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Jefferson County - Marriages 1860-1899 : J

Index of Brides and Grooms

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FIRST NAME (Last, First)
SECOND NAME (Last, First)
JACK, Robert A. DEXTER, Lizzie, Mrs. 20 Apr, 1897 Book C, p.53
JACKSON, E.A. BRASTED, Effie M. 04 Jul, 1892 Book B, p.284
JACKSON, Edward E. BORK, Lizzie F. 28 Jan, 1897 Book C, p.45
JACKSON, F.W. BLINN, Irene 25 Jul, 1899 Book C, p.148
JACKSON, James WYBRO, May 12 Apr, 1895 Book B, p.394
JACKSON, Ora SAYERS, J.E. 20 Aug, 1899 Book C, p.153
JACKSON, Pleasant M. NANCE, Lucy A. 22 Jan, 1890 Book B, p.199
JACKSON,John JOHNSON, Severino 18 Sep, 1883 Book B, p.51
JACOBI, Elise J. (Mrs.) FERGUSON, H.V.A. 30 Mar, 1886 Book B, p.104
JACOBSON, Henry JOHNSON, Mary 02 Jan, 1884 Book B, p.59
JAMES, Bessie BALLINGER, James L. 01 Oct, 1883 Book B, p.60
JAMES, Bryon H. EBERT, Minnie 08 Jan, 1885 Book B, p.78
JAMES, Gertrude A. SMITH, Lester L. 03 Jun, 1896 Book C, p.24
JAMESON, Alexander D. THORNTON, Sarah A. 28 Jan, 1874 Book N, p.41
JAMESON, Eluza A. REED, Harry G. 04 Apr, 1878 Book N, p.61
JAMESON, Mary R. FAULKNER, J.S. 24 Apr, 1879 Book N, p.71
JAMISON, James W. BALLF, E. (Mrs.) 15 Mar, 1879 Book N, p.69
JANLET, Annie CAMERON, George E. 20 Feb, 1883 Book B, p.43
JARED, James STIERS, Anna B. 29 Mar, 1880 Book N, p.96
JARVIS, Angie B. HOUGHTALING, William J. 19 Aug, 1880 Book 28, p.9
JASPER, Charles H. WISEMAN, Rose (Mrs.) 12 Mar, 1881 Book 28, p.19
JASPER, Frank J. HOGAN, Josephine F. 08 Mar, 1898 Book C, p.93
JAST, Lovina A. PATRICK, Reuben R. 28 Oct, 1880 Book N, p.90
JAY, Jessie A., Mrs. PAGE, Harley M. 05 May, 1897 Book C, p.57
JAY, Sadie (Mrs.) BUNCE, C.W. 10 Nov, 1879 Book N, p.80
JELINKE, Henry WELLENBROCK, Lizzie 22 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.167
JENKS, Emma POWERS, Chas. W. 29 Nov, 1893 Book B, p.350
JENNINGS, Kittie C. FREDRICK, Irvin E. 06 Sep, 1893 Book B, p.340
JENNISON, Clara Louise GREATHOUDE, Benoni S. 20 Oct, 1875 Book A, p.71
JENSEN, Paul NISSEN, Eline 10 Nov, 1886 Book B, p.117
JEUCK, John SCHWARTZ, Fannie 13 Oct, 1885 Book B, p.93
JEWETT, Nellie DRUMMOND, William 08 Jul, 1891 Book B, p.245
JEWETT, O.B. BATES, Emma M. 22 Sep, 1885 Book B, p.92
JOBES, Susie WARNER, M.W. 21 Aug, 1886 Book B, p.112
JOERING, Joseph WILLIAMS, Lura N. 30 Nov, 1893 Book B, p.351
JOHNS, Clara L. FERRIS, J.E. 28 Aug, 1897 Book C, p.72
JOHNSON, Alex JOHNSON, Mary 15 Feb, 1896 Book C, p.10
JOHNSON, Andrew Wehelm LARSON, Christina 21 Jan, 1870 Book N, p.8
JOHNSON, Anna BODING, Nels 11 Jan, 1890 Book B, p.198
JOHNSON, Anna DILLON, Peter 06 Oct, 1893 Book B, p.344
JOHNSON, Anna (Mrs.) WOBKE, Claus 03 Dec, 1884 Book B, p.76
JOHNSON, Augusta SMITH, John E. 03 Jul, 1895 Book B, p.404
JOHNSON, Bertha PETERSON, S.J. 06 Apr, 1879 Book N, p.70
JOHNSON, Berthie SHEA, John 21 Aug, 1884 Book B, p.69
JOHNSON, Charles JOHNSON, Hannah 07 Oct, 1881 Book B, p.8
JOHNSON, Christ ANDERSON, Mary Anna 21 Jan, 1899 Book C, p.130
JOHNSON, David MATCHETTE, Laura 23 Oct, 1893 Book B, p.345
JOHNSON, Electa GRUBB, Harry W. 19 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.167
JOHNSON, Elnora LGINGVALL, John Albert 13 Jul, 1885 Book B, p.88
JOHNSON, Emma BUTCHER, Samuel C. 07 Jun, 1891 Book B, p.239
JOHNSON, Emma HOWARD, A.L. 13 Nov, 1894 Book B, p.383
JOHNSON, Emma SANDSTROM, C.F. 09 Sep, 1893 Book B, p.341
JOHNSON, Emma S. DANA, J. Leroy 22 Jun, 1896 Book C, p.27
JOHNSON, Eva J. (Mrs.) LEVY, James A. 05 Oct, 1892 Book B, p.296
JOHNSON, Fred D. RAMEY, Dove 02 Jan, 1898 Book C, p.86
JOHNSON, Georgia A. STEUERLE, Oscar C. 16 Oct, 1890 Book B, p.221
JOHNSON, Gertrude Elizabeth DOOLITTLE, Thomas S. 28 Apr, 1870 Book N, p.11
JOHNSON, Hannah JOHNSON, Charles 07 Oct, 1881 Book B, p.8
JOHNSON, Hieda C. CARPENTER, Harry B. 03 Jan, 1898 Book C, p.88
JOHNSON, Ida R. HOYT, Clarence P. 22 Sep, 1874 Book A, p.19
JOHNSON, Inez MALLON, James 23 Apr, 1872 Book N, p.25
JOHNSON, Isabel McKIBBEN, Charles L. 18 Nov, 1890 Book B, p.226
JOHNSON, J.M., Jr. ROONEY, Florence 19 Oct, 1875 Book A, p.70
JOHNSON, Jasper N. LAW, Agnes 02 Jul, 1887 Book B, p.129
JOHNSON, John A. HALL, Mira 11 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.169
JOHNSON, Jonas Morris Jr. GUNNING, Carrie S.E. 26 Nov, 1870 Book N, p.14
JOHNSON, Levi E. BRACKETT, Clara F. (Mrs.) 11 Mar, 1892 Book B, p.268
JOHNSON, Louis NELSON, Carrie 02 Mar, 1885 Book B, p.80
JOHNSON, Martha C. BRADY, Thomas A. 01 Jun, 1897 Book C, p.61
JOHNSON, Mary JACOBSON, Henry 02 Jan, 1884 Book B, p.59
JOHNSON, Mary JOHNSON, Alex 15 Feb, 1896 Book C, p.10
JOHNSON, Mary C. GARHART, Martin J. 29 Jun, 1899 Book C, p.146
JOHNSON, Matilda Carlotta BERGLUND, John 04 May, 1882 Book B, p.26
JOHNSON, Mattie SMEDLEY, John B. 23 Oct, 1885 Book B, p.96
JOHNSON, Mattie (Mrs.) ALLEN, Byron P. 11 Oct, 1893 Book B, p.344
JOHNSON, Nova F. LYON, George R. 25 Feb, 1894 Book B, p.361
JOHNSON, Ralph W. DEUSENBURY, Mary A. 26 Oct, 1887 Book B, p.135
JOHNSON, Robert D. BARRICK, Mary J. (Mrs.) 03 Sep, 1883 Book B, p.50
JOHNSON, Rosaltha (Mrs.) REID, William W. 06 Jun, 1875 Book A, p.57
JOHNSON, S.M. CARLSON, Augusta 26 Jan, 1888 Book B, p.143
JOHNSON, Sadie C. REID, W.D. 04 Mar, 1890 Book B, p.201
JOHNSON, Sadie E. ANDERSON, J.M. 01 May, 1889 Book B, p.175
JOHNSON, Severino JACKSON,John 18 Sep, 1883 Book B, p.51
JOHNSON, Swan THOMPSON, Anna 16 May, 1891 Book B, p.237
JOHNSON, Thomas C. BOWERS, Sophia M. 08 Nov, 1874 Book A, p.27
JOHNSON, Wm. L. WELCH, M.J. (Mrs.) 11 Sep, 1893 Book B, p.342
JOHNSTON, Emily O. NORBERG, Andrew R. 31 Dec, 1883 Book B, p.57
JOHNSTON, Eva ANDERSON, Andrew P. 24 Dec, 1876 Book N, p.51
JOHNSTON, William C. PARMER, Kathern 12 Apr, 1892 Book B, p.273
JOLLY, Louie WHEELER, C.H. 05 Aug, 1890 Book B, p.214
JONES, Arthur J. MYERS, Kittie 29 Sep, 1888 Book B, p.168
JONES, Catharine E. CHURCH, J. Frank 28 Dec, 1892 Book B, p.310
JONES, Charles H. TURNER, Jane C. 12 Jan, 1873 Book N, p.29
JONES, David H. HOLLANS, M.J. (Mrs.) 11 May, 1892 Book B, p.277
JONES, Harry S. WILLIAMS, Annie Grace 14 Sep, 1891 Book B, p.252
JONES, Ida COUSINS, William 09 Apr, 1877 Book N, p.53
JONES, J. TURNER, E. 27 Mar, 1888 Book B, p.148
JONES, J.A. MacKAY, Mary 21 Nov, 1891 Book B, p.260
JONES, J.W. CREWSON, Ellen E. 01 Nov, 1882 Book B, p.35
JONES, Judson J. CALKINS, Alice 23 Nov, 1875 Book A, p.76
JONES, Mary E. BATES, Harry W. 13 May, 1895 Book B, p.397
JONES, Nellie CANADY, J.R. 15 Jun, 1896 Book C, p.25
JONES, Robert E. CARPENTER, Carrie 23 Jun, 1885 Book B, p.86
JONES, Robert E. HARMISON, Nettie 15 Sep, 1886 Book B, p.114
JONES, Rose RISSMAN, E.G. 31 Mar, 1892 Book B, p.271
JONES, Sadie HEUTSCHEL, Herman 09 Aug, 1889 Book B, p.194
JONES, Sidney BENDER, Lizzie 12 Jan, 1896 Book C, p.9
JONES, Thomas BUTLER, Sarah 30 Nov, 1889 Book B, p.191
JORDAN, Mary E. LAGRAW, Edward 12 Aug, 1889 Book B, p.181
JORDAN, Susia C. BIGGAR, Thomas M. 03 Oct, 1894 Book B, p.380
JORGENSEN, Karen J. SERA, Frank 09 Jan, 1897 Book C, p.44
JORGESON, Mary ERICKSON, Benn. 10 Dec, 1886 Book B, p.118
JOSLIN, Laura E. CHARLES, George W. 12 Jan, 1873 Book N, p.31
JOSLIN, Ralph CARROLL, Nellie G. 23 Apr, 1892 Book B, p.275
JOY, Lottie Elizabeth McDONALD, John Marsdon 18 Feb, 1882 Book B, p.22
JUCHEM, Flora B. WAGNER, John A. 12 Jun, 1895 Book B, p.403
JUCHEM, Lena (Mrs.) HOLLOWAY, A.M. 27 Jan, 1892 Book B, p.264
JUCHEM, Mary FISHBURN, Robert L. 15 Jun, 1892 Book B, p.281
JUDGE, Lizzie KLASEN, John 03 Jan, 1883 Book B, p.39
JUDY, Rebecca (Mrs.) CLARK, Morell A. 17 Apr, 1893 Book B, p.325
JUNEMAN, John F. KLEIN, Margaretta 15 Nov, 1893 Book B, p.349
JUNGHAINE, Sadie M. WATERS, Edson 10 May, 1899 Book C, p.139
JUSTUS, Charlie P. WASHABAUGH, Emma 04 Dec, 1890 Book B, p.227


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