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Foothills Inquirer - Names : Volumes 11-20 : P

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Volumes 11-20, Issues 1-4 (1991-2000)
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KEY - EXAMPLE: V19:13, 80 = Volume 19, Page 13 & 80
Pace, Ann Elizabeth V18:18
Pache, August V12:26
Pachio, Ginno V11:67
Packard V11:76, 78, 79
Packard, Abigail V12:53
Packard, Amelia Mrs. V17:106
Packard, Dr. V14:71
Packard, G. V11:76
Packard, G.F. V17:106
Packard, G.F. Mrs. V17:107
Packard, G.W. V16:71
Packard, George V11:67;  V16:71
Packard, George F. V13:16;  V17:107;  V19:62
Packer, A.G. V17:62
Packer, Adaline V17:63
Packer, Alferd V17:62-67
Packer, Alfred G. V17:63
Packer, Asa V17:63
Packer, Claud V17:64
Packer, Elsie M. V17:64
Packer, Esther V17:62, 63
Packer, Flora V17:64
Packer, Floyd L. V17:64
Packer, James V17:62-64
Packer, Lucinda V17:62
Packer, Malissa V17:63
Packer, Marshall V17:63
Packer, Marton M. V17:64
Packer, Mary Jane V17:63
Packer, Melissa V17:63
Packer, Ray S. V17:64
Packer, S.W. V18:55
Packer, William F. Governor V17:63
Paddila, Rebecca V12:81
Paddock, A. V12:74
Paddock, G. V12:73
Paddock, J. V17:90;  V18:52, 106
Paddock, Martha V12:73
Paddock, Olive V12:74
Paddock, Wm V12:73
Paden, Irma E. V18:28
Paeton, Richardson V17:84;  V18:52, 99
Paetz, C.A. V17:21
Page V11:23
Page, Richard V11:52
Page, U.C. V12:81
Pagett, A. V12:73
Pagliasotti, Domenico V18:71
Pagliasotti, Pete V20:27
Pagliassoti, Domenico V19:10
Pagliosotti, Pete V18:71
Paige, Jesse A. V17:25
Paige, Olney V18:55
Paine, B.F. V13:24
Paine, Daniel W. V13:106
Paine, Mr. V20:10-12
Painter, Charlotte M. V18:57
Painter, U.S. V16:71
Painter, Warren V17:57
Paisley, William V15:23
Palaero, James V13:73
Palaro, Ben Mrs. V14:70, 71
Palaro, F. Mrs. V14:70
Palaro, Fred Mrs. V14:68, 69
Palaro, Mrs. V14:68
Pall, John V14:84
Pallaoro, Enrico V11:17
Pallaoro, Lilly Foster V11:17
Pallaoro, Margaret V11:17
Pallard, Alfred Rudolph V13:101
Pallard, Mabel Alicia V13:101
Pallaro, Alfred Rudolf V14:13
Pallett, Edward V18:43
Pallock, Baby V19:96
Pallotto, Albert V11:18
Pallotto, Domenick V11:18
Pallotto, Elis V11:18
Pallotto, Eva V11:18
Pallotto, Nick V11:18
Pallotto, Philomena V11:18
Palm, J. V13:5
Palm, Walter V13:35
Palma, Gallela V11:51
Palmear, Agnes V19:94
Palmer V11:77, 79
Palmer, A. V15:110
Palmer, A.J. V17:89;  V18:52, 104
Palmer, Alice V14:47
Palmer, Benj. V11:49
Palmer, Charles H. Dr. V14:52
Palmer, Charley V19:51
Palmer, Chas. V19:51
Palmer, Comfort V14:5
Palmer, E. V11:49
Palmer, Ethel V. V14:51
Palmer, F.K. V11:86
Palmer, Frank V17:105
Palmer, Frank K. V19:51
Palmer, Frankie V14:47
Palmer, Gertrude V18:54
Palmer, Henry V18:18
Palmer, J.K. V17:89;  V18:52, 104;  V19:51
Palmer, J.T. V11:83
Palmer, J.W. V11:26
Palmer, James V14:110;  V18:56
Palmer, Jerry V18:56
Palmer, Joel K. V17:107
Palmer, Joseph V17:21
Palmer, Judge V14:50
Palmer, Lanette Irene V18:58
Palmer, Lucian V14:78
Palmer, Luke V14:10
Palmer, Matilda V11:26
Palmer, N. V16:108
Palmer, N.N. V19:51
Palmer, Nin V19:51
Palmer, W.N. V19:51
Palmer, Wm V11:48
Palmesano, Geneveive V12:20
Palmquist, Katherine V13:35
Palmquist, Melvin V13:70
Palquist, Roland V13:70
Pamalee, B. V12:9
Pameter, L. V11:79
Pamper, Thos. V14:55
Panenteau, William W. V16:45
Paniott, James E. V19:13
Pankoski, Joe V11:87
Panninger, Dilla Catherine V15:13
Panny, N.R. V13:51
Panteli V11:41
Panton, David V18:56
Pany, Owen V18:18
Paoli, Modesto Ernest V16:45
Parachini, Madeline Antonio V18:98
Parachini, Rosa C. V18:71;  V19:96
Parachini, Tony V18:98
Parchen, Arch V18:9
Parchen, Emma V18:7
Parchen, Mrs V18:8
Parchen, William V18:7
Parco, Stephen V18:56
Pardee, M.W. V12:10
Pardee, Stella V12:52
Pardi, Baby V19:48
Pardi, Ida V13:70
Pardi, Julius V20:26
Pardi, William V20:24
Pardy, E. V14:28
Parent, Sid V11:34
Parenteau, Mae V17:46
Parenteau, Martin V18:77
Parenteau, Phil V17:48
Parfet, Alice J. V16:87
Parfet, C.E. V19:51
Parfet, Caleb V19:51
Parfet, Earl M. V15:106
Parfet, Edward C. V14:52
Parfet, Flo V15:106
Parfet, Flora V19:104
Parfet, G.W. V15:18;  V19:51
Parfet, G.W. Mrs. V16:87
Parfet, Geo. W. V19:51
Parfet, George V13:106;  V14:51;  V19:51
Parfet, Georgiana V12:17
Parfet, I.M. V15:106
Parfet, Isaiah V19:51
Parfet, Mattie S. V16:87
Parfet, Rhoda May V14:50
Parfet, T.H. V11:53, 87, 90
Parfet, Wilbur S. V16:45
Parfett, G.W. V14:46
Parfinio, Antonio V11:51
Parfit, Hattie B. V12:80
Parhall, Laura V15:34
Paris, Frank V11:84
Paris, J.F. V13:88
Paris, Vera May V12:81
Parish V19:75
Parish, Louisa A. V14:11
Park, Matt V11:43
Parke, Clyde M. V13:18
Parke, Leda V13:18, 19
Parker V11:76, 80
Parker, Benj. V14:107
Parker, C. V12:8
Parker, C.D. V15:17
Parker, Chas. V16:71
Parker, Chas. W. V13:49
Parker, E. V16:71
Parker, Ella V14:47
Parker, Erina Mrs. V16:71
Parker, Francis Charles V18:72
Parker, Fred W. V18:72
Parker, H.C. V11:76, 78
Parker, H.F. V13:7
Parker, H.J. V15:49;  V16:55
Parker, Hanna N. V20:88
Parker, Henry C. V11:67
Parker, Ida R. V15:11
Parker, J.H. V19:51
Parker, J.J. V12:8
Parker, Jno. V12:8
Parker, John V19:51
Parker, L. V16:71
Parker, M V11:48
Parker, M.P. V11:67, 77, 78;  V16:71
Parker, Martin V17:64
Parker, Matthew V18:18
Parker, Negro V15:103
Parker, Nettie S. V12:20
Parker, Orville V13:70
Parker, P. V11:76
Parker, Robert V11:75;  V16:71;  V18:18
Parker, Roy V13:73
Parker, Samuel V18:44
Parker, Seth V16:92
Parker, Theodore V17:86;  V18:52, 101
Parker, Tinnie V14:47
Parker, W.C. V12:8
Parker, William V15:103
Parker, Wm D. V13:16;  V15:21
Parker, Wm J.C. V14:77
Parkhurst, Charlene V20:57
Parkhurst, Charlie V20:57
Parkin, S. V16:71
Parkington, George A. V12:80
Parkington, Viva V12:80
Parkinson, Lorretta V19:44
Parkison, Catherine C. V19:13
Parkison, Mary Jane V19:95
Parks, D.E. V13:16;  V15:21, 49
Parks, Daniel E. V16:112
Parks, David V17:85;  V18:52, 101
Parks, Pauline Finnis Mrs. V13:48
Parks, Sarah V14:47
Parks, W. V12:10
Parks, Wm V16:71
Parl, J.A. V12:47
Parlet, J. V15:29
Parlin, Walter V18:56
Parmalee V11:33,34
Parmelee, Emma A. V16:111
Parmelee, Helen V16:111
Parmeley, Charles V12:20
Parmelle V18:78
Parmer, E. V13:5
Parmer, I.K. V14:107
Parmes, C.W. V17:85;  V18:52, 101
Parmeter, H.H. V16:71
Parmeter, Henry V16:71
Parmeter, Horace S. V18:56
Parmeter, L. V16:71
Parmeter, Louise V18:29
Parott V18:56
Parpart, Henry V16:71
Parpelone, James V11:67, 69
Parpet, Henry V18:44
Parracchini, Maria V18:92
Parret, D.O. V13:104
Parrigo, Bob V17:87;  V18:52, 102
Parrington, Darrell V17:19
Parris, Roy P. V12:98, 111
Parrisher, L.A. V14:89
Parrott, J.L. V14:28
Parrott, J.R. V14:28
Parrott, J.S. V14:28
Parrott, Joseph V15:103
Parrott, S. V14:28
Parrott, Saml. V16:71
Parry, Garfield William V13:101
Parry, Ira V19:51
Parry, John V13:101
Parry, Mary W. V13:101
Parse, Francis V12:100
Parse, James V12:100
Parshall V15:33
Parshall, Allen V15:36, 40b
Parshall, Betsy V15:34
Parshall, Clara V15:36
Parshall, Clyde V15:34
Parshall, Cordelia M. V15:34
Parshall, Delbert V15:34
Parshall, Donald V15:34
Parshall, Eliza V15:36
Parshall, Eliza Ann V15:36, 40a
Parshall, Elizabeth V15:34
Parshall, Ella V15:34
Parshall, Florence V15:36
Parshall, Fred V14:47
Parshall, Fred M. V15:36, 40a
Parshall, George Mrs. V15:36
Parshall, George W. V15:36, 40a
Parshall, Grace William V15:36
Parshall, Hattie Sherry V15:36
Parshall, James V15:34
Parshall, Jane V15:34
Parshall, Jesse Ruffe V15:36
Parshall, John V15:34, 107
Parshall, Kate G. Mrs. V15:34
Parshall, L. V15:107
Parshall, Laura V14:47;  V15:34
Parshall, Laura Jane V15:36
Parshall, Lena V15:36
Parshall, Leona V15:36, 40b
Parshall, Lois V15:36, 40b
Parshall, M.D. V19:28
Parshall, Mack D. V19:51
Parshall, Mary Ellen V15:36
Parshall, Mayme Ellen V15:34
Parshall, Mc D. V19:51
Parshall, McDon V15:107
Parshall, McDonald V15:34
Parshall, Pansy Jane V15:34
Parshall, Ralph V15:36
Parshall, Ralph L. V15:40A
Parshall, Ralph Leroy V15:36
Parshall, Simeon V15:34
Parshall, Simeon E. V15:34
Parshall, Simon V15:34
Parshall, Thomas V15:32, 34-36, 38-40b
Parshall, Tom V19:51
Parshall, Vera V15:34
Parshall, Vera Ethel V14:50
Parshall, Willa V15:36
Parson, I.M. V17:56
Parson, John V14:54
Parsons V17:57
Parsons, Bessie Elizabeth V16:45
Parsons, Charles V19:94
Parsons, Clifford I. V15:105
Parsons, Elizabeth V13:90;  V18:57
Parsons, Hannah V13:90
Parsons, Hugh V13:90
Parsons, J.H. V16:55;  V19:51
Parsons, John V14:54;  V19:51
Parsons, John H. V19:51
Parsons, John H. Mrs. V16:85
Parsons, N.S. V14:77
Parsons, P.I. V19:17
Parsons, Vera W. V16:87
Parsons, Vera West V15:34
Parteli V11:41
Parteli, Mary B. V16:45
Partelli, Mary V19:17, 18
Partilo, J.G. V19:18
Partridge, J.W. V11:80
Partridge, Melvina C. V14:11
Party V11:41
Paschal, Grandma V16:94, 95
Pascoe, Ellen V11:13
Pascoe, George V13:35
Pascoe, Henry V17:28
Pascoe, Joseph Henry Roberts V13:90
Pascoe, Leroy V13:35
Pascoe, Mary A. V17:25
Pascoe, Opal V13:35
Pascoe, Pearl V13:35
Pascoe, Wm Raymond V16:11
Pascoie, Henry V17:89;  V18:52, 105
Pascor, William Charles V13:90
Patchin, W.M. V14:26
Patee, Arthur V19:51
Paterson, Ester V18:25
Paterson, Lurleen V. V18:59
Patiehu, Emma V12:50
Patiehu, I. V12:50
Patiehu, Ida E. V12:50
Patiehu, J.S. V12:50
Paton, Miles V18:18, 77
Patrich, W.C. V14:77
Patrick V16:55
Patrick & Bacon V15:47
Patrick, C. V11:84
Patrick, Chris V19:51
Patrick, I.C. V18:100
Patrick, J.D. V17:85;  V18:52, 100
Patrick, Jno. D. V15:49
Patrick, L.C. V17:85;  V18:52
Patrick, R.B. V17:85;  V18:52, 100
Patrick, Robert G. V17:48
Patrick, Robt. V11:43
Patrick, W.C. V12:11, 12
Patrick, Wm V14:88
Patt, Michael V17:104
Pattee V18:56
Pattee, A.C. V19:51
Patten V11:76;  V16:71;  V18:77
Patten, A. V16:71
Patten, A.E. V11:79;  V16:71
Patten, Ambrose E. V11:75
Patten, Annie V18:77
Patten, G.A. V11:77, 79
Patten, G.W. V11:75
Patten, Geo. A. V16:71
Patten, William V11:67;  V16:71;  V17:88;  V18:52, 103
Patter, Frank V16:45
Pattersn, Chas. B. V16:71
Patterson V16:71, 72
Patterson, A.O. V16:54
Patterson, A.O. Hon. V20:88
Patterson, Alex H. V15:13
Patterson, Arthur V14:75;  V16:76
Patterson, Arthur C. V16:48
Patterson, C.B. V11:65, 67;  V16:71
Patterson, Charles B. V14:37
Patterson, Dana Shawn V12:105, 111
Patterson, E.H.N. V17:76, 82;  V20:58, 59
Patterson, H.O. V11:67
Patterson, Hannah M. V14:94
Patterson, Harriett V12:48
Patterson, Helen E. V18:56
Patterson, J. V12:48;  V14:26
Patterson, J.H. V19:51
Patterson, J.S. V15:89
Patterson, Jas. V12:47;  V13:5, 51
Patterson, John B. V12:103, 111
Patterson, Joseph V12:111
Patterson, Katie V18:29
Patterson, M.A. V13:6;  V14:78
Patterson, M.A. Mrs. V20:88
Patterson, Margaret V12:12
Patterson, Margaret E. V12:103, 111
Patterson, Martha V12:48
Patterson, Mary V15:3
Patterson, Mary A. V16:84
Patterson, Mary B. V15:13
Patterson, N.J. V11:67
Patterson, Robert V14:79
Patterson, S. V14:26
Patterson, S. Mrs. V17:44
Patterson, Sam V14:90
Patterson, Thos. F. V17:48
Patterson, Walter V11:21
Patterson, Wesley V15:3
Patterson, Wm V14:80
Patton V15:102
Patton, A.B. V17:88;  V18:52, 104
Patton, Eda Louise V18:55
Patton, George V15:103
Patton, Grace Chalmers V18:58
Pattridge, Paul V. V17:105;  V20:38
Patty, Leander V17:89;  V18:52, 104
Paty, Henrietta V18:77
Patz, C. V17:104
Paugh, Bertha R. V12:20
Paul, Alex V11:46
Paul, Alex G. V12:80
Paul, Baby V20:28
Paul, Charles V12:80
Paul, Charles R. V17:107
Paul, Doris Shirley V20:28
Paul, George F. V17:107
Paul, George H. V17:107
Paul, Henry V17:45
Paul, Loretta V12:80
Paul, Phillip V18:18
Paul, Tillie V12:80
Paul, William V19:12
Paulish, Clara V12:80
Pauson, Frank V15:75
Pauson, Henrietta V15:75
Pauson, Philip V15:75
Pawnee Bill V12:68
Paxton, J.R. V18:56
Paxton, Joseph Rutherford V12:78, 79
Paxton, Stella Margaret V12:78, 79
Payne V11:34;  V16:3;  V17:82
Payne, Allie G. V18:55
Payne, Clarence V19:71
Payne, Clarence E. V19:75
Payne, E.D. V19:71
Payne, E.S. V11:67
Payne, Irven T. V19:51
Payne, J. V13:52
Payne, J.A. V16:71;  V17:68, 74, 82
Payne, J.F. V11:48
Payne, J.H. V13:16;  V14:22;  V15:21
Payne, James V15:103
Payne, James A. V16:71;  V17:68, 82
Payne, Jas. A. V17:71, 72, 74, 77
Payne, John V17:51
Payne, Joseph V11:67
Payne, Louisa V18:72;  V19:10
Payne, Margot E. V16:111
Payne, Mina S. V19:71
Payne, Nina V. V19:75
Payne, O. V13:15;  V15:21
Payne, Oliver V12:8
Payne, Ronde B. V19:80
Payne, Ruben L. V13:82;  V15:83
Payneer, T.H. V11:46
Payson, Ira F. V14:106
Peabody, Ed V19:51
Peabody, Frank V18:56
Peabody, Mabel E. V18:26
Peabody, Mabel Eve V18:55
Peabody, Martha V14:47
Peake, May Elizabeth V18:58
Pearce, Albert Edward V13:81;  V15:83
Pearce, Charles V17:18
Pearce, Hennrietta V13:81
Pearce, Henretta V15:83
Pearce, Margaret E. V11:12
Pearce, Margaret Mrs. V16:12
Pearce, Martin V18:44
Pearce, Richard H. V14:10
Pearce, Stephen V13:70
Pearce, Thomas V13:70, 81;  V15:83
Pearce, Wm Mrs. V14:67
Pearcs, H.B. V14:78
Pearl, B.F. V11:37
Pearley, J.A. Mrs. V16:79
Pearman V11:22
Pearse, Comfort V13:29
Pearse, George V13:29
Pearson V11:33, 76, 77, 80
Pearson, Adeline V16:21
Pearson, Adeline Mrs. V16:22
Pearson, Anney M. V12:100
Pearson, Benjamin M. V12:102
Pearson, Benjamin Mrs. V12:111
Pearson, C. V15:43
Pearson, Christopher V14:10
Pearson, Cora B. V12:100
Pearson, E.L. V16:21
Pearson, Frank L. V12:100
Pearson, Grace Maude V12:102
Pearson, H.K. V11:65, 67, 78;  V14:10;  V16:71, 72;  V17:77, 82
Pearson, J. V12:10
Pearson, Joe V17:109
Pearson, John W. V18:56
Pearson, Joseph V17:110
Pearson, Laban V13:16;  V15:21
Pearson, Lucinda E. V12:100
Pearson, May W.G. V12:51
Pearson, Mrs. V17:109
Pearson, Swan V12:51
Pearson, T.A. V12:92, 100;  V17:60
Pearson, Thomas H. V12:111
Pearson, Thos. A. V15:49
Pearson, Tillie V17:111
Pearson, William L. V12:100
Pearson, Wm G. V16:72
Peart, George V15:75
Peart, Isabella V15:75
Peart, Mary E. V15:75
Pease V11:34;  V16:58
Pease, Augustus V18:56
Pease, B.F. V11:34;  V14:77
Pease, Finden V18:56
Pease, G.A. V13:106;  V16:99
Pease, Geo. E. V12:24
Pease, H.A. V13:106
Pease, Harry V19:51
Pease, Hattie V16:59
Pease, J.G. V13:16;  V15:21
Pease, M. V13:7
Pease, Mary A. V19:10
Pease, Nora V16:59
Pease, Tommy V16:59
Pease, W.D. V14:41, 44
Peate, Sarah V11:96
Peck V11:77;  V16:4, 71
Peck, Anna V15:90
Peck, Charles P. V14:10;  V15:10
Peck, E. V15:89
Peck, F.L. V11:67;  V16:72;  V17:59, 77, 82;  V19:65, 71, 73, 89
Peck, F.L.B. V16:72
Peck, Frank V19:64, 88
Peck, Frank L. V14:10;  V19:68, 70
Peck, Geo. C. V16:72
Peck, George V15:103
Peck, Grace V13:34
Peck, Gracie V19:88
Peck, H. V14:89;  V15:89
Peck, H.E. V13:104
Peck, Hanibal V14:89
Peck, Henry V13:6
Peck, Howard V19:64
Peck, J. V15:90
Peck, J. L. Rev. V14:7
Peck, J.B. V11:30
Peck, J.W. V16:72
Peck, James V16:72;  V17:990;  V18:52, 106;  V19:64
Peck, James G. V16:48
Peck, Jas. V15:89;  V16:72
Peck, John V17:90;  V18:52, 105
Peck, Ray V13:34
Peck, Susan V14:89
Peck, T.L. V16:72
Pederson, Hilda V14:17
Pedie, Andrew V12:16
Pedrelli V11:41
Pedretti, Sabina V18:96
Pedrie V18:56
Peebles, L. V15:23
Peedie, A. V16:55
Pegrun, George H. V12:27
Peiffer, E.S. V16:72
Peister, D. V11:37
Pelham, Mary M. V16:45
Pellar, Fred V14:90
Pellar, Joseph V19:97
Peller, Joseph V11:37
Pelltheir, William V12:67
Pelru, A. V14:83;  V16:107
Pelta, A.J. V17:58
Pelton, M. V11:50
Pembarton, Thos. V16:72
Pemberthy, Henry V15:75
Pemberthy, Mary H. V15:75
Pemberton, M. V15:23
Penalema, R. V15:17
Penall, James V17:103
Penaluna, John V19:51
Penaluna, Sarah V18:44
Penaluna, Susie V18:44
Penaluna, Thomas V18:44
Pence, A.W. V12:9
Pence, Alice W. V18:27
Pendell, F.E. V17:51
Pendelton, Jno V16:72
Pendelton, Mr. V19:51
Pendleton, Grant Wallace V13:101
Pendleton, James Howard V13:101
Pendleton, Susan Elizabeth V13:101
Pendry, Jno. V11:29
Peneluma, Minnie V13:78;  V15:81
Pengelly, Jane V19:11
Pengelly, Mary Ann V18:44
Penglass, Jack V15:24
Peniston, J.M. V17:88;  V18:52
Penkins, Evan V17:103
Penkins, John V17:103
Penley, V. Owen V19:51
Penley, V.O. Rev. V14:50, 51;  V19:51
Penman & Derclays V13:104
Pennington, Alice V12:78
Pennington, C.A. V12:103, 111
Pennington, Henry B. V12:78
Pennington, Josephine E. V12:78
Pennington, Mary V. V18:55
Pennington, W.A. V18:56
Pennman, Elizabeth V13:67
Pennoch, Vivian R. V15:43
Pennock, Levis E. V17:48
Penprase, James V19:99
Penrod, Isa V17:50
Penrod, Millie V17:50
Penrose, Edward V11:37
Pense, A.W. V14:78
Penshall, R. V11:37
Pentecost, Holly J. V12:111
Pentecost, John Richard Jr. V12:103
Pentili V11:41
Penwell, H. V14:28
Penwell, H.C. V14:29
Peoples, Jack V14:109
Peper, S. V13:49
Peper, T. V13:49
Pepperdine, Thomas V15:103;  V16:72
Percey, Unice V15:82
Percher, Rosa V17:46
Percy, Jas. V16:72
Percy, Unice V13:80
Pere, E. V11:49
Perea V20:22
Peretti, Marco V18:18
Perfer, Henry V15:111
Pergher, Giovanni V18:44
Pergrnie, J.D. V13:7
Periear, Katherine V18:44
Perigo V11:34
Perington, Jesse V19:51
Periston, J.M. V18:104
Perkins V12:111;  V16:78
Perkins, C. V13:24
Perkins, Dorothy V12:53
Perkins, E.M. V14:79
Perkins, G.M. V15:88
Perkins, G.W. V15:88
Perkins, Geo. N. V16:72
Perkins, Hermine Estella V16:111
Perkins, Isaac V16:72
Perkins, Jno. E. V13:6
Perkins, Linda Lou V12:101
Perkins, Mark V12:53
Perkins, Meta V14:48
Perkins, Myrmela V15:98
Perkins, Myroneta V16:26
Perkins, Myrtella V14:47
Perkins, Royal Edward V16:45
Perkins, W. V12:8
Perkins, W.D. V14:77
Perkins, Z.G. V14:80
Perkins, Zelma B. V12:103
Perko, Joseph V18:44
Perley, A.S. V16:72
Perley, Jim V19:51
Permort, Flora B. V17:102
Perrella, Alfred V18:97
Perrella, Dolores V18:97
Perrella, Joseph V18:97
Perrella, Rome Archie V18:97
Perrett, Doris V18:25
Perrin, Constance V14:47, 48
Perrin, George H. V14:10
Perrin, J. V11:47
Perrin, Judge V17:74, 82
Perrin, L.K. V17:87, 106;  V18:52, 103
Perrin, L.W. V17:87;  V18:52, 103
Perrin, Lewis K. V17:107
Perrin, Otis V13:16;  V15:21
Perrin, T. V16:54
Perrin, Wilson V15:100;  V17:106, 107
Perrine, Edward V12:13
Perrine, Ellen C. V15:87;  V19:111
Perriquer, J. V14:26
Perrizo, H. V13:52
Perron, Edward V11:37
Perron, Isaac V11:37
Perron, John V11:37
Perron, Joseph V11:37
Perron, S.D. V13:87
Perry V11:77;  V12:98
Perry, A. V14:88
Perry, Ada F. V16:45
Perry, D. V14:11
Perry, Douglas Hawley V13:101
Perry, Frank V13:108
Perry, Hiram V16:72
Perry, Ida C. V17:24
Perry, Jacob V13:108
Perry, Louise V16:87
Perry, Madora Evelyn V13:101
Perry, Mary Louisa V18:18
Perry, Mrs. V12:107
Perry, Myra Fields V12:98
Perry, Owen V13:72
Perry, R.E. V19:71
Perry, Richard B. V12:111
Perry, Roy V18:56
Perry, Stephen C. V19:96
Perry, W.G. V17:48
Perry, William V11:37
Perry, William George V13:101
Perry, Wm G. V17:48
Peterman, Ira V16:100
Peterman, W. V12:49
Peters V12:53;  V17:58
Peters, Beth V12:52
Peters, Clarinda V13:77
Peters, E.D. V11:75
Peters, E.P. V14:77
Peters, G.H. V11:35
Peters, Harry V16:109
Peters, R.P. V14:10
Peters, Robert R. V14:10
Petersen, Bernice V15:12
Petersen, Elizabeth V13:70
Petersen, Frederick V. V19:97
Petersen, Joel H. V17:103
Petersen, Nils V15:12
Peterson V11:24;  V19:77
Peterson, A.E. V11:23
Peterson, A.F. V11:23, 24
Peterson, A.J. V13:72
Peterson, A.L. V13:83
Peterson, Albert V18:56
Peterson, Alex V11:43
Peterson, Anita V11:19, 122
Peterson, Anna V13:35
Peterson, Arthur Ludwig V12:78
Peterson, August V12:78;  V19:48, 77
Peterson, Bill V17:105
Peterson, Bob V17:75, 82
Peterson, Carl H. V12:51
Peterson, Charles Eric V18:72;  V19:48
Peterson, Charles F. V19:48
Peterson, Don V17:105
Peterson, Elvera V13:34
Peterson, Eraline V19:9
Peterson, Erick Gustov V20:27
Peterson, Ethel V19:95
Peterson, Florence V13:35
Peterson, Fred V14:47
Peterson, George H. V16:55
Peterson, H.C. V14:89
Peterson, Harriet V12:80
Peterson, Hazel V13:35
Peterson, Henry V13:72
Peterson, J. V15:28
Peterson, Jennie Marie V12:78
Peterson, Jessie V12:51
Peterson, Kinite Herman V19:49
Peterson, Knute V13:73
Peterson, Nellie Bee V13:38
Peterson, P. V11:24;  V13:44
Peterson, P.E. V19:68
Peterson, Pence V11:43
Peterson, Peter V11:27;  V18:18, 77
Peterson, Ruth O. V12:52
Peterson, S. V11:79
Peterson, Waldemar C. V19:44
Peterson, William V19:98
Petit, George V15:103
Petit, Jns. V11:24
Petra, Walter Ray V16:45
Petrie, Alonzo V19:51
Petrie, Florence M. V16:45
Petrie, Fred V19:51
Petrie, Ira V11:89;  V19:51
Petrie, James V18:56
Petrie, Jessie V11:11
Petrie, Lon V11:11;  V19:52
Petrie, Roy V11:88-90
Petro, Arthur Wesley V16:45
Petter V12:53
Pettgrew, Mary Ella V13:74
Pettgrew, Robert James V13:74
Pettibone V14:84
Pettibone, Payne V15:17
Pettigrew, Frank Garfield V13:101
Pettigrew, Mary Ella V13:101
Pettigrew, Robert J. V13:101
Pettit, Pearl A. V12:20
Pettitt, Baby V19:7
Petton, O.A. V14:29
Petty V15:33
Pettyjohn, David V18:44
Pew, Nysus V13:6
Pewitt V14:66
Peyton, Nora M. V12:80
Pfeiffer, Alex V19:52
Phames, Clifford J. V18:56
Phealan, James V18:18
Phelps V14:20;  V16:72
Phelps, Biggs V15:49
Phelps, C.L. V13:83
Phelps, Elizabeth V15:27
Phelps, Ernest V11:24
Phelps, Florence V14:20
Phelps, Frank V15:27
Phelps, G.H. V11:84
Phelps, Geo. T. V13:79;  V15:81
Phelps, Henry E. V13:106
Phelps, J. V13:27
Phelps, James A. V16:48
Phelps, Martha V15:27
Phelps, O V15:27
Phelps, R. V16:76
Phelps, R.J. V14:74
Phelps, T.V. V11:88
Phelps, T.W. Mrs. V20:63
Phelto, Joseph V11:67
Phenix, Francis V18:18
Phenning, A. V16:72
Phennings, A. V11:75
Phifer, Harry Grant V12:96
Phifer, John W. V12:96
Philbrick, D. V17:23
Philbrick, L. V17:23
Philips, A.W. V11:33
Philips, J.F. V14:78
Philips, Mary V13:35
Philips, Pressly V18:56
Phillet V11:76, 79, 80
Philletts V11:76, 79, 80
Phillipps V11:41, 53
Phillips V11:41, 53
Phillips, A.B. V15:112
Phillips, Andrew V16:79
Phillips, Ann V15:84
Phillips, Anna May V12:51
Phillips, Annie R. V12:97
Phillips, Baby V19:44, 48, 94
Phillips, Cornelia V15:112
Phillips, Donald L. V12:97
Phillips, Ed Mrs. V14:68
Phillips, Eda V15:112
Phillips, Elbert V17:105
Phillips, Ella V15:112
Phillips, Florence E. V14:43
Phillips, Frank Mrs. V14:70
Phillips, Harriet V11:48
Phillips, Harry N. V12:80
Phillips, Ida May V16:47
Phillips, Ina V13:35
Phillips, Isaac V11:37
Phillips, J. V12:8;  V13:87;  V15:111
Phillips, J.F. V11:37, 60;  V15:10
Phillips, J.H. V11:72
Phillips, Jas. V15:85;  V19:110
Phillips, John F. V14:10
Phillips, Joseph V15:111
Phillips, L.A. V17:107
Phillips, Lena Myeth V19:48
Phillips, Mamie V12:80
Phillips, Mary A. V19:47
Phillips, P. V12:49
Phillips, Philip V14:108, 109
Phillips, R.A.S. V12:8
Phillips, Ruth V18:58
Phillips, Ruth O. V12:97, 111
Phillips, Sally V14:13
Phillips, Thomas V11:86, 88;  V18:18;  V19:52
Phillips, Thomas H. V12:97
Phillips, Tommy V12:111, 112
Phillips, W.T. V16:99
Phinney, A. V12:73;  V17:84;  V18:52, 99
Phinney, A. Dr. V11:39
Phipps, Elba V19:84
Phipps, Roger V19:84
Phipps, Sara V. V19:84
Phipps, W. V11:48
Phister, Mr. V19:52
Phups, Jos. J. V13:6
Phyffe, E.O. V16:111
Pianfetti, Panlo V18:18
Picard, C.S. V11:90
Picinini, Aug. V11:43
Pickel, J.H. V13:6
Pickenbrock V17:105
Pickenbrock, Doris V17:105
Pickens, John H. V14:110
Pickering, Leslie E. V12:102
Picket, Mr. V19:52
Pickett, Beryl V18:28
Pickett, C.W. V16:111
Pickett, Leon V13:106
Pickett, R.V. V17:50
Pickett, R.V. Mrs. V17:50
Pickett, Sellie A. V16:110
Pickle, Carrie V18:44
Pickle, Chas. V14:106
Pickley, Oscar V14:79
Pidrio, John V13:73
Pidrio, John Vergand V18:72
Piela, Louis V13:72
Pierce, Alice P. V19:77
Pierce, Alvia L. V12:81
Pierce, Bessey Mrs. V12:112
Pierce, Charles H. V19:77
Pierce, Charles H. Mrs. V19:77
Pierce, Dr. V18:65
Pierce, G.F. V11:75
Pierce, George V14:84
Pierce, Harry V19:52
Pierce, Jas. H. V15:29
Pierce, John W. V19:52
Pierce, L.M. V18:27
Pierce, Louisa Mrs. V19:18
Pierce, Mary V19:12
Pierce, Mary M. V12:81
Pierce, Robert Prescott V19:77
Pierce, Wm V11:34;  V16:72
Pierpoint, Lillian M. V18:27
Pierre, Emmett W. V12:96
Piersol, David V12:112
Piersol, David H. V12:104
Piersol, Veola A. V12:104
Piersol, Viola V12:112
Pierson, Frank V14:74
Pierson, Henry V13:106
Pierson, John V15:3;  V16:76
Pierson, Louisa V15:3
Pierson, Mary V17:26
Piesch, Carl R. V18:56
Pietrafose, P. V11:51
Pietree, Charles V17:21;  V19:52
Pike, Chas. S. V19:52
Pike, Ed V13:83
Pike, Edwin V12:23;  V16:111
Pike, Ethel H. V18:24
Pike, Ethel M. V12:19
Pike, G.W. V14:110
Pike, L.V. V19:52
Pike, O.A. Mrs. V11:23
Pike, P. V11:47
Pike, Zebulon V19:54
Piker, F. V15:26
Pilan, Peter V15:27
Pilcher, Prudence L. V12:52
Pilger, Theodore Frank V14:53
Pilgrim, Wm V17:76, 82
Pillars, Peter V15:27
Piller, Fred V14:90
Piltus, Robert Lee V19:94
Piltz, Baby V19:9
Pimple, J.S. V20:59
Pine, B.F V13:24;  V16:72
Pine, J.M. V16:78
Pine, Michael V12:27
Pine, Thos. F. V16:72
Pinkerton, Annie V11:25
Pinkerton, Jas. H. V11:25
Pinkerton, M. V11:25
Pinkerton, Mary V11:25
Pinkerton, May V11:25
Pinkerton, Nancy V11:25
Pinkerton, P.P. V11:25
Pinney, Aron Capt. V17:67
Pinney, E. V13:51
Pinney, Ella V13:51
Pinney, Esther V13:51
Pipe & Welch V15:50
Pipe, Helen B. V20:25
Pipe, John V15:49;  V16:107
Piper, E. V17:86;  V18:52, 101
Piper, J.R. V11:67, 68
Pipes, William Ashley V20:28
Pippin V11:33, 34
Pircher, Bertha V16:103
Pircher, Louis V16:103
Pircher, Rosa V12:43
Pirl, Carrie M. V11:52
Pistole, J. V14:89
Pitkin, Governor V17:37
Pitman, T.W. V12:12
Pitman, Trissa V13:107
Pitt, John S. V12:51
Pitt, Wilma D. V12:51
Pitter, W. V12:49
Pittinger, T.H. V11:33
Pitts, Albert Barnes V13:101
Pitts, Elizabeth V13:101
Pitts, James Walter V13:101
Pitts, Thomas V14:109
Pitts, Wm Henry V17:102
Pitz, Maud V17:46
Pitz, O. V17:48
Pitz, Oscar V17:46, 48
Pitzer V11:66, 69
Piver V11:22
Place, Johanna V17:24
Placet, Henry J. V12:81
Placet, Maude B. V12:81
Planman, Gustaf V19:46
Plant, Alice V12:83
Plant, Charlott V12:83
Plant, Elizabeth V12:83
Plant, Fanny V12:83
Plant, Joseph V12:83
Plant, Joseph H. V12:83
Plant, Maria V12:83
Plant, Mary V12:83
Plant, Mary C. V12:83
Plant, Willie R. V12:83
Plarman, E.M. V11:22
Platner, James D. V18:44
Platner, Nora B. V13:81;  V15:83
Platt, F.E. V16:101
Platt, Samuel R. V19:69
Platt, Seymour V14:99, 101
Platte, William V16:55
Platts, Wm V15:49
Platz, Mr. V19:52
Pleas V11:39
Pleger, Ruth V18:57
Pless, Joseph V16:112
Plotz, John V19:52
Plumb V11:34
Plumb, Preston B. V18:18
Plume, Michael Fairchild V12:104
Plume, Wm V12:112
Plume, Wm F. V12:112
Plumer, H. V19:52
Plumer, Hi V19:52
Plumer, Jas. H. V16:72
Plummer V16:72
Plummer H. V11:75
Plummer, Cyrus V14:96
Plummer, Emily V14:43
Plummer, Emma V14:38;  V15:74
Plummer, Fannie V13:34;  V15:9
Plummer, Francis V12:78
Plummer, Henry V14:38, 73, 96;  V15:74;  V17:68, 70, 72, 74, 75, 82;  V19:7
Plummer, Honor V13:34;  V15:9
Plummer, J.E. V13:5;  V14:41, 43;  V16:72
Plummer, Jas. V16:72
Plummer, Louis Israel V12:78
Plummer, Thena V16:59
Plumner, J.E. V13:50
Plunkett, Thomas V16:107
Plutt, Joseph V18:56
Pobstra, Frank V11:51
Pody, Jim V19:18
Poehler, Wm R. V12:112
Poelars, Fredric V20:25
Poff, Lellah V20:29
Pogue, A.L. V13:107
Pogzeba, John V12:104, 112
Pogzeba, Maria V12:104
Pohle, I.G. Dr. V11:72
Poindexter, Tom V19:40
Pointer, Charles V11:67;  V16:72
Pointer, Henry V13:49
Pointer, V.W. V16:72
Pointus, William V18:56
Poirson, Edward V18:72;  V19:45
Poirson, Ernest Philip V18:72;  V19:101
Poirson, Leon V18:72;  V20:26
Poison, Walter V13:43
Poland, F.L.W. V14:107
Polaoro, Dominico V18:44
Poldman, Alex V12:8
Poldman, Francis V12:8
Polglaise, Charles V18:44
Polglase, J. V17:57
Polglase, John V18:44
Polglase, Josiah V16:78
Polglass, John V16:78
Polhamus, A.F. V13:106
Polhamus, Mr. V19:52
Polk, Viola Churchwell V18:56
Polkinghorn, Mary Elizabeth V13:9
Pollack, Emil V12:52
Pollack, Ida Emma V15:3
Pollack, Sadie V12:52
Pollack, Walter S. V15:3
Pollard, C.W. V11:67, 69;  V16:101
Pollard, Geo. S. V14:18
Pollard, Hobie V11:93
Pollard, Mr. V11:93
Pollard, Mrs. V11:93
Pollard, Sol B. V17:48
Pollard, Tommie V11:93
Pollard, Walter V12:15;  V14:107
Polley, A. V12:73
Pollice V13:23
Pollice, Grace T. V13:46
Pollice, John A. V18:56
Pollice, John Anthony V13:46
Pollitz, Rudolph V13:106;  V16:4
Polloc V18:77
Pollock V14:20
Pollock, Alexander V16:110
Pollock, Baby V19:98
Pollock, Dr. V11:69, 79, 81
Pollock, Geo. A. V16:72
Pollock, Harry V11:90
Pollock, John V17:87, 88;  V18:52, 102, 103
Pollock, Laura V14:20
Pollock, Mary E. V14:20
Pollock, Sheriff V15:51
Pollock, William P. V14:20
Pollok, I.J. V14:10
Pollos, Abner V14:79
Polly, J.H. V13:27
Polmear, John V19:44
Polson, Effie E. V12:81
Pomeroy, Arthur V18:23
Pomeroy, Fred V11:37
Pomeroy, Janie E. V12:81
Pomeroy, Thomas R. V18:72;  V19:44
Pomeroy, William V17:21
Pomeroy, Wm R. V12:81
Pompte, Henry V13:49
Pond, Helen Woodhull V12:35
Ponder, James V11:52
Ponder, Sallie V11:52
Ponte, J.L. V19:52
Pool, Albert S. V17:48
Pool, Anna V17:46
Pool, Anna Mrs. V11:87
Pool, Clarence L. V12:105
Pool, Della V17:46
Pool, Frank V17:46
Pool, H.F. V17:48
Pooley, Robt. V16:72
Poongress, J. V14:26
Poor, Jerome E. V11:88
Pope, Ellen V14:94
Pope, Frank A. V11:65, 67, 68;  V14:10;  V18:18
Pope, James Arthur V18:72;  V20:27
Pope, John V13:71
Pope, Will V20:27
Popewell V17:98
Poplar, Hack V17:98
Popler V17:98
Poppelwelle V17:98
Popplewell V17:98
Popplewell, Albert V17:96
Popplewell, Ampudia V17:96
Popplewell, Ann V17:96
Popplewell, Arthur V17:96, 98
Popplewell, Barret V17:96
Popplewell, Barrett V17:98
Popplewell, Carrie V17:97
Popplewell, Cassandra V17:96
Popplewell, Cynthia V17:96
Popplewell, Davis V17:96
Popplewell, Dorcas V17:96
Popplewell, Dorothy V17:96
Popplewell, Eliza V17:96
Popplewell, Elizabeth V17:96, 98
Popplewell, Elizabeth Ann V17:96
Popplewell, Flint V17:96
Popplewell, Frank V17:97
Popplewell, George V17:96
Popplewell, Hack V17:96-98
Popplewell, Irena V17:96
Popplewell, Isaac V17:96, 97
Popplewell, Isaac B. V17:96
Popplewell, Isaac Sr. V17:94, 98
Popplewell, James V17:96, 98
Popplewell, Jo V17:96
Popplewell, John V17:96, 98
Popplewell, John Jr. V17:98
Popplewell, John W. V17:96
Popplewell, Josiah V17:96
Popplewell, Judith V17:96-98
Popplewell, Julia V17:96
Popplewell, Lettice V17:96
Popplewell, Mason V17:96
Popplewell, Mirandi V17:96
Popplewell, Moses V17:96, 98
Popplewell, Munroe V17:96
Popplewell, Myrtle V17:97
Popplewell, Nancy V17:96
Popplewell, Permelia V17:96
Popplewell, Perry V17:96
Popplewell, Purneate V17:96
Popplewell, Richard V17:96
Popplewell, S.G. V17:95
Popplewell, Sam Jefferson V17:96
Popplewell, Sarah V17:96
Popplewell, Savrin V17:96
Popplewell, Simco V17:96, 97
Popplewell, Simco Jr. V17:96
Popplewell, Sovereign V17:96, 97
Popplewell, Sovereign Green V17:94, 97
Popplewell, Squire V17:96
Popplewell, Svereign V17:98
Popplewell, Thomas V17:96
Popplewell, Virginia V17:97
Popplewell, William V17:96
Popplewell, William H. V17:97
Popplewell, Winifred V17:96, 98
Popst, Doris R. V18:56
Poptwell, Dorothy V17:96
Popual V17:98
Popular V17:98
Popular, Judith V17:98
Popwell, Hack V17:98
Porod, Millie V12:111
Porod, Millie S. V12:105
Porod, Rudolph Jr. V12:105
Porod, Rudolph Mrs. V12:111
Porter, A.A. V11:99;  V13:16, 106;  V15:21, 49
Porter, Charles ‘Herb’ V12:112
Porter, D.B. V17:90;  V18:52, 105
Porter, E.H. V17:90;  V18:52, 105
Porter, Eva Belle V12:20
Porter, Fitzjohn, Gen. V12:7
Porter, Fred V19:52
Porter, Gertrude V11:52
Porter, J.I. V13:25
Porter, M.M. V12:10
Porter, Phyllis V17:105
Porter, Samuel B. V18:18
Porter, W.U. V13:106
Porter, Will V17:105
Porter, William J. V16:62-64
Porterfield, G.G. V12:11
Portis, Eli E. V18:56
Portonova, Angelina V11:18
Portonova, Glis V11:18
Portonova, Nick V11:18
Porver, Jas. V12:74
Post, A.F. V13:106;  V15:49;  V17:60, 85;  V18:52, 100
Post, Annie Laura V17:102
Post, C.C. V13:6, 7
Post, Charles V14:19;  V15:80
Post, Chas. C. V17:102
Post, Edward V11:37
Post, J.P. V17:60
Post, Justice V15:10
Post, Kathleen V20:90
Post, Michael V20:90
Postler, Nicholas V19:81
Potats, Carlo V14:111
Potsler, Nicholas V18:18
Pott, Mrs. V17:89;  V18:52, 104
Potter, A.A. V11:67;  V16:72
Potter, A.C. V15:18
Potter, Amos C. V15:103
Potter, Asa V15:49
Potter, Bion E. V12:19
Potter, Biow E. V12:20
Potter, C. V16:72
Potter, Chand. V11:75
Potter, Emma V12:19
Potter, Emma A. V12:20
Potter, Josephine O. V17:23
Potter, T.H. V17:57, 58
Potter, Thomas H. V18:2
Potter, W.T. V11:37;  V14:79
Potts, Anna M.L. V15:43
Potts, David V16:72
Potts, J.H. V15:103;  V17:85;  V18:52, 100
Potts, Rev. V17:74, 82
Potts, Saml V14:77
Potzler, Nicholas V13:72
Poulson, Harold G. V19:75
Poulson, Joseph W. V19:76
Poulson, Lester V19:75, 76
Poulson, Lester Robert V19:75
Poulson, Matilda M. V19:75
Poulson, William E. V19:75
Poulson, William P. V19:75
Pound, B. V14:84
Pound, G.C. V12:112
Pound, Katherine V12:112
Pound, Katherine M. V12:105
Pound, Thos. R. V15:110
Pounds, George W. V18:56
Povinilli, Arthur V20:25
Powell & Wilson V14:25
Powell, Ellen V14:27;  V18:77
Powell, Estelle M. V17:25
Powell, F.J. V18:56
Powell, F.M V12:23
Powell, Frannie M. V19:46
Powell, George V14:27;  V17:103;  V18:77
Powell, Grace V18:44
Powell, J.R. V16:88
Powell, James V13:71;  V18:44
Powell, John Wesley Major V18:67
Powell, L. V14:27
Powell, Lucy J. V17:102
Powell, Mary E. V17:102
Powell, Mr. V20:15
Powell, Phyllis V18:55
Powell, Rosa Lee V12:52
Powell, Sarah J. V16:112
Powell, Sylvester V14:24
Powell, T.C. V16:110
Powell, Temperance V14:27;  V17:102
Powell, Wm V17:90;  V18:44, 52, 105
Power, Clara Mrs. V20:106
Power, Jas. V12:74
Power, Roy I V16:47
Power, Wm V14:79
Powers, A.J. V14:22
Powers, Abbie G. V16:111
Powers, Abner Brown V20:97
Powers, Clara Josephine Kalbaugh V20:98
Powers, Dan V15:75
Powers, Ed F. V15:75
Powers, Edmund V14:75;  V16:76
Powers, Edwin V13:7
Powers, Erma V16:42, 45
Powers, Guy V15:24
Powers, J.W. V15:43
Powers, Johanna V16:45
Powers, John V19:18
Powers, John Thomas V15:105
Powers, Joseph V17:48
Powers, Josephine V16:76
Powers, Josie V15:75
Powers, Julia V14:75;  V16:76
Powers, Lorence Jessie V20:24
Powers, Lottie V20:97
Powers, Michael V14:75;  V16:76
Powers, Mr. V19:52
Powers, R.A. V11:67
Powers, Raymond V12:112
Powers, Richard J. V12:103
Powers, Richard James V12:112
Powers, S.J. V11:67
Powers, T.B. V14:78
Powless, Jacob V12:23
Powless, W.H. V12:23
Powless, William H. V17:25
Poyner, Elsie V18:57
Poynten, Henry V18:77
Poynter, Charles V18:18
Poynter, Henry V18:44
Poynter, Thomas V19:44
Praden, L.H. V13:83
Prance, Elizabeth V13:36
Prapas, Florence V12:80
Prapas, Nick V12:80
Prassel, George V17:23
Prather, W.M. V15:29
Pratt, Anson T. V18:56
Pratt, B. V11:46
Pratt, Bernard V12:52
Pratt, C.N. V12:27
Pratt, F.H. V12:97
Pratt, Frank V17:89;  V18:52, 104
Pratt, H. V13:26
Pratt, H.M. V14:77
Pratt, J.J V11:39
Pratt, Jno. J. V11:84
Pratt, Mary S. V16:110
Pratt, Maude E. V12:52
Pratt, Minnie V12:97, 112
Pratt, Otto V14:112
Pratt, S.J. V11:67;  V16:72
Pratt, S.L. V15:110
Prechtl, Richard Daniel V20:25
Preer, Ethel N. V12:19
Prendloup, J. V11:49
Prentergast, Richard V17:24
Prentis, Captain V17:104
Prentiss, L. Erving V12:112
Prentiss, S.S. V20:36
Prescott, S.O. V16:72
Prescott, T. V14:28
Prescott, Thos. V14:55
Preshaw, S.M. V13:6
Preshell, Henry V19:52
Presler, Jacob V11:75
Presnell, Lillie V14:49
Presnell, Lillie Mable V14:49
Pressler, Jacob V17:48
Pressnell, John V14:47
Prestcot, John V17:88;  V18:52, 103
Preston, I. V12:11
Preston, J.A. V17:107
Preston, L.S. V19:52
Preston, Margaret Ann V12:38
Preston, Mr. V19:52
Preston, W.G. V12:66;  V17:104
Preston, Zadoe M. V18:44
Pretti, Lorenzo V17:26
Pretz V16:37
Prevost, Henry W. V18:56
Prewett, George E. V18:56
Prewitt, Michael V17:90a
Pricco, Antonietta V19:45
Pricco, K. V11:41
Pricco, Martin V13:73
Pricco, Martin Amerigo V18:72
Pricco. J. V11:41
Price V13:23
Price, Archie C. V13:46
Price, Cora V13:46
Price, Dora E. V13:46
Price, Ella V17:25
Price, Elsa Marie V18:59
Price, Ethelyn V14:17
Price, Eva V18:58
Price, J.C. V13:27
Price, J.M. V11:90
Price, J.W. V13:83
Price, James V16:18;  V17:84;  V18:52, 56, 100
Price, Jas. V14:106
Price, John V14:44
Price, John C. V13:46
Price, John H. V18:77
Price, Katherine V13:46
Price, Lillian V13:46
Price, Maud V13:46
Price, Minerva V13:46, 70
Price, Mrs. V20:100
Price, Robbins, V13:106
Price, Robert Henry V19:94
Price, Sarah M. V17:24
Price, Sarah Marie V12:78, 79
Price, Thos. V16:72
Price, W.A. V14:17;  V18:56
Price, William Henry V13:46
Price, William R. V18:56
Prichard, Evan V14:41
Prichard, I.L. V14:77
Pride, Jas. A. V17:84;  V18:52, 99
Priest, Frances Elizabeth V12:83
Priest, Henry A. V12:83
Priest, Isaac V12:83
Priest, James V12:83
Priest, Josiah V12:83
Priest, Margaret V12:83
Priest, Mary V12:83
Priest, Matilda V12:83
Priest, Olive V17:105
Priest, Pheby V12:83
Priest, Russell V12:83
Priest, Sara J. V12:83
Priest, William J. V12:83
Primony, Nelson V11:75
Prince, Benjamin Albert V20:28
Prince, Maria L. V11:22
Pring, Edward V19:52
Pringle V16:47
Priquet, Jno V16:72
Prish, Leah Louisa V18:44
Pritchard V16:47
Pritchard, Edward Tillman V18:56
Prite, Fred V15:28
Procter, Adolene M. V18:30
Proctor, Helen Mrs. V17:43
Proctor, Jno. V13:109
Proctor, Wm V15:49
Procunier, D. V13:6
Profer V11:22
Prolopulas, John V12:19
Prolopulas, Laura Lindsay V12:19
Prosser, A. V16:99
Prosser, Hannah V14:43
Prothrow, Wm V14:41
Prouse, Albert V18:23
Prouse, John V16:12
Prouse, Mary V13:101
Prouse, Mary Eleene V14:14
Prouse, Mary Ellen V13:37, 101
Prouse, Obed V18:44
Prouse, William V13:101;  V14:14
Prout, Beatrice V12:51
Prout, Earl R. V12:51
Prout, Elizabeth V14:50
Prout, Estelle V14:51
Prout, George W. V14:47
Prout, James W. Jr. V14:50
Prout, John V18:18
Prout, Mable V18:18
Prout, Thomas V14:50;  V18:18
Prout, William V19:52
Proutt, John V19:52
Proutt, John W. V19:52
Proutt, William V19:52
Prouty, Paul H. V16:83
Prudens, L.H. V16:58
Prudero, David M. V17:88;  V18:52, 104
Prudon, D.H. V18:56
Pruett, James P. V18:56
Pruitt, R.E. V15:83
Prule, Charlott V12:83
Prusen, Jennie V12:80
Pruyn, Norman V19:52
Prykon, Francie V15:27
Pryor, Roger A. V20:27
Pucher, Rolla V. V20:25
Puckett, Jesse V16:111
Puderbaugh, Frank Samuel V19:97
Pues, Joseph V11:67
Pugh, George A. V11:60;  V18:44
Pugh, George H. V18:77
Pulham, Ernest F. V17:48
Pullen, Chas. M. V11:14
Pullen, Mary R. V11:14
Pullenar, A.J. V14:79
Pulley, Sarah V13:30
Pulliam, Charles Jr. V19:82
Pulliam, Charles Sr. V19:82
Pulliam, Jacqueline V19:82
Pulliam, Violette V19:82
Pullis, Joseph V15:75
Pullis, Lena V15:75
Pullis, M. C. V15:75
Pullman, George M. V17:29
Pullman, George Mortimer V20:58-60b
Pulsiver, Brother V13:66
Pumort, Martha E. V18:77
Pumphrey, C.W. V16:29
Purcell, Audry H. V15:8
Purcell, Dorothy V15:7
Purcell, Hild V15:7
Purcell, John V13:16
Purcell, John B. Archbishop V15:99
Purcell, John V. V15:21
Purcell, Joseph V13:83
Purcell, Kathy Dorothy V15:8
Purcell, Mariah V15:7
Purcell, Mariah Elizabeth V15:7, 8
Purcell, Nora V15:7
Purcell, Nora Albrecht V15:7
Purcell, R.C. Mrs. V15:8
Purcell, Ruben V15:7
Purcell, Ruben C. V15:7, 8
Purcell, Virginia V15:8
Purdum, John F. V12:112
Purdy, J.S. V19:88
Purdy, Sam V19:88
Purkins, G.W. V16:54
Purkins, George W. V12:16
Purmorh, James W. V17:26
Purple, Norma H. V12:81
Purrington, D. V15:83, 107
Purrington, Dessie V13:82
Purrington, Jesse V15:84
Purrington, Olive May V15:84
Putman, Dorothy V12:102
Putman, Leigh Burtis V12:102
Putman, Winifred Davis V12:102
Putnam, C.F. V13:83
Putnam, J.B. V13:83
Putnam, Leigh Burtis V12:112
Putnam, Mary C. V12:81
Putnam, Mary E. V16:58
Putnam, Winnefred V12:113
Putname, Ann V14:5
Putt, Ruben S. V18:18
Pyborn, James W. V12:16
Pyburn, Edward V18:44
Pyior, Rock V18:44
Pyle, Roscoe V17:105
Pyon, Francie V15:27


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