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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Iss 1-16 & Vol 5-10 : O

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Issues 1-16 and Volumes 5-10 (1981-1990)
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NAME (Last, First) YEAR#ISSUE(s):PAGE(s) VOLUME(s):PAGE(s)
O’Boyle, Wm V6:99
O’Boyle, Wm C. V10:40
O’Brian, Maggie V5:83
O’Brian, P.C. V8:94
O’Briant V9:53
O’Brien V10:101
O’Brien, Daniel V6:88
O’Brien, Daniel L. V9:94
O’Brien, Dennis V9:45
O’Brien, Ida V10:85
O’Brien, J.E. V10:77, 78
O’Brien, Jack V7:105
O’Brien, Jack Mrs. V7:105
O’Brien, James V9:45-47
O’Brien, Jeremiah V6:99
O’Brien, John 1982#5:7 V9:9, 45
O’Brien, Judge 1984#16:19
O’Brien, Larry V10:96
O’Brien, Patrick C. V6:88
O’Brien, Thomas V5:40, V10:15
O’Brien, William V5:42, V6:82
O’Brien, Wm Pvt. V8:16
O’Bryne, Joseph F. V10:97
O’Coller, Thomas V6:88
O’Conna, C.O. 1984#15:17
O’Connell, B.J. V6:99, 100
O’Connell, Bernard J. V7:18, V10:84
O’Connell, James W. V10:18
O’Connell, John V7:52, V10:85
O’Connell, Kathrine V10:96
O’Connell, Lewis J. V8:36
O’Connell, Mamie V6:100
O’Connell, Margaret V10:88
O’Connell, Mary E. V10:86
O’Connell, Patrick V6:99
O’Connell, Sarah Miss V7:18
O’Connell, Tom V9:95
O’Connell, W.W. V10:97
O’Connor V7:2
O’Connor, George V6:82
O’Connor, John V6:41
O’Connor, Margaret V10:87
O’Connor, Richard J. V6:97, V10:74
O’Connor, Timothy V6:20
O’Day V5:78
O’Day, Andy V5:78
O’Day, John V7:17
O’Dell, Jno. M. V10:104
O’Dell, K.T. V8:19
O’Donell, Wm V6:88
O’Donnell, Catherine 1981#4:9, 1982#5:7
O’Donnell, Charles V7:13
O’Donnell, Della Mrs. V10:96
O’Donnell, James V6:71, V10:86
O’Donnell, James A. V10:85
O’Donnell, M.P. V7:15
O’Donnell, Mary J. V10:16
O’Donnell, Thomas 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
O’Donohue, Phil V10:82
O’Hagan, Chas. V10:42
O’Leary, Fred Buck 7 17
O’Mahoney, Kato Julia K. V5:98
O’Mailie, E.R. V10:85
O’Malley, Henry R.A. V9:27
O’Mallie, Wm V7:13
O’Mara 1984#13:11
O’Mara, Bridget V10:86
O’Mara, Bridget Kennedy Mrs. 1983#9:10
O’Mara, Patrick 1984#15:19 V7:18
O’Mara, Thomas 1983#9:10 V6:100, V10:85
O’Mara, Thomas F. 1983#9:10
O’Mara, Thomas Francis 1983#9:10
O’Meara 1984#13:11
O’Meara, Bridget Kennedy Mrs. 1983#9:10
O’Meara, Thomas 1983#9:10
O’Meara, Thomas F. 1983#9:10
O’Meara, Thomas Francis 1983#9:10
O’Mera, Thomas Mrs. V7:52
O’Neal, Samuel V5:19
O’Neil, Charles V5:19
O’Neil, Edward V10:26
O’Neil, Elva R. V10:26
O’Neil, Helen 1981#3:9, 1982#5:7
O’Neil, Jno. V10:38, 86
O’Neil, John V10:38
O’Neil, Joseph V5:40
O’Neil, Maggie A 1981#4:9, 1982#5:7
O’Neill, Hector 1984#14:20
O’Neill, John V7:17
O’Neill, Mr. 1984#14:20
O’Neill, Oscar E. V9:92
O’Rielly, H.B. V10:48
O’Rogers, J. Dr. V10:40
O’Rourke, Evadene V8:20
O’Shea, D.F. V7:13, V10:85
O’Shea, Eva V7:13
O’Shea, Jerry V10:15
O”Donohue, P. V10:82
Oachus, A.A. V9:9
Oakes, D.C. Major V6:44
Oakes, Frederick Rev. V5:63
Oakes, J. V6:71
Oaks, Jacob V6:67, 100
Oard, D.B. 1984#14:20
Oard, D.B.Mrs. 1984#14:20
Oard, Daniel V7:68
Oard, John V7:68
Oard, William 1984#14:20 V7:68
Oatman, Mrs. V8:75
Oats, Josie V5:72
Oats, T. V10:82
Oats, Thomas V6:83, V10:82
Oats, Vassie V5:72
Oaxley, Mollie V6:88
Oberkraemer, Frederick V9:95
Oberkraemer, Margaret M. V9:95
Oberreich, H. V6:70
Obert, A.J. V6:23
Obert, W.W. V9:93
Ochko, Michael J. Jr. V8:20
Ochus, Adam A. V7:46
Oconna, C. 1984#15:19
Oden, M.E. Mrs. 1981#4:8, 1982#5:7
Oden, W.F. V10:93
Oden, William Frank V6:88
Oderdonk, Ed V10:82
Oderdonk, O.B. V10:82
Oderdonk, O.R. V10:82
Odescalchi, Livio 1984#14:20
Odescalchi, Prince 1984#14:20
Odle, Lydia V10:86
Oetzel, Bertha V9:25
Offin, Sophia V10:84
Ofticer, Mary V10:84
Ogden & Wilkins V6:70
Ogden, J. Mrs. V7:17
Ogden, Pearl V10:17
Ogden, William P. 1981#3:7, 1982#5:7 V5:8, V7:105
Ogden, William P. Mrs. V7:105
Ogilvie, Wallace Mr. V8:74, 75
Ogilvie, Wallace Mrs. V8:75
Ogler, Charlie V10:16
Ohare V8:96
Ohlback, John V6:88
Oklun, Charles V7:18
Oklun, Helma L. V10:96
Oklun, John V7:16, V10:84
Oklun, Walter V7:52
Old & Tynan V8:98
Old, Bessie V6:84
Old, John W. Mrs. V7:15
Old, R.O. V6:35, 67, 99
Old, R.O. Mrs. V7:18
Old, Robert O. V6:79, 80, V7:15
Old, Robin O. V6:99
Old, Thos. S. V6:84, V10:41
Oldberg, Oscar V6:3
Oldinger, Philip Frederick 1981#4:9, 1982#5:7
Olds, David V10:79
Olds, Supt. V5:39
Olen, Benj. V9:18
Oleson, Mr. V7:105
Oleson, Mrs. V7:105
Olgeor, Louise V10:82
Olgive, Louis V10:82
Olinger 1984#15:19
Olinger, George W. 1984#14:20
Oliphent V10:101
Oliver & Laughlin V9:40
Oliver, Edna V10:15
Oliver, Edwin H. V6:88
Oliver, Ethel V8:88
Oliver, Harry V7:14
Oliver, Harvey V10:87
Oliver, Henry V10:42
Oliver, J.M. V7:12
Oliver, James R. V9:63
Oliver, James R. Col . V7:47
Oliver, James R. Sgt. V9:32, 37, 38
Oliver, James T. Cpl. V8:16
Oliver, John V9:70
Oliver, Joseph 1984#15:19
Oliver, L. V6:71
Oliver, Melissa V10:15
Olmstead 1984#13:11
Olmstead & Arnold V7:33
Olmstead, Alonzo 1981#4:10
Olmstead, Elizabeth 1981#4:10
Olmstead, Jedediah 1981#4:10
Olmstead, John 1981#4:10
Olmstead, L.F. Mrs. V7:13
Olmstead, Louis 1981#4:10
Olmstead, Luther 1981#4:10
Olmstead, Maggie V9:9
Olmstead, Mandy 1981#4:10
Olmstead, Mr. V7:105
Olmstead, Mrs. V7:105
Olmstead, Samuel 1981#4:10
Olmstead, Sarah 1981#4:10
Olmstead, W.O. V7:35
Olmstead, W.V. V9:93
Olmstead, W.W. V5:12
Olmstead, Walter V10:50
Olmstead, Walter W. V7:105
Olmstead, Walter W. Mrs. V7:105
Olmsted, Fay D. V7:15
Olmsted, Karthrine V6:84
Olmsted, L.F. V6:84, 100, V10:41
Olmsted, Wm V6:88
Olsen & Williams V9:19
Olsen, Alfred V10:85
Olsen, Anna V10:19
Olsen, Christina V6:87
Olsen, Christine V10:19
Olsen, Elmer V5:19
Olsen, Mary V10:84
Olson V7:73, V8:103
Olson, Alfred 1984#15:19 V6:88
Olson, Andrew V6:88, V10:88
Olson, Anna V5:57
Olson, August V6:88
Olson, Augusta Mrs. V10:16
Olson, B.A. V7:17
Olson, Betty V6:88
Olson, Bob V8:103
Olson, Charles F. V6:88
Olson, Eli V7:105
Olson, Eli Mrs. V7:105
Olson, Ellen Mrs. V6:22
Olson, Ethel V10:88
Olson, H.D. V9:13
Olson, Harry V5:42
Olson, J.P. V6:88
Olson, Lavina V9:13
Olson, Lewis V9:70
Olson, Lillian V10:87
Olson, Mamie V10:88
Olson, O. Mrs. V6:100
Olson, Olof V7:15
Olson, Oscar B. V10:16
Olson, Peter V7:15
Olson, Swan V10:16
Olufsdotter, Eva V7:48
Olyer, T.C. V9:46
Omany, John V8:39
Omodl, Ole V8:36
Onderdonk, Ed V10:82
Onderdonk, O.B. V10:82
Onderdonk, O.R. V10:82
Ongram, Louis D. V8:14
Opatril, Julius V6:52
Ophir V9:67
Opie, John W. V6:88
Opie, Peter V6:84
Opitz, Ed J. V6:88
Oppen, Josephine M. V7:24
Oppenheimer, Harry A. V6:88
Orahood & Nesmith V9:44-47
Orahood, Harper V7:73
Orahood, Harper M. V7:47, V9:45
Orahood, Harper P. V9:5
Oram, R.F. Mr. V7:105
Oram, R.F. Mrs. V7:105
Oram, Robert F. 1982#5:7, 1982#8:6
Ord, Annie M. V6:85
Ord, James V7:67
Ordway 1983#10:6
Oreo, Samuel V6:88
Orm, Charles V10:48
Orocchi, Joseph V6:88
Orpen, Edm. V9:45
Orpen, Edward V9:47
Orr, Frankie Miss V10:86
Orr, John B. V9:11
Orrell, W.F. Mrs. V7:17
Orsor, William H. V10:49
Orth, Calectie J. V10:85
Orth, Louisa V6:102
Orth, Roy Calvin V8:25
Orton, W.C. Rev. V10:93
Orton, W.E. V6:88
Orton, William E. V10:5
Osbiston, F.F. V6:70, V7:15
Osborn V7:74
Osborn, Baby V9:69
Osborn, Clarence V8:106
Osborn, Claudia May V5:74
Osborn, Daniel V9:11
Osborn, Ebenezer 1981#3:7, 1982#5:7 V6:88
Osborn, Ed V7:105
Osborn, Ed Mrs. V7:105
Osborn, J.M. V6:79
Osborn, Joseph G. 1982#5:7, 1982#8:7
Osborn, Lizzie V9:69
Osborn, Lydia V9:69
Osborn, Mervill V8:106
Osborn, O.T. V10:48
Osborn, Oiven V8:106
Osborn, Samuel V9:69
Osborn, Thomas V10:41
Osborn, W.T. V7:68
Osborne V5:25, V10:93
Osborne & Moody V9:9
Osborne, Adaline V9:71
Osborne, Andrew G. V7:19
Osborne, Anna Mrs. V10:96
Osborne, Arthur H. V7:18, V10:88
Osborne, Blanche V10:86
Osborne, Claudie M. V5:72
Osborne, Cora D. V7:19
Osborne, Daniel V7:105
Osborne, Daniel Mrs. V7:105
Osborne, E.F. 1984#15:13
Osborne, E.T. V5:8, 14, V6:80, V7:33, 42, V8:81, V9:9
Osborne, Ed V8:45
Osborne, Eva V5:106
Osborne, Frank V8:74
Osborne, Harold V5:14
Osborne, Jean Ann V7:19
Osborne, Joel V5:106
Osborne, Libby E. V7:20
Osborne, Malcolm V7:19
Osborne, Mr. V8:75
Osborne, Mrs. V8:75
Osborne, Sadie M. V7:20
Osborne, Wesley V5:72
Osborne, William C. V7:19
Osborne, Willie V5:72
Osely, D. V6:99
Oser, W.H. 1984#15:19
Osgood, Belle V9:52
Osgood, Cleveland V10:94
Osmon, George V8:24
Ossola, Carlo V8:85
Ostberg, Gust V7:18
Ostergaard, Catherine E. V8:19
Ostlund, Charles E. V7:14
Ostlund, John V7:16
Ostlund, Mary C. V7:13
Ostrand, John 1982#5:7
Ostrander 1984#14:8
Ostrander, Ellis 1982#5:7
Ostrander, Everett V10:39
Ostrander, F.W. V10:78
Ostrander, Harry Womersley V5:74
Ostrander, Lillian V10:41
Ostrander, O. Mr. 1984#15:13 V7:105
Ostrander, O. Mrs. V7:105
Ostrander, Peter S. V6:99
Otis, A.F. V10:83
Otis, Elmer Capt. V7:7
Otis, G.B. V10:83
Otis, H.G. V9:103
Otis, R. V10:83
Otis, Reuben V10:83
Otten, Edward Thomas V6:10, 33
Otten, Leonard W. V6:33
Otterbach, William L. V6:88
Otto, Flora M. V10:19
Otton, Leonard, W. V6:10
Otway, John Hastings V6:76
Oulette V8:14
Ouray, Chief 1984#14:20
Ousley, Bryant, V6:99
Ousley, J.R. Mrs. V6:100
Ousley, James R. V10:41
Ousley, Jas. B. V6:99
Ousley, Perry V6:84
Outette V8:97
Overbay, L.W. V6:23
Overcamp, Walter V7:73
Overholt, Sarah Jane V6:29
Overhuls, Robert Bryant V6:23
Overman, Dora J. 1982#5:6, 7
Overmyer, Joel W. V5:19
Overton, Jimmie Jr. V7:19
Owen, E.M. V6:88
Owen, F.H. V9:2
Owen, N.D. V8:45
Owen, Newton D. V7:47, V9:2
Owen, O.T. Mr. V7:105
Owen, O.T. Mrs. V7:105
Owen, R.T. V8:45
Owen, Worth V9:96
Owens, Albert V8:41
Owens, Albert F. V6:88
Owens, Boots V5:42
Owens, C.W. Mr. V7:105, V9:6
Owens, C.W. Mrs. V7:105
Owens, Charles W. V6:88, V7:34
Owens, Charlie V7:105
Owens, Charlie Mrs. V7:105
Owens, Chas. V7:105
Owens, Chas. Mrs. V7:105
Owens, Dora V8:41
Owens, F. Mr. V7:105
Owens, F. Mrs. V7:105
Owens, Frank V7:105
Owens, Frank Mrs. V7:105
Owens, L.P. V6:88
Owens, Laura V9:6
Owens, Lewis V8:41
Owens, Lillian V9:92
Owens, Minnie B. V7:50
Owens, Myrna C. V6:86
Owens, Owen T. 1982#5:7, 1982#8:7
Owens, Ralph V8:41
Owens, S.F. V10:42
Owens, Susie B. V6:22
Owens, Wm T. V10:105
Owings, N.H. V9:23
Oxley, James V7:84
Oyler, Grant V5:40
Oyler, T.J. V9:18, 45, 47
Oyler, Thomas J. V7:47
Oyler, Thos. J. V9:48
Ozborn, Gertrude Leola V5:74
Ozment, J.F. V6:88


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