloyd V10:26, 49
Longnecker, Samuel V9:11
Longrau, J.J. V9:18
Longshore, Frank V7:104
Longshore, Frank M. Mrs. V7:104
Lonsdale, Frank Rev. V5:35, V10:11
Loom & Comriel V9:39
Loomis & Comeill V9:39
Loomis, Azuba A. Mrs. V6:87
Loomis, Joseph 1981#3:3
Loomis, Lucy 1981#3:3
Loos, Richard Edward V8:21
Loose, Harry V10:96
Loose, Ida B. V10:15
Lopez V9:67
Lopez, A. V10:79
Lopez, Antonio V10:79
Lopez, Aqapetha 1982#5:5
Lopez, Aquapetha 1981#3:9
Lopez, Pedro V10:79
Lorah, B.I. V10:93
Lorah, S.I. V9:19
Lorah, Samuel I. V6:80
Lorah, Samuel J. V7:47, V9:27
Lord, Alice M. Mrs. V6:21
Lorenzen, Henry V7:102
Lorindess, Austin V9:108
Lorindess, Sarah V9:108
Loring, Charles N. V10:42
Loring, Edith Leach V8:89
Loring, Edward V9:30
Loring, Frank Elry V8:89, V9:30
Loring, John V9:30
Loring, Joseph E. V9:30
Loring, Lucinda Mrs. V9:30
Loring, Minnie V9:30
LorSwitty, Earl Y. V9:92
Lorton, Thomas V6:40, 42
Lorton, Tom V6:82
Losass, Michael J. V9:93
Losee, Jesse G. V10:16
Loss, Jno. E. V10:35
Lotridge, Della V10:86
Lott 1983#10:6
Loucy, John D. 1982#5:5, 1982#8:6
Louden, Oliver M. V6:85
Loudon, Donna V8:22
Loughbaum, W.C. V10:85
Loughery, John V7:46
Loughlin, Mary Mrs. V10:88
Loughran, Enos V9:19
Loughran, Hugh V9:19
Loughran, J.J. V9:48
Loughran, Mamie V8:44
Louglin, Mary Mrs. V10:17
Louis V5:9
Lour, Mary E. V5:98
Lovan 1982#8:5
Lovcy, John H. V6:85
Love, Clara V9:26
Love, Gov. V5:78
Love, J.A. V6:70
Love, J.A. Mrs. V7:53
Love, Joe V6:12
Love, Joseph A. V6:79, 80, V7:16, V10:42
Lovecy, Ida V10:41
Lovein 1982#8:5
Lovejoy, Myra V6:46
Loveland V8:80
Loveland & Harsh V9:11
Loveland, Ann V10:104
Loveland, Frank V10:104
Loveland, L. V10:104
Loveland, M.A. Mrs. V9:8
Loveland, W.A.H. 1984#14:19, 1984#16:12 V5:87, 88, 105, 106, V6:81, V7:74, V8:10, 12, 80, V9:8, 98, V10:3, 104
Loveland, Wm V10:104
Loveland, Wm A.H. V7:46, V8:68-70
Lovell, Loren D. V5:19
Lovell, Mildred V10:96
Loven 1982#8:5
Lovern 1982#8:5
Lovesay, George V10:50
Lovesay, George ‘Snooze’ V10:49
Lovin 1982#8:5
Loving 1982#8:5
Lovorn 1982#8:5
Lovvorn 1982#8:5
Low, Alexander V10:21
Low, Charles Moffat V6:85
Low, Edith Alice V6:85
Low, Harold W. V8:22
Low, Robert V10:21
Lowar, G.W. V10:35
Lowe 1983#11:7 V8:97
Lowe, Albert Mr./Mrs. V7:104
Lowe, Charles W. V9:23, 24
Lowe, Eda V8:41
Lowe, Frank Curtis V10:21
Lowe, Margaret Jean V10:20, 21
Lowe, Oscar V8:41
Lowe, T.H. V6:68
Lowe, T.H. Mrs. V7:14
Lowe, Theodore V7:15
Lowe, Thomas V6:33
Lowell & Wells V9:18
Lowell, George L. V10:105
Lowell, James E. V9:94
Lowell, James S. Sgt. V5:104
Lowell, John W. V5:39
Lowell, Miss V8:44
Lowery, Thomas H. 1981#3:9, 1982#5:5
Lowes, T.A. 1984#15:18
Lownbery, Ella G. V9:94
Lowney, James V5:42
Lowrey, Andrew V6:83
Lowrey, Annie B. Mrs. V6:86
Lowrey, I.M. V5:10
Lowrey, J.M. Mr. V7:104
Lowrey, J.M. Mrs. V7:104
Lowrey, John V7:104
Lowrey, John Mrs. V7:104
Lowrey, Thomas V6:85
Lowrie, I.M. V5:8
Lowrie, J. Gibson V8:80
Lowry, Ellsworth V9:13
Lowry, Isaac M. V5:18
Lowry, John V10:84
Loy, Roscoe Lee V8:19
Loyd, Baby 1984#16:23
Loyd, Harry 1984#16:23
Loyd, Henry 1984#16:23 V9:11
Loyd, J.L. 1984#15:18
Loyd, James L. 1982#5:5, 8
Loyd, Richard 1984#16:23
Loyd, Ruby 1984#16:23
Lozier, Florence A. V6:21
Lubbean, J.H. V5:86
Lubben, C. V8:80
Lubben, J.H. V8:80
Lubke, Joseph V5:85
Lucas, Alex V10:42
Lucas, C.D. V10:34
Lucas, George V10:87
Lucas, Gov. V9:3
Lucas, James G. V6:10
Lucas, Jim V6:32
Lucas, Lynn V7:52
Lucas, Robert Mrs. V6:82
Luce, B.R. V10:100
Luce, Belle R. V10:73
Luce, F.L. V8:50
Luce, F.L. Dr. 1984#15:18
Luce, Lloyd P. V7:19
Lucy, R.W. V10:94
Luddington, J.C. Rev. 1981#4:9, 1982#5:5
Luddy, Jas. V8:7
Ludeman, Gayle V5:68
Ludicks, E. V10:78
Ludlow, Dorothy V8:22
Lue, L.D. V10:76
Lues V5:9
Luethi, Leta V8:24
Luethy, Darrell 1984#14:19
Lugal, Joseph V9:11
Lugg, Harry V7:104
Lugg, Harry Mrs. V7:104
Lugg, William V10:26
Luigi, Peila V9:21
Luisetti, Batistta V8:36
Luisetti, Battista V8:86
Luisetti, Madallena V8:86
Lujan, Lorraine V8:23
Luman, Anna V9:6
Luman, Hazel V5:13
Luman, J.W. V8:80
Luman, J.W. Mr. V7:104
Luman, J.W. Mrs. V7:104
Luman, John C. V6:85
Luman, John W. 1984#15:18 V10:49
Luman, Josie V8:41
Lunah, H.F. 1984#15:18
Lunah, John 1984#15:18
Lunceford, Lilly May V7:88
Lund, Mary Mrs. V7:25
Lund, Pete V5:78
Lundberg, John V7:104
Lundberg, John Mrs. V7:104
Lundeen, Gustaf V10:18
Lundeen, John V10:18
Lunden, Phil V10:101
Lundgren, Amanda V6:77
Lundgren, Gust V6:77
Lundhart, David V8:14
Lundock, Dick 1984#14:19
Lundstrom, L.E. V10:86
Lundy, Thos. Price V7:16
Luper V10:101
Lupton, Emma V10:99
Lurch, C. V6:3
Lusch, Frederick W. V9:94
Lushinger & Summer V10:47
Lusk, A. Mrs. V6:83
Luther, Jay V6:84
Luther, M.V. V9:8, V10:77
Luther, Martin 1984#14:19
Luther, Martin V. V8:70, 72
Luther, William V6:84, V7:18
Lutton, Ida 1984#14:19
Lutz, Dick 1984#14:19
Lutz, Dorothy 1984#14:19
Lutz, Dutch Bill V6:33
Lutz, Emma J. V6:87
Lutz, Ezra V6:33
Lutz, L.T. Miss 1981#3:7, 1982#5:5
Lutz, Mary E. V10:41
Lutz, Minerva Lavendee V8:88
Lutz, Mrs. 1984#14:19
Lutz, Nettie V10:85
Lutz, William 1984#14:19
Luvino, Mary Felora 1984#15:18
Lydon, John V6:85
Lyford, Henry L. V9:93
Lyle, Albert F. V9:64
Lyman, J.F. V5:32, V8:80
Lyman, J.F. Mr. V7:104
Lyman, J.F. Mrs. V7:104
Lyman, John W. 1984#15:18
Lyman, Sarah V7:52
Lyman, Simeon V5:2
Lynch, James 1984#15:18
Lynch, John T. V6:79, V8:69
Lynch, Jon E. V7:19
Lynde, Lorin W. V9:94
Lynn, Isabella V10:42
Lynn, Margaret V10:21
Lynn, W.L. V9:45
Lynn, William M. V6:79, 80
Lynn, William Rev. V8:80
Lyon & Harrison V7:33
Lyon, A.D. V6:79
Lyon, A.H. V6:79
Lyon, C.A. V6:79
Lyon, Cyrus V8:85
Lyon, Cyrus A. V7:18
Lyon, Emma V6:46
Lyon, Ephraim V5:2
Lyon, Geo. M. V6:85
Lyon, George R. V6:85
Lyon, H.E. V8:69
Lyon, Henry E. V6:79, 80, V7:16
Lyon, Henry H. V5:8
Lyon, Henry Mrs. V7:15
Lyon, Horton V7:18, V10:86
Lyon, Lella M. V10:84
Lyon, Nettie C. V8:85
Lyon, Nettie M. Mrs. V7:52
Lyon, Robert V6:85
Lyon, Thurman V6:3, V8:85
Lyons V8:96
Lyons, Beatrice V9:93
Lyons, Father V5:38
Lyons, Hattie 1982#5:5, 6 V10:41
Lyons, Henrietta V10:85
Lyons, John V10:84
Lyons, Maggie Mrs. V5:58
Lyons, Mary A. V7:50
Lyons, Robert V10:85
Lyster, A.J. V6:85
Lytle 1984#14:19
Lytle, A.H. 1984#15:18
Lytton, Alfred P. V6:85


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