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Jefferson County - Marriages 1860-1899 : N

Index of Brides and Grooms

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FIRST NAME (Last, First)
SECOND NAME (Last, First)
NAGLE, Sylvina (Mrs.) WILLIAMS, H.L. 29 Nov, 1892 Book B, p.305
NAGODY, Stanley FRANDSER, Johanna (Mrs.) 06 Sep, 1890 Book B, p.216
NAHR, Mata WALLBRECHT, Charles A. 07 May, 1899 Book C, p.140
NANCE, Claudia RODEN, William 20 Jul, 1898 Book C, p.108
NANCE, Lucy A. JACKSON, Pleasant M. 22 Jan, 1890 Book B, p.199
NASH, Lydia Cataline ADAMS, Frank William 27 Jan, 1894 Book B, p.357
NAUKE, Adolph WAUGH, Lela 22 Feb, 1892 Book B, p.265
NAY, George W. STRICKLAND, Anna 25 Nov, 1897 Book C, p.83
NAYLER, Lillian YOUNG, E.D. 09 Dec, 1889 Book B, p.192
NAYLOR, Cora R. RANDLEMAN, Clifford E. 06 Sep, 1897 Book C, p.72
NEAL, Amanda GROVES, William 01 Apr, 1870 Book N, p.11
NELSON (WILSON), Clement E. DAVENDORF, Ida D. 24 Jan, 1876 Book A, p.87
NELSON, Carrie JOHNSON, Louis 02 Mar, 1885 Book B, p.80
NELSON, Carrie C. GOODELL, Guy 15 May, 1890 Book B, p.209
NELSON, Charles KELSO, Charlotte (Mrs.) 24 Mar, 1877 Book N, p.53
NELSON, Edith A. CLARK, Seymour 13 Jun, 1891 Book B, p.239
NELSON, Emily AHLSTROM, John 13 Jul, 1892 Book B, p.288
NELSON, Felix RICHARDSON (Robinson), Etta 08 Mar, 1882 Book B, p.23
NELSON, Felix ROBINSON (Richardson), Etta 08 Mar, 1882 Book B, p.23
NELSON, Laura Ann DOWDEN, Samuel M. 19 May, 1870 Book N, p.12
NELSON, Nannie HAMILTON, L.H. 29 Dec, 1899 Book C, p.175
NELSON, Otto OLSEN, Christina 31 Mar, 1886 Book B, p.104
NEUMAN, Daniel BAILEY, Grace 18 May, 1895 Book B, p.398
NEWBOM, Anna BERG, Alfred 02 Jan, 1894 Book B, p.354
NEWCOMB, E.L. WHITE, Winifred 01 Mar, 1893 Book B, p.322
NEWCOMB, Emma O. WEST, Gibbs 31 Mar, 1878 Book N, p.61
NEWCOMB, John S. HARTMAN, Alice S. 06 Aug, 1890 Book B, p.214
NEWELL, A.F. PLUMMER, F.E. 01 Sep, 1894 Book B, p.378
NEWKIRK, Samuel ZIMMERMAN, Olive 06 May, 1896 Book C, p.21
NEWLIN, Della SMITH, Eli Boardman 23 Nov, 1892 Book B, p.304
NEWMAN, Aelmeda (Mrs.) ANDREWS, William F. 10 Nov., 1881 Book B, p.13
NEWMAN, Anna BROWN, Joseph 12 Jul, 1896 Book C, p.30
NEWMAN, Frank H. HEINIG, Clara L. 13 Jun, 1894 Book B, p.371
NEWMAN, Frederica SMITH, H.M. 26 Feb, 1896 Book C, p.13
NEWMAN, John HALLS, Eliza B. 06 Dec, 1898 Book C, p.126
NEWMAN, Priscilla (Mrs.) BUNCH, W.H. 06 Apr, 1891 Book B, p.235
NEWTON, J.D. BAKER, Mattie A. 16 Apr, 1876 Book A, p.94
NEWTON, William M. DAVIS, Hattie C. 23 Jan, 1882 Book B, p.20
NEWTON, Wilmet HOBSON, Wm. G. 08 Jun, 1897 Book C, p.66
NIBLETT, Austin William CARLSON, Josephine 28 Apr, 1894 Book B, p.365
NICHOLAS, William George HODGSON, Elizabeth 05 Mar, 1895 Book B, p.391
NICHOLI, Maggie FAIRCHILD, E.A. 14 Jul, 1892 Book B, p.287
NICHOLL, John J. ANDERSON, Louisa 26 Oct, 1895 Book B, p.416
NICHOLLS, John SHARPS, Fannie 26 Oct, 1892 Book B, p.300
NICHOLLS, Mary Adaline PRESTON, L. Spencer 14 Jul, 1886 Book B. p, 109
NICHOLS, J.H. THOMPSON, Rachel E. 13 Dec, 1892 Book B, p.308
NICHOLS, Jennie HOLLY, James M. 22 Jun, 1871 Book N, p.16
NICHOLS, Susie McBETH, James W. 05 Dec, 1870 Book N, p.15
NIEMANN, Henry C. ROWHOUSE, Amy A. 27 Sep, 1899 Book C, p.159
NIFONG, Frank A. DAVIDSON, Lelia 24 Nov, 1897 Book C, p.82
NILSON, August STEUMAN, Clara 18 Oct, 1890 Book B, p.221
NISSEN, Eline JENSEN, Paul 10 Nov, 1886 Book B, p.117
NISSEN, Florence (Mrs.) CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur A. 02 Oct, 1892 Book B, p.297
NIVENS, W.T. FORWELL, Edna Viola 21 Jul, 1878 Book N, p.63
NIXON, J.H. HARRIS, Maggie 24 Jul, 1886 Book B, p.109
NIXON, Mary Emma ROBISON, C.C. 18 Jun, 1894 Book B, p.372
NOACKSON, Andrew August CLAVIN, Kasey 25 Dec, 1873 Book N, p.40
NOBLE, Donald A. BLANKENSHIP, Victoria (Mrs.) 01 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.165
NOER, Babete (Mrs.) HESTER, Lorenz 27 Apr, 1893 Book B, p.326
NOLEN, Barbara POULTON, Henry J. 13 Jan, 1885 Book B, p.78
NOLIN, Charles NOLIN, Christina (Mrs.) 27 Feb, 1888 Book B, p.147
NOLIN, Christina (Mrs.) NOLIN, Charles 27 Feb, 1888 Book B, p.147
NOLL, Louis LINK, Lena 05 Sep, 1893 Book B, p.341
NOLTE, George E. LOPER, Susannah 20 Oct, 1881 Book B, p.10
NORBERG, Andrew R. JOHNSTON, Emily O. 31 Dec, 1883 Book B, p.57
NORDSTROM, Hattie LEWIS, John H. 10 Jun, 1897 Book C, p.62
NORICK, Anna BUTTERFOSS, Chas. 15 Nov, 1899 Book C, p.169
NORQUIST, Mathilda A. OLSON, Charles E. 07 Aug, 1888 Book B, p.159
NORRIS, George H. BROWN, Mary (Mrs.) 26 Mar, 1875 Book A, p.46
NORRIS, W.E. KEEPERS, M.L. (Miss) 24 Dec, 1892 Book B, p.309
NORTHRUP, Emile PIKE, Sanoma M. 28 Mar, 1885 Book B. p.82
NORTON, H.A. BRAWNER, Kate V. 05 Sep, 1898 Book C, p.113
NOTT, Earnest H. EBERLEY, Bertha A. 24 Feb, 1901 Book N, p.101
NOY, Ida Virginia McGILL, Earl D. 13 Oct, 1895 Book B, p.415
NOY, William COLLINS, Mary Ann 10 Jan, 1882 Book B, p.16
NUCHOLLS, Annie C. LOCKNANE, Scott 07 Dec, 1884 Book B, p.75
NUCKOLLS, Rose RUGG, C.M. 19 Mar, 1890 Book B, p.202
NUGENT, Grace L. KREMER, Guy 05 Nov, 1892 Book B, p.302
NUGENT, Mary E. STROUSE, Edwin H. 13 May, 1883 Book B, p.47
NYE, Mattie CONWAY, D.M. 19 Jun, 1889 Book B, p.177
NYMAN, John SMITH, Jennie 01 Apr, 1897 Book C, p.51


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