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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Iss 1-16 & Vol 5-10 : V

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Issues 1-16 and Volumes 5-10 (1981-1990)
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NAME (Last, First) YEAR#ISSUE(s):PAGE(s) VOLUME(s):PAGE(s)
Vader, Matthew H. V7:14
Valderin, Frank V7:51
Valdez, Rosell 1984#16:23
Valencia, John V5:42
Valentine, Absalam V8:30
Valentine, Elery V9:70
Valentine, J.E. Mr. V7:108
Valentine, J.E. Mrs. V7:108
Valentine, J.R. V8:81
Valentine, Joseph R. 1981#3:9, 1982#8:7
Valentine, M.R. V10:94
Valentine, P. V9:70
Valentine, Phebe V9:70
Valentine, S.H. V9:70
Valentine, Susannah Worley V8:30
Valiton, L.H. V9:23
Vallerchamp, Mr. V8:75
Valley, Clarance V5:42
Vallie, Upleda V8:18
Vallindingham, William H. V10:19
Valorio, Charles V8:39, 40
Valorio, Mr. V8:39
VanAlderstien 1984#14:20
VanAlstein 1984#14:20
VanAlstein, Mrs. V8:77
VanAlstine 1984#14:20
VanAlstine, Mr. 1984#14:21
VanAlstine, Mrs. 1984#14:21, 1984#15:19
VanAmburgh, Barbara Jane V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, D.L. V7:21, 22
VanAmburgh, Eleanor Berneice V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Fred Williard V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Jessie Bonney V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Joe Gale V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, John V7:21, 22
VanAmburgh, John Mrs. V7:21, 22
VanAmburgh, L. Homer V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Olive Jean V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Robert Pearl V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Ruth Naomi V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Tennie Jessie V7:21, 23
VanAmburgh, Thompson C. V10:43
VanAmburgh, Wm Bonney V7:21, 23
VanAnken, J.A. V7:13
VanAntwerp, Geo. V6:69
VanAntwerp, George W. V7:15
VanAntwerp, Mrs. V6:84
VanAntwerp, W.A. Rev. V6:100
VanArsdale, Edward V5:67
VanArsdale, Edward Mrs. V5:67
VanArsdale, Jeannette Mrs. V5:67
Vanata, George S. V10:96
VanAuken, Ella V6:82
VanAuken, G.W. V6:82
VanAuken, George W. V7:13
VanAuken, Minnie V10:85
VanBibber, J. V10:106
VanBlaricom, Phillip 1984#14:23
VanBramer, John 1982#8:7
VanBurgh, Lislie R. V5:19
Vance V8:2
Vance, Charles V6:99
Vance, E.D. Cpl. V8:4
Vance, Eddy V8:2, 3
Vance, Elizabeth Mrs. V8:2
Vance, Emily V8:2
Vance, Fremont V8:2
Vance, Gerard V6:9
Vance, J.E. V6:40, 79
Vance, John V7:15, V8:4
Vance, John E. V8:2, 3
VanDegrift, T.G. V10:47
Vandercook, A.H. V7:51
VanDeren, A.J. V8:68, 69
VanDeren, Lloyd 1984#15:19
Vanderhoof, Rose Adelle V8:22
Vanderhoof, Sue Bell V8:21
Vanderpool 1983#11:7
VanDerveen, Peter V7:108
VanDerveen, Peter Mrs. V7:108
Vanderventer, J.H. Jr. V7:51
VanDerventer, Marry M. V5:99
Vanderzyl, Bess V10:88
VanDeusen, A.E. V10:42
VanDeusen, Benjamin 1984#16:29
VanDeusen, Ella V10:41
VanDeusen, Rebecca Mrs. 1984#16:29
VanDeventer 1984#14:21
VanDeventer, D.R. 1984#14:21
Vandeventer, Helen J. V10:42
VanDeventer, Jabe 1984#14:21
VanDeventer, Jabez H. 1984#14:21
VanDeventer, Nellie V10:41
VanDevoort, J. Dr. V10:42
VanDeVoort, J.K. Dr. V6:100
VanDeVoort, Joseph V8:71
VanDeVoort, Susan Mrs. V7:13
VanDeVort, J. V6:69
VanDiest, P.H. Hon. V10:92
Vandiver, Mollie V7:50
VanDorn, J. V10:81
VanDorn, Jerome V10:81
VanDuyne, Mary V10:42
Vandyke, John V7:51
VanEpps, Clark E. V7:20
VanEpps, Ethel A. V7:20
VanEpps, Everett E. V7:20
VanEpps, Irene M. V7:20
VanEpps, Ross E. V7:20
VanEpps, Violetta M. V7:20
VanHoevenberg, Sarah V10:42
VanHoldt, Dora V10:15
VanKonghurt, Cassia V10:41
VanLever, Cornelius V10:36
VanMurphy, Eugene 1984#14:21
VanSlyck, D. V10:80
VanSlyck, Denick V10:80
VanSlyck, H. V10:80
VanSlyck, Hana V10:80
VanSweden, Marinus Mr. V7:108
VanSweden, Marinus Mrs. V7:108
Vanter, Jabe V5:78
VanValkenburg 1984#13:11
VanValkenburg, Catherine 1983#10:10
VanValkenburg, Will V7:51
VanVeckton, James V10:86
VanVecten, Eleanor Hamill V10:97
VanVoohees, Mr. V7:108
VanVoohees, Mrs. V7:108
Vanvorce, Lillie V6:48
VanWagenen, T.F. Mrs. V7:52
VanWagenen, Theo. F. V10:41
VanZandt, Arthur V8:106
VanZandt, Margarett V8:106
Varello, C. V9:21
Varello, G. V9:21
Varello, Pietro V9:21
Varello, V. V9:21
Varnell, Jeanne 1984#14:21
Varnum, Clark V9:106-108
Varnum, Clark Scudder V9:106
Varnum, Irene Galloway V9:106
Varnum, Irene Mrs. V9:107
Varnum, Laurent Kimball V9:106
Varnum, Mary Irena V9:108
Varnum, R.C. V10:83
Varolitti, J. V6:3
Varsy, Wm V7:36
Vasher, E.D. Mr. V7:108
Vasher, E.D. Mrs. V7:108
Vaughan, Caroline E. V6:22
Vaughan, John M. V10:40
Vaughn, Betsy V10:110
Vaughn, Charles Edward V7:88
Vaughn, Edward V7:88
Vaughn, John V7:14
Vaughn, Lilly May Mrs. V7:88
Vaughn, William Harold V7:88
Vaught, James V5:42
Vaughter 1983#11:8
Vauhter 1984#15:21
Vauter 1983#11:8, 1984#15:21
Vavra, Joseph V10:88
Vawlrer 1984#15:21
Vawter 1983#11:8
Veale, Mary V8:30
Veazey & Wallace V8:50
Vedder, S. V10:82
Vedder, Stephen V10:82
Vedder, Thos. V10:82
Veelie, P.J. V10:83
Veenker, H.O. V7:51
Veers, William O. V6:79, 81, 100
Velati, Maria V8:86
Venable, Henry 1984#15:19 V10:16
Venard V8:97
Venetti, Hazel V10:96
Vennetti, Celestine V7:51
Vennice, James I. V5:18
Venter, Jabe V5:78
Ventress & Weeks V6:70
Verburge, Leone V9:93
Verden, Mr. V8:78
Verdew, Minnie 1982#5:8, 1982#8:7
Verdi V8:45
Verkoutem, John J. V7:51
Verlatta, Jas. V6:3
Verlotie , Jas V6:3
Verlotte, Jas. V6:3
Vermillion, Joe V8:77
Verner, Rand V9:12
Vertress, Joseph T. V6:9
Very, L.C. V10:102
Very, S.E. V10:102
Vesey, J.M. V10:34
Vesey, Melinda V10:34
Vessey, J.M. V10:34
Vessey, Melinda V10:34
Vest, John J. V10:84
Veteri, Joseph V10:86
Veto Ranch 1984#15:19
Vickers, W.B. Mr. V7:108
Vickers, W.B. Mrs. V7:108
Victor, A.F. V5:13
Videlius, Charlotte 1984#15:13
Videlius, J. 1984#15:13
Videlius, John 1984#15:13
Videlius, Mrs. 1984#15:13
Vidier, Daisy V10:87
Vidier, Louis W. V10:87
Vidler, Daisy V10:87
Vidler, Kate V10:96
Vidler, Louis W. V10:87
Viele, May V6:85
Vielie, P.J. V10:83
Vigil, Anna Belle V8:23
Vigley, Antonio V8:39
Vigley, Caroline V8:39
Vigna, Antonio V6:99
Villarreal, Juan R. V6:25
Villotti, Antonio V7:13
Vinardi, Matteo V8:37
Vinardi, Michele V9:20
Vinardi, Teresa V9:20
Vincent, Anna E. V5:99
Vincent, B.T. Rev. V8:45, 81
Vincent, Betty Jane V8:20
Vincent, C.R. V7:51
Vincent, Clara E. V10:84
Vincent, Howard A. V8:21
Vincent, Jessie H. V8:19
Vincent, Jim V5:78
Vincent, Lizzie V6:33
Vincent, Lulu Mrs. V10:88
Vincent, Maxwell V7:108
Vincent, Maxwell Mrs. V7:108
Vine, Leonard V10:77
Vinine, Joseph V6:83
Vinine, Mabell V6:83
Vinton, Alice E. 1982#5:8, 1982#8:7
Vinton, Francis M. Gen. V6:82
Virden, Frank Cpl. V9:32
Virden, James 1982#5:7, 1982#8:7
Virdeu, David V8:103
Virdew, David V8:103
Vironda, Domenico V8:85
Vironda, Emilio V8:85
Vironda, G. V9:21
Vironda, Giovanna V8:37, 85
Vironda, Giovanni V8:85
Vironda, John V8:37
Vironda, Louis V8:85
Vironda, Matteo V8:85
Visna, S. V9:9
Vitollo, Angelica V10:14
Vitollo, M. V10:14
Vitollo. John V10:14
Vivian & Lake V7:42
Vivian Family 1984#16:13
Vivian, C. V8:87
Vivian, Catherine V8:87
Vivian, Charles V6:84, V9:70
Vivian, Francis V8:87, V9:70
Vivian, Frank V10:85
Vivian, G. Gen. V6:69
Vivian, George C. V7:18
Vivian, George G. V10:42
Vivian, Hugh Phillips V6:14
Vivian, J.F. 1984#15:13 V5:32, V9:6
Vivian, J.F. Mr. V7:108
Vivian, J.F. Mrs. V7:108
Vivian, J.H. V8:87
Vivian, John V7:108
Vivian, John C. 1984#14:21
Vivian, John F. 1984#15:13 V7:35, 51, 74
Vivian, John Henry V8:87
Vivian, John Mrs. V7:108
Vivian, Lovina V10:85
Vivian, Mary Ida V6:86
Vivian, S.H. V10:84
Vivian, Thomas V9:70
Vizina, Sam V10:63
Voge, Dora Elizabeth V5:98
Vogel & Churches 1984#15:13 V10:26
Vogel, Charles V10:48
Vogel, George 1984#15:13 V10:26, 48
Vogel, George Mr. V7:51, 108
Vogel, George Mrs. V7:108
Vogel, Leonard V7:108
Vogel, Leonard Mrs. V7:108
Vogel, Marie V9:95
Vogel, Walter V8:107
Vogeler V8:96
Vogeler, Charles H. V8:95
Vogeler, Emma V10:14
Vogeler, Sophia V8:106, V10:14
Vogeler, Walter V8:106
Vogelston, Lula 1984#15:19
Voght, Lizzie V10:15
Vogler, Robert V8:107
Voice, Infant V5:101
Voice, Mr. V5:101
Voice, Mrs. V5:101
Vola, Antonio V10:87
Volgrin, Michael V9:94
Voliet V8:96
Volk 1981#3:4
Volpe, Rev. Father V7:15
Voltz, Stephen V10:49
Volz, Louisa V6:22
Volz, Wm V7:108
Volz, Wm Mrs. V7:108
Von Glinski, Elfriede V. 1984#16:21
Von Glinski, Monika 1984#16:21
Von Glinski, Rudolf H.D. 1984#16:21
Von Richthofan, Baron Walter V6:8
Vondy, Kenneth V8:23
VonParmelee, Johannes V6:95
Voogt, George W. V7:51
Vorck, Charles R. V5:19
Vosburg, H. V9:44
Vosburg, H.C. V9:46
Voss, Adolph V10:101
Votta, Peter V6:81
Voud, Harry V7:51
Vredenberg, H. Mrs. V6:71
Vredenburg, Frank V10:41
Vredenburg, H. V8:7, V9:22
Vredenburg, Iva V10:86
Vredenburg, K. V9:22
Vredenburg, Nellie V10:85
Vredenburg, Raymond c. V9:22
Vreeland, Baxter T. V10:49
Vroman, Jacob Alexander V7:51


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