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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Iss 1-16 & Vol 5-10 : R

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Issues 1-16 and Volumes 5-10 (1981-1990)
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NAME (Last, First) YEAR#ISSUE(s):PAGE(s) VOLUME(s):PAGE(s)
Rabb, Olive Mabel 1984#14:20
Rabe, Christopher 1984#15:19
Rabe, Mary L V5:84
Raber, G. Rev. V8:45
Rachofsky, A. V9:19
Rachofsky, H. V9:18, 19
Radabaugh, Horace V5:40
Radasch, E.J. V6:102
Radcliff, Ellis J. V6:83
Radcliff, J.D. V10:81
Radcliff, Wm V7:13
Raddatz, Wm V6:3
Rademacher 1984#14:20
Rader, J.R. 1984#15:19 V10:50
Rader, J.R. Rev. V10:85
Rader, Rev. V10:93
Radzewell, Mary L. V9:93
Radzwell, William V9:93
Raemas, Maggie Mrs. V6:47
Rafield, M.S. V10:42
Ragan, Catherine V10:88
Rahlves, Mary 1984#16:16
Rahlves, Mary Henrietta 1984#16:16
Rahske, Pauline V9:9
Raine, Sadie V5:98
Rainerone, A. V8:86
Rainey, Dave V5:63
Rainey, Eddie V5:106
Rainey, J.D. V5:104, V9:9
Rainey, J.W. V5:63
Rainville, Joseph V6:102
Raleigh V8:96
Raliey, Tarleton V6:80
Ralph, A.W. 1984#14:20
Ralph, Agnes 1984#14:20
Ralph, Albert William 1984#14:20
Ralph, Bill 1984#14:20
Ralph, Charles V8:85
Ralph, Dick 1984#14:20
Ralph, Lydia V10:40
Ralph, Mary Jane V8:85
Ralph, Mrs. 1984#14:20
Ralph, Wm V6:102
Ralston, Allen 1984#14:23
Ralston, Bessie Lindsay 1984#16:22, 25
Ralston, C. Strode 1984#16:22
Ralston, Ernestine 1984#16:22, 23
Ralston, Eva Louise Swingle 1984#16:21
Ralston, Golden 1984#16:22
Ralston, Isabelle Forsythe 1984#16:22, 23
Ralston, James Craig 1984#16:21
Ralston, Jessie V8:41
Ralston, John Craig 1984#16:22, 23
Ralston, L.H. 1984#16:22, 23 V5:15, 35, V9:9
Ralston, L.M. Mr. V7:106
Ralston, L.M. Mrs. V7:106
Ralston, Larry Lee 1984#16:21
Ralston, Lucian C. 1984#16:22, 23
Ralston, Lucian Lindsay 1984#16:22, 23
Ralston, Lucian McKee 1984#16:22, 25
Ralston, Lucian Mr. V7:73, 106
Ralston, Lucian Mrs. V7:106
Ralston, Lucien H. V5:8, 18
Ralston, Lucien Hunter V10:10
Ralston, Merle 1984#16:21, 23
Ralston, Morton McKee 1984#16:21
Ralston, Nancy 1984#14:23
Ralston, Norman 1984#16:20
Ralston, Ronald 1984#16:20
Ralston, Strode Craig 1984#16:23
Ralves, Mary Henrietta 1984#16:16
Ramboz, Dora V7:75
Ramer 1984#16:27
Ramey V8:108
Ramey Family V5:78
Ramey, Chap V5:78
Ramey, Darcus V5:78
Ramey, Dora V5:78
Ramey, Jennie V5:78
Ramey, Mrs. V5:78
Ramsdale, Harry V7:15
Ramsdell, H.A. V10:86
Ramsey, Egbirt F. V6:102
Ramsey, Martha Ann 1984#15:24
Ramsey, Wm V10:83
Ramstetter, Henry V7:106
Ramstetter, Henry Mrs. V7:106
Ramstetter, Otto V7:106
Ramstetter, Otto Mrs. V7:106
Ramus, Charles F. V5:68
Rancher, A. V5:20
Ranchler, Jno. V10:106
Rand, Charles V9:9, V10:76
Rand, George V7:106, V8:69, 70, 72
Rand, George Mrs. V7:106
Rand, Lucy A. 1982#5:7, 1982#8:7
Rand, V.G. V8:14
Rand, William V8:14, V9:11
Randal, Jonathan 1982#5:7
Randal, Jonathan L. 1981#3:9
Randall, A.J. V10:96
Randall, Abram J. V6:36
Randall, Ann 1982#5:7, 1982#8:6
Randall, Bishop V6:7, V7:98
Randall, C.H. V6:37
Randall, Cornelia A. Mrs. V6:36
Randall, Cornelia Mrs. V6:37
Randall, Cornelius H. V10:88
Randall, E.P. 1984#15:19
Randall, Edna A. V10:87
Randall, Florence V10:87
Randall, Florence Mrs. V7:52
Randall, G.M. Bishop V8:81
Randall, George M. Rt. Rev. V8:45
Randall, H. V10:98
Randall, J.G. V8:69
Randall, J.L. 1984#15:19 V5:32, V10:98
Randall, J.S. V6:66, 67, 70, V10:41
Randall, Jesse S. V6:38, V10:40
Randall, Jesse Summers V6:36, 37, 43
Randall, John G. V8:69
Randall, John L. V5:8
Randall, Jonathan L. V5:12
Randall, Laura E. V5:12
Randall, Pearl V6:37
Randall, Philip Rev. V9:53
Randall, W.C. 1984#15:19
Randell, Jesse V6:36-38
Randell, Jesse S. V6:35
Randell, Pearl I. V10:87
Randle, Ed 1984#15:19
Randle, Mr. V8:75
Randle, W.H. Mr. V8:75
Randle, William V10:50
Randle, Wm V10:78
Randolph, A.R. V6:103
Randolph, George E. V8:45, 69, V9:48
Randolph, George E. Col. V8:45
Randolph, George Ensign V7:47
Randolph, Samuel Jr. 1984#16:23
Randolph, Samuel R. Jr. 1984#16:22
Ranford, Jane V9:93
Rank & Sayr V9:19
Rank, M. Mrs. V9:19
Rankin & Co. V7:103
Rankin, A.F. V10:36
Rankin, H.S. Mr. V7:106
Rankin, H.S. Mrs. V7:106
Rankin, Leila 1984#14:20
Rankin, R. V6:103
Rankin, William A. V8:68
Ranks, S.A. V9:19
Ranman, Canrad V7:52
Ranney, Mary V5:72
Ranney, Stella V5:72
Ranney, Theo. V5:106
Ranny, Daisy V5:72
Ransdell, Geo. C. V10:40
Ransom, E.A. V10:98
Ransom, E.H. V10:101
Ransom, Ellen V9:13
Ransom, W. 1984#15:19
Ranson, Ann Mrs. V10:98
Ranson, Mary J. Mrs. V5:58
Ranson, Sarah V10:98
Ranson, Sarah B. V9:95
Ranson, W.H. V10:98
Ransum, E.Q. V10:101
Rantchlio, Jno. V10:106
Rantschler, Fred C. V7:18
Rantz, Frank V10:97
Rantz, J.W. Mrs. V7:52
Raper, Frank V10:96
Rapier, Betty Jo V8:24
Rapier, Ernest L. V8:24
Rapin, A. V7:103
Rapio, A. V7:52
Rapp & Thompson V6:67
Rapp, Edgar V8:23
Rapp, Edwin V6:24
Rapp, Elias V6:35
Rapp, Frank V10:49
Rappleye, Almira V6:84
Rapson, Charlotte V10:41
Rapson, Ella V10:86
Rapson, Laura V10:86
Rapson, Thomas V6:82
Rariden, John C. 1982#5:5, 7
Raskhe, Richard 1982#5:7
Rasmussen, James Sophus 1984#16:22, 25
Rasmussen, Lewis V5:19
Rass, Mr. 1984#15:19
Rat, John V6:100
Ratcliff, Benj. V5:101
Ratcliff, Elizabeth M. V5:101
Ratcliffe, Benjamin V5:21
Ratcliffe, J.D. V10:81
Rathburn, Anna V5:84
Rathburn, W.J. 1984#15:19
Rathjen, Henry 1982#5:5, 8
Rathmaun & Herrmann V7:42
Ratliff, J.W. V7:47, V9:18
Ratliff, L.L. Dr. V9:48
Rattek, Daniel V6:42, V7:14
Rattek, Daniel Mrs. V6:84
Rattek, Jennie L. V10:41
Raught, Andrew J. V5:8
Rautert, Amanda 1982#5:8, 1982#8:6
Raverdy, J.B. Rev. V8:45
Rawlins, M.E. V10:45
Rawson, Mary E. V6:48
Ray, Alfreta V6:84
Ray, Commissioner 1984#15:19
Ray, Frank V7:106
Ray, Frank Mrs. V7:106
Ray, Henry A. V6:103
Ray, Irene V7:97
Ray, Jess 1984#14:20
Ray, Jesse E. V7:97
Ray, Jessie V8:77
Ray, Jilson V6:80
Ray, John Pvt. V9:76
Ray, Leonard V10:100
Ray, Oliver T. V9:94
Ray, P.P. V6:41
Ray, Sarah V7:97
Ray, Simon V6:41
Ray, Thomas V5:42
Ray, William 1981#3:8, 1982#5:8
Raymer 1984#14:20
Raymer, Ernie 1984#14:20
Raymer, Mr. 1984#14:20
Raymond, A. V10:84
Raymond, Charles V6:99
Raymond, Frankie V6:48
Raymond, Geo. S. V6:69
Raymond, J.H. V8:14
Raymond, James 1984#15:13
Raymond, Joe V7:17
Raymond, Joseph V6:99
Raymond, L.D. V6:41
Raymond, Sam’l. V10:16
Raymond, Willie V6:99
Raynold, J.O. V8:45
Raynolds, J. S. Madame V8:45
Raynolds, J.G. Mrs. V8:45
Raynor, Arthur V8:81
Raynor, Arthur G. Cpl. V8:16
Rayth, C. V10:79
Rayth, Chas. V10:79
Rayth, Frank V10:79
Rea, A.B. V6:67, 100
Rea, A.B. Mrs. V6:99
Rea, Elva V10:42
Read, Cora Curtis Mrs. V6:100
Read, John M. V10:85
Ready, J.R. V9:19
Ready, Kate 1981#3:8, 1982#5:8
Ready, Mary V5:106
Reano, E. Giglia Ellena V8:86
Reano, Marietta V8:86
Reardon, Sabina V6:46
Reasoner, Lizzie V5:99
Reay, James V6:84
Rebsamen, Louisa V10:16
Reca, C.G. V9:93
Recen, Henry A. V7:18
Reckling Brothers V9:19
Reckling, A.C. V9:19
Record, William P. V6:79
Records, Georgia V10:42
Rector, Harmon V5:29
Rector, Henry V5:29
Rector, Jacob V5:29
Rector, John V5:29
Rector, John Jacob V5:29
Rector, Perry C. V6:103
Red, Mary A. V6:25
Redd, Pete V7:106
Redden, Mary E. V10:16
Redding 1983#9:6
Reddington, Mary V10:88
Reddy, Washington V10:41
Redfield, A.H. Corpl. V7:20
Redfield, Alex V5:8
Redfield, Alexander V7:106
Redfield, Alexander Mrs. V7:106
Redfield, Alick 1981#4:6, 1982#5:8
Redi, W.D. V6:103
Redman, William B. V5:42
Redmon & Griffith V9:48
Redmond, Wm V6:82
Redorrom V8:96
Redpath, Jacob V10:90
Redpath, Temperance V10:90
Redpath, William V10:90
Reece, B.F. 1984#15:19 V5:8
Reece, P.S. V10:79
Reed 1984#14:20 V8:45, 103
Reed & McKinney V8:45
Reed, Arthur V5:42
Reed, C.G. Mr. V7:106
Reed, C.G. Mrs. V7:106
Reed, Charles 1984#14:20 V8:17
Reed, Charles F. 1981#3:9, 1982#5:8
Reed, Charlotte E. V7:24
Reed, Clarence G. 1982#5:8, 1982#8:7
Reed, E. V6:67
Reed, Fannie M. V8:23
Reed, Fred N. V6:103
Reed, G.B. V6:81, V9:9
Reed, Gilbert B. V7:14
Reed, Gilbert S. V6:80
Reed, H. Mr. 1984#14:20
Reed, Hanford 1984#14:20
Reed, Hansford V9:9
Reed, Harry G. 1981#4:9, 1982#5:8
Reed, Irwin D. V8:23
Reed, James V6:9, V10:49
Reed, James S. Mrs. V6:82
Reed, Lorraine V6:6
Reed, Mr. V7:106
Reed, Mrs. V7:106
Reed, Omus V7:13
Reed, P.S. V6:103, V10:79
Reed, P.S. Mr. V7:106
Reed, P.S. Mrs. V7:106
Reed, Pete Mrs. V7:106
Reed, Peter S. V5:14, 35
Reed, S.E. Mrs. V9:9
Reed, Sarah V8:81
Reed, Thomas James V9:45
Reed, W.E. V6:3
Reed, William H. V7:103
Reeding, T.B. V10:103
Reedrey, T.B. V10:103
Reef, Margaret S. V5:11
Reeley, Mary 1982#5:8
Reep 1984#15:21
Rees, David M. 1981#4:6, 1982#5:8
Rees, Richard R. V8:81
Rees, Robt. V10:36
Reese & Kratzer V9:103
Reese, B.F. V5:14
Reese, Joseph V6:103
Reeves, George V7:106
Reeves, George Mrs. V7:106
Reeves, George W. 1982#5:8, 1982#8:7 V8:42
Reeves, J.A. V6:103
Reeves, Willis L. V5:23
Reeves, Wm J. Pvt. V8:16
Regennitter, E.L. V10:87
Regennitter, E.L. Mrs. V7:14
Regin, Lester V5:42
Regli, Emily V5:99
Regner, Julius 1984#15:19
Rehder, Fred V6:3
Reher, August V10:99
Reher, Elise V10:99
Rehfeld, Lena Mrs. V6:26
Rehfeld, Norman J.O. V5:19
Rehling, Emma V6:87
Reib, Barbara V8:24
Reibel, Andrew V10:42
Reibel, Margaret V7:52
Reichart, John V8:74
Reichenecker, Albert V10:47
Reichenecker, W.C. V7:103
Reicheneker, W.C. V7:103
Reichert, Mr. V8:75
Reichwein, Jno. V10:48
Reid, A.W. V6:100
Reid, Anderson V7:14
Reid, Edith V6:100
Reid, Ella May V6:84
Reid, Elmer V10:87
Reid, George B. V10:82
Reid, John S. V6:79, V7:16
Reid, N.R. V6:84
Reid, William W. 1981#4:9, 1982#5:8
Reiff & Elliot V7:103
Reilly, Anna V10:87
Reilly, C.J. V5:38
Reilly, Edward C. V7:52
Reilly, James V10:41
Reilly, John V6:99
Reilly, Katie V6:99
Reilly, Mary V5:72
Reilly, Terrence V6:99
Reilly, Wm R. V10:88
Reimdel, Cora V9:92
Rein?, M.C. Miss V10:41
Reinbold, Charles L. V6:103
Reinhard, F. Mr. V7:106
Reinhard, F. Mrs. V7:106
Reinhard, Frank J. V9:6
Reinhardt, M.F. V10:41
Reinhart, S.J. Miss V10:40
Reis, Robt. V10:36
Reisbeck, George V7:19
Reisbeck, Kenneth V7:19
Reise, Delmar L. V8:20
Reise, H.C. V8:20
Reiside, Esther V9:95
Reiside, John V9:95
Reitmaster & Pelton V9:45, 46
Reitmaster, Alex V9:47
Reitz, George Colyer V8:9
Reitz, Louis Powers V10:43
Reitze, Henry V9:9
Reitzer, Henry V8:14
Relley, Mary 1981#4:6
Remine, George W. V9:45
Remington & Gaynor V9:10
Remington, Alice V5:72
Remington, Charles V5:87
Remington, J.C. V9:9
Remington, J.C. Mr. V7:6, 42, 73, 106
Remington, J.C. Mrs. V7:106
Remington, Jos. 1984#15:19
Remington, Joseph C. V7:46
Remington, Paul V5:72, 106
Remington, Willie V10:13
Remlin, Wm V8:50, V10:47
Remsen, A. V9:45
Rena, L.A. 1984#15:19
Renard, Wm J. V7:52
Rendesill, L.B. V10:86
Renfro, Margaret J. V7:15
Renfrow, John V6:100
Renick, Claud V5:39
Renmick, Alice V9:93
Rennie, George W. V9:47
Reno, Blanch 1981#4:6, 1982#5:8
Reno, Blanche V10:42
Reno, C.S. V10:50
Reno, Charles V10:96
Reno, Charles Mrs. V7:18
Reno, Charles S. V6:103, V10:50
Reno, E.E. V8:14
Reno, Evan E. V8:94
Reno, Horace T. V10:94
Reno, John V6:42
Reno, L.A Mrs. V7:106
Reno, L.A. Mr. 1984#15:19 V7:106, V9:15
Reno, LA. V5:9
Reno, Leola V10:48
Reno, Lewis A. V8:81, V9:15
Reno, T.T. V9:11
Reno, Thomas T. 1981#4:7, 1982#5:8 V8:14
Reno, W.H. V10:48
Renshaw, Belle V10:40
Renton, Mr. 1984#15:19
Rentz, Rose R. V9:25
Renwick, Thomas V6:99
Reopuach, Mrs. V6:24
Replogle 1984#14:8
Rerd, Hunford V9:11
Reschke, Phyllis E. Dr. V9:21
Retallack, Alma V9:71
Retallack, Annie Dunstone V9:69
Retallack, James V9:71
Retallack, Joseph V9:71
Reucke, Sophia M.E. Mrs. 1982#5:8, 1982#8:6
Reut, Maria V5:58
Revilion, Theodore V10:96
Rewark, Samuel 1981#4:6, 1982#5:8
Rex, M.O. V6:103
Reynard, John H. V5:9
Reynaud, Amie V6:84
Reynolds 1983#10:6, 1984#16:28 V8:96
Reynolds Gang 1984#16:18
Reynolds, A.P. 1984#15:13
Reynolds, Adam V9:92
Reynolds, Capt. 1984#16:18
Reynolds, Carrie V5:72, 106, V7:75, V10:14
Reynolds, Charles V9:45, 46
Reynolds, Charles J. V5:19
Reynolds, Ella 1982#5:6, 8
Reynolds, Frank V6:34, 100
Reynolds, Frank W. V6:34
Reynolds, Fred V5:106
Reynolds, George V6:99
Reynolds, George Pvt. V8:16
Reynolds, George W. V7:52
Reynolds, Hattie V10:86
Reynolds, Hattie Hill V8:18
Reynolds, Howard S. V10:96
Reynolds, J.G. V10:26
Reynolds, J.S. V6:67
Reynolds, James V10:42
Reynolds, Jim 1984#16:18
Reynolds, Jno. V7:68
Reynolds, John 1984#16:18
Reynolds, John Mrs. V6:83
Reynolds, Joseph V6:42, 80
Reynolds, Joshua S. V9:63
Reynolds, Mary V8:81
Reynolds, Mary E. V10:96
Reynolds, N.P. V8:81
Reynolds, Prudence Mrs. V7:13
Reynolds, Robert V6:100
Reynolds, Robert P. V6:80, V7:13, V10:40
Reynolds, Stella V6:5, V10:87
Reynolds, T. V6:34
Reynolds, Thos. V10:14
Reynolds, W. 1984#15:13
Reynolds, W.P. 1984#15:13
Reynolds, W.T. V6:41, 84
Reynolds, Walter L. V6:34
Reynolds, Willa B. V10:87
Reynolds, Willa Mrs. V7:14
Reynolds, Willard V6:84
Reynolds, William T. V6:79, 80, V7:52, V10:41
Reynolds, Wm V10:50
Reynolds, Z.T. V10:40
Rhea, Shelba V6:103
Rhea, Shelby V8:77
Rhind, Isabella Elizabeth V5:102, V10:90
Rhind, John V5:102
Rhind, John Capt. V8:53
Rhind, Margaret Mrs. V8:53
Rhind, Mary Eleanor Mrs. V8:53
Rhind, William V8:53
Rhoades, A.G. V9:45
Rhoads, A.G. V9:46
Rhoads, Haskill V7:68
Rhode, Charles V5:42
Rhodes V9:53
Rhodes, Gertrude V6:85
Rhodes, R.G. Cpl. V9:32
Rhodes, R.H. V9:9
Rhodes, Robert G. Cpl. V9:32
Rhodes, Robert Rev. V8:95
Rhodes, W. V6:3
Rhodes, W.A. V9:96
Rhodes, William B. V10:94
Rhynders, J. V10:82
Rhynders, Jas. V10:82
Ricard, Wm P. V6:40
Ricard, Wm P. Mrs. V6:40
Ricci, A. V7:15
Ricci, Alfonso V7:52
Ricci, Antonio V7:18
Ricci, Emelia V10:86
Ricci, Infant V7:15
Riccinti, Angelo 1984#15:19
Ricco, Antonio V8:86
Rice & Clise V7:43
Rice, B. F. V10:104
Rice, C.A. Mr. V7:106
Rice, C.A. Mrs. V7:106
Rice, Charles A. 1984#15:19 V6:103
Rice, Charley V5:78
Rice, Christian P. V6:103
Rice, E.P. Mr. V10:92
Rice, Elizabeth 1984#16:16
Rice, Ernest V7:106
Rice, Ernest Mrs. V7:106
Rice, Florence V9:95
Rice, Frank Hamilton Bishop 1984#14:20
Rice, Grace 1984#14:20, 1984#16:16
Rice, Grace G. V9:93-95, V10:18, 19
Rice, Grace R. V10:18
Rice, Infant V8:37
Rice, Isaac 1984#16:16
Rice, Isreal 1984#16:16
Rice, John W. V9:11
Rice, Mabel V9:95
Rice, Nathan 1984#16:16
Rice, Owen V10:88
Rice, R.F. V10:104
Rice, Robert V8:45
Rice, Susan 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Rich 1984#16:28
Rich & Price V6:68
Rich, A.I. V6:68
Rich, A.L. V10:84
Rich, Francis N. V9:96
Rich, George L. 1984#15:13
Rich, Michael V5:60
Rich, Nat Jr. V6:97, V10:74
Richard, Alexander V7:14
Richard, Florian V10:40
Richard, Gene V8:23
Richard, Jas. 1984#15:19
Richard, V. V10:36
Richards, Angelina V9:71
Richards, Baby V6:52
Richards, Bennie V9:71
Richards, C. V9:71
Richards, C. Mrs. V9:18
Richards, C.R. Mrs. V5:99
Richards, Cecile V6:52
Richards, Cecile Mrs. V6:52
Richards, Charley V8:106
Richards, Chas. V10:14
Richards, Clar? V10:14
Richards, Clarence V8:106, V10:13, 14
Richards, D.M. V8:69
Richards, Dick V6:52
Richards, Donald V6:25
Richards, Effie V8:106, V10:13, 14
Richards, Fred 1984#16:19
Richards, George V9:70
Richards, Gerald L. V8:23
Richards, Hazel V10:96
Richards, Henry Mrs. V9:2
Richards, Hubert Marion V5:6
Richards, J.P. V8:84
Richards, J.R. V6:70
Richards, J.W. V8:92, 104, 105, V9:9, V10:13
Richards, Jack V6:3
Richards, James V10:12
Richards, James W. V8:94
Richards, Jas. V9:71
Richards, John 1984#16:19 V6:103, V9:19
Richards, John V. V10:94
Richards, Law? V10:14
Richards, Lawrence V8:106, V10:13, 14
Richards, Lawrence A. V10:49
Richards, Libbey Miss V8:94
Richards, Lizzie Mrs. V8:94
Richards, Louis M. V10:17
Richards, Margaret E. V9:69
Richards, Mary C. V9:71
Richards, Mr. V6:25
Richards, Reuben V9:71
Richards, Robert H. V10:22
Richards, S. V9:69, V10:83
Richards, Samuel V9:69, V10:83
Richards, Sidney T. V9:71
Richards, Thomas B. V9:71
Richards, W.B. V9:71
Richards, W.J. V10:18
Richards, William B. V9:71
Richards, Winnie V10:87
Richardsen, Jas. 1984#15:19
Richardson V9:19
Richardson, A.D. V7:37, 38
Richardson, Albert D. V8:81
Richardson, Annie V6:48
Richardson, B. V8:94
Richardson, Bessie V6:84
Richardson, C. V5:19
Richardson, C.S. V10:45
Richardson, C.S. Prof. V10:44
Richardson, Charles S. V7:20
Richardson, Edward V7:13, V9:74
Richardson, Estelle Mrs. V10:88
Richardson, G. V10:98
Richardson, G. Rev. V6:64
Richardson, George V7:106
Richardson, George H. V8:81
Richardson, George Mrs. V7:106
Richardson, George Rev. V6:64, V7:17
Richardson, Hamlet F. V8:94
Richardson, Harold H. V5:11
Richardson, Harry H. V7:20
Richardson, Henry H. V10:45
Richardson, Jane V6:48
Richardson, John V6:80
Richardson, Joseph V5:42
Richardson, Leona Darlene V8:20
Richardson, Madame E.S.H. V10:85
Richardson, R.M. V6:71
Richardson, R.M. Col. V7:15
Richardson, Rev. V10:7
Richardson, Richard V10:84
Richardson, Sophia R. V7:20
Richardson, Thomas V6:103
Richardson, W.H. V6:84, V7:13
Richardson, Wm V9:11
Richardson, Wm H. V6:79, 80, V7:14
Richardson, Wm H. Pvt. V8:16
Richart, George L. V5:19
Riches, Esther R. V10:84
Riches, Phe V10:41
Richey, J.C. V9:19
Richey, John V7:15
Richie, Wilbur V10:29
Richman, Thomas I. V8:45, V9:48
Richmond, C.B. V9:19
Richmond, C.B. Dr. V7:17
Richmond, Charles B. Dr. V7:47
Richmond, Harry V8:45
Richmond, J.J. V6:103
Richneg, John V7:19
Richthofan, Baron Walter von V6:8
Richwein 1984#15:19
Richwein & Claus V7:34
Richwein, J. Mr. V7:106
Richwein, J. Mrs. V7:106
Richwein, John 1984#15:19
Richwein, Mamie V6:86
Rickard, A. V9:18
Rickard, Anna C. V9:72
Rickard, Charles V9:72
Rickard, Charles F. V9:72
Rickard, Francis V10:42
Rickard, Frank V7:52
Rickard, Frank Mrs. V7:52
Rickard, John V10:88
Ricker, J.A. V5:38
Ricker, Nettie Medora V6:22
Rickett, Lucy Mrs. V10:85
Riddle 1984#13:11
Riddle, Emma 1982#8:5
Riddle, Myra Mrs. 1982#8:5
Riddle, R.L. V5:19
Riddle, Thompson 1982#8:5
Riddlebarger, Matt V8:81
Rider V8:97
Rider Ranch 1984#15:19
Rider, C.A. 1984#14:20 V6:103
Rider, Charles A. 1984#14:20
Rider, Charley V5:78
Rider, Cora V5:78
Rider, Cora Ault V5:78
Rider, Harold V5:78
Rider, Winnie V5:78
Ridgway, Belle Mrs. V10:84
Ridgway, Elizabeth V10:87
Rieble, Andrew V6:100
Riecke, John V5:9
Ried, J.H. V9:18
Riedell, Harry A. V5:19
Riegle, Mary L. 1981#3:9, 1982#5:8
Riel, Grace G. V9:93
Ries, Christina Mrs. V10:84
Ries, Stephen 1981#4:9, 1982#5:8
Rietter, Robert V6:103
Rigdon, Charles M. V10:87
Riggle, Laura B. V7:50
Riggs, Nancy Jane V5:23
Riggs, Wintworth V8:29
Right, Guy V8:41
Rigsby, David T. V10:41
Riley 1983#11:8, 1984#13:11
Riley, A.G. Mr. V7:106
Riley, A.G. Mrs. V7:106
Riley, Daniel V7:13
Riley, David Brainerd 1981#2:9
Riley, Edward V10:41
Riley, Eliza 1982#5:8
Riley, Elliott V9:94
Riley, Ethel V10:88
Riley, F.D. Rev. V10:108
Riley, George V6:9
Riley, Hazel V10:88
Riley, Hulda Ann Robinson Mrs. 1981#2:9
Riley, J. V10:81
Riley, Jno. V10:81
Riley, John V5:42
Riley, Luela V5:57
Riley, Michael V7:17
Riley, T.H. V10:81
Riley, T.J. Mr. V7:106
Riley, T.J. Mrs. V7:106
Riley, Thomas V9:45
Riley, Veronica V7:15
Riley, Wm J. V6:83
Rilliet, Charles C. 1984#16:22, 23
Rilliet, Charles L. 1984#16:22, 23
Rilliet, Sarah Lillian 1984#16:22, 23
Ring, Samuel V5:42
Rinker, W.A. V10:78
Rinker, Washington A. V6:103
Rioux V5:100
Ripley, Eddie 1984#15:13
Ripley, Ezra Rev. 1984#16:16
Ripley, Reuben V6:103
Ripley, William V9:45, 47
Risden V8:97
Risden, J.S. V9:9
Risdon, J.S. V8:94
Risdon, John S. 1981#3:8, 1982#5:8
Risser, M. Laurentine V6:48
Rissman, E.G. V6:103
Ritche, Annie V10:96
Ritchey, D. V8:48, V10:35
Ritchey, Francis J. V10:35
Ritchey, Jesse M. V10:35
Ritchey, John H. V10:35
Ritchey, M.W. V10:35
Ritchey, Margaret I. V10:35
Ritchey, Margaret J. V10:35
Ritchey, Martha V10:35
Ritchey, Mary M. V10:35
Ritchey, Zadie B. V6:48
Ritchie, Charles V6:82
Ritchison, Ama S. V8:86
Rith, J. V10:105
Rittenhouse, Mr. V8:75
Rittenhouse, Mrs. V8:75
Ritter V5:2
Ritter, Arthur A. V6:103
Ritter, Bertha V8:107
Ritter, David 1984#15:19 V6:103
Ritter, George V6:80
Ritter, Ida V8:107
Ritter, Jacob V5:2
Ritter, Jas. V10:103
Ritter, Simon V6:80, 82
Ritter, Stephen V6:103
Ritthaller, Dorothy V6:23
Rittmaster, A. V9:40, 48, V10:45
Rittmaster, Chas. V9:19
Rivers, Charles V8:107
Rivex, Clemantine A. V6:102
Rizzardi, Joe O. V8:86
Rizzardi, Richard J. V8:86
Rizzari, Francis 1984#14:20
Rizzari, Freda 1984#14:20
Roach 1981#3:4
Roads, L. V10:102
Roads, Leander V10:102
Roagessenu, David V6:79
Roagland & Benjamin 1984#16:12
Roarke, Dick V5:86
Roath, Tyler W. 1981#4:7, 1982#5:8
Robar, Augustus 1981#4:6, 1982#5:8
Robb, Carrie V9:6
Robb, Claude V5:72
Robb, D.W. V8:14
Robb, Harvey V8:104
Robb, Hugh W. V5:41
Robb, J.C. 1984#15:19 V9:94
Robb, J.C. Mrs. V7:34
Robb, J.C.F. V9:94-96, V10:15, 78
Robb, J.C.L. V9:94
Robb, J.H. V8:94
Robb, J.W. 1981#4:9, 1982#5:8 V8:104, V9:9
Robb, James H. V8:14
Robb, Jas. H. V8:104, V10:48
Robb, John V8:104
Robb, John W. V8:14
Robb, Magdelen V6:92
Robb, Mr. V8:104
Robbins, A.B. V8:81
Robbins, A.H. V10:8
Robbins, Asa J. V5:101
Robbins, Ida V10:84
Robbins, John V9:11
Robbins, Lucinda D. V5:18
Robbins, Mary E. V5:101
Robert, A. V6:67
Robert, Arthur V7:52
Roberts 1983#9:6, 1984#13:11
Roberts Brothers V6:3, 71
Roberts, Allie V10:41
Roberts, Anna Laura V8:87
Roberts, Belle V10:85
Roberts, Bob V6:3
Roberts, C.A. V9:68
Roberts, C.E. V6:103
Roberts, C.S. V10:42
Roberts, Caroline Margaret V10:110
Roberts, Charles E. V10:30
Roberts, Daniel V7:16, V10:41
Roberts, Daniel Mrs. V6:99
Roberts, E.W. 1984#15:19
Roberts, Elizabeth V9:70, V10:30
Roberts, Esther V9:93
Roberts, Ethel V10:16
Roberts, Eurana 1981#4:10
Roberts, Flora Mrs. V10:86
Roberts, Frances J. V10:30
Roberts, Gladys V6:100
Roberts, H. L. V6:9
Roberts, H.H. V10:77
Roberts, H.L. Mrs. V7:15
Roberts, Harry V8:87
Roberts, Henry L. V7:52
Roberts, J. V6:69
Roberts, J.T. V8:45
Roberts, J.T. Madame V8:45
Roberts, J.W. V7:43
Roberts, James V6:83
Roberts, James M. V10:110
Roberts, Jasper V6:100
Roberts, Jasper N. V7:18
Roberts, Jenkin V6:35
Roberts, Jesse S. V7:88, V10:110
Roberts, John V6:64, 103
Roberts, John G. V6:35
Roberts, John W. V10:65
Roberts, Joseph P. V10:87
Roberts, Julia V8:87
Roberts, L.C. Mr. V7:106
Roberts, L.C. Mrs. V7:106
Roberts, L.L. V6:9, V8:87
Roberts, L.L. Mrs. V7:13
Roberts, L.T. V10:77
Roberts, Lafe V10:15
Roberts, Lara V10:87
Roberts, Lars V7:18
Roberts, Lars Mrs. V7:16
Roberts, Lewis L. V6:67, V7:52
Roberts, Lizzie Mrs. V7:16
Roberts, Llewellyn T. V10:50
Roberts, Lon Mrs. V7:52
Roberts, Lon. V8:87
Roberts, Lonnette V8:87
Roberts, Louiza V10:110
Roberts, Maggie E. V8:87
Roberts, Margaret V6:99, V9:13, V10:110
Roberts, Margaret Davis Mrs. V7:88
Roberts, Mary V8:87
Roberts, Matthew V9:70
Roberts, Nettie E. V8:87
Roberts, Obediah V10:110
Roberts, Olwen V8:87
Roberts, P.L. V8:87
Roberts, Phil V7:18
Roberts, Philip L. V6:35
Roberts, Richard V5:39
Roberts, Robert V10:30
Roberts, Robert N. V10:30
Roberts, Ruth V10:96
Roberts, Sarah L. V10:30
Roberts, Sidney V5:39
Roberts, Stella V8:87
Roberts, Thomas H. V9:70
Roberts, Thos. L. V8:87
Roberts, W.K. V6:103
Roberts, W.W. V10:87
Roberts, William E. V6:103
Roberts, Wm A. V7:52
Robertson, Bill V7:19
Robertson, Emmett H. V5:19
Robertson, Fitch V5:19
Robertson, J.T. V10:102
Robertson, Jennie V9:12
Robertson, John V6:103
Robertson, P.G. V6:67
Robertson, Sarah V6:84
Robertson, W.M. Rev. V6:84
Robeson 1984#15:13
Robeson Family 1984#15:13
Robeson, David V7:52, V10:42
Robeson, David Mrs. V7:18
Robeson, Ella V10:41
Robeson, J.H. V10:88, 97
Robeson, J.H. Mrs. V7:17
Robeson, Jacob H. V10:42
Robeson, Lawrence J. V10:88
Robeson, Louisa Mrs. V7:52
Robeson, Mrs. 1984#15:13
Robeson, Nettie Mrs. V7:18
Robeson, Sol. V7:15
Robeson, Solomon V6:40, 79
Robeson, W.C. 1984#15:13
Robeson, W.C. Mrs. 1984#15:13
Robeson, W.L. 1984#15:13
Robeson, W.L. Mrs. 1984#15:13
Robey, Alice V6:86
Robie, Abigail 1984#16:16
Robie, Eben 1984#16:16
Robins V8:3
Robins, Ann V8:87
Robins, Ann Mrs. V8:36
Robins, B. V9:71
Robins, Bartholomew V9:71
Robins, Cordelia V9:71
Robins, E. V9:71
Robins, Ella V9:71
Robins, Emma V9:71
Robins, Ester V9:71
Robins, F. V9:71
Robins, John L. V9:49
Robins, M. V9:71
Robins, Samuel V9:70
Robins, William V9:70
Robinson 1984#13:11 V7:73
Robinson, A.N. Mr. V7:106
Robinson, A.N. Mrs. V7:106
Robinson, Alexander D. V8:14
Robinson, Arthur A. V10:96
Robinson, B. V10:35
Robinson, Benj. V10:35
Robinson, Caroline Amanada Leap Mrs. 1981#2:9
Robinson, Charles V6:103
Robinson, Clinton 1984#16:16
Robinson, Clinton A. 1984#16:16
Robinson, E.J. V9:39
Robinson, E.J. Miss V9:39, 40
Robinson, E.Z. Miss V9:39
Robinson, Ellen F. Mrs. V7:17
Robinson, Ellen Z. Miss V9:39
Robinson, Emma J. V5:29
Robinson, Eria M. V6:45
Robinson, Etta V6:87
Robinson, Eva V9:94
Robinson, Fanny V6:50
Robinson, Frank V6:3, V10:50
Robinson, Fred 1984#16:16
Robinson, George V9:9, V10:6
Robinson, George W. V8:14
Robinson, H.R. V8:81
Robinson, Harry V7:106
Robinson, Harry Mrs. V7:106
Robinson, Henry R. V6:103
Robinson, Hulda Ann 1981#2:9
Robinson, J.M. V6:41
Robinson, J.T. V10:102
Robinson, Jennette M. V6:86
Robinson, John V6:80
Robinson, John Col. V5:2
Robinson, John Mrs. V7:14
Robinson, Lillie Gert V6:46
Robinson, N.G. V5:9
Robinson, Nancy 1981#2:9
Robinson, Nathaniel V6:103
Robinson, Paul 1984#14:20
Robinson, Ralph 1984#16:16
Robinson, Samuel 1981#2:9
Robinson, Thomas 1984#15:13
Robinson, Thomas M. Pvt. V8:16
Robinson, Thomas M. Sgt. V9:37
Robinson, W.H. V8:9
Robinson, William 1981#2:9 V9:96
Robinson, Wm N. V5:40
Robison 1981#2:4
Robison, A.C. V6:35
Robison, C.C. V6:103
Robison, Clyde C. V10:49
Robison, Donna Rae V5:29
Robison, E.J. Miss V9:41
Robison, Ellen J. V9:39
Robison, Frank V10:49
Robison, Margaret Lillien V5:29
Robitzer, Katie V7:25
Robley, Lenore 1984#14:20
Robson 1981#2:4
Robson, Emma J. V5:29
Robson, Wm V7:106
Robson, Wm Mrs. V7:106
Roby, Alice 1984#14:20
Roby, Gertrude L. V5:69
Roby, W.C. V5:106
Robyn, H. V8:45
Roch V9:45
Roch, Wm V9:46
Roche, C.H. V10:77
Roche, John J. V9:96
Rochee, O. V6:71
Rochester, Mary V10:84
Rochford, Frank V6:103
Rock, Martin V5:100
Rock, Mikel V8:106
Rockafellow, Christian V5:14
Rockafellow, Edger V5:14
Rockman, Frank V6:3
Rockwell, David V6:100, V8:38, 39
Rockwell, Eda V8:39, 40
Rockwell, Eliza M. 1982#5:5, 8
Rockwell, Evaline V7:52
Rockwell, F.M. V7:14
Rockwell, Frank G. V6:103
Rockwell, George V7:17, V10:86
Rockwell, George C. V10:88
Rockwell, George Mrs. V7:15, V10:96
Rockwell, James M. V7:16
Rockwell, Jane Mrs. V7:18
Rockwell, Julia V8:40
Rockwell, L.C. V7:14
Rockwell, Lee V7:17, V10:86
Rockwell, Leo Mrs. V10:96
Rockwell, Lewis C. V8:70, 71
Rockwell, Lida V8:39, 40, V10:86
Rockwell, M.G. 1984#15:13
Rockwell, Rose V10:85
Rockwell, W.S.C. V10:41
Rockwell, William S. V6:84, V8:69
Rockwell, Wm H. V7:15
Rodda , Wm C. V10:85
Rodda, Anna V10:86
Rodda, Charles V10:96
Rodda, Eliza Mrs. V10:87
Rodda, Evangeline V10:96
Rodda, James H. V10:88
Rodda, Richard R. V10:86
Rodda, Thomas V10:85
Rodda, Thomas L. V7:14
Rodda, Thomas Mrs. V6:100
Rodda, Viola V10:88
Rodds, Joseph A. V7:16
Rodenburg, Henry V5:9
Roderiguez, J.C. V10:94
Rodes, S.A. V6:103
Rodespil, Mr. V8:75
Rodespil, Mrs. V8:75
Rodger, Henry V9:11
Rodgers, John P. 1984#15:19
Rodgers, W. V7:43
Rodriguez, Lucia A. V6:45
Rodwald, Louisa V5:84
Rodwell, Sybil Ione V8:19
Roe, Elmer V6:3
Roeder, Gus V10:86
Roelingen, Joseph V6:103
Roepper, F.A. V7:16
Roeschlaub, R.S. V8:45
Roesser, Pete V10:48
Roffe, Daughter V6:84
Roffe, John V6:84
Roger, A.N. V9:48
Rogers 1984#13:11, 1984#14:20
Rogers & Abbs V7:42
Rogers J.P. V5:12
Rogers, A.C. Mr. V7:106
Rogers, A.C. Mrs. V7:106
Rogers, A.M. 1981#3:7, 1982#5:8
Rogers, A.N. V9:18, 19, 48
Rogers, Ada V10:41
Rogers, Albert E. V6:100
Rogers, Andrews N. V7:47
Rogers, Annie V5:57
Rogers, Charles W. V6:103
Rogers, David H. V5:6
Rogers, David Henderson 1981#4:10 V5:102
Rogers, David P. V5:6
Rogers, E.H. V5:12
Rogers, E.J.A. Dr. 1984#15:19
Rogers, E.W. V9:9
Rogers, Edgar V8:14
Rogers, Eugene V7:16
Rogers, Eugenia V10:87
Rogers, F.J. V6:103, V10:26
Rogers, Frances B. V7:75
Rogers, Freddie E. V5:69
Rogers, George V5:10, V10:103
Rogers, Ida Irene V7:51
Rogers, J.N. 1984#15:19
Rogers, John A. V10:15
Rogers, John Henry 1984#15:19
Rogers, John O. V5:19
Rogers, L.C. 1984#15:13 V9:98
Rogers, L.C. Mrs. 1984#15:13
Rogers, Loren Mr. V7:106
Rogers, Loren Mrs. V7:106
Rogers, Martha Ann Sartain Mrs. V5:102
Rogers, Martha Ann Sartain Rogers 1981#4:10
Rogers, Mary Mrs. V8:7, 8
Rogers, Maud V5:83
Rogers, Melvin Foy V5:6
Rogers, Minnie E. V7:51
Rogers, Thomas V6:83, V8:8
Rogers, Thomas A. V7:18
Rogers, William V7:14, 106, V8:36, V10:42, 88
Rogers, William Mrs. V7:106
Rogerson, W.G. V6:41
Rogner, Clarence C. V5:42
Rohan, A. V10:80
Rohan, Afran V10:80
Rohar, A. V10:80
Rohar, Afran V10:80
Roher, Michael 1982#5:8
Roher, Zola V5:19
Rohling Brothers V9:18
Rohling, John V9:49
Rohling, Philip V9:49
Rohmer, A. 1984#15:13
Rohrie, Dale Sanford V8:22
Rohrig, Alma Buenne V7:49
Rohrig, Herbert V7:49
Rohrig, Reinhold V7:49
Rohrig, Violette V7:49
Roi, Les Filles du V5:25
Roland, Matthew V9:45
Rolander, Carl D. V6:103
Rolfe, Mabel O. V5:58
Roll, John S. V10:84
Roll, L.C. Mrs. V6:70
Roll, Louise Mrs. V10:88
Rolland, George V10:11
Rollen, Arthur V10:93
Rolley, Sophia 1982#5:6, 8
Rollinger, Anna Mrs. 1984#15:19
Rollinger, Chris V8:78
Rollinger, Joe Mrs. V8:78
Rollins, David V9:45
Rollins, George V7:106
Rollins, George Mrs. V7:106
Rollins, Gracie V6:87
Rollins, J.Q.A. V8:45, V9:52, V10:95
Rollins, James V5:69
Rollins, John Q.A. V7:47
Rollins, Mr. V9:23
Rollins, Mrs. V8:45, V9:52
Rollins, R.P. 1984#15:19
Rollins, S. Mrs. V10:84
Rollo, Bertha V9:13
Rombery, Lottie V6:88
Romboz, Louis 1984#14:20
Romboz, Rosa 1984#14:20
Rommel, Ella V10:85
Rommel, Mary V10:42
Roncketto, D. V8:85
Ronney, A. V9:98
Rooker, Mary V10:88
Rooley, Charles V9:47
Rooney, A. V9:9
Rooney, Florence 1981#4:9, 1982#5:8
Rooney, O. 1984#14:20
Roony, Alexander 1984#15:19
Roorback, T. V10:102
Roorback, Thos. V10:102
Roosevelt, Lyla Colton 1984#16:16
Roosevelt, Theodore 1984#14:20
Root 1984#14:20 V8:45, 96, 103
Root, Ethel V8:106
Root, Eugene V8:106
Root, Francis V8:106
Root, Hugh E. V5:19
Root, I.F. 1984#15:19
Root, Idella V8:107
Root, Jane V8:30
Root, Jennis V8:106
Root, Lee V8:107
Root, Lessie V8:106
Root, M.H. V8:45, V9:65
Root, Mansel H. V7:47
Root, Mike V8:106
Root, Mr. V8:45
Root, Reuben L. V6:80
Root, Virginia V8:107
Roraback, Charles V6:103
Rorabaugh 1984#14:20
Rorano, Felix V6:3
Roscen, Isaac V10:18
Rose 1984#14:8
Rose, Carl V9:30
Rose, Coridon V9:11
Rose, Hibbard 1984#15:13
Rose, Lizzie V10:17
Rose, Marian F. Pvt. V8:16
Rose, Olive V10:41
Rose, Thomas V5:60
Rose, William W. Jr. V8:33
Roseau, Minnie L V7:25
Rosenberg, Joe V6:3
Rosenberg, Solomon V8:36
Rosenburg, Atule 1984#16:16
Rosenfield, Rose V9:94
Rosentrader, R.J. V6:3
Rosett 1981#3:3
Roshee, Mary F. V6:103
Ross 1984#13:11
Ross, Daniel M. V5:9
Ross, David V6:99
Ross, George V8:30
Ross, George McL. V10:94
Ross, J.C. Mr. V7:106
Ross, J.C. Mrs. V7:106
Ross, Jacob V8:30
Ross, James VV10:15
Ross, John V9:11, V10:99
Ross, John C. V10:86
Ross, John Wesley V8:30
Ross, Leland J. V10:18
Ross, Martha 1981#4:10
Ross, Mr. 1984#14:20
Ross, Nancy Funk V8:30
Ross, Peter V5:60
Ross, W.R. V6:103
Rosser V7:2
Rossi, Eugene V10:17
Rossman, Robert V8:17
Rote, Clara V5:58
Roth & Murphy V9:48
Roth, Herbert F. V6:103
Roth, Otto B. V10:18
Roth, William V6:28
Rotherberger, H. V7:88
Rothine, Amanda V10:86
Rothrock, Mary V10:104
Rothrock, Sarah Ann V10:104
Rothrock, W.L. V10:104
Rothrock, W.S. V10:104
Rothschild, Florence V10:19
Rothwell, Rose King V6:79
Rotts, John H. 1981#4:6, 1982#5:8
Roudier V5:100
Rouds, L. V10:102
Rouds, Leander V10:102
Rouell, Lyman D. V5:14
Rough, George V9:45
Roundey, Joseph V5:2
Rounds, Barney V6:82, V10:40
Rounds, C.O. V10:83
Rounds, Julia Mrs. V10:41
Rouse, Jas. H. V6:71
Rouse, Willliam V5:19
Route V8:97
Routo, Suliva V5:42
Routt, Gov. V8:70
Row V8:96
Row, Maud V5:57
Row, Richard V10:48
Rowe V8:87
Rowe, Annie V8:87
Rowe, Beatrice V8:36
Rowe, Beatrice A. V9:20
Rowe, Benjamin V7:106
Rowe, Benjamin Mrs. V7:106
Rowe, Benjamin S. V5:9, 14
Rowe, Charles E. V10:94
Rowe, Clara V9:20
Rowe, E.J. Mrs. V6:67
Rowe, Ed V7:106
Rowe, Ed Mrs. V7:106
Rowe, Edward E. V10:93
Rowe, Edward George V9:20
Rowe, Elizabeth V6:76, V7:17
Rowe, Elizabeth Florine Mrs. V10:8
Rowe, Ella V9:20
Rowe, Francis C. V8:87
Rowe, George V8:87, V9:18
Rowe, Henry V9:45
Rowe, J.H. V6:71
Rowe, James V6:100
Rowe, James H. V8:85
Rowe, Jane Mrs. V6:100
Rowe, Jas. H. V6:71
Rowe, John V6:3, 76, 82, V9:20
Rowe, John A. V7:68
Rowe, John J. V10:88
Rowe, Lavinia L. V7:51
Rowe, Lena Mary V8:87
Rowe, M.A. 1984#15:13
Rowe, M.A. Mrs. 1984#15:13
Rowe, Phillippa V8:87
Rowe, Raymond V8:87
Rowe, Richard ‘Rich’ V5:32
Rowe, Sand. V9:45
Rowe, Sarah V10:86
Rowe, Thomas V7:14, V8:87
Rowe, Thomas R. V9:18
Rowe, Tige V6:3
Rowe, Valentine V9:6
Rowe, Willie V6:76, 100
Rowell, L.D. V5:35, V8:14
Rowell, L.D. Capt. V6:80
Rowhouse, Fred A. V6:103
Rowland, T.C. V6:83
Rowley, Chas. V9:45
Rowley, Mary F. V6:103
Rowley, William V. 1984#15:19 V6:79, 103
Rowling, Catherine V10:19
Roworth, Willliam M. V7:47, V8:69
Rowth & Cannon V9:103
Roxabell Consolidated Mining V10:45
Roy V10:63
Roy, Antoine 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Royer, Aaron V10:105
Royer, Charles V6:84
Royler, Aaron V10:105
Ruback, Charles V5:19
Rubado, Beulah V10:88
Rubado, F.J. V7:15
Rubado, Frank V6:100, V7:16, V10:87
Rubado, Fred V7:53
Rubado, George L. V7:13
Rubado, Mabel V10:96
Rubado, Martha V7:17, V10:87
Rubado, Mary V10:86
Rubado, Mary Mrs. V7:52
Rubado, Matt V7:15
Rubado, Thomas V10:87
Rubecker, Lizzie V7:24
Rubey & Woods V7:32
Rubey, H.M. V5:14
Rubey, Harry M. V7:33, V9:6
Rubey, Harry W. V9:6
Rubey, J.W. V7:32
Ruble, Jennie Mrs. V7:25
Rubry, J.W. V10:76
Ruby Family 1984#16:13
Ruby, Bernice V9:94, V10:15
Ruby, Green V7:88
Ruby, J.W. V7:74
Ruby, Mary V10:42
Rudd, Arthur V7:106
Rudd, Arthur Mrs. V7:106
Rudd, E.M. Mrs. V6:48
Rudd, Mother V10:5
Rudd, Phillip V5:19
Ruddy, C.A. 1981#4:7, 1982#5:8
Rudin, A. 1984#15:19
Rudolph, C.G. V9:47
Rudolph, F. V9:49
Rudolph, F.A. V9:45, 46, 48
Rudolph, Fred V9:18
Rudolph, G.B. V9:44
Rudolph, John Madison V6:26
Rudy, J.S. V6:103, V9:9
Rue, Mr. V7:106
Rue, Mrs. V7:106
Ruet, Annie V8:107
Ruet, Mary V8:107
Ruet, Mike V8:107
Ruffle, Eli W. V6:103
Rugby, Eva B. V6:45
Rugg, A.W. 1984#16:25 V9:11
Rugg, A.W. Mr. V7:106
Rugg, A.W. Mrs. V7:106
Rugg, Albert 1984#16:24
Rugg, Albert W. 1984#16:24, 25
Rugg, Albert W. Jr. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Alice 1984#16:25
Rugg, Arabelle 1984#16:24
Rugg, Bell M. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Belle M. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Bertha L. 1984#16:25 V5:57
Rugg, C.M. V6:103, V10:99
Rugg, Charles V5:12
Rugg, Charlie M. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Chas. M. V7:106
Rugg, Chas. M. Mrs. V7:106
Rugg, Cloe Augusta 1984#16:25
Rugg, Columbus Merle 1984#16:25
Rugg, Dwight L. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Eddie 1984#16:25
Rugg, Edwin 1984#16:25
Rugg, Edwin A. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Erick 1984#16:25
Rugg, Fred 1984#14:20
Rugg, Frederic M. 1984#16:25
Rugg, George N. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Harriet 1984#16:25
Rugg, Harry L. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Harry Lee 1984#16:25
Rugg, Irvin E. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Jane D. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Jessie G. 1984#16:25 V6:102
Rugg, Laura M. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Lillian M. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Lorel 1984#16:25
Rugg, Margaret B. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Martin E. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Mary A. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Mattie 1984#16:25
Rugg, Mattie A. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Mrs. V7:17
Rugg, Reuben V5:12
Rugg, Rose Mrs. 1984#16:25
Rugg, Rubin Albert 1984#16:25
Rugg, Willie Mervin 1984#16:25
Ruggs, Fred 1984#14:20 V7:106
Ruggs, Fred Mrs. V7:106
Ruh, Gustav V6:103
Ruh, Peter V8:45
Ruhl, Henry C. V10:16
Ruhlin, J.H. V6:70
Ruland, Margaret V10:87
Rule, Carrie V9:72
Rule, Edwin V9:19
Rule, Elmer V7:106
Rule, Elmer Mrs. V7:106
Rule, Samuel V9:71
Rule, William V9:45, 72
Rumble, Augusta V10:41
Rumble, Walter J. V10:84
Rummel V7:48
Rumsey, W.O. V6:41
Rumsey, Wm V10:83
Rundberg, Olof V6:103
Rundlett, E.F. V5:32, V7:34, 35
Rundlett, E.F. Mrs. V9:98
Rundlett, Ed F. V6:103, V9:6, V10:16
Runinge, J.D. V6:79
Runit, Luella V10:99
Runkie, Clinton D. V7:52
Runnells, Ace O. V5:12
Runnells, Ada F. V7:25
Runnells, Charles O. V5:12
Runnells, Charles R. V5:12
Runnells, Edna E. V6:21
Runnells, Francis V6:87
Runnells, Nora Mrs. V5:12
Runnels, Samuel Capt. V5:2
Runner, L.J. Mr. V7:106
Runner, L.J. Mrs. V7:106
Runtz, Jno. V10:79
Runyan, Aaron V5:9
Rupp, Paul O. V5:19
Rusch, Henry V9:45
Ruser, Margaret V10:42
Ruske, Richard 1982#5:8
Ruskhe, Richard 1981#3:7
Russell, Charles A. V6:82, V7:106
Russell, Chas. A. Mrs. V7:106
Russell, Chris V5:19
Russell, David V9:45
Russell, Dr. 1984#15:19
Russell, Florence V9:93
Russell, George V8:106
Russell, George Cpl. V8:16
Russell, Green V8:45, 81
Russell, H.W. V8:81
Russell, Hannah V10:84
Russell, Hattie E. Mrs. V8:33
Russell, Hazel R. V8:21
Russell, Henry C. V5:40
Russell, Irene M. V9:94
Russell, Jas. V10:38
Russell, Jno. B. V10:26
Russell, John V6:40, V7:106
Russell, John B. Mrs. V9:97
Russell, John Mrs. V7:106
Russell, Lee V10:38
Russell, Mary V10:42
Russell, Mildred V10:54
Russell, Oliver V7:18
Russell, Otta V10:16
Russell, P.P. V10:78
Russell, Richard 1984#15:19 V10:99
Russell, Robert V8:106
Russell, Sara V9:13
Russell, Sarah C. V10:26
Russell, Tillie Mrs. V10:40
Russell, Tommy V6:24
Russell, William 1984#14:20 V6:8
Russell, William H. V6:40, 42
Russert, C. V10:83
Russert, Charlie V10:83
Russey, Flurence T. V9:95
Ruth, J. V10:105
Rutherford 1981#3:4
Rutherford, Clara Ida V6:83
Rutherford, E.J. 1984#15:19
Rutherford, Hattie V9:92
Rutherford, Richard V6:83
Rutherford, Wm V9:103
Rutleage, A. V10:98
Rutledge, Andy 1981#4:8, 1982#5:8
Rutledge, J.E. V7:7
Ruvenacht, W.B. V7:24
Ruxin, Mickey Dr. 1984#14:20
Ryan Brothers V6:71
Ryan, Agnes V6:46, V7:42
Ryan, Annie V10:41
Ryan, Bridget V10:79
Ryan, Celia Miss V5:38
Ryan, Charlie V10:98
Ryan, Clayton 1984#14:20
Ryan, Edna Searway V5:70
Ryan, Estelle V10:77
Ryan, Frank V5:42
Ryan, Hugh V10:98
Ryan, Jerry V10:86
Ryan, Jno. V10:79
Ryan, John 1982#5:7, 8 V7:106
Ryan, John Mrs. V7:106
Ryan, Joseph V9:96
Ryan, Josephine V9:96
Ryan, P. V10:79
Ryan, Pat V10:79
Ryan, Patrick V6:82
Ryan, Pug V5:78
Ryan, Sarah E. V5:41
Ryan, Thomas V5:42
Rychaert, Emil V5:19
Ryckman, Frank V6:3
Ryden, Oscar V10:88
Ryder 1984#16:13
Ryder, Esther V8:107
Ryder, Thomas V7:24
Ryder, Warren V8:107
Rydholm, C.P. Rev. V8:81
Rydlund, Charles V7:16
Rye, James V10:79
Rye, Jas. V10:79
Ryland, Elmer V5:42
Ryotte, S. V10:101
Rypert, C. V10:83
Rypert, Charlie V10:83


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