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Jefferson County - Marriages 1860-1899 : E

Index of Brides and Grooms

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FIRST NAME (Last, First)
SECOND NAME (Last, First)
EACOCK, Charles CLEMENTS, Ella E. 29 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.175
EADE, Annie M. STINSON, John E. 21 Apr, 1884 Book B, p.64
EAGAN, Maggie HINES, Harry 07 Feb, 1888 Book B, p.145
EAGAN, Rosa A. HINES, Frank D. 26 Jan, 1887 Book B, p.122
EARLY, Minnie HEIZER, William 27 Sep, 1892 Book B, p.296
EARNEST, Julia H. (Mrs.) KAHLER, John J. 15 Oct, 1889 Book B, p.188
EARTHMAN, Henry J. GREAGG, Jennie 22 Jul, 1880 Book 28, p.7
EASLEY, Reese PORTER, Mattie D. 16 Oct, 1889 Book B, p.187
EASLEY, Stephen A. RUNNELLS, Edna E. 20 Oct, 1886 Book B, p.116
EASLING, William G. HEADBURG, Selma 29 Apr, 1897 Book C, p.56
EASTERBROOKS, Charles R. HOPEWELL, Jennie H. 29 Jun, 1899 Book C, p.145
EASTMAN, Erastus E. MERHOFF, Catherine 24 Feb, 1896 Book C, p.11
EASTWOOD, John W. HOUGHTON, Sarah J. 02 Mar, 1878 Book N, p.60
EATON, Minnie KEEN, Charles Louis 16 Sep, 1891 Book B, p.253
EAVES, Charles C. ALBRIGHT, Laura Bell 04 Feb, 1880 Book 28, p.1
EBERLEY, Bertha A. NOTT, Earnest H. 24 Feb, 1901 Book N, p.101
EBERT, Lena SPEIER, John 03 Dec, 1898 Book C, p.124
EBERT, Martha (Mrs.) SMITH, John 03 Nov, 1887 Book B, p.137
EBERT, Martha A. (Mrs.) SMITH, John 26 Aug, 1889 Book B, p.182
EBERT, Mary M. CARPENTIER, Joseph 28 Mar, 1887 Book B, p.125
EBERT, Minnie JAMES, Bryon H. 08 Jan, 1885 Book B, p.78
EBERT, Richard HERTER, Agatha 09 May, 1891 Book B, p.237
EBERTS, Carl M. MINER, Laura E. 19 Sep, 1892 Book B, p.295
ECKART, Pauline WINGER, S.E. 09 Apr, 1895 Book B, p.394
ECKERT, John ELLIOTT, Dorothy 07 Feb, 1894 Book B, p.357
ECKHARDT, Robert A. BOND, Mary A. 10 Mar, 1874 Book N, p.43
EDDY, Richard W. HAYES, Leila (Mrs.) 12 Oct, 1893 Book B, p.346
EDEN, B.F. CARR, Mary 29 Dec, 1886 Book B, p.120
EDINGER, Rosa GOAS, Joseph G. 14 Apr, 1885 Book B, p.83
EDMUNDS, Rose FLEMING, Samuel 25 Dec, 1889 Book B, p.195
EDWARDS, Alonzo J. HOCKING, Minnie Maud 13 Jun, 1896 Book C, p.28
EDWARDS, Bruce V. BIGGER, Mary E. 13 Aug, 1890 Book B, p.215
EDWARDS, C.H. DOWNEY, A.B. 28 Sep, 1896 Book C, p.35
EDWARDS, Charles STAR, Pearl 22 Dec, 1890 Book B, p.228
EDWARDS, Frank M. QUAINTANCE, Ida M. 12 Oct, 1882 Book B, p.34
EDWARDS, Hannah SHAW, Walter S. 18 May, 1894 Book B, p.367
EDWARDS, Jenkin WILLIAMS, Sarah 17 Oct, 1881 Book B, p.9
EDWARDS, John F. MATHEWS, Annie L. 03 Jul, 1882 Book B, p.29
EDWARDS, Naomi TURNER, Harry E. 13 Apr, 1898 Book C, p.100
EDWARDS, Ralph L. WILLIAMS, Evelyn 11 Apr, 1897 Book C, p.51
EDWARDS, Rodney M. BALLARD, Sarah T. (Mrs.) 28 Jun, 1887 Book B, p.128
EDWARDS, Sarah MOORE, Wm. 16 Nov, 1895 Book C, p.5
EGGABROAD, Frank STACY, Ella (Mrs.) 11 Nov, 1883 Book B, p.53
EGGERS, Ferdinand MERRIL, Irene 29 Jun, 1895 Book B, p.408
EGGERS, Mary E. KING, John S. 12 May, 1869 Book N, p.7
EGGLESTON, Delos PARSONS, Addie A. 20 Jun, 1880 Book 28, p.5
EGGLESTON, Edward BARRON, May 25 Dec, 1895 Book C, p.8
EINFUHR, Edward BAILEY, Jennie 22 Aug, 1893 Book B, p.339
EISENHARDT, William H. EISIMINGER, May 07 Aug, 1899 Book C, p.150
EISIMINGER, May EISENHARDT, William H. 07 Aug, 1899 Book C, p.150
EISLEBEN, Clara BRIDESTONE, C.A. 10 Dec, 1892 Book B, p.307
ELBEN, William PALMER, Julia A. (Mrs.) 14 Apr, 1884 Book B, p.64
ELDER, Eugene LORD, Alice M. (Mrs.) 26 Nov, 1891 Book B, p.260
ELDRIDGE, Walter G. COLLINS, Martha P. 16 Oct, 1895 Book B, p.414
ELFSTROM, Mary ANDERSON, Charles 16 Dec, 1889 Book B, p.193
ELGSTROM, Ida AHLSTROM, Petter 03 Nov, 1872 Book N, p.27
ELLER, Joseph CRAWFORD, Martha 01 Oct, 1898 Book C, p.116
ELLIOTT, C.P. CORWIN, Kate 08 Dec, 1888 Book B, p.166
ELLIOTT, Clara MACY, Stephen 08 Apr, 1876 Book A, p.92
ELLIOTT, Dorothy ECKERT, John 07 Feb, 1894 Book B, p.357
ELLIOTT, Edward S. EVANS, Jessie E. 10 Jul, 1899 Book C, p.145
ELLIOTT, Hugh DOUGLAS, Eugeni "Jennie" 25 Jun, 1875 Book A, p.58
ELLIOTT, Josiah P. ELLIS, Elizabeth 19 Mar, 1868 Not located
ELLIS, Elizabeth ELLIOTT, Josiah P. 19 Mar, 1868 Not located
ELLIS, James K. PARMER, W.H., Mrs. 06 Mar, 1896 Book C, p.15
ELLIS, Maggie TOMLIN, Albert 09 May, 1894 Book B, p.367
ELLIS, Oswell T. COULTER, Nellie B. 27 Dec, 1898 Book C, p.128
ELLIS, Sidney H. LIPSCOMB, Martha T. 26 Sep, 1889 Book B, p.185
ELLISON, Ella SOLOMON, John 12 Mar, 1880 Book 28, p.3
ELLISON, Maud May GISIN, Louis B. 17 May, 1894 Book B, p.368
ELLSBERY, George P. HILKEN, Mary 05 Jul, 1893 Book B, p.337
ELMER, Laura A. LANE, John H. 24 Mar, 1875 Book N, p.89
ELWOOD, Mattie E. SILVERTHORN, John L. 21 Oct, 1891 Book B, p.256
ELWOOD, William H. CAMP, Mary A. 02 May, 1888 Book B, p.154
ELY, D.J. HANIMAN, Delia 21 Sep, 1873 Book N, p.34
ELY, J. BARROWMAN, Agnus 04 Jun, 1876 Book N, p.49
ELY, Josephine WILLMORE, William W. 10 Jul, 1886 Book B, p.108
EMOND, Mary ROTTS, John H. 11 Oct, 1880 Book N, p.93
ENGLEHEART, Wm. L. SIMMONS, Elizabeth H. 07 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.166
EREKSON, John E. MARTIN, Augusta E. 30 Jun, 1892 Book B, p.284
ERICKSON, Benn. JORGESON, Mary 10 Dec, 1886 Book B, p.118
ERICKSON, Tillie A. PEARSON, Joseph 19 Dec, 1895 Book C, p.6
ERICKSON, Victor LINDQUIST, Christine 04 Oct, 1882 Book B, p.33
ERWIN, Ella M. BURTON, U. Sherman 21 Sep, 1898 Book C, p.116
ERWIN, Frank H. HILL, Isadora Luella 02 Jul, 1893 Book B, p.333
ESTES, Hattie MORRISON, F.W. 02 May, 1894 Book B, p.366
EUBANK, James A. KINNEY, Hattie 28 Jan, 1882 Book B, p.20
EUBANK, May Z. CASSIDY, Henry F. 18 Oct, 1897 Book C, p.76
EUBANKS, Minnie WRIGHT, John 04 Dec, 1894 Book B, p.385
EUGEN, Andrew H. SCHUTT, May E. 27 Dec, 1894 Book B, p.386
EUSSEN, Anna M. HAGER, Charles L. 1 Sep, 1871 Book N, p.17
EUSSEN, Mary T. WILMORE, Joseph H. 21 Dec, 1878 Book N, p.69
EUSTICE, Nellie GRAVES, Charles W. 03 Feb, 1896 Book C, p.10
EUSTIS, Edward Lyman VAN STONE, Anna 09 Jun, 1896 Book C, p.24
EVA, Sarah (Mrs.) CHELLEW, Jas. H. 27 Mar, 1883 Book B, p.43
EVAN, Bessie FRINK, F.J. 28 Dec, 1895 Book C, p.8
EVANS, Annie CROOKS, Jesse C. 25 Dec, 1882 Book B, p.39
EVANS, Fannie PIKE, Charles 09 Sep, 1894 Book B, p.379
EVANS, Jessie E. ELLIOTT, Edward S. 10 Jul, 1899 Book C, p.145
EVANS, Josie FLAACKE, Frank 04 May, 1893 Book B, p.329
EVANS, Martha A. (Mrs.) STANLEY, Nathaniel 01 Aug, 1894 Book B, p.375
EVANS, Oliver N. BENNETT, Eliza 05 May, 1894 Book B, p.366
EVANS, W.L. TAYLOR, Josephine W. 26 Jan, 1898 Book C, p.89
EVANS, William T. WATERHOUSE, Nettie M. 12 Jul, 1893 Book B, p.335
EVENS, Addie RAINVILLE, Joseph 19 Dec, 1881 Book B, p.15
EVERETT, O.W. WEST, Willie Mae 03 Jun, 1897 Book C, p.61
EVERITT, J.W. LAWSON, Augusta J. 11 May, 1894 Book B, p.369
EVERITT, Mary E. LIGHT, William H. 28 Nov, 1878 Book N, p.67
EVERITT, Neal BLACK, Pheba Rebecca 16 Nov, 1876 Book N, p.49
EVERITT, Suretta BRADEN, Samuel 09 Feb, 1898 Book C, p.91
EVERITT, Viola FELTCH, Charles P. 08 Sep, 1897 Book C, p.73
EWALT, Josephine (Mrs.) DOWLING, F.L. 08 Nov, 1886 Book B, p.116
EWAN, Mamie L. SANGER, William E. 27 Nov, 1892 Book B, p.304


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